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The Instant Sales Booster

The One Very Simple Change You Make To Virtually Any Sales Copy That Has The Power to Explode Sales Instantly


Marlon here.

Yes, you heard me correctly.

It's almost an instant sales boost when you make just this one change.

And no, it's NOT your headline.  It's more important.

It's not your product, price or guarantee.  And yet, you can predict the success or failure of your sales copy based on this ONE THING.

Whether you have a sale letter, video, webinar, pitch, talk or presentation, this one thing has the power to get you a surge in sales, profits or response -- starting now.

“All These Years, I thought the secret was the headline and the lead. i was flat out wrong!

In this business, it's never boring. 

Every day you wake up and you're learning something.  You see, most of my life I was taught that your headline was 80% of your response.

And it is.  More or less.

Then Michael Masterson improved on that and said it was your headline and your lead, meaning the opening paragraphs.

And that's true.  More or less.

Yet, it's wrong. Very wrong. 

See, there's a HIDDEN ELEMENT beyond the headline or lead that is the shaker and mover behind it ALL!

Most people don't know this HIDDEN ELEMENT exists.  Sometimes they might accidentally use it.  And BOOM!  Gangbuster results.

Then another time they may unknowingly leave it out and BUST!  Sales trickle like a leaky faucet.


I bolted myself down in my computer chair this morning.

And banged out 30 profit-drenched pages to lay this whole hidden element BARE.

I explained in detail what it is, how it works, why it work it works, the psychlogy behind it.

The very moment you read this report, I'm going to show you what you can do this very day to begin cashing in on the hidden element.

This element will NEVER change.  It will never go out of style.  It will never stop working.  Because it's grounded in how the human brain actually works at a deep level.

What people have said about my other copy methods....

"It’s direct marketing on the Internet"

I’ll tell you what, Marlon got this stuff more than anybody because of his direct marketing knowledge.

A lot of people say, “the Internet’s different!”

We were hearing that back then.

You can’t do what you do offline, online.” Yeah, there’s differences, but sales process, ad copy, offers, guarantees, headlines, all of the stuff that you teach is the stuff that you use and the stuff that we all use... every single one of us.

Jonathan Mizel

“If you really want to have a killer sales letter, take your competitor’s USP and turn it into a free bonus.”

I had been trying to make money online for 4 years. I had a ton of traffic. But my sales presentation absolutely sucked.

So I put up that one page sales letter mini-site, and overnight, literally overnight, my sales went up XYZ%.

(Specific percentage withheld due to the new FTC regulations.) ...the sales letters that I have made using the formula... as far as conversion rates, are always coming back up to the top.

Marlon took 30 minutes with me ... and he gave me an idea that has stuck with me and has been worth at least a million dollars for me. I’m going to share it with me right now.

Marlon told me, “If you really want to have a killer sales letter, take your competitor’s USP and turn it into a free bonus.”

That right there... really did set me on a whole different path.

Jim Edwards

"...It Gives People a System!"

..I sat there in amazement and looked at that sales letter, because I’d never seen a long-form sales letter like that online.

It completely opened my eyes to the new way of doing direct marketing on the Internet. And all of a sudden, things started getting a lot better, a lot quicker.


Whether you sell on the phone, with webinars, with posts on social media, in sales letters or videos, you can profit immediately from this discovery

This will likely be the single most important discovery you make concerning sales in the next year.  Heck, maybe a lifetime.  It's just that powerful.

In fact, I'm NOT just telling you this.  I'm going to show you actual pages you can go to right on the web and see actual SALES that will prove this to you.

You can see it with your own eyes.  But more importantly, you can try it out IMMEDIATELY...within 10 minutes of reading the report.

I'll show you how to do that as the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

as you can get 

To get a sales boost, you obviously need sales to boost.

But even if you're starting from scratch, I'll give you a method you can use to apply this immediately. And you'll have a shot at seeing fast results.

I'm NOT saying this is a miracle.  But I am saying it trumps every reason you'll see or hear about what makes a sales talk, presentation, video or webinar sell gangbusters.

You're going to become obsessed like I am with seeing this Hidden Element in action in sales situations all ovr place.

It's bonkers.

Here's What You'll Discover In The INSTANT SALES BOOSTER:

  • The BIG 3 factors that make up the Hidden Element.  Use any one or all 3.  (Warning:  If you don't have any of these 3, you are NOT using the Hidden Element)
  • How the Hidden Element allows you to predict the success of any product or service.People buy to get rid of pain. Right?  Wrong!  (This is where the rubber meets the road)
  • Revealed -- The 1 thing you may  be doing accidnentally that is costing you an arm and a leg in sales. (And how to turn the tables and use this factor to RAISE your price easily)
  • What is the Hidden Element that allows you to tear apart any sales copy, pitch or sales talk?  (Without this, you'll b e mystified why some things that are similar sell better than others)
  • Next level understanding of what causes sales to happen 
  • In order for people to buy, they must want your product or service. True or false?  FALSE!
  • The secret behind this $160 million cash out
  • How it's possible to change this ONE THING in faily copy and make it profitable or successful 


Believe it or not, in this fast-moving 30 pages, I also pack in even more goodies.

See, it's one thing to know the Hidden Element.  But you still have to write the sales copy.

That's why I talk about my own personal process for writing copy.

  • In my experience, I can't create or write without this one simple thing.  Yet, a lot of people ignore it.
  • Pre Covid19, I'll tell you the odd thing that I'd take to the coffee shop with me that would power some of my best ideas.  Now I do this on the kitchen table.
  • The very first thing I wrote that gets me going.  If you're having problems starting your engine, try this one.
  • The simple formula you'll see tons of sales pitches based on. But most people only understand it at an amateur level.  I'll show you what a pro use looks like, so you can up your game.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why You Should Test Drive "The INSTANT SALES BOOSTER" Today!


I'll show you how to immediately apply it as soon as you're done reading my 30-page report.


You'll find yourself using the Hidden Formula in all kinds of sales situations because it's based on a flaw in the human brain.  You'll use it in videos, letters, Youtube descriptions, social media posts, groups, and everywhere else persuation occurs.


This will transform how you write your headlines and leads because it's a basic, fundamental thing underneath them.  


When you get the Instant Sales Booster, it's yours to use forever..

You pay NO ongoing monthly fees to continue using it. Write 1 or 100 sales letters. There are NO limits!  The formula is yours to use for life.

Nothing could be easier...

When you get your PDF, the first thing you'll do is print it out.

The next thing you'll do is grab your laptop or a pen and paper. As you read through it all you do is punch in your notes, musings and thoughts into your laptop or on your pad.

You will have the SINGLE ELEMENT you need to tweak ANY sales message, letter, webinar or teleseminar using the simple, easy-to-understand steps. 

You'll be surprised at how you can look at almost any pitch, presentation or copy and instantly evaluate it and predict the success based on the Hidden Element. 


You get unlimited access to the INSTANT PROFIT BOOSTER when you own it. You'll find yourself using the Hidden Factor in many ways when you really understand the psychology behind it.

Here is the price and what you receive:

I charge $1,000 an hour for consultations or sales copy critiques.  If you want one, we can schedule it today.  And chances are, I'll spend the time zeroing in on your use or lack of use of the Hidden Factor behind all great sales copy.

I want this secret in the hands of people who will actually USE and profit from it. That's why I've decided to make the price $100.00 for individual business use. That's affordable for most anyone. Yet enough to make people respect the technology.

This product is DIGITALLY delivered to you.

Why you'll profit from your 
instant sales booster over and over

You get my complete Instant Sales Booster 30-page report for only $100.00.

The question is, is it worth 100 bucks to be able t o add an almost instant tweak to your posts, offers, products, sales copy, videos or webinars and boost their sales?

You can easily waste 5 or 10 times that much money buying courses and products about ad copy that spout off a bunch of stuff that never really helps you.

You can easily waste that much money just trying out one or two sales letters that don't work.

You can easily lose out on 10, 20 or 30 times that much money by screwing around with marketing methods that simply don't work.

But most importantly, you can recoup your 100 bucks fast 

All you need to do is sell two to four $100 products or services using my system to get your money back.  If you don't do that, I'll be shocked.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed 

If My instant sales booster
Doesn't Pay For Itself
In a Flash!

In fact, I'm so confident you'll boost your sales that I'm offering an ironclad, you-can't-lose 15 day guarantee.

Use the Instant Sales Booster. Tweak a sales letter or message as instructed. Really go for it. Don't just go through the motions. Give it your best shot and energy.

If you don't get results, or you're unsatisfied for ANY reason, I'll give you your money back.

AND I'll give you another product of equal value for your trouble. Just ask me here. Do NOT email. Use our support desk.

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