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"marlon's mind-blowing  Newest reveal -- info products on fire like you never imagined"

ALL YOU DO IS FOLLOW the simple steps I give you.  and i bet a dime to a dollar you'll be surprised or even shocked at the sales it's possible to make

i'll prove it's possible to profit with even teeny tiny 32-person or 100 person lists...and so much more!

NEW BONUS 12/20 -- Step-by-step tutorial on how to Mark made 32 sales for a 42% conversion rate from a list of 83 people. And 18 sales from a list of 34 for a 50% conversion rate (results aren't typical as I don't even know anyone else who has tried this yet. I'll be doing it shortly)

Bonus 6: Coming shortly and it's a juicy one!

Bonus 5: The lady says this one strategy sold 10,000 in info products for her
(Her results aren't average but they are fascinating)

Bonus 4: Four weeks of optional coaching free

Bonus 3: My method for eliminating up and down income

Bonus 2: How to get attention using 5 scientifically tested hooks

Bonus 1: How I get organic leads for free


Marlon here.

Do you have 32 people on your list?

How about 100?

You're about to get very excited.

Because you're about to discover the newest, fastest, and most "under cover" ways to haul in those info product sales -- potentially.  It's all in my BIG info products on fire reveal for 2024.

If you know me, you know I'm always in deep, deep research. Testing new strategies.  Trying out new methods.  And what I've found now blew my mind.  And I'm pretty darned sure it'll blow yours also.

I've eaten the learning curve for you.   I'll save you at least two months of your life.

I'm laying out everything I've discovered clearly and simply.  How people are making...

* Big sales from teeny tiny lists
* Hundreds of sales from little non-intrusive popups
* Finally a way that's working to sell mid-tickets passively
* Little marketing poles in the water that each make sales
* The darndest FB group method I've heard of but oh so simple
* Easy sales from "try-before-you-buy" offers

* A clever way to track everything for $0.00 monthly
* How to make programs talk to each other FREE (NO Zapier)

Continued in a second. First, I need to show you I know what I'm talking about if you don't already know that...

In case you don't know me, by way of introduction, I've done this full time since 1997.  I've made 70,000+ sales online. 

And I've spoken at 120 seminars around the world.  Of course, my results aren't typical nor average as I explain below.

Take a look at what people say about me and my products

"You Sir Are
a Legend"

"Marlon, thank you for ALL the
excellent material you've created
over the past 20 years.
You sir are a legend"



"I Respect and Admire
Your Work"

 "Marlon, you're a legend and one off the first 'gurus' I looked up to when I started online. I respect and admire your work, your enthusiasm and your kind words."



So back to the story...

If you don't know me that well, I'm a relentless researcher.

I LOVE finding out about new strategies and methods. Then I test 'em out in my own business and report on the results.

Not only that, I'm friends with select "in the know" people who are making bank with different methods.

It often takes me months of research to dig out the truth. The facts.  The methods.  The secrets.

I'm talking hours and hours and hours of research, video watching, product buying, and deep dive, ninja exploration.

For example, my direct mail and advertising swipe files go back to 1978, much to the dismay of my wife!  But I DIG DEEP in these looking for FORGOTTEN ideas.

And boy, have I found some GEMS recently.  Wow.  I can't wait to tell you about them.

What I've discovered is nothing short of mind-blowing.

I know you hear that a lot. But this is another level.

Your Brain Will pop with new ideas As You Discover:

I got to be legal here.  So please keep in mind the results below are exceptional and not in any way indicative of average results.  Nor do I have "first hand" documentation. I take people at their word when they personally tell me results or show their results.

 * List of 83 people makes 32 sales and 42 conversions: That would be $9,633 from 77 cart views, 45 bounces, 32 orders, 1 refund, and 42% conversions. (There's a secret to it and I can't wait to show it to you.

* This exit pop got 124,606 clicks, 21,689 actions, 19.81% click rate and .31% sales rate.  I'll show it to you and show you the NEW tool I'm using that replaces the old Exit Splash! (Again, my results aren't average).

*  The A.I. Killer.  A.I. is great.  Joe's Way crushes.  (But when it comes to sales copy, I got a trick up my sleeve that can make A.I. cry artificial tears. Stop being afraid of A.I. and use it when prudent).

* Hundreds of sales from small popups (Normally, they annoy the crap out of me. But THIS is very different).  My brain still can't quite grasp this one.  If you get ANY traffic to your website, you'll get really excited over this one)

Mid-Ticket Sales GaloreFinally, an evergreen sales method for mid tickets that works -- Sometimes you just got to have it shoved in front of your face to actually "get it."  I guess that was the case for me. When I "got this" I was like, "OH MY GOSH, it's been in front of my nose the whole time. How could I have missed it?  SELL THOSE MID TICKETS ON AUTO PILOT. (But forget about it if you don't use this one twist that I see almost no one use)

*  How to use the "Marketing-poles-in-the-water" method to have all kinds of things feeding you sales.  This is how you make your business solid as a rocket. (You don't have to worry about "big tech" sticking it to you).

The evergreen sales LAUNCH METHOD (with NO webinars unless you want to use them, NO false scarcity and easily, quickly implementable in my opinion.  Evergreen sales are a breath of fresh air. I dare say you're going to LOVE THIS!

* My 1-minute a day promo method (And yes, it really works.  This is worth the whole price of this product)

* Iron clad tracking with no monthly fees (I hate monthly fees.  These tracking companies really stick it to you.  But this method is iron clad.  And NO monthly fees.  Yeah!)

* How to sell recurring billing: I'll show you an absolute gem from deep, deep in my archives.  (It's a treasure. And will open your eyes to the real path.)

* The 50% rule of product creation: Why you should never EVER create a new product without FIRST thinking aobut the 50% rule.  Do this and statistics show your product will likely succeed.  Don't do it and your product will likely fail.

*  How to remove wrinkles from the neck and chin in under 30 seconds.

* Educational selling: You've heard that you should educate your customer.  But EVERYONE gets this wrong. They do the WRONG type of education.  (And NO, I'm NOT talking about the big rock). You'll never write copy or emails the same.

*  How I used OUTRAGEOUS guarantees everyone else is afraid to make in order to cut through the noise and haul in sales.  (I ONLY reveal the actual numbers and secret on this call).

* The little teeny tiny 27-page booklet that I fully believe could change your life, or at least your financial income in the next 12 months.

* How to downsell the upsell (I'd never heard this before. At first I thought this was crazy.  Then it hit me how brilliant it is!). Pure Alex Hormozi brilliance in this one.

* How to create digital "lift letters" that give you a chance to turn around people who aren't going to buy (I borrowed this method from the direct mail industry).

* How and when to use educational tools to make the sale. (But you have to know when to use 'em and when not to)

*  How to avoid the problem of "false scarcity" in making offers.

* How to use "objectimonials" to grab the sale. (This is a nice little tool in your toolkit)

* The weird way I followed up with 8 times with direct mail postcards to every new customer that pretty much paid for itself using a little URL on every card. (That reminds me, I should do this again!)

* The bump secret I know that virtually NO ONE knows or uses.  (I remember making an extra $1,000 on ONE sale using this insane bump method. Actually, I think it was more like $3,000 but I don't have the proof anymore).

* New ideas in product offers that are really innovative. (I can't tell you HERE what these are but I guarantee you haven't heard them before...and you'll likely have the OH MY GOSH response)

* The new FB group that helps you avoid breaking advertising law.  (This one is NOT boring.  It's very practical and really well done. And it could save your hide!)

This is an awesome system because you can do it once a month.  It not only can pull in buckets of money but it's a monster group builder.

*  The new faster, easier way I discovered to create opt-in pages (Money loves speed, so this is important. I hate the way a lot of opt in page makers are slow and clunky)

*  A new way to get traffic I honestly never thought of. But when I saw this chart, my eyes were opened.  (I mean, seriously, I didn't pay jack to this for attention until I saw the results year-over-year.  No money upfront. And I can't think of even ONE reason you can't do this. Of course, your results will vary depending on execution.)

These numbers are actual real world results
by real people. But your results will vary. According
to statistics in the training industry, most people don't
implement what they learn so they don't get results.

Warning: Do NOT buy any marketing course that does not meet these criteria

There are so many scammers and rip-off artists online, I thought it'd be helpful if I presented a few criteria to help you only invest your dollars in stuff that's going to give you a great big bang for your buck:

1. Only buy from a marketer who is a professional in the field and actually writes the product himself or herself.

As I mentioned, I had a celebrated marketing career prior to ever selling this product. Also, I wrote this program with my own keyboard. The information is ALL mine. Did you know that not all "experts" write their own programs? They pay a "ghostwriter" to do it for them! Rumor? All I know is I wrote the Amazing Formula myself. It's my own formula. Not someone else's. Thank you very much.

2. Only buy from marketers who have a background in direct response.

Traditional advertising agencies are clueless about direct response. They only understand image advertising and "branding." Branding is terrific if you're a $100 million dollar corporation. But if you aren't, you better know as a fact that every dollar you spend is coming back to you multiplied. My background is 100% direct response. That's what I do.

3. Do NOT buy packages that promise or imply they'll make you rich virtually overnight or make you X dollars in X time period.

For example, don't buy packages that say they'll make you $1,000 a week, $10,000 a month, $X next year, etc. Those claims are obviously bogus. The person has never met you. For all they know, you're Charles Manson. How can they claim you'll make a dime.

Now, I do have a few friends who sell good products that make claims like this (much to my dismay). But as a general rule, avoid all such offers. I cannot and do not suggest you'll make even a dime with what I offer. I do have a strong moneyback guarantee. But it isn't based on how much money you do or don't make.

By the way, the FTC says that if you make such claims, they have to be representative of what the average person does who buys the product, unless you clearly state otherwise. According to statistics from the learning industry, only 10% of the people who take training programs change their behavior as a result. 
So you can see why making claims is dangerous. This is why I usually have a full page of legal disclaimers on my products. I have to say that the average person does not earn money, since I don't have documentation otherwise.

You should also know that the same thing applies to testimonials. You'll notice that on my testimonials I always state that they aren't meant to represent what the average person does.

4. Similarly, do not buy products that make obviously false claims.

For example, I'll show you how to make $9,000 in only 90 days. Yeah right. I give some pretty dramatic success stories of specific techniques people I know have used. For obvious reasons, that is far different from saying you'll do the same thing -- guaranteed.

Actually, legal counsel has advised only talking about number of units sold, not dollars.  So my new policy is to talk about units sold, not dollars made as much as I can.

5. Buy based on the ability to obtain results, not the sheer number of resellers who swear the product is great.

Fact: Most products like mine are sold by resellers. Products that pay out a commission on two-levels to resellers (and a commission on all other products sold to that customer) will be the most widely promoted. I pay out a very high one-level commission because my attorney tells me two level programs are considered to be multilevel in the US (More about my reseller program in a minute in the "bonuses" section.)

The real acid test is the ability to actually get results. Read my testimonials and form your own well-reasoned conclusion.

how to get great results with info products on fire

The truly great thing is you do NOT have to slave away to use my latest discoveries

Step one: All you do is pick out a few of your favorites...some of which can be put into action in 15 minutes or less

Listen, I know life comes at you fast. Problems with your house, cars, insurance, bills, health, relatives. So that's why you do you. Whatever is right for you. Spend as much or as little time as you want.

Step two: Be consistent

If you read the book The Slight Edge, that's what it boils down to.

Rome wasn't built overnight. The key is consistency. You have to be in this for the long run. You could hit a home run right out the gate. It happens. But what we're after is steady optins, leads, and sales. Steady as she goes.

Step three: If you want to make more, just do more (optional).

It's common sense. If you want to make more, do more. Take advantage of the hot new trends. This is entirely optional.

home study course!

Here's what you get

You're going to get my Info Products On Fire newest discoveries. I'll show you it's actually possible to make sales with teeny tiny lists when you use a special method.

I'll show you a new way I've never used before to get sales that's about as close to passive as it gets.

I'll show you truly new and super cool offers people are making right now that are working gangbusters, according to reports. (This is the coolest, cutting edge stuff).

I'll show you things I'm PERSONALY doing right now.  Get the inside scoop.

  • You don't need a huge list
  • No recips or affiliate hassles
  • No paid traffic
  • No scammy product promotions
  • No dm's or personal contact required


The live training recording

I want to personally explain the new Info Products On Fire methods.

These are my newest, latest new ways to get sales that are designed to get your sales faster, simpler and easier than you might imagine. I LOVE 'em.

And I'll reveal NEW offers to make to get paid. Stuff I never dreamed of.


incredible info prdoucts on fire secrets revealed report

You'll get my deep-dive report where I cover some of my newest Info Products Revealed secrets.

You not only can soak up the info live or from the replay, but also from my written report.

I don't waffle around with a bunch of filler.  I get straight to the point and reveal the good stuff to you.


49-page deep dive on my secrets to control a niche while pulling in consistent profits - potentially

While I'll go into it in detail in the live training, in thisin-depth, easy-to-read PDF report, I'll give you even more fascinating ways to build your list and grow.

My customers love these deep-dive reports. And I know this one will be of great value to you.


four weeks of live coaching
step-by-step and additional "big ticket" secrets revealed

Module four is so exciting!

You'll get access to 4 weeks of free coaching with a 4-week pass to my Fast Track.

This is an experience that can't be described.  You literally have to experience it.

We Mastermind, brainstorm and so much more. I always bring new, exciting info to the table.

When you go ahead right now and take fast action today,
you'll get some awesome bonuses

fast action bonuses 


My new 22-page deep dive on how to get organic leads in 2024 -- what's working for me right now

I generate leads on social media.  This is how I do it.  This is a very detailed, in-depth report.  My goal is for you to be able to go and get leads the way I do.



It really sucks to have a great product, service, idea or lead magnet.  Post it.  And get almost no response.  Well, this report on special hooks will SAVE you from that dreadful event. Make all your marketing work better when you get attention. (Scientifically proven by thousands of test results.)



Up and down income sucks.  Feast or famine.  There's a method I found that's proven to eliminate up and down income by understanding and countering the root cause.


Module 1 - Instant Acceess to recorded training
Module 2 - Incredible in-depth Info Products On Fire report
Module 3 - 49-page deep dive on my secrets to get consistent profits
Module 4 - Four weeks of optional coaching (free pass)

Plus, You Get Bonuses For Acting Today

BONUS 1: What's working now report for 2024

BONUS 2: How to use 5 special hooks to get attention

BONUS 3: What I do to eliminate up and down income as much as possible


I realize you may have a question or two or just not be 100% CERTAIN this is for you now.

It's ok. I'm giving you a 10-day replacement guarantee to check it out and take it for a trial spin.

If it's not your cup of tea, I'll swap it out for another product of equal or greater value that better meets your needs.

Please remember, all marketing, all business, involves the potential for gain or loss.  My results are not typical, so yours will obviously vary for better or worse.

Legal dislcaimer: I have sold 70,000+ products online. I'm a professional marketer. The average person makes nothing. However, what I am going to show you today is what is working for me right now. With that said, this is for entertainment and education purposes only. Any actions you take are at your own risk.