I dreamed i died and went to marketing hades. then, from deep in the the abyss, i got a glimpse of marketing heaven...

here's what i saw...

From: Marlon Sanders


Marlon here.

I dreamed I died and went to Marketing Hades.

There was weeping.  And gnashing of teeth. 

And then...deep from the Abyss, I got a glimpse of Marketing Heaven.

This is an account of what I saw and heard.  

In my dream I discovered the way people ended up in Marketing Hades was the same frightening story repeated over and over. 

We started to go down a promising path. That runs into problems. But in the meantime we run across another resource, website, video or process.  And the cycle goes on and on down into the pits of hades itself. 

Finally, after having descended into the pits of marketing hell, we confront the Devil. 

We say, “What is it I did to deserve to be down here in the pits of nothingness?” 

And the answer comes back in an ominous voice ….

“You did NOTHING wrong.  You did NOTHING. And that’s what’s wrong.  THAT’s why you ended up in marketing hell.” 

“But,” you spit back, “I bought all these resources, read all these ebooks and pdf’s, networked my tail off on Facebook and put up a website AND a blog. 

"Explain to me why I’m down here instead of in marketing Heaven where everyone is frolicking right now in huge piles of money.” 

Satan, being the tormenter and all, decides to put you in pain forever by SHOWING you.

Marketing hell isn’t quite what it USED to be, so he has access to a wide variety of visual gadgets and displays. 

He calls over a demon called DISTRACTION and barks out "Turn on the 'Connections Link Display' to Heaven." 

Ten minutes later, NOTHING shows up. Still darkness.

You hear some cursing as the Devil mumbles, “I KNEW I shouldn’t have asked DISTRACTIONS to do it.

I’ll just DO IT MYSELF, he says with a great pained look on his face.” 

Seems that the giant ultra-modern Connections Link Display comes with a number of videos that have to be watched in the member's area. 

You hear another mumble.  “Crap, I can't find my login.” 

Out barks another command, “Demon PROCRASTINATION, go fetch me my password.” 

Three hours pass by.  No password. No videos. 

You hear more cursing. 

Finally, Satan finds the PDF.

The printer is out of ink, so he has to drudge through the thing on the HB-Pad (Hells Bells Pad). 

The day is over.  People do take LONG naps in Marketing Hades.  Most people don’t know this.  So another 12 hours goes by. 

The next day after copious amounts of Folger’s Coffee (there ain’t no Starbucks in Marketing Hell), at last the “Connections Link Display” to Marketing Heaven is hooked up. 

The Uplink happens! 

Wow! This is amazing. On the screen is Marketing Heaven with everyone swimming around in massive piles of cash, toys of every kind, every fancy car you can imagine.

High gadget toys the mind never dreamed of. 

This is freaking phenomenal. There’s even an audio hook up.

We get one of the High Rollers on the visual display and inquire,

“Could you PLEASE explain to me WHY pray tell I’m down here suffering in Marketing Hell, drinking freaking watered down Folgers, eating the cheapest, crappiest sushi in the universe, and you are in Marketing Heaven swimming in huge piles of money, toys, accessories and things I never dreamed of?” 

After a bit of laughing (everyone is in the BEST of moods there), the marketer slips on his Meta Virtual Reality Headset (much, much cooler than the old Google Goggles), and says, “Let me SHOW YOU!” 

Instantly, you’re taken to the scene of the Marketing Machine behind his vast money empire. 

There are ads and lead generation processes happening AUTOMATICALLY while our marketer frolics in Marketing Heaven. 

For example, you see a computer screen that is moving and it appears things are being clicked on the screen…

But NO ONE is AT the computer!

You say, “OH, so THAT is your secret – MARKETING GHOSTS!” 

The marketer laughs heartily.  “No silly, that is my virtual assistant in the Philippines who logs in to my computer to post free ads 3 times a day to generate leads. 

I NEVER have to be there. I NEVER have to remind her.  It just happens – AUTOMATICALLY! 

And that is 1 of multiple "Automatic Marketing Systems" my business has. 

Every day or every week, the marketing gets done.  It HAS to get done.  Your income 3 and 6 weeks from now is caused by the marketing you do today. 

If you don't do marketing today, then in 6 weeks, you begin the slow descent into Marketing Hades. 

“Well, how did you GET your "Automatic Marketing Systems?” 

“Simple,” the marketer replies.  “I bought a collection of 48 Marketing Systems Marlon Sanders put together based on his famous Deep Dive research. He's a collector of odd, unusual and unique Automated and semi automated Marketing Systems hardly anyone else even knows about.

And I did the ones that worked best for me” 

I replied, “Let me see if I got this straight.  The reason YOU are in Marketing Heaven, and I’m in Marketing Hell is because YOU have a girl in the Philippines posting free ads 3x per day, is that right?” 

He says, “NO THAT’S ALL WRONG!” 

Don’t you GET IT? 

It’s NOT about the ads. It’s NOT about the Philippines. 

By Marketing System, I mean routine, regular, consistent Systems for marketing. 

And the MOST IMPORTANT Systems are the ones that cause Marketing to happen AUTOMATICALLY – no matter where you are or what you’re doing.

So right now, while I’m hanging out with my pals in Marketing Heaven for a day, my Marketing is STILL GOING ON! 

"So let me see if I got this right. The reason you're in Marketing Heaven is because you bought a collection of Marketing Systems from Marlon Sanders.  You picked out the ones that worked for you. And set them in motion?" 

"Yes!  You got it.  See, with routine, regular, consistent Marketing Systems, your business operates like Heaven. New customers are brought in. Your list size swells. Money flows freely."

"But without these Marketing Systems, you have feast or famine, crisis-to-crisis income.  And you live in a non-stop Marketing Hell. That about sums it up."

"See, the point is SYSTEMATIZING your marketing, so it happens whether you are frolicking with friends in marketing heaven, or stalking the nearest Starbucks for a Cappuccino, hanging out at the pool, a restaurant or spending quality time with friends and family, your Church, groups or organizations. Have I made myself clear?"

And with that, the Data Link Connection to Heaven ended. And fortunately, I woke up in a cold sweat.

Because I realized there's a path in front of every marketer. One road leads to Marketing Heaven. And the other path lands you flat in the Abyss of no return:

Which Road Will You Take?

Recently I helped a friend of mine who had a business that had hit rock bottom develop new lead generation methods. He’s got in on semi auto-pilot right now and working on full. In the space of a few months, he TOTALLY changed his income and business. Not to mention how he feels about himself and his future.

With Marketing Systems in place, you have the opportunity to live in and enjoy marketing heaven.

Without them in place, you have feast-or-famine, up-and-down income and crisis after crisis. Every unexpected bill becomes a crisis. It's no way to live. And that's why it's called Marketing Hades.

You don't want to live there. Without marketing systems that bring you constant leads, opt-ins or customers, your business will have feast-or-famine, inconsistent income and will put you in marketing hades.

With one or more systems in place, you’ll have the foundation required to be living in marketing heaven. Steady customers coming in every day and week.

Most people today ONLY know about Facebook or Youtube ads. Or low level content marketing. But there’s a whole entire WORLD of marketing systems out there that no one knows about. But I know. I’m a collector of Marketing Systems. The rare. The unusual. The offbeat. And I’m going to share them with you for a song and a dance.

My lifetime collection of Marketing Systems most people never heard or dreamed of. Systems so wicked smart, it'll blow your mind.

Systems that will only make your competition scratch their head in amazement. Systems that will never be copied.

This is the greatest book of Marketing Systems. And I'm about to prove that to you. Just one of these systems can change your life forever. And I do mean that literally.

And that's why...

I assembled the 48 most potent, unique, and unusual marketing systems i've ever discovered and compiled them into the greatest collection ever!

I've been blessed to hobnob with the rich and famous, millionaires and multi-millionaires.  Some of the most talented marketers on the face of the planet.

I've been lucky to be privvy to secrets and methods only the Inner Circles know.  And I've invested thousands and thousands of dollars in a library approximating 4,000 books and courses, much to the chagrin of my beautiful and wonderful wife.

I realized everyone teaches just one or two specific methods.  But what if you wanted to see ALL the options available?  And what if you wanted source materials, books, podcasts and Youtube channels to deep dive further?

Before now, it didn't exist!

That's why I sent to the moon and back to acquire, read, study and assemble the world's greatest collection of systematic and automated marketing methods and activities.

Here's An Example of a Marketing System

In the morning, I do a live stream for 10 minutes.  I do it daily.  But once a week would be plenty.

Most days, I literally sit down with my coffee mug.  And my iphone propped up on a little holder thing.  I drink coffee.  And talk about my passion -- marketing!

It streams automatically to my Facebook group, Facebook page, Twitter, Linked In and Youtube.

Then in 1 click, I have a transcript that I set up for posting at a later time.  My next step I'm adding is in just a click or two the transcript will post to my blog.  And re-post to Twitter and Linked In at a future date.

What's more, another couple clicks and I have a podcast.

Those are the next steps I'm having my assistant implement.  But honestly, it's so simple, I may just do the blog and podcast myself.

Every single one of those content pieces leads to my opt-in page with an upsell on the thank you page.

here's what this means to you and why you should walk over broken glass to get your marketing systems in place

Reason One: I dare say NOTHING is more important to your business, or you're startup, then having a systematic marketing method or activity to build your list and get new customers.

NOTHING!Most people do marketing when their money runs low.  Or they hit an unexpected expense.

Then, the urgency is gone. And no more marketing gets done until the money runs low again.

And back and forth the pendulum swings.  It's Marketing Hades.

But when you have Marketing System in place, every day, day in and out...every week...week in and week out -- MARKETING HAPPENS!

And that's the root cause of living in Marketing Heaven.

Reason two: Your Marketing activity TODAY determines your incomme in 2-6 weeks

Every business has a different lag time between Marketing activities and products or servicces sold. And money produced.

But what we know is that your Marketing TODAY determines your income in the future.

No Marketing today.  And in one of your tomorrow's the well goes dry.  You can only milk existing customers so long

No fresh customers = a dry well.

Reason Three: Some Marketing Systems can be fully or partly automated, either by software or humans

You can get a full or part time person in the Philippines to operate your system for you in many cases.  The cost is probably around $250 a month.

The magic is in knowing what the system is to begin with.  And developing the SYSTEM for the virtual assistant to operate.

Reason Four: With your Marketing Systems in place, you never have to worry about having a fat pipeline

You've no doubt heard Grant Cardone and others talk about the need for a fat pipeline of prospects going through your buying process.

Well, guess what?  When you have the Marketing System in place, every day it gets done.  So you always have a fat pipeline!

Reason five: Pays for unexpected bill

Sometimes you have an unexpected bill.  Maybe your mouth all of a sudden needs a crown (ouch!). That's a fast grand.  Maybe you have water damage in your house.  That's $3,000 or more real fast.

Maybe you make an unexpected trip to the emergency room. That's at least $3,000.  Probably more.

You need cash for an emergency.

If you haven't had Marketing getting done consistently, then you go to the well of your list.  But it may be dry.  You may have already sucked it dry. There may not be any immediate sales left

But when you PLAN in advance to have unexpected expenses every month. And you put the marketing in place to handle them, then you never get caught in a bind

And your unexpected expenses never turn into an emergency because they're planned with your Marketing

Reason Six:  Like a buffet, you have your choice of 48 Marketing System. 

I believe I can prove I'm one of the best marketing researchers on the planet.

And the proof is, I turn up rare, odd, unique and unusual Marketing Systems no one else does.  Period. 

The benefit to you is you have CHOICES and OPTIONS.  You aren't trapped by the same old 4 options everyone else is:  Facebook ads, Youtube ads, affiliate or content marketing.

You have this incredibly rich buffet of all kinds of methods most others haven't even heard or dreamed of. 

Many methods can be operated for free.

Others can be fully or semi-automated. 

You get to choose the Marketing System or Systems that work for you. 

Reason seven: The systems are fully disclosed. I hate it when you buy something that's a come-on to buy something else.  But that something else STILL doesn't have the info you need. 

So you have to buy thing after thing. The Marketing Systems I'm sharing are fully disclosed in podcasts, Youtube videos, Kindle and print books. 

They are transparent with no money-sucking programs required to learn them.

Reason eight: You can start low, go slow.  Get fire.  Go higher. What that means is you start with easy, simple Marketing Systems.  Get some results.

Get your confidence up.  Then move on to a System more challenging.  There are dozens of Systems to choose from. 

Reason nine: You can find Systems that fit your resources, time and skillsets. 

This is one most people don't think about. 

They fork over $5,000, $10,000 or more for some coaching program that has a Marketing System that either isn't fully disclosed (thus, you need to hire someone they recommend to do it for you). 

Or it's a System that is a mismatch to your skills, resources and abilities.  It requires spending big bucks on ads that you don't have.  Or high attention to detail when you have all the attention to detail of a pet rock (that's me!). 

So you place those ads, forget to adjust the bids and get buried in ads that lose money. 

Or you turn into a glorified sales person doing strategy call after call. When you HATE phone sales. 

With my Marketing Systems, you get to pick and choose one or more that meet your skillset.

And MAKE SENSE for you. 

If you have a face made for radio, you don't have to do video!  You can take advantage of your voice!  Or you're a great writer but suck at video? 

Then write.

It only makes common sense. 

Reason ten: You'll see how to roll your OWN Marketing System 

Probably the most valuable thing is, you'll see how these Marketing Systems work, how they operate consistently, how they get results. 

And you'll then have the know how to go out and spin up or roll your OWN Marketing System.  Maybe you think of a twist or variation on one I give you. 

Or you dream up your own! That's even better. The world is your oyster. 

Reason eleven: You won't get sucked in by these fast-talking, over-hyped things that go around. 

Why?  Because you'll know the money you want to make.  And you'll know that you have Marketing Systems in place that can deliver the sales and cash you need.

Reason twelve: You'll take the stress off your family and marriage.  I believe money problems are the leading cause of divorce or certainly one of them.

But when you have your Marketing Systems in place, you'll live worry free.  Because you know the Marketing you need is being done daily.  Whether you're doing it yourself in "timeboxes."  Or whether you've got an outsourcer doing it on your behalf. 

Reason thirteen: You create your own demand. 

It's nice to sell something where people are clamoring to get their hands on it.  But even Apple has to run a lot of ads to sell their iPhones.

By having Marketing Systems in place, you stir up and create your own demand, your own economy.

Even if the economy is bad, you still have the power to drum up your own business.  And that gives you control over your life and your income. 

Reason fourteen: Your methods aren't likely to get "funnel hacked" or copied because they are stealthy and not like running FB ads non-stop

A lot of the methods are a bit stealthy or low profile.  So while they work gangbusters, they don't get funnel hacked like FB or YT ads do.  So you have the benefit of being able to fly under the radar. 

Reason fifteen: You avoid or eliminate burnout

I believe the main cause of burnout is not having a Marketing System that predictably, consistently and routinely brings in new customers.  Because that one thing fuels everything else. 

Now, there’s something I want to share with you…

It’s a course called: 

Marketing Heaven

48 Extremely Effective Non-Stop Marketing Systems To Turn Marketing Hades IntoMarketing Heaven

Here Are Just A Few Of The Marketing Systems You'll Discover 

  • The easy peasy Linked In method to get webinar or Zoom call registrations.  The assistant sends out 100 connection requests a day.  2 1/2% register.  60% show up.  10% buy. Your entire cost for the assistant is $250 a month.  Of course, you or a family member could do it also. pg 25
  • How to use 3-person virtual summits for the easiest list building you'll ever do. AND you'll make sales also. pg 28
  • The real engine that built the Grant Cardone's empire. I bet not 1 in 1,000 people could tell you what it is.  Could you use this engine for your business? Pg 31
  • The unbelievable method that filled up every game for an NBA team with a dismal record!  Contrary to popular opinion, even if you have a "dog" product, you can sell it with this method.  pg 35
  • Want to build your own sales team?  These inexpensive Kindle books reveal the whole system of a multi-million dollar market.  Full transparency. Nothing held back. These used to sell for $1,000 each.  But now he's put them on Kindle for peanuts.  Page 32.
  • The $40 audit method that built a mid-six figure business. Oh, the audits are only 10 minutes and done on video.  This method can be adapted to a WIDE variety of businesses. This whole, entire method in extreme detail is revealed FOR FREE!  Pg. 38
  • Did you have any idea of the Marketing System behind the world's greatest car salesperson for many years running?  Well, get this.  It's bird dogs.  That's right. Freaking bird dogs. (Oh, many businesses can use this method) Pg 38
  • The single Marketing System behind the success of the top sales person in the 65-year history of Cutco.  (Cutco is a direct sales company for high-end kitchen knives. And you have to get your OWN sales appointments).  (You'd be hard pressed to find a business it won't work for) pg. 41
  • With this method that almost no one uses 100 people hit the landing page.  65 opt in.  26 to 45 watch the video.  6 to 12 apply.  1 to 2 buy for $7,500. pg 43
  • This marketing genius attributes most all of his success to ONE habit he's had since day one.  This habit is  a Marketing System that always gets done every week. He's sold $100 million doing it. pg 44
  • What if you sold a $1,500 vacuum cleaner in-home.  Well, this master marketer closes 8 out of every 10 appointments routinely BECAUSE of how he gets them.  This flat out works. And it's like a huge revelation when you hear how it works. He has  a Youtube channel. Fully transparent.  pg 46
  • This method brings in a return of 15 to 1 for giving away 10 to 25 gifts each month.  It's 100% fully revealed in a Kindle book.  A fast read. And a fantastic Marketing System you can probably use!  pg 48
  • How my client fueld a multi-million dollar business with the stupidest, simple speaking trick to generate boatloads of extremely qualified prospects.  pg 52
  • The invisible penetration method that allows you to get introduced to groups.  This is simple, free and can be started immediately.  I give you the skinny on page 65.
  • Behind-the-scenes, a to z breakdown of how IBM's #1 lead generator for their business services did it. It's free on Kindle Unlimited and will take you from novice to real skills in only one reading. Pg. 83
  • How to use flow to your list or database in order to be visible and stay top of mind. Pg 84
  • People buy based on emotions and justify with logic.  True?  FALSE! Pg 98
  • How to flood your business with extremely high quality leads just by offering a free report. The secret is knowing WHERE and when to offer the report and to whom. Pg. 53
  • How to generate new leads using welcome gift exchange packets.  pg. 31
  • How to really clean up by putting "bird dogs" on modest salaries.  pg. 40
  • How to use 5% of a customer's value for strategic gift giving.  page 43.
  • The crazy simple method Joe Vitale used to get featured in the movie The Secret -- and become an overnight celebrity.  Pg. 102.
  • The 2 minute Linked In video method that works gangbusters.  Pg 93
  • How to generate leads by writing.  (Top Quora writer reveals all.  Pg. 109
  • The weekly event method you just repeat over and over. When you combine it with FB messenger, it goes crazy. pg. 115
  • The key to converting all these leads into sales.  Pg. 121

I put all my secrets in 4 modules and 3 bonuses for acting today.

marketing heaven report:

The greatest collection of marketing systems ever assembled to take you from the pit of hades to marketing heaven

This course reveals the actual Marketing Systems that can take you from deep in the abyss of hades to Marketing Heaven. 

From having up-and-down, sporadic, stop-and-go income to having consistent marketing and income happening every day.

But the thing is, I don’t want to send this report to just anyone.

It’s only for the seekers.

The searchers.

The person who really wants it.

So I’m going to ask you to give me something I don’t need in exchange for it.

And that’s the price you'll see on the order form.

If that blows you out of the water, then I reckon you can just go on your merry way.  And dream at night about what might have been.

Think of it as your starter kit.  It’s going to get you started on a whole new exciting path.

Otherwise, I’m going to lay out what you get in this kit.

Module 1:  The greatest Book of Marketing Systems ever written.

This is THE 133-page definitive book and source of Marketing Systems to bring you customers, leads or opt ins, every day and every week -- often on full or semi auto pilot.

My goal with this book was to make it so valuable no one can pry it out of your hands (figuratively speaking) for even 10x the price.

I explain what the Marketing System is.  How it works.  Sometimes I go into detail.  And sometimes I just share my own resources for it so you can deep dive.  Things like podcasts, Youtube videos or Kindle or print books that almost no one has discovered or knows about.

You're empowered to take the knowledge I give you and run with it as far and as fasts as you want to.

Module 2:  Live video of an actual full-fledged autopilot marketing system at work -- see it happening live

You'll get to see a video of a Marketing System happening LIVE.

This is where you’ll get an understanding of just how simple and doable a Marketing System can be.

You’ll feel excited as you realize this is actually doable.

You’ll realize you’ve begun the path to a new way to get consistent leads, sales and income.   And you'll understand why everything changes when you put Marketing Systems in place in your business.

One good Marketing System can change your life.  But when you 4 or 5 spokes in your Marketing Wheel, you're virtually unstoppable!  But where do you find these spokes?

Everyone else just teaches you to run incredibly expensive and risky ads.  Or pray that an affiliate will promote your product.  Or put out some videos and hope that someone sees them.

These Marketing Systems take you from HOPE marketing to KNOW marketing.  Because you'll KNOW you'll get results.  That difference is night and day.

Module 3:  Instant 404 Error Cash Marketing System

This is an instant marketing system you can use to make money with right away.  When you go to a website and a page isn't found, you get what's called a 404 error page:

I'm going to give you an instant marketing system you can use to turn 404 error messages into cash on your own site or other people's sites.

This is a plug n' play, ready to go Marketing System for you.

All you do is install the free "gimmick" that I show you.  And it does the rest for you on autopilot day and night. For free.

Not only that, in addition I'm going to show you how to set it up live in the Module 4 bonus.

Module 4:  LIVE CLASS where I walk you through my favorite Marketing Systems in the PDF and share with you how YOU can use them right away...in a FLASH.

This is where the rubber meets the road.

I'm holding a LIVE class.  I'm going to show you how to set up the Marketing System I give you in step 3.

And then together we're going to do a deep dive on my favorite Marketing Systems and how you can get started with them IMMEDIATELY.

I'll answer questions about which Marketing System YOU should get started withi.  And whatever other questions you have.

I charge $1,000 an hour for consultations.  But during this class, my help is yours without additional charge.

My goal is to get you up and running with Marketing Systems as fast as humanly possible.

YES, the class WILL be recorded in case you can't attend.  The time and date will be announced via email.

Questions you may have:

  1. Does this apply to MY business, group or marketing effort?

    Answer: You're probably wondering if these secrets only apply if you sell training to Internet marketers. These secrets were forged in the first of many different businesses and industries, both "for profit" and even "non-profit."

    Most apply to groups and organizations, or even people starting a new business at home from scratch. Not to mention those who want to scale up and take things to an entirely new level or break through a plateau.

    Conclusion: These secrets come from all industries, groups, and businesses -- which makes for maximum benefit when you swipe, apply and deploy the ideas.

  2. Will I learn anything new or is this just a re-hash?


    There's nothing worse than buying a book or product and wishing that the dude who wrote the sales letter wrote the book. Well, in this case I did. And these amazing Marketing Systems come from years and years in the business. They're the very fabric of my being, my life and my business.

    Conclusion: Unless you've read 3,000+ books and hobnobbed with dozens of the most famous high achievers and multi-millionaires online and offline, then absolutely. And I'll stake my reputation on that statement.
  3. Did you write both the product and the sales letter?

    Answer: Yes, you're getting the straight scoop written by the same dude who wrote the sales letter.

  4. Am I guaranteed to make money?

    Answer: No. But if you do what I show you how to do, and I don't see any reason you can't do it, then I really gotta believe the odds are in your favor. The fact is, most people who don't make money don't follow the Systems. If you implement at least 4 Marketing Systems, I 100% believe you're GOING to see results.. If you don't, I doubt you'll get the result you want.

  5. How much money will these Marketing Systems require me to spend?

    Answer: If you're operating them yourself, most require nothing or very little.  If you want them to operate on autopilot, you'll typically need to hire a part time outsourcer a modest salary.

    Some of the Systems pay for referrals, but sales should pay for that. So you aren't actually spending money out of pocket.
  6. I already have a Marketing System or two in my business. Why do I need this product?  How will it help me?

    Answer: You need five marketing spokes in your Marketing wheel. That's my goal for you. There's consistency in diversity, right? Ultimately, you want to build your business to a position where you have 9 or 10 spokes. But that's an ultimate goal.

Take Action Before This Offer Expires And Get 3 Incredible Bonuses!


Autopilot Marketing:  How to Put Your Marketing Systems On Autopilot

You'll get inside scoop on where and how to hire outsourcers on whatever budget you have.  You can start with just a few hours a week. Or you can get a part-time person.  

Where to hire.  Who to hire.  How to pay. How to manage.

You get all the insider scoop.

Keep in mind, in most cases you only need someone for 5 or 10 hours a week.  It's a relatively inexpensive thing.


How to Create and Launch a Product In 7 Days -- So You Have Something to Create a Marketing System For

Maybe you don't have a product or service yet. So you don't need Marketing Systems.

That's why I'm including a bonus product to help you create and launch your own product in 7 days.  Then you'll be ready to crank up your Marketing Systems and let it rip!


Free $200 Consultation On Which Marketing Systems Are Right For You

OYou just submit your details to me using the form I provide.

Then I'll shoot a 10-minute video giving you my advice on which Marketing Systems best fit your resources, time allocation and skillset.

My consultations are $1,000 an hour. So this is a $200 value.

Your Order is 100% Safe, Secure, Risk Free and Fully Guaranteed!

Contrast those to my way of doing business:

Because I'm absolutely, positively so confident in my Words Into Cash product, I'll make this ironclad guarantee.

Get Marketing Heaven: The Greatest Collection of Marketing Systems Ever. Put it to your acid test.

If for any reason whatsoever you're dissatisfied with the product, return it within 7 days for a full, 100% refund. No hassles. No problems.

And you get to keep EVERYTHING.

That's right.  You can KEEP Marketing Heaven as my gift to say thank you for giving it as hot.

And not only that, you can keep ALL the bonuses. I'll even still give you the consultation. 

You can post a refund request 24/7 at www.getyoursupport.com

That's how confident I am in my Marketing Systems collection.

To order Marketing Heaven just click the ADD TO CART button below. You can pay using any major credit card, e-check, or from your PayPal account balance.

Marketing Heaven:  The Greatest Collection of Marketing Systems Ever is digitally delivered, along with the bonuses so you'll get INSTANT ACCESS to everything you've just read about. Works for both PC and Mac users.

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