"marketing bootcamp" 

New FREEDOM Launch System lets you sell to the ideal clients you want, the way you want, without catering to affiliates, producing dumbed down products or having to write over-the-top sales pages

The Promise: In 6 weeks, you’ll have a specific plan and method to potentially make more in the first 6 months of 2023 than you did in all of 2022. And if you're a beginner, you'll have a plan for getting off to an incredible bang in 2023.

The Uniqueness: Freedom Launching frees you from the 6 big drawbacks of traditional launches.  You'll have a fresh, new exciting approach to selling much larger dollar products, more often with less effort -- and even create a virtually automatic buying frenzy.

The Disclaimer: While I  lay out on a silver platter the model working for myself and others, I don’t know you, your business or ideas, your work effort or commitment. Therefore, I can’t guarantee you’ll make money.  Average results disclosure.

The Credibility: You have not only my personal experience in 100+ launches but also I’ve modeled NEW methods of a few little known marketers doing multiple 7 figures a year.

The Guarantee:  Power Launching comes with a replacement guarantee.  I'll replace the product with another of equal or greater value or give you a credit.

The Price: For the 6 weeks of training (with VIP), for having the power to CRUSH your 2023 sales and do 4 and 5 figure launches potentially, for all the templates, cheat sheets, checklists and resources, it’s only $347 for the 4 weeks (or $127 a month), or $597 for VIP with two additonal weeks. 

Here's a live stream I did explaining the Freedom Launch System before the launch went live. After you click play, it takes 10 seconds for the video to start.


Marlon here.

And I’m back with your opportunity to CRUSH 2023.

In fact, the goal is to match what you did in 2022 in the first 6 months of 2023.

I’m NOT pulling that number out of the air. I’ll explain WHY I 100% believe you can hit that number in a minute.

Here’s why spending a few minutes to read on is totally worth your time. This ISN’T the same old, same old.

First of all, let’s talk about WHY I called it the FREEDOM LAUNCH SYSTEM and what that means.

1.  More Profits means you get paid more dollars per sale -- without webinars, phone sales or outbound messaging.

2.  More Often -- you roll out launches more often with less stress, less work and more proffit potential.  The goal is to net a LOT more.

3.  With Less Effort – Because of the multiple components of the systems, you get the bigger dollar sales with less effort and "hard sale."

I know that’s a mouthful.  I’ll talk more about it in a minute.

But here’s WHY I’m doing this.

In my other products, I talk about how to create your FIRST product. 

So while this new product covers the basics, that’s not WHY I’m doing it.

I’m always exploring and researching NEW ways of doing the info product business.  New models. New information.

I read tons of books and buy courses galore. 

I always teach what I personally do and what I discover.

Well min mind was BLOWN when I discovered a NEW WAY to create FAR MORE money in the info product business.

I’ve never seen anyone I can recall doing the business THIS WAY.

It matters if you want to become a book author or publish multiple books.

It matters to you if  you want to make double, triple or more in your info business this next year.

It matters if you’re just starting out and you want to build with a SOLID PLAN of where you’re going, so you don’t waste all kinds of time and energy.

                                    Here’s what I’ve observed:

1.  Some info marketers promote one product over and over for 2 or even 3 months.

That’s ok if you’re running ads and have a big dollar “back end.”

But that’s not my thing.  I have NO attention to detail and struggle to stay on top of ad numbers daily. I find it very distasteful.

2.  Other marketers bring in the dough by only selling $5,000 or $10,000 coaching

I’m not with that. What about the rest of the people who need help?

What about the legal exposure from having to sell people who are relatively cold to you and your business?

I’m just not on board with it.

3.  Most people only launch every 2 to 3 months. So there’s a surge of income. Then it’s a bit of a dry run until the next launch.

You tend to see feast or famine or up and down income in between launches.

Launches suck up your life and dominate everything. They’re a real drain.  And a hassle with your merchant account.

Everytime you launch it’s tough.  Late nights. Problems.  Things blowing up. A mad rush to serve affiliates. All the support tickets.

4.  Low ticket models are great.  But you really need to bring in some REAL dollars to pay all the bills.

It seems like every bill you get is $300 or more.

If you aren’t selling products in the same or greater price points, you have to sell 30 $10 products just to pay that $300 bill for the plumber.

And it’s a lot more to pay the dentist or auto repair guy.

5.  And then there’s audience building.

You need a way to build your audience without paid media.

6.  Psychic vampire customers who suck the soul and life out of you

My latest, newest discovery is very exciting.

It’s a way to solve the above issues:

1.  Regular cash flow from regular launches

You won’t have feast or famine.  You’ll have cash flow consistently and evened out with this model.

2.  Launches without the big bursts that make it so hard to manage

3.  You can go from idea to launch within a few hours, yet get paid premium prices. 

And product delivery won’t suck the soul out of you.

4.  You avoid psychic vampires that suck the soul out of you.

You want ideal customers not psychic vampires.  You know the customers I’m talking about. They find the cloud in every silver lining.  No matter how incredible your product is they complain.

5.  Price points across the spectrum, so you have plenty of extra money for bills and surprises

6.  A way to build an audience every day without paid ads.

When I saw this I immediately thought:  Oh my gosh, this is brilliant. Why didn’t I think of this?

Actually, there was a reason.  Even though the model is simple, there are multiple pieces of the puzzle:

Puzzle piece one:  How do you build a list of ideal customers, not psychic vampires?  That’s not an easy piece to figure out.

Puzzle piece two:  How do you SELL the products at higher prices and margins easily – without having to promise the moon?

That’s another piece that isn’t intuitive and is hard to figure out.  It’s actually something I didn’t see or “get” until I found this new model.

Puzzle piece three:  How do you deliver bigger dollar products without banging your head against the wall?  And getting stuck in the product creation cycles from hades?

Puzzle piece four:  Where do the buyers come from that are a cut above and will spend premium money?

How do you get the QUALITY buyers onto your list and avoid the duds?

Puzzle piece five: How do you sell premium products WITHOUT needing phone calls or phone sales?

Puzzle piece six:  How do you structure your day to make all these things happen without working crazy hours?

These are the puzzle pieces that all fall into place with the SLEPS model.

You Need This If:

This is for you and you need this if:

1.  You aren’t ready to do ads to build your audience yet.

2.  You don’t want to just sell high ticket because you want to reach more people with your message.

3.  You want a plan that makes sense that will allow you to increase sales over last year by whatever number you envision.

4.  You want more income and sales YOUR way.

5.  You want to get started with a clear path to your goal that does NOT involve phone sales or only slamming people for big tickets before they’re ready.

If any of those resonate with you, then this new program is designed specifically FOR YOU.

Now, this new model isn’t for everyone. Here’s why:

There are people who are a little in, partly in, half in on producing, promoting and profiting from info products

That’s NOT us.

That’s NOT my best customers and clients.

You can start that way. I did. I had no idea what I was doing. But I ran little ads and sold a few products.

But I’m talking about making REAL money. And building or growing a real business.

Real money. Real fun. Real status.

Why I 100% believe that FREEDOM LAUNCHING has the power to make you ALL of 2022 profits in HALF of 2023, so 12 months of profitrs in only 6 months 

Here’s the goal:  To make ALL of last year’s profits in only 6 months this year.

Here’s why I believe FREEDOM LAUNCHING has the power to do that:

It’s a NEW WAY of doing the info products business.

It’s NOT “big ticket phone sales.”

It’s NOT like anything I’ve seen others doing.

This is totally DIFFERENT.

And ever so powerful and potentially profitable.

I just HAD to tell you about it.

Freedom Launching is designed to get you more sales, more often, with bigger dollars.  While your results may vary, that's absolutely the goal.

Here’s Why You Need, No MUST HAVE, the FREEDOM LAUNCHING SYSTEM for 2023

Without the Freedom Launching System, you'll be doomed to grind away in the OLD launch system.

* Customers nickel and dime you to death

* You have to create products for the lowest common denominator clients or else affiliates won't mail.

* You build a list of people who don't want to work, want the easy way out and aren't willing to purchase premium products.

* You can't sell premium "back-end" coaching or memberships at fair prices because the customers don't want to pay it.

* You're stuck doing low-dollar launches that don't translate into premium values on the "back end."

* You can't do products on topics that excite you because the bottom-feeding clients aren't interested.

I'm laying out everything I've discovered clearly and simply.  I'm going to show you how to solve the six puzzles and escape the launch trap.

Continued in a second. First, I need to show you I know what I'm talking about if you don't already know that...

In case you don't know me, by way of introduction, here are just a small part of my sales to show you I'm good at what I do.

I can show you tons and tons of screen caps and proof that I know what I'm talking about. And what I do works.  But  this is NOT about you becoming me. It's about new twists that are totally flexible to YOU and your life. And you can scale as large or small as you want.  I'm a pro so my results aren't indicative of average nor what you'll do. But they ARE  my results.

Take a look at what people say about me and my products

"You Sir Are
a Legend"

"Marlon, thank you for ALL the
excellent material you've created
over the past 20 years.
You sir are a legend"



"I Respect and Admire
Your Work"

 "Marlon, you're a legend and one off the first 'gurus' I looked up to when I started online. I respect and admire your work, your enthusiasm and your kind words."



So back to the story...

If you want to:

* Build a list of ideal customers, not psychic vampires

* Sell products at higher prices and margines easily -- without having to promise moon and stars

*  Deliver bigger dollar products without banging your head against the wall

*  Structure your day to make everything happen without working crazy hours

* Sell premium offers without phone calls

* Potentially make last year's income in 6 months of this year

If any those things, excite you, then Freedom Launches is for you!

Take The Escalator to a
New Way Of Launching And
Making Bigger Sales and Profits

*  How to create a buying frenzy without email.  Sell premium products and multiple items -- all on autopilot.  Without email or OTO's. This is different.

* Your step-by-step guide to Rapid Reload lauching.  Roll out launches at record speed without all the sucky grunt work other methods require.

*  The easy way to sell recurring billing -- This is worth the whole investment in Freedom Launches.  Such an incredible way to sell recurring billing in bunches with the highest conversion rates you'll see.

*  Sell big tickets without the phone or strategy sessions. If you're like me, being on the phone trying to sell people who may or may not buy, may or may not show up for the appointment, may or may not quality -- is not your idea of a good time. There is a better way.

* The blogging secret that will set you free. You do NOT have to blog.  But if it's a form of content you want to do, there's a secret to it that changes everything. When you do it.  What you write.  How fast you write it. Your attitude. The function or purpose of it.

A model that scales to multi seven figures This is a model that can scale to multi seven figures.  No income claims. But the model is stress tested.

* The secret to lead gen you never hear You never hear this. But it will open the floodgates to your lead generation. 

* The first thing you MUST do every day. YOu've got to know your priorities and this comes first.

* The four non-negotiables  No, I didn't invent these. But they work. They just work. So, of course, I share them.

* More money, more often!  I'll be shocked if you implement the program and don't make more money more often. It's almost an impossibility not to.  Or I'd say it's highly unlikely.

* No more launch insanity You do NOT have to sell your soul to get people to recip for you. Or promote or create crappy products you don't believe in. There IS a better way.

* The small change to your content with a huge impact. You'll never go back to normal content again.

* All six pieces of the launch puzzle -- SOLVED

*  Create products YOU believe in, that YOU are passionate about without a concern whether affiliates will approve or not.

* Unlimited new product ideas.  I wasn't doing this one. And when I tried it, I was surprised how easily it works.  Imagine having a stockpile of $5k, $10k, $25k, $50k or $100k ideas you can draw from at will.  This is HOW you do it.

* The mistakes most people are making on launches that put a damper on their income. And how to avoid these common mistakes. 

I had no idea about any of these when I started my deep dive research. What I discovered blew my mind.

This is KEY to your profits, exposure and lead gen.

These numbers are actual real world results
by real people. But your results will vary.

more sales, bigger dollars, more often, with less anxiety and fretting and more certainty of outcome

This isn't JUST about launching more often:

1. If you get crappy customers who want to get miracles with almost no effort, or whatever a low client is to you, what difference does it make?

What matters is getting IDEAL CLIENTS!

2.  When you get ideal clients, THEN you can naturally ascend to larger and larger tickets without fear.  Because you're ONLY dealing with people who "get it."

3.  Not only that, anyone can launch $10 products monthly. But what if you want to average much more...ike $350?

A whole new approach is needed!  And that's what we're talking about. A new way to attract premium customers without ads. A new way of thinking about creating value.  A new way of thinking about products. A new way of thinking about the sales process.

THIS is FREEDOM LAUNCHING. A brand new approach to launching products -- without bottom feeder clients.

But let me be clear:  There are no guaraantees of income.  I'm not a psychic nor omnipotent.  So I can't predict nor guarantee how much you will or won't make.

I CAN show you the potential based on what I others have done and are currently doing.  And I'm 100% confident it'll make absolute sense to you and be something you can act on.

here's how you know if marlon's freedom launching system is right for you

I'm not going to say the Freedom Launching System is for everyone.

You can read the benefits below and decide for yourself.

Question 1:  Do you need a fresh approach to launching that doesn't take weeks to pull off?

Freedom launches can happen in 1 day or 2.  You don't need a bunch of time and prep to do them.  If you WANT to do the traditional "4 video launch," you can. But that's not my approach.

Question 2: Do you want to sell proucts forr $99, $350 -- AND UP -- instead of being forced to promote $10-$27 products through affiliates?

The challenge with most affiliate launches is you end up with bottom-feeding clients who can't fathom spending $100 for a product, not to mention $350 or $500 for a product.

There has to be a better way. And there is!  Free yourself from the bondage of low dollar launches where you have to give away the moon to get affiliates to promote.

Make no mistake.  I still have affiliates promote my products.  But the key is, I'm not DEPENDENT on them.

Question 3:  Do you want to escape having to create "done-for-you" products or PLR in order to sell at a premium price?

Attract the wrong client. And hades will freeze over before they buy a premium-priced product that doesn't have a strong "done-for-you" element to it.

Then, if it "doesn't work," it's all your fault.

No thank you. I have no desire to play that game.  

Question 4:  Do you want to freely express your beliefs, ideas and passions without feeling you have to dumb everything down?

With Freedom Launching, you get to produce content YOU believe in. And content that excites you.  You don't have to come out with the same basic product for the umpteenth time because affiliates will only promote another so-and-so product.  

Question 5:  Do you want a model that will stand the test of time and be working 5 years from now?

With this model, you build your audience, your brand, your following. So you build longevity.  Which means you aren't living in fear of a Google ban, FB ban, or whatever.

Question 6:  Do you want the fast way or the slow way?

The slow way is you try to figure it out yourself.  The fast way is you let me share it with you.


Here's what you get

1. You're going to get four weeks of live training, or six with the VIP upgrade option. 

2.I'll post the recording  these in a member's area for you.

3.  I'll post a transcript of the recordings for you.

4.  You'll have additional checklists, cheat sheets and assignments posted in the member's area.

5.  You'll have six week's of support.  So you can either ask your questions on the live streams.  Or on my support desk.

  • You don't need a big "budget"
  • No recips or affiliate hassles
  • No paid traffic
  • No scammy product promotions
  • No dealing with "bottom-feeder" clients

6 Weeks  email consultation

When you go ahead and let the charge run through the day AFTER the event (you can cancel before then), you'll qualify for 6 weeksof email consultations. Just post your questions directly related to Freedom Launching at getyoursupport.com, and I'll answer them. 

This way, if you have one of those nagging questions that stops you from getting started, you can get it taken care of.

This way, if you have one of those nagging questions that stops you from getting started, you can get it taken care of.


In the unlikely event you aren't thrilled and satisfied, I'll substitute another product for you of equal or greater value that has a better chance of meeting your needs.


Maybe your spouse, son or daughter could use some launch Freedom in their life. You're welcome to have them view the live stream with you. Yes, the event WILL BE RECORDED.


How to build a list of ideal customers, not psychic vampires 

It's no fun to have a list of people who don't value your topic, knowledge or expertise.

Who want you to sell everything for $10. And hades will freeze over before they spend more than $100.

Who don't want to work more than 20-minutes a day. And who don't aspire to anything more than $300 a month, or a very modest income because they don't want to put passion or energy into it.

Who have no passion, no interests, no energy to put into their business.

Who don't want to CREATE but only want "done-for-you" stuff.

Who don't even watch the videos or read the info in the products they buy, so they have no chance of getting results.

Who complain about the smallest thing.

You get the idea. The opposite of your ideal clients.  So how do you FIND and ATTRACT ideal clients to your list. While repelling people who don't fit?

That's the topic. You can get your sales copy right, product right. Everything right. But if you attract the wrong crowd, your business will be miserable.


How to SELL the products at higher prices and margins easily – without having to promise the moon

This is a vital piece of the Freedom Launching puzzle. See, anyone can type $347, $495 or $997 on an order form.  

But how do you build value IN ADVANCE with your potential buyers. So when they see the offer they're like HECK YEAH I want this?

It's a great question. And one that no one shows you the answer to. Other than slamming them hard on the phones or in pitch webinars.

Not that there's anything wrong with pitch webinars or phone sales if that's your thing.  

Well, there's another way. And easier way. And that's what Freedom Launching is all about.


How to deliver bigger dollar products without banging your head against the wall using "rapid relOAd."

With traditional product-delivery methods, Freedom Launching would be exhausting and impossible to do in as little as 25 hours a week.

That's why a new rapid-reload method is needed.  With this method, you'll probably increase your frequency of launches 2x or 3x -- without really working any harder.

By itself, this wouldn't work or be powerful. But when combined with the OTHER elements of Freedom Launching, it's beautiful!

It's the potential for...

More money.  More often.  Bigger dollars.  BOOM!

week four: 

How to structure your day to make all these things happen without working crazy hours

One fascinating thing about the Freedom Launching model is it's actually possible to do it in as little as 25-hours a week.

So in this week, I'll lay out the tricks and hacks that can help you cut out the crap and focus on the 4 daily activities that are your non-negotiables and MUST happen every day.

* Know what must be done every day

* Free yourself from endless researching of other models

* Be confident in what you're doing, why you're doing it and the big picture

* End the constant nagging feeling that you must chase this "new thing" or you'll miss out

* Feel more passionate about your business than you ever have before.

Keep in mind this is potential. Your results will vary and are not guaranteed.


week  five (VIP)

How to sell premium products WITHOUT needing phone calls or phone sales

I'm not skilled at phone sales. But even if I were, I wouldn't ENJOY doing it.

Verbal selling just isn't my THANG.

I have a friend named Flo. Flo loves, loves, loves it. More power to him!  It's just not my modus operandi or method of operation.

So that's why I was so excited when I discovered how to sell premium priced prodducts WITHOUT phone calls.

Of courses, this method donly works when the other elements of this system are put in place.

But when they are, this is really, really slick.  Super cool.

When you join at the VIP level, you'll enjoy two additonal powerhouse trainings:

week  six (VIP)

the freedom launch model designed to make last year's income in only six months

The Modus Operandi (secret sauces) is called S.L.E.P.S. which stands for the Sequential Launch and Escalation of Profits System.

The objective of this system is to make you all of last year's profits in 6 months of this year.  This is why it's for advanced people who actually HAD sales and profits last year.

This is the END GAME of the other 5 weeks. All 5 weeks lead to the implementation of THIS PLAN in full force.

When you go ahead right now and take fast action today,
you'll get some awesome bonuses

fast action bonuses 


the next level upsell strategy that creates a buying frenzy of high margin products

I ran across this method.

It's the best I've personally seen.  And I speak from experience.  Because it sucked me in (in a good way). And I spent 5x what I was planning at far HIGHER prices!

I TRIED to do this method before. But failed miserably. When I saw THIS way to do it AND found myself buying multiple products in a frenzy, I was like OMG! This is so powerful!

Watch your customer value soar effortlessly.  I'm very excited to share this with you.


transcripts of the trainingS so you can print THEM out, read it, mark it up and reference them.

I don't know about you. But I absorb info BEST by reading, marking things up, starring, and highliting.  I can't do that on a video.

That's why I'm giving you transcripts.  Print 'em. Stick 'em in a notebook. And find yourself referring to them often as you escalate your profits during the next year.


next level repurposing of your content and get triple the bang from what you do

I thought I knew how to repurpose my content until I ran across these ways to do it.

There's still another level.  Get 3x the leverage with less effort and time.

More content at work means more leads, more customers seeing you constantly, more exposure.  And ultimately, more eyeballs on your offers and sales.


Weeks 1-4 are completed and ready for you.  Week 5 is Tuesday Feb 14.

Week 1 - How to build a list of ideal customers, not psychic vampires who suck the life out of you and your profits.  Have a specific plan to bring in ideal clients, not bottom feeders.  

Week 2 - How to sell your products at higher prices and margins easily -- without having to promise the moon.

Week 3 - How to deliver bigger dollar products without banging your head against the wall. This is one of the reasons you have bigger profit potential.

Week 4 - How to structure your day to make all these things happen without working crazy hours. (It's possible to do them in a 25-hour work week.)

Week 5 (VIP) - How to sell premium products WITHOUT needing phone calls or phone sales (There is an easier way)

Week 6 (VIP) - The Freedom Launch Model designed to make last year's income in only six months

Plus, You Get Bonuses For Acting Today

BONUS 1: The next-level buying-frenzy strategy that gets you muliple sales of bigger tickets -- AFTER the OTO's are done.  No webinars.  No email.  No outbound emails or pm's.  Pure elegant simplicity.

BONUS 2:  Transcripts of the trainings so you can print them out, read 'em, mark 'em up and reference anytime you want.

BONUS 3: Next-level repurposing of your content.  Get a triple bang from what you do.  

3 payments of $127 each 28 days apart for a total of  $381.

get weeks 5 & 6 with the vip upgrade  $495.00 for 6 weeks total

You get all 4 standard weeks, plus the additional 2 weeks or 6 total.

VIP 3 payments total.

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or get the ultimate with the rise in power coaching add-on

Message me on FB or here for an info sheet on the Rise in Power coaching. Then if you're a fit for it, I'll send you the details on the investment.  This is a 6-month transformative, 1-on-1 coaching program, so it's a significant investment.  But a big value. The goal is to create last year's income in 6 months this year through simplicity and focus.


I realize you may have a question or two or just not be 100% CERTAIN this is for you now.

It's ok. I'm giving you a 10-day replacement guarantee to check it out and take it for a trial spin.

If it's not your cup of tea, I'll swap it out for another product of equal or greater value that better meets your needs.

Please remember, all marketing, all business, involves the potential for gain or loss.  My results are not typical, so yours will obviously vary for better or worse.