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A special program designed exclusively for people age 35+ born without a laptop in their crib and joystick for a rattle!

Marlon Sanders

Dear Friend,

Over and over people have told me on my blog that they wanted to be guided from scratch to creating a successful online business, step-by-step, via written instructions and video.

Others have told me they needed and wanted ACCOUNTABILITY so they could relax and trust themselves to get things done.

Others have told me they needed things broken down into DAILY BITES because that's how you eat an elephant -- a bite at a time.

Yet others have told me they needed and wanted feedback and a coach.

And yet others have told me they're sick and tired of 25 and 30-year olds who are computer wizards and practically born with a laptop in their crib telling them "super ninja" methods to do stuff that only a computer genius can figure out.

Most importantly, practically EVERYONE has told me they want something literally A-to -Z with nothing left out!

If You've Ever Felt...

  1. You have too much information and don't know what to do
  2. Once you figure out WHAT to do, you don't know HOW to do it.
  3. That because of this you start projects but don't follow through

If you have ever felt any of those things as it relates to creating an "auto pilot" online marketing business, then there's a good chance this will be the single most important letter you read this year. Why?

Because I struggled long and hard with how to come with a process or a system that would give you ALL of the above at a price that wouldn't put you in the poor house.

I looked for the reasons some people succeeded and some people failed in Internet marketing. Whether you're just getting your feet wet, or you're at a point where you really need to start getting RESULTS, I've identified the 3 things that are the MISSING PIECES in turning people from SCRATCH to the next success story:

  1. Lack of exposure to the actual "hands on" stuff.

    Many programs sound good in an e-book. But everything seems to be long on theory and short on how to and actually SHOWING you what to do and how to do it.

  2. Too large a chunk size

    How do you eat an elephant? A bite at a time, right?

    Well, the big bugaboo of the $2,000 to $25,000 courses that are sold nowadays is that you get this huge glut of DVD's and CD's and manuals in the mail. You practically get a hernia carrying the thing to your car.

    But how do you work through all that gunk?

    The answer is you don't. It sits on a shelf and you maybe go through a tiny part of it. There's NO ACCOUNTABILITY. And the chunk size is a million times to big to be able to process. I found that most systems don't take people by the hand and guide them from SCRATCH to success. They skip steps.

    Imagine you decide to lift weights. And you walk over to the 500 lb. rack and try to lift it! Or imagine cooking a turkey and trying to stuff the whole thing in your mouth all at once. Not so bright. Yet this is what happens with a lot of marketing courses.

  3. Lack of accountability and help getting "unstuck"

    So let's say you buy the new magic software, e-book, course or training. But who are you accountable to for doing it? Who holds you responsible and keeps you focused? What if you don't understand a concept or a term? Who do you turn to?

    A lot of courses throw out all this lingo and if you miss just one key term or concept, it can cause you to get lost on the rest of the information because you have a missing piece or link.

Used In Reverse, These 3 Missing Pieces
Become The 3 Keys To Success!

With the knowledge that these are the 3 things that are the achilles heel of most programs, courses, trainings, pdf's, seminars, home study courses and systems, I realized that all I had to do was FLIP those 3 pitfalls around like flipping a light switch and I'd start churning out success stories instead of "failed cases."

See, it's one thing to "sell courses." But it's quite another to have the outcome of a success story.

I didn't want to just "sell courses" online. I've been there and done that for years and years. Selling another course doesn't excite me anymore. Success stories are what excite me.

Here Then Are The 3 Golden Keys:

Golden Key One

You get "hands on" exposure to the actual stuff of Internet marketing.

Just having someone TELL you to do something is very different from having them SHOW you. I can sit here and talk about autoresponders all day long. But your eyes will glaze over until I say, "Here, look over my shoulder at the computer screen. See that right there? That's an autoresponder and this is how it works."

Boom! Instant understanding. The difference is night and day. So the ideal System would include HANDS ON PRACTICE.

Seminars are good. I love going to them. But have you ever felt like you're just part of a mass of cattle being herded into a room so the shepherds can beat your money out of you with their formidable staff?

It's like a bunch of cattle in a room and someone's there ridin' you hard until you fork over your money. Then they give you a pat on your behind, say "thanks for the money" and send you on your merry way. But not until you've signed up for the newsletter, DVD's of the event, next seminar, membership site and coaching program. Whew! If your pocketbook wasn't light BEFORE you went, it certainly is AFTERWARDS!

Well, if you have, I'm just saying I can identify with you. I've been on both sides of that coin. I can moo like a cow with the best of 'em as I'm herded around. Those events are AWESOME for the person putting them on. After all, someone has to foot the bill on the exotic cars and 10,000+ square foot homes! I just never felt good about that someone being ME!

And if you're IN the info-product business, you should definitely conduct events like that. I'm all for selling stuff. I just wanted to create a new, different and unique experience that added more value to the equation with less "money suck" on your end with little to show for it other than a picture with the "guru."

And what is that NEXT LEVEL? I believe it's "hands on" experience where you're NOT just getting all pumped up with ideas but you're getting real world RESULTS.

The proof of the pudding isn't in how big a bill you pay at the checkout counter. It's in the taste and the eating. In other words, it's about the results YOU get! Not about the exotic car, boat and house you fund for someone else.

Golden Key Two

You Need to Take One Step at a Time

It's clear that you want step-by-step "how to" written lessons with VIDEOS that show you exactly what to do and how to do it every step of the way. Massive brain dumps are certainly a fast way to learn. But I've found they aren't particularly efficient because you get overwhelmed in the glut of information.

To avoid this, you'll be taking a "gradient approach" where you systematically add on know how, install processes and build your business block by block.

Golden Key Three

You Need To Be Held Accountable For Actually Doing It.

You need to know someone is watching and cares. You need someone to follow up with you if you drop off the map.

Not someone to harrass you. Just someone who helps hold you accountable.

What The System
Does For You

Here are the things the System does for you:

  1. Takes you through the 3 key divisions of building a business from scratch all the way up to $1 million -- and scalable as far beyond that as you want to go.

    These are the only 3 divisions you need to scale all the way up. This is a scalable System, unlike others. This paves the way for expanding your business in the future. Later on, I show you how to build out this structure up to $100 million. Most people don't understand how to structure a business like this.

  2. Shows you how to never get STUCK.

    One of the things I cover is my Get Unstuck process. It's a process you use to get unstuck on anything you're stuck on. I draw from a process used by the largest Fortune 500 companies and even militaries around the world.

    I've found that most people get stuck when trying to use Systems they get. Well, that won't happen here. Because I give you a System to get yourself unstuck.

  3. Allows you to instantly fill in the gaps where you're weak

    In order to get you up and running as quickly as possible without skipping critical steps, I'll show you exactly and specifically how to outsource using my TRACK PROCESS. You've not read or seen the Track process elsewhere and it's a process you'll use every week if not every day for as long as you're growing and expanding your business.

  4. Takes you A to Z from where you are to as big as you want to be.

    You may be like me and prefer a lifestyle business. Or you may prefer to build a big company. The choice is yours. I give you an expandable, scalable structure that can run a 1-person business just as well as a 100 person or 1,000 person business.

  5. Gives you an actual SYSTEM that you progressively INSTALL in your business.

    Other so-called Systems really aren't. What they are is a hodgepodge of things you might or could do. In one "coaching" site you have all kinds of teachers, systems or methods being taught. And everything is strung out forever, and it's very difficult to know what outcome you'll get and when.

    In contrast, with my System, you'll know the EXACT outcome you'll achieve every step along the way. And there aren't 10 or 20 systems all mixed together. This is ONE coherent, step-by-step, integrated MASTER System. You won't waste your time, money and energy mucking around a little with this and a little with that.

  6. Shows you step-by-step how and when to add virtual assistants, part time assistants, full time assistants and all the technical help you need so nothing can stop you or get in your way.

    This is like building muscle. You do it gradually. Or, if you think of like baking a cake, you gotta put the right ingredients in in the right amounts at the right time. My own preference is to think of it as "installing Systems" one by one. You'll gain more and more ABILITY systematically and progressively as you progress through the Levels and the System. This is NOT something where it's "one-and-done."

  7. Reveals to you the secret of avoiding DISASTERS and big profit-losing mistakes using the "PDCA Process"

    I give personal, real examples from my own business that you can learn from. Times when I did this right. And times when it cost me dearly by screwing it up.

  8. Takes you from accomplishment to accomplishment.

    What I didn't want is to create a System where it's one course and you ge tone outcome and that's it. I wanted something that took you somewhere. That built the framework for higher and higher Levels of achievement and accomplishment, where each Level builds upon the prior one. That way, you're investment in a Level goes somewhere and isn't wasted. This also overcomes the "one trick pony" syndrome where you take a course and learn one trick. Granted, it may be a great trick. But one trick doesn't make a show.

  9. You'll gain power, strength, expertise and skill as you follow our "STACKING System" where each know how chunk, skillset, and TRACK builds upon the prior one.

    Just like a pyramid, you'll build a super sound, solid and potent base that allows you to scale up as high as you wanna go. But skip building this base, and what happens to your pyramid down the road?

    It collapses right? And how many marketers do you know who have came and gone because they stumbled upon one trick that worked and they didn't build a solid base. A pyramid has levels with blocks in each level. And that's EXACTLY how I've built my System. We build your pyramid block by block. Each Level makes certain you get each block in place and there is ACCOUNTABILITY for doing so.

  10. Helps you build your business block-by-block, piece-by-piece instead of just teaching one thing.

    Let's say I ONLY taught you ppc or seo. The problem with that is that as incredibly valuable as the information might be, you still wouldn't have a business. You'd only have a piece of the puzzle. For the first time, you're going to put your blocks in place one at a time. I call this my "block structure" and only my new System has it.

  11. You'll discover how to encapsulate the know how you gain along the way into "reuseable" knowledge chunks.

    I've never seen ANYONE teach this. Certainly not the way I do. I borrowed my track method from one of the largest corporations in the world. It's a tested, proven system for encoding knowledge in a way that you or anyone else in your business can reuse it on demand. Know how is one of the most potent tools you have as a business owner. And with the Track System, you'll be able to take it to the max.

    What this means to you is that instead of having to reinvent the wheel all the time, the collective know how of your business will grow literally every day. Just in Level One you'll be stronger, more powerful and better tooled than when you started. And not only do I guarantee that but I back up that guarantee with a complete SYSTEM of failsafes and fallbacks to put TEETH into the guarantee, not just words.

  12. Your success is guaranteed by our "quality control" process.

    I don't want "broken students" coming through my System. I want 100% success or as close as I can get to it. This is why I've actually built into the System a check up at the end and a certification process that assures you've achieved the outcome of the Level you're on. If you haven't, then we do NOT just go, "oops, our bad." Or blame you.

    You'll actually go to one of my staff who will TROUBLESHOOT your stuck point and give you an UNSTICKING process custom designed for you.

    Then you go to "checkout" again for certification. And if you STILL don't have the outcome of the System then you're actually given one free RETAKE where you start on the Gradient for that Level again and redo it. Failure is NOT an option. The standard is 100% success.

    I know of no other System that has a failsafe procedure in place like this. I've even put in place "remedial programs" for that rare case when someone needs an extra degree of help or attention in an area. These fallback programs are what I call my "no student left behind" plan. I don't want anyone left out in the cold.

    But that's part of my "Systems Thinking" approach to the business. We have this because Quality Control and checks are a critical part of any System that functions correctly. The fact that we're the first to innovate this concept in the industry demonstrates a deeper understanding and utilization of Systems.

    I believe this is the most thorough, most integrated, most thought out Internet Marketing Business Building System in existence.

  13. This is a System that does NOT require you take time off of work or your business to fly to an expensive hotel and pay someone to fraternalize.

    Nothing wrong with that at all. I just felt that there's nothing particularly fun about flying on planes, incredibly satisfying with sleeping in a hotel away from family nor intrinsically value building by meeting in person where you really can't DO anything nor act on anything. I'm NOT critizing any program like that. I just had a unique and different vision where the OUTCOME is ACTION not stimulation. Seminars and brainstorming Masterminds are great for coming up with a whole bunch of ideas. Then you get back home and have no accountability for putting any of them into action and no plan for doing so. I felt that whole process needed to be reinvented.

    I'm cutting out the uneeded COSTS of flying, hotels, overpriced hotel food, and being away from the family.

    I'm also cutting out the info overload you get when you hear a truckload of speakers who get you all excited but only give you 1/2 what you need to go unless you buy their "big box" from the stage pitch. The lack of an overall System, the lack of accountability and follow through, the gigantic size of information dished out at such events -- all of that led me to search for another way.

    I'm NOT knocking events like this. I speak at them and may do one some time. It's just that for THIS, I wanted something I could guarantee would get solid, concrete, tangible results with no one left behind.

    The flipside is that you won't have the "power networking" you might have at an event like that. And if networking is your goal, then my System isn't the thing for you.

    To offset this fact, I plan to publicize the exploits of my star folks to my list. So if you shine brightly, then I'll do my best to give you recognition to a broader audience.

  14. The System empowers you instead of creating dependency.

    Some Systems push really hard on the "done-for-you" aspects, where everything is swipable. And I include "done-for-you" aspects as much as possible. But I go beyond that. And here's why -- I'm NOT trying to create dependency.

    See, if I only give you the fish but don't teach you HOW to fish, who do you have to go to the next time you need a fish? Me, right? And who do you have to pay? Me, right? So "fish-for-you" programs are often built to create a dependency so you continue buying.

    Well, I give you the best of both worlds. I provide "done-for-you" aspects as much as I can and feel adds value to the overall experience. But then I give you step-by-step lessons that EMPOWER you to fish for yourself, so you aren't stuck paying someone else for fish the rest of your life. My goal is to empower you, not enslave you.

But Can You Do This AND Keep
The System Affordable

One of my problems was that I didn't want to come in with the typical $1,000 top $2500 a month program being automatically drafted from your credit card whether you do anything or use the program or not.

I wanted a program that was AFFORDABLE based on the level of information and results obtained. But how could I do that AND all the other things above? Well, for a long time I didn't do anything because I couldn't find a solution. Then, one day, in a burst of inspiration, the Ultimate System came to me.

What If I Could Make The Whole System Self Fuding
So It's Literally FREE In Net Cost?

I pushed the line even further. What if I could find a way to ERASE the costs of every step, every level in the System?

Here is how it works:

  1. You get exact step-by-step "how to" written lessons and videos

    Nothing is left out. I don't "skip over" steps. I don't know what you know nor what you don't know. So I take you through each and every step. The GRADUAL approach is the ONLY way to make sure you aren't missing critical pieces and chunks of information, skills, know how or abilities.

  2. The System is broken down into DAILY STEPS

    If you're a bit A.D.D. like I am and have trouble maintaining focus at times, you'll love the way I've broken everything down into bite-sized chunks. I learned a TON from my Dashboards. And I can say that this is the fastest, easiest, simplest and most step-by-step system I've EVER created.

  3. The System is A to Z

    One of the pet peeves I've heard people say over and over is that they hate it when steps are left out. Well, I'm NOT leaving steps out! And I have a "no-steps-left-out" guarantee to back that statement up. I guarantee every step will be covered and no step will be left out.

    Since I don't know what you know and what you don't know, I take you systematically through every piece of critical knowledge, information and know how. You'll quickly find that "missing pieces" are filled in for you and what you THOUGHT you knew, you didn't really know or didn't fully understand. This opens new Vistas for you quickly and easily.

  4. The System is Designed To Be Self Funding

    In order to keep the System A to Z and to maintain the gradient of lessons, I've divided the System into Levels. Think of Karate, You START with the Green Belt, then go to Yellow and so forth. I've done the same thing. But HERE'S the twist I've added because I can hear someone asking "Well, how much is it going to cost!"

    That's the BEST part! I've found a clever twist that actually allows each level to potentially pay for itself. In fact, I've designed it so that if you follow the System, that Level will pay for itself. Imagine having a System is basically a "Self Rebating" course that rebates your money at the end. In essence, that's what I've created. If you follow the steps and "do the System" you'll rebate your cost of each Level.

  5. The System has accountability built right into it

    Cost is always an issue. And everyone likes to save on money. Well, me too! So while many programs charge you every month for $1,000 to $2500 or more per month -- whether you consume or use their information or product or not, I've taken a different route. I want you to HAVE SUCESS.

    And I want to know that you have success. And I want you to have accountability for creating your success. This is why I've figured out an incredibly clever way to make sure you're accountable for doing each daily step you're sent.

    Now, don't worry. I've broken these steps into micro chunks and they are 100% doable daily, even if you have a job. So relax, partake and enjoy.

  6. The System GUARANTEES you get actual results and has multiple "back up" fail safe plans in place to back up that guarantee.

    It's one thing to guarantee someone's success. Anyone can do that. You just write up a guarantee and stick it on a sales letter. Problem solved. But it's quite another thing to have an actual SYSTEM, steps and plan in place with checkpoints along the way to assure that success as much as possible.

    Make no mistake, the outcome here is that you get RESULTS. You don't just learn, get excited or come away all filled to the brim with lots of possibilities and ideas like you often do at seminars. That's all well and good but it wears thin after awhile. This is about you getting results.

  7. The System installs process by process, one step at a time, so every step along the way integrates with everything else you've learned.

    That translates into increase strength and ability and eliminate unnecessary waste.

    The reason I've designed it this way is "hodge podge" learning has its limits. You learn a bit here and a bit there. But sometimes one thing in one course or system contradicts something in another. At the end, you're more confused than you were when you started and you didn't build towards anything. You just learned some things but you really didn't GO anywhere because there was nowhere TO go.

Enter The Incredibly Exciting World
Of "Level One" Power, Skills, Insight And Ability

From the very first day of "Level One", you're going to recognize that this isn't your normal system, program, course or formula. And what I mean by that is you'll sense the higher purpose, the destination, the integration and the Systems thinking that goes into it.

You'll get instant confidence that "this is the vehicle that can take you where you want to go."

"Level One" is the entry point. And it's where you start putting your blocks in place to build your base. Before you grow tall, you've gotta have your base in place. "Level One" begins putting your base in place.

You're going to feel so much clearer, so much more confident, and so much more focused because you'll have ONE SYSTEM you're putting into place a brick at a time. You won't get a bunch of bricks you could do what you want with. This is a clearcut plan.

There's one thing you will NOT get and that's a lot of hype. I honestly felt that throwing in a car, boat or plane as a carrot to try to get people to "follow a system" wasn't the route I wanted to take. I AM including a VERY SPECIAL bonus that you definitely can't get anywhere else. My thoughts are that I want the System to be so incredibly self reinforcing, bite sized and step-by-step that the System itself is all you needed to feel motivated.

Here are the 7 Core
Benefits of "Level One"

  1. You won't get stuck and stay stuck. I've got a safeguard against that.

  2. You'll understand the 3 big chunks that form the base of your pyramid or future growth.

  3. You'll have a system for attracting, finding, sorting, evaluating and selecting the exact talent you need to complete your "Level One" objectives and get the chunks or blocks solidly in place.

  4. You'll put a process in place that pays for the "Level One" System.

  5. You'll KNOW you've obtained the outcome of "Level One" because of our certification system. If you don't pass the test for the outcome you'll immediately go into our troubleshooting process. And if that still doesn't work, you'll go into the Fallback System and "no student left behind" process.

  6. You'll put your first TRACKS in place that codify your know how and allow you to reuse knowledge.

    This assures that virtually ever day you're in business the rest of your life, your storehouse of accumulated knowledge and wisdom grows and is accessible by others in your business. Think of this as yours "know how on demand" repository. In other words, it's a knowledge bank. And you grow it one step at a time. Eventually, this becomes the single most important asset your business owns.

  7. You'll know that you have the most vital Basics in place. A lot of people have one little missing piece that causes the puzzle to NOT fit together correctly. You'll know that you have all your pieces in place, where they go and why they go there.

    And this is just the beginning. It's impossible to list all the benefits of "Level One" here without giving away key information that is privy ONLY to Grade Zero certified members.

There Are A Few Things
You WON'T Get With The "Level One" System

  1. Cramped Airfare Flights

    You won't need to herd yourself on to an airplane. You can do the System in the comfort of your home or office.

  2. Bad Hotel Food

    Again, it's an "at home" System. You can eat your own home grown cooking and put the tip in your own cookie jar.

  3. Bloated Egos

    Another thing missing from this System is bloated egos. You won't get stuck next to someone who thinks bragging is one of the secrets of winning friends and influencing people.

  4. Endless Sales Pitches

    Since you won't be sitting in a seminar, you won't be subjected to an endless barrage of pitches.

What's The Value
Of This System?

To illustrate the value of the system, let's take a look at the alternatives...

  1. Attending a seminar

    Most seminars are $1,000 a day. And they're worth every pennny because you only need one idea to pay for the whole event. But let's say you attend a 3-day, $3,000 seminar. You meet some cool people. Make some cool contacts. Hear great ideas and buy a few programs.

    When you get back home, are you able to turn that mountain top experience into actual results?

    How much MORE valuable would that $3,000 investment be if you had concrete, tangible results to show for it?

  2. Four times a year "in person" coaching programs

    You pay $1,000-$2500 a month (or more) for coaching programs where you attend a "Mastermind" meeting 4X per year. And it's worth every penny.

    The drawback is that on TOP of the $1000 a month, you pay $500 to $1,000 for airfare, $120 or more a night for the hotel room, and, chances are, you end up buying some overpriced food. That's an extra $1,500 to $2,000 that doesn't really ADD VALUE to your experience.

    The total investment there per meeting is $4,500 to $10,000. But do you really need to trot all the way ou there on an airplane? Do you really need the bad hotel food? Do you really need the overpriced rooms? Do you really need the time away from home? I'm guessing you can live without them.

    For people who have the money to burn, who don't mind the travel, have families who don't mind the time away from home and whoreally enjoy the networking, I think these programs are a terrific investment. There's definite value.

  3. Monthly Tele-Coaching or Webinar Programs

    These cost $250 to $1,000 per month and are worth it.

    The only drawback is you don't get "bite-sized" chunks you can translate into real world results. You get that monthly boost. But it typically stops there. Is there accountability? Is there a real TRACK you can run on? Still, at $1,000 a month, you only need one or two good ideas to return that to you manifold.

    I think that if you enjoy the auditory experience of a teleseminar, and are able to translate that into daily action, avoid overwhelm or getting stuck, these can be solid programs.

    To compare the value, you'd pay $4,500 to $10,000 every 3 months total for a 4X per year coaching program, $4,500 or more to attend a seminar or $250 to $1,000 a month for a telecoaching program.

In Contrast My Levels System Makes
Every Level Self Funding and Highly Affordable

To make the "Level One" System incredibly affordable, I've done 3 things:

  1. I've lowered the price on the initial base-building "Level One" program by 50% to get you in with a minimum of cost.

    I know that the proof of the pudding is in the tasting. And once you experience a brand new way to do things, you'll never want to go back to the old way. (Should I produce additional levels, they will likely be at 2x the price.)

  2. I've built a "cost eraser" into each Level to make it "self funding" and created gradient pricing.

    My outcome is to make each Level available to you at zero net cost by building in a "cost eraser."

    Each Level has different cost erasers. The upfront investment increases in later Levels as your business builds and grows. But that should be largely irrelevant because the size of the "cost erasers" I build increase also in proportion.

    Again, my goal for you is "no net cost."

  3. There Is One Catch: The System Is Not Available To Everyone!

    Because of my desire to have as close to 100% positive outcomes for those who really "work the System," I can't let everyone in. I have to screen out people who just aren't likely to experience success in this System.

    That means there IS an application process.

Act Right Now and You'll Get
a Brand NEW Kindle Paperwhite!

Take action right now and in addition to the "Level One" coaching system, you'll also receive a BRAND NEW Kindle Paperwhite from Amazon -- completely free!

You've got to admit... that's one amazing bonus! 
And it's one that you'll definitely NOT find anywhere else!

But not only do you get the Kindle...

Not only will you receive one of the hottest, slickest, thinnest, newest Kindle's... but it's going to arrive with 8 top rated "Marlon Recommends" books -- pre-paid gift certificate!

Each book has a MINIMUM rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon so you KNOW these are titles you've GOT to have!

Hey, if you're thinking 8 titles is a lot, don't worry! You don't actually have to read all 8 books -- if you don't want to.

I'm going to break it right down for you and tell you EXACTLY WHICH CHAPTER or paragraph to read! The rest is up to you. If you've got the extra time and want to read all 8 books, great! If not, the precise targeted "read this" recommendation is exactly what you need.

Just imagine being the first one you know to have the Kindle Paperwhite. It's as thin as a pencil, won't tire your eyes in the dark and has twice as many pixels for crisp, laser quality text. Plus, you can read comfortably with one hand and there's no glare in bright sunlight.

Here's an overview of the 8 "Marlon Recommends..."
Book Titles:

Jump Start Your Business Brain:
The Scientific Way To Make More Money

Doug Hall (Author), Tom Peters
4.7 out of 5 stars

The Millionaire Real Estate Agent:
It's Not About the Money...It's About
Being the Best You Can Be!

Gary Keller (Author)
4.5 out of 5 stars

Work the System:
The Simple Mechanics of Making More
and Working Less

Sam Carpenter (Author)
4.7 out of 5 stars

A Technique for Producing Ideas
(Advertising Age Classics Library)

James Webb Young (Author)
4.5 out of 5 stars

The Checklist Manifesto:
How to Get Things Right

Atul Gawande (Author)
4.3 out of 5 stars

Ready, Fire, Aim:
Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat

Michael Masterson (Author)
4.3 out of 5 stars

Diffusion of Innovations, 5th Edition

Everett M. Rogers (Author)
4.5 out of 5 stars

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin (Author)
4.2 out of 5 stars

To order each of these books on your own you'd be spending HUNDREDS of dollars, but you're getting everything completely FREE, along with the brand new, thinner, lighter, faster and slicker new Kindle Paperwhite to keep and use forever!

"Level One" Training
Can Be Yours For As Little As $1169.00
...But ONLY If You're Quick to Respond!

Please Note - The price for "Level One" Coaching depends on whether or not you want to have "walkie talkie" Voxer access.

I believe in rewarding my loyal customers, so your special price is only $1169. That includes the bonus Kindle, shipped to any country in the world Amazon ships. (You'll receive an alternate reward of my choice should Amazon not ship to your country).

Level One Access
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Level One Access - Only $1169

If you want 30 days of "walkie talkie" Voxer access, the price is more as this gives you an extra level of service. Voxer is a free app you download to your smart phone or iPhone that allows you communicate back and forth easily using voice messages. The price with 30-days of Voxer "walkie talkie" access is just $1469.

That INCLUDES the Kindle Paperwhite with the 8 titles above (gift certificate) and FREE Shipping to any country worldwide where Amazon ships!

Level One Access + 30-Days Voxer Support
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"Level One" + 30 Days Voxer -- Only $1469

If you have any problems ordering or need assistance, go to this URL for support:

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

P.S. I only have 3 openings right now as each participant requires my personal attention and receives Voxer "walkie talkie access."