"Mother Of All Offers From Daegan Smith"

"Daegan Smith Is One of My Favorite Marketers In The World" -- Russell Brunson
"Daegan Smith Helped Me Make 7 Figures Online" - Vince Reed

FIRESALE:  You Get  $40,000 of LIve Seminars, Online Training and Templates For Only $600 -- Limited Time Offer ONLY For My Customers

From: Marlon Sanders
RE: Daegan Smith's Invisible Funnel Seminar


Marlon here.

Holy Cowl!

On our Invisible Funnel event, Daegan motherload offer for his entire Invisible Funnel collection.

And it's a goozy.

1. Incredible Maximum Leverage Workshop: This is where Daegan shows how he blew up his business blow-by blow.

From this workshop ALONE you'll be YEARS ahead of others.

2. Private Invite Only Invisible Funnel Workshop With Russell Brunson, TJ Rohleder, Michael Hague, John Alanis and Jimmy Davis, and more

This workshop pulled out the big guns.  Daegan rolled in this one!  Wow, what a workshop.

Jimmy Davis taught his big ticket reverse selling system that allows him to almost effortlessly sell big tickets.

Michael Hague consults with movie makers on the Heroe's Journey and is extremely famous for that.

John Alanis taught his very unique email story method that works gangbusters.

3. $7500 Done With You Invisible Funnel Intensive

During this 3  day event, every member walked away with an Invisible Funnel -- DONE!

This is like a doctorate in the Invisible Funnel.

4. A Second $7500 Done With You Invisible Funnel Intensive

Daegan did 3 of these incredible events. You get all 3.

5. $7500 Done With You Invisible Funnel Intensive

After going through these 3 events, you'll be a master of the Invisible Funnel.

6.  The Irresistible Offer Formula Live Online Workshop

This is FANTASTIC.  Because nothing works unless and until you have an irresistible offer.

In this workshop he helps you nail it!

7.  Email Story Selling 4 Hour Online Workshop

Wow, in this one Daegan takes you DEEP DEEP inside of Story Selling.  It's going to blow your mind. NO ONE does it like Daegan.

You will see almost INSTANT RESULTS when you start doing this.

7.  Story Selling Secrets Workshop and Notes

I'm so excited for you after you go through this and number 6.  You're going have new abilities with story selling YOU NEVER DREAMED OF!

8. Reverse Selling System Templates

You get the actual templates Daegan uses to close sales using reverse selling.

9.  The awesome 4-hour mind-blowing Invisible Funnel event recording from Tuesday night.

Daegan walks through everything. The story selling.  The whole enchillada.

10.  Complete Dynalist super in-depth notes from his $10,000 event.

Daegan did 3 of these incredible events. You get all 3.

This will likely be the only time daegan offers this deal -- as a favor to me and my folks

I doubt Daegan ever does this again at this price. I'd be shocked if he did.

You get what I estimate are $40,000 of trainings as one was a private invite only event with Russell Brunson.  There are 3 events people paid $7500 for.

And so much more.

Here's What People say about daegan


  •  Yes! I want to get this awesome, amazing offer.
  • I understand it's $600
  • I understand that because this is a massively discounted offer, and Daegan's just coming out of retirement, I'll receive links to the videos.  But it's nothing fancy.
  • I will be mindblown by Daegan's trainings.
  • There is no moneyback guarantee on this offer. Get it only if you love Daegan and his style of training and ideas.

This offer is a one-time offer and won't likely be repeated.  It is ONLY available to those who purchased the Invisible Funnel event Tuesday night.

Best wishes,


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