As Of 3 Days Ago, People Will Build Your Email List For You. No Ads. No affiliate payments. No recurring software fees. This gigantic platform will help build your list for you


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You get all these bonuses, including access to the recordings of the entire 5 day challenge

Bonus 8:  Case study: How to grow from 1,000 to 20,000+ subscribers

Bonus 7:  How to get your first 100 subscribers
Bonus 6:  Kam Fatz personally developed epic list building challenge course with full rights to resell it.

Bonus 5:  5 day challenge in the FB group (NOT a pitch. This is Joe and I helping you)

Bonus 4: Free Value Ladder trainings that map out your

Bonus 3:  How to grow your list organically to 25,000 -- complete scoop

Bonus 2:  From 0 to 1,000 subscribers just by doing this easy peasy thing
Bonus 1:  Case study: $50,000 from growing a list with THIS tool

From: Marlon Sanders

RE: The Greatest List Building godsend Since 2007



Marlon here.

Your new list will be growing with new opt-ins dropping in virtually daily.


See, on July 5 Joe and I revealed the most exciting breakthrough that happened on June 28. FIREWORKS will go off in your brain as you ear this. 

It's available for INSTANT ACCESS right now with all the bonuses and a transcript.

And now you get access to the recordings of the 5 day challenge in the FB group. Day 5 is when Joe uses a "miracle" software to rewrite on the fly what he says so it sounds totally pro.

This will be the most exciting and dare I say profitable thing that's happened to you in a long, long time.

Toward the end of the training, Joe did the drop dead demo of a new technology that had everyone's jaws dropping. You have to see this to believe it!

I cannot freaking believe what just happened.  I HAVE NEVER REVEALED THESE METHODS BEFORE, NOT EVEN IN FAST TRACK or MMM.  This is a brand new discovery only made possible on June 28.

A gigantic, enormous platform just launched a FREE SERVICE where they will literally help build your newsletter for you.

It's FREE.  Did I say FREE?  As in F-R-E-E.

It's astounding and jaw dropping.  Absolutely. Positively. I cannot WAIT to tell you about it.

And to actually HELP YOU build your email list with it. That's right, I'm NOT just telling you. I'm NOT just showing you.

Myself and Joe Lavery will actually help you get your opt ins coming in.

In 2007, the real estate market collapsed in the U.S. and, as a result, many things changed in the business. Before that, you could put up your offer and hundreds of affiliates would hop on and grow your business for you.

But when the collapse happened, that killed easy peasy growth through affiliates.  Then Google whacked Ezine Articles so it was no longer an easy way to build your email list.

Since then, all you had that was FREE was mostly social media.  

Which is why I'm so FREAKING excited to introduce you to the most unbelievable free-list building breakthrough you've laid your eyes on since then.

Yeah, I know. That's a huge statement.

But again, if I'm wrong, you don't pay.  But I'm not wrong and you're going to be jacked when you discover this.

See, on June 28, a gigantic platform unleashed a free list building MONSTER.

And instead of paying $300 a month, you'll get to use it FREE -- no strings attached.

Not only that, Joe and I will actually LAUNCH A LIST with it on July 4 LIVE.

And not only that, we're going to help YOU do the same over the next 5 days.  Read on for more details.


Breakthrough #1: This works fast -- we're going to actually START building a list with this amazing breakthrough right on the live training

Until now, lots of people promised fast list building. But they couldn't show and demonstrate it right before your very eyes.  But on June 28 that changed.

Breakthrough #2: You can build an affiliate list using this method -- with virtually no list, or audience to start with. You do NOT need your own products.

Until now, your best source of free traffic as an affiliate was Youtube and Facebook. But NOT now!

You have a brand new way to get OTHERS to build your list for you -- FOR FREE.  Until now, you had to pay $300 a month or more to have access to a system like this. But not now. It's FREE!

Breakthrough #3: We're going to help you set up YOUR list-building system AND get it rolling with the help of your "new friends"

As you'll see below, we're holding a live training kickoff for you. But we're going beyond that.  You're going to be invited to our live 5-day virtual event where we can help YOU get rolling.

And because we'll all be in this together in the FB group, you can get the help of a few of your "new friends" if you need or want it.

People helping people is what it's all about.

Breakthrough #4: Never before has a big, gigantic company partnered with you to help you build your list -- FOR FREE!  This changed June 28. And we'll SHOW it to you LIVE.

Normally, you'd have to spend at least $300 a mont or more for these list-building capabilities as you'll see on the live training.  Apparently, this platform is serious about dominating, they're letting you use the whole shebang for FREE.

I know it may sound a little crazy.  But you will be flabbergasted (that's an old Texas word), when you see what they're giving you for free.  

I got so excited when I saw it. Because I know how much it'll help not just Joe and I build, grow and expand our lists, but it'll help our customers with little or no list.

Or if you have a list, it'll help you freaking EXPLODE to the stratosphere.  OK, maybe not to the stratosphere. But you get the idea.

Breakthrough #5: Maybe you want to build a big list, and you want to build it now.  People right now are using tools like these to build big and even huge lists in 6 to 12 and 24 months.

It blows my mind how fast some people are building 100,000 to 200,000 emails on their lists. Now listen, let's keep our feet on the ground.  I'm NOT promising you that.  But it is possible and is being done with similar tools today.

The old saying is each person on your list is worth $1 a month.  Some do less. Many do more.  But there's no doubt how incredibly valuable your email list is.

And remember, we're going to demonstrate building an email list with this bad boy LIVE!  And you can go out and do what we do.

Breakthrough #6: This is a biggie: Get your emails actually delivered for free!  

Until now, email delivery could be a headache, even with expensive services.  But because this platform is rapidly becoming "godzilla-like," you can actually get your emails delivered without worry.  I'll explain what you can and can't do with this on the live training.

Breakthrough #7: You'll have a giant head start!

Since this brand new technology just became available for free on June 28, you'll be one of the very first to know. And have a big head start on others.

Plus, since I envision us teaming up in the FB group, you could jump start the process even fast with the help of a few of your friends.

The Scoop Behind The List-Building Breakthrough Technology You Get For FREE!

I call my friend Joe "My Secret Weapon."

The reason is, like no one I've ever met before, he's a non-stop resource for the absolute latest ninja secrets, hacks, tools and such.

Far as I know, he's maybe the best Ninja Tools, Hacks and Resources person in the IM World!  He truly has a rare gift for sniffing these opportunities out.

It's uncanny.  I don't even know of anyone who is a close second.

Nearly every time we talk he blows my mind with a new tool or resource.

But yesterday was a whole new level.  Joe said, "Hey dog, check this out.  Such-and-so platform just added THIS to help you build your list from scratch. Or blow up the list you have."

It was just an off-the-cuff comment. But my brain exploded with excitement when I saw the possibilities for my customers to grow new lists, targeted lists, lists for any industry or occupation, big lists -- ALL FOR FREE!

Oh my goodness.  We immediately jumped on a Zoom call, hit the record button, and Joe in all his brilliance began showing me this list-building technology blow-by-blow.

It was SO EASY to use!

It was SO POWERFUL. And I do mean powerful.

It was like a list-building dream come true.

And it was FREE.  

Best of all, since Joe hit the record button, in just a minute, I want to give you access to this call, plus the live training we're doing on it that I call the FIREWORKS TRAINING!

'Cause the fireworks are going off in your brain when you see just how easy this is, just how simple it is, just how fast you can get started growing your list with the help of a few of your friends.


How to Use a Brand New List-Building System Given To You By a Multi-Million Dollar Platform
-- For FREE

  • Automated word of mouth -- how to set it up in 5 minutes
  • From 0 to 5k subscribers in 100 days using a simple formula
  • How to build your database with one button you paste into emails, social media or wherever.  These little buttons are gold!
  • Case Study:  $3475 a month offering hosting - passively

How Real People Are Making Money In 2023 Using These New Exciting Methods - Case Studies To Blow Your Mind, Raise Your Standards and Get You Going

  • Case study: Over 4,0000 email subscribers in 5 months. But how?  (Go and do thou likewise! But keep in mind, results aren't necessarily typical)
  • $2,500 a month from only 16,000 subscribers -- actual case study (your results will vary)
  • The secret to growing a list from 0 to $1,300 a month (real world example)
  • The method that finally helped this person grow a list after struggling for too long
  • The secret hack that lets you get OTHERS to automatically build your list for you. It's the greatest autopilot method ever (but only YOU will know about this since few others know about it)
  • How to use this new technology discovery for $0. Free. That's right. You pay nothing.  Did I say FREE?  No seriously. It's FREE.  And we'll get you set up in 20 minutes. AND we'll help build your list for 5 days in our FB group challenge. (You get a FB group ONLY for this with ongoing live streams and exclusive broadcasts)

All The Secrets Of Setting This Up To Bring You Subscribers Passively and Automatically

  • A specific formula for making passive income that is doable
  • Actual passive income case studes with specific numbers
  • How to expand your reach and get your message out

How to Grow From 0 to 1,000 Subscribers -- Potentially

  • This single method drives more subscribers for this well-known newsletter than all others combined.  (The skinny on it and how you can use it also)
  • Complete Value Ladder tutorials designed to help you cash in big from new subscribers
  • This super duper simple sign up form makes this marketer hundreds in 2023.  (Model it for your own profit)
  • We'll show you how to set up a recurring billing business -- for $0.  And it's so easy you'll love it (I MEAN this...you'll leap for joy when you see how incredibly easy it is)
  • The 20-minute setup guide. (If you got 20 minutes to spare, you'll be rocking and rolling)
  • The easiest monetiziation metho you'll find to turn this into dough

Here's What It's NOT

  • This is NOT get-rich-quick. Getting rich takes work, effort and organization
  • This is NOT "sit-on-the-sofa" and make sales. Get off the sofa. That's how you make sales, unless you're writing or editing your sales messages!
  • This is NOT a replacement for proactive marketing like picking up the phone, content marketing or placing ads. It's an ADD-ON. A second engine to add.
  • While the case studies cover specific dollar amounts, they're not indicative of average results.  You may do more or less, depending on many factors.

You're probably wondering, "Marlon, if I DO love your Internet Marketing Dreams Fulfilled, how much do I pay. So I built a "cost eraser" for you.

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I wanted this to be a 100% no-questions-about-it-win. So I'm giving you my cost eraser bonus -- You get 90% commissions on a $47 product I created this year called The One Sheet Persuasion System. This product always sells for me. People love it. And it appeals to almost everyone.

Just 2 sales and you've made paid for the event. This is my cost ERASER for you.

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When you go ahead and let the charge run through the day AFTER the event (you can cancel before then), you'll qualify for 30 days of email consultations. Just post your questions directly related to the Internet Marketing Fantasies Fulfilled training at getyoursupport.com, and I'll answer them. 

This way, if you have one of those nagging questions that stops you from getting started, you can get it taken care of.


Go through the course.  If you aren't happy, I'll replace it with a product of equal or greater value.

Invite your spouse and kids at no additional cost

Maybe your spouse, son or daughter could use some List Building godsend training. You're welcome to have them view the live stream with you. Yes, the event WILL BE RECORDED.

Here's What People are saying


  •  Yes! I want to get this awesome, amazing event.
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Best wishes,