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world's laziest internet marketer reveals unbelievable time-saving, money-getting labor-sparing "easY way" secrets 

Do you know THESE secrets to getting 2X the money with 1/3 the effort?  read on to find out...

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(You get the videos with in-depth notes and
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10. You talk, ChatGPT types. Ultra speed ChatGPT revealed

9. 5 genius ways to make money with ChatGPT

8. How he made $3,485 in 15 days with ChatGPT

7. The easiest way to make money with ChatGPT?

6. write an entire ebook with ChatGPT in 24 hours or less


5. 4 genius ways to make money using ChatGPT

4. How to install and use the amazing app that lets you talk to ChatGPT on your phone.

3.  The 4-minute stunner. Amaze your friends, family and biz associates. Step-by-step training with transcript.

2.  The ChatGPT Total Beginner training. Get up to speed fast.

1.  The ChatGPTCheat Sheet. Just follow the 3 easy steps.


Joe Lavery here.


That's right. I said it. There are all these Youtubers fronting they're "super lazy" like me, except they aren't.

In fact, I'm here to stake my claim as being the laziest Internet marketer in the world.

Yet, I'm able to earn some pretty good profits.

In the last 2 eays, I've made over $300 and have done exactly 0 work. Nothing.  Nada.

I sold $XXXX of one product.

$XXXXS of another.

And $XXXX of another.

Doing client "work" my lazy, easy way, I've brought in $5,000 and $10,000 a pop.

If you perchance don’t know me, allow me the pleasure of introducing myself as I could very likely be the most important person you’ll meet all year.

My name is Joe Lavery.

I admit it.

I don’t like work. I do as little of it as possible because I prefer playing basketball, having $100+ a pop steak dinners at those fancy steak houses, having a beer at a local bar and yes, going to mind-blowingly great concerts like X, Y and Z.

Now let’s get this straight: I do NOT drive a Lambo. Got no desire to drive a Lambo.


Because it’s not my style. I like a simple life.

How I Often Blow My Friend’s Minds By Showing Them My Secret “Easy Way” Methods That Save Tons of Time and Bring In Sales

Let’s drill down a little more:

Secret #1:  How I use an app called Notion to do amazing things even Notion users didn’t know you can do.

For example, I can do X.

I can do Y.

I can do Z.

Secret #2:  I click a button and my little 10-minute video gets sliced into 10 “shorts.”  And in 1 click I can upload them to my social media, saving me 3 or 4 hours of hard labor doing it the non-lazy way.

Secret #3: Everyone else slaves away to post to their Facebook groups, pages, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

They have to post separately to each one.

I use my “Easy Way” method, click ONE TIME and it’s DONE. As in D-O-N-E.

Secret 4: Everyone else struggles to write Youtube descriptions for their videos. I click a button and mine are written for me – instantly.

Secret 5: Everyone else in the world has to open a new browser tab, type in, sign in and then type what they want.

What a waste!

I say, “Open AI” and BOOM!  It’s open. I speak. It types. In a FLASH I have my copy written for me.

Secret 6: Everyone else is paying to use Midjourney to create images. I say “screw that.”  I say “create image” and my program popus up. I tell it what picture I want. And it CREATES IT for free!

Secret 7:  Sales tracking – You know what a pain it is to install all kinds of tracking codes and try to track your visitors and sales?  Well, homey don’t play that tune. What I do is simple. A LOT simpler.

And guess what?  It tracks like a gold digger on the trail of Mike Tyson.

Secret 8: How I do webinars with a level of automation beyond what hardly anyone has dreamed of. The laziest automated webinar system -- ever.

You Might Be Wondering Who I Am And
How I Come Up With This Stuff?

I don’t know if I’m the laziest marketer in the world or not. But I CAN tell you that my best friends call me that!

And my claim to fame is making the four hour work week look like 3 hours too many!

How do I come up with this stuff?

Well, let’s be real here.

I love to party.

And you know how you wake up the next morning and don’t feel like getting out of bed till the afternoon?

Well, that’s me.

So what I do is research stuff on my phone while I’m laying there.

My friends are shocked nearly every day at the incredible time-saving, money-making resources I come up with.

I’m like the Ninja of lazy Internet marketing methods.

And that’s why I decided to create and introduce…

IMAGINE IF YOU WERE using by super incredible ninja lazy internet marketing methods and get 2x done in 1/3rd the time!


Imagine you had the power to instantly write emails that blow people away just by talking to your phone on the fly.

Imagine you could DO NOTHING and make people show up to your webinar or the webinar of a friend or client!  

(How would that feel when you do xyz?)

Imagine the surpise on people's faces when you're just doing xyz d. They'll be like, "HOW are you doing that?  How are you just talking to your phone and doing all this?"

Imagine if you could zyz e and instantly get aABC BENEFIT.  And full on BENEFIT

Imagine being able to whip out your X and get Y result

Here Are The Benefits You Get Almost Instantly When you Grab "money-getting secrets of the laziest internet marketing methods ever"


  • You'll add the most amazing app to your phone that lets you talk to ChatGPT without typing a lick
  • People won't "get" what you're doing.  They'll just sit back and be amazed when you talk to ChatGPT and it spits out stunning copy
  • If your emails are getting less response than you want, or even crickets, let ChatGPT write you drop dead subject lines and emails.  Watch the fireworks happen!
  • You'll have the power to whip up awesome affiliate promotions or promos for your own products
  • Youtube video titles and descriptions, tweets, Facebook and Linked in posts, Rumble, Mastadon, Tumblr, text messages. Wherever you post, you can enjoy more response, interaction and clicks!

finally make MONEY GETTING  literally as easy as having super ninja resources do 90% of the work for you!


I don't know about you.

But I need a book of 10,000 prompts for ChatGPT about as much as I need a poke in the eye!

I just want to be able to talk to it and have it do what I ask.

I want it to write truly jaw-dropping headlines, subject lines, emails, Youtube titles, descriptions, and social media posts just by talking to it like I would a friend.

I don't want to have to dig on my hard drive to find the book of prompts, open it, hunt and peck and muck around until I find a prompt .... that doesn't get the result I want.

I want the easy peasy way!  The fast way. The almost instant results! That's what I want.

And I'm sure YOU do also.  That's why I'm bringing you Joe's Way: Secrets of a ChatGPT Magician.


Give Joe's Way just 1 hour.

It's design to take you from ChatGPT novice, intermediate or pro to a ChatGPT magician, able to work veritable miracles just by talking to ChatGPT via your phone!


  • Main Benefit #1 - You don't have to type jack.  All you do is talk to your phone using the method Joe will show you how to set up in 60 seconds.
  • Main Benefit #2 - This is a 1-hour training.  Watch the live replay from last night's training.  Then follow the 3 steps on the cheat sheet. That's all!  You don't need to slave away to do this.
  • Main Benefit #3 - You will be able to perform the 4-minute stunner yourself after watching this training.  All you do it talk to your phone just like you would a friend!  It's just that easy.  Of course, you can spend more time if you want to polish up the formatting or other things.

This Is How Easy It Is To Use The Laziest Inernet Marketing Money-Getting Methods -- EVER -- No Matter Where You're Starting From

Whether you're new or have a little experience under your belt, the first thing is to go through the video, the transcript and the notes.

Then, all you do is follow the 3 simple steps on the cheat sheet.  It's just that simple.

And to make things even easier, I've added a couple cool bonuses for you.

Joe Lavery is my friend. And a veritable ChatGPT magician.  His method blows me away.  It's so crazy how he does it all just by talking to his phone as he would a friend.  IT's so simple and fast.  Wait until you try out his 4-Minute Stunner for yourself!  You'll see.

Like  Reply  10h

Within An Hour Of Going Through "The Laziest Internet Marketing Money Getting Secrets Ever, You'll Enjoy These Benefits:


  • Write stunning emails in seconds just by talking to your phone - You'll have fantastic subject lines and emails with the greatest of ease -- even if you're a total beginenr!
  • Get affiliate commissions using Joe's Way. You just talk to your phone and Joe's Way will give you emails, landing page copy, social media posts -- the whole shebang.
  • Just talk to your phone - There's no need to type confusing and complicated prompts.  You just talk and ChatGPT does the rest -- literally within seconds.
  • Emails, FB posts, group posts, tweets, Youtube video titles and descriptions, sales copy, headlines - It's all so simple it'll blow you away.
  • Stop struggling and start getting response - Stop struggling to write emails and sales copy. Start getting response!  Joe's Way will show you how
  • People Will Be Stunned - Your friends and business associates will be stunned when they see you talk to your "virtual copywriter" (ChatGPT) and in seconds have mouth-watering copy. They may beg you to show them how.  Of course, you'll just collect the affiliate commission on Joe's Way! Cha-Ching!
  • Get started just by following the 3-step cheat sheet ... Joe makes it so simple.  All you do is follow his 3-step cheat sheet.

Prove It To Yourself Within Minutes
(Shock and Amaze Friends and Family)

The great thing about Joe's Way is you'll be able to USE IT and "eat the pudding" just by following the easy peasy steps on the cheat sheet.  You'll be able to whip up your own 4-minute stunner.

Imagine look of shock, and amazement on your friends, family and business associates faces!  Don't be surprised if they beg you to show them how!  (Of course, you'll just give them your affiliate link for Joe's Way and suck up those nice commissions)

You Get Very Special Extra Bonuses FREE!

I'm giving you special bonuses to make this offer over the top:

1. The ChatGPT Cheat Sheet -- This is so awesome because it gives you the 3 steps to follow to use Joe's Way. You'll be amazing yourself in no time at all.

2. The ChatGPT Total Beginner training -- If you're brand new to ChatGPT and barely know what we're talking about, no problem.  I got you covered with this total beginner's "get up to speed fast" training.

3. The 4-Minute Stunner -- Joe walks you step-by-step in over-the-shoulder style through doing your OWN "4-minute stunner", so you can go out and stun others yourself.  

You get the video, and transcript.

4. Many more bonuses -- See the yellow box at the top for all bonuses. This is designed to be a $97 product. 

Here's Everything You're Getting

Here's a recap of everything you're getting when you act immediately and snag Joe's Way: Secrets of a ChatGPT Magician immediately.

Main Product - Joe's Way: Secrets of a ChatGPT Magician
45-minute intensive training.

-- Downloadable video
-- Transcript
-- Notes
-- Action points
-- Member's area

Bonus #1 - The ChatGPTCheat Sheet. Just follow the 3 easy steps.

Bonus #2 - The ChatGPT Total Beginner training. Get up to speed fast.

Bonus #3 - The 4-minute stunner. Amaze your friends, family and biz associates

Bonus #4 - How to install and use the amazing app that lets you talk to ChatGPT on your phone.

Bonus #5 - 4 genius ways to make money poty using ChatGPT

Bonus #6 - write an entire ebook with ChatGPT in 24 hours or less











Based on the total values above, you can you can easily see I could sell this system for about $229, or more. Why? Because you could spend so much money and time in buying products and watching videos. However, I won't charge you that price, because I want to give you a break in these inflationary times.

You only need to pay for $200 $192 $100 (see price below) if you act fast. I may totally close this offer down in a few days. So don't delay. The price may increase at any time.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 7 days with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine having your affiliate sales rocking year after year. Go ahead and order now while it's on your mind and you can take advantage immediately.


Best wishes,


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