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Marlon here.

It's 695 pages.

One of my very favorite books on info profits marketing. And it'll show you secrets from $100 million in sales starting from nothing.

Would you like to know how 6,000 books were sold in 3 weeks amounting to $300,000 sales total?  And winning a huge Clickfunnels contest?

That's just ONE of the many secrets coming your way in a minute. But there's more. Much, much more.

You probably already know that info products are my jam.  Not only have I made a full-time living selling them but I publish the only weekly info business letter that I know of, I conduct the only weekly trainings on the info business, and I specialize in collecting secrets of the info profits business that make a huge difference.

See, any marketer can brag about their sales and how much they've sold.  It's almost nauseating. But what turns me on is giving MY customers huge advantages in the "Game."

I'm talking faster profits.  Easier profits. Bigger profits.  

And not having the wool pulled over your eyes by slick pitches.  But instead getting your OWN offers out there into the marketplace and banging in sales.

This Time I'm Bringing Super Juicy Secrets
and Actual Numbers On What's Really Going On
"On The Inside" Of Extreme Profit Info Businesses ...

I'm lucky.

Since I do this business full time and ahve since 1997, I'm privy to all kinds of secrets and inside information.  And frankly, I'm also a darned good researcher also.

In my newest report, I'm bringing NEW secrets once again. And sharing scoop that can make a huge difference in getting started or amping up your profits.

  • Here's this marketer spouting off about how he spend $20,000 to make $114,000 in 30 days with only 3  LOW TICKET info products.  NO big tickets.  Is this hogwash or the truth?  And a special insider recording that reveals details.
  • You get 694 pages of great secrets for writing ads, sales letters and website copy that brings in millions of dollars.  This is one of the greatest books ever written on the topic. And it's a free download when you know where to look.  I own the print copy and read it ALL the time.
  • I'd never been in a 20,000 square foot house before.  Disco.  Coffee shop.   A moat to get over the mini-river surrounding the piano room.  All powered by one stupid simple mailer and THIS one "secret sauce." Want to know what the secret sauce was? I give you the inside scoop as always.

Heads up:  If it isn't obvious, these are actual numbers and stories I'm sharing with you from my life and research.  These numbers are NOT indicative of average results.  I mean, the average buyer of this report won't make $300,000 in 3 weeks, sell 6,000 books in the same time period nor go out and buy a 20,000 sq. foot house.  Your results depend on you.  I'm NOT like these other marketers who tell you you're going to get rich overnight with no work. It's NOT true.

It's All About Knowing The Real Inside Secrets Of The Info Business You Won't Hear Anywhere Else -- And Getting a BIG Advantage Over Others Who Are Lazy 

Inside information gives you a big advantage in the Game. It reminds me of a game a world-champion game player friend told me about recently. The secret to winning was occupying the 4 corners of the board as fast as possible.

Others who didn't know this SECRET would get all giddy about "crushing" the center of the board.  Minutes later they'd be WIPED OUT!

Why?  Because they didn't know the secret.

Secrets eliminate trial and error learning. They help you get in the chips faster and easier with less effort.  When you see how others actually do it and the insider info that makes it possible, it gives YOU a huge advantage in the Game.

That's what I'm ALL about.  Giving YOU huge advantages in the Game so you can make profits faster, simpler and easier. And, by the way, mystify others who took the lazy way out and didn't pay the price to get the real secrets.

With that said, I've put these latest secrets into a new 18-page report.

Introducing ...

Secrets of the Info Business -- Revealed. Volume 2.

While others scratch their heads ands spout their skepticism about whether this or that was really done, you'll have inside knowledge and info.  Youj'll see through the noise to how the Game is really WON.  That's what I do for you in my reports, courses and memberships.

In my newest Info Profits Secrets report, I'm bringing you new secrets and insider scoop to up your Game and give you an advantage.

Here's are some of the other secrets you're about to discover (and I guarantee every secret in this letter is revealed in plain English in the product).

  • Strategy Sessions Revealed - You've seen all these coaches and consultants running ads for "free Strategy sessions."  Here are the SECRET numbesr no one is telling you.  Now you'll be "in the know" and not in the dark about the truth.
  • Lead Generation Secrets -- Walter said, "Marlon, did you see the swimming pool in my bedroom?"  I pit back, "No Walter, what pool?"  He said, "Open the door in the befroom.  Holy cowl. I'd never seen an Olympic-sized swimming pool in a beddroom before.  And maybe you've heard THAT story if you're my customer. But did you know he had only ONE lead generation method powering his whole empire?  And it was simple and free. Want to know what it was?
  • 2,800 on recurring billing @ $47  a month? - I have a friend who is a famous political direct mail fundraiser at the highest levels. He was instrumental in getting Ronald Reagan elected. But he also ran a fascinating info products / coaching business for 5 years where he got 2,800 people paying him $38 a month. This is the exact method he used to do it spelled out in detail.

You Get a 694-Page Masterpiece Book on
Direct Response Marketing -- Free Digital Download

A massive amount of secrets await you.

Because I'm revealing where to download one of the greatest books written on direct response marketing.  I read it all the time as I bought the print copy. I mark it up more and more everytime I read it. It has stickies all over pages.

And it'll shortly be YOURS too because I'm giving you the secret download site with the blessings of the author.  This book will blow your mind. I can virtually gurantee that.  

John Doe

UI/UX Designer

I've been following Marlon Sanders for years.  Taken a few of his programs over the years and have learned a bunch.  .

When You Get My Newest Info Profits Report,
Here's What You Get

  • Actual Numbers - You get actual behind-the-scenes numbers and explanations
  • Additional videos and audios - I refer you to resources if you want to deep dive
  • Rules of the Game - I lay down rules of the Game, so you don't get the wool pulled over your eyes and you're an educated consumer.
  • Faster, Easier, Bigger - I love sharing secrets that can make you bigger, faster and easier profits
  • Gain Advantages Over Others - You'll have advantages over others in the "Game"

Here's The Proof This Works

In one case I show you where to watch a 27-minute video that actually shows and documents the behind-the-scenes numbers.  I give you access to a podcsat by the person in question in another case.  Obviously my secrets work as I've been helping others profit in the info business full-time since 1997.  Not many can say that.  Soemthing works!

BONUS: You Get 64 Of The Greatest Books Written
On Direct Response Marketing For FREE!

Oh my gosh.  There are some of my very favorite books on copywriting.  Books on how 1 guy became a millionaire in the info business.  Books on making sales fast.

When you snag this today (and I can't guarantee I'll leave this in later on because I plan to use these bonuses for other purposes, you get the secret site where you can download 65 of the best products ever written about the direct response marketing info business.  No one else would ever share these with you as they only want you to buy from them. I share the wealth and am happy for you  to up your Game massively by reading this incredible books.

I own a print copyof most every one of these books and have a whole bookshelf dedicated to them.  You'll get access to the digital versions.

Why I'm Selling These Secrets To You
For Less Than The Cost Of Blank Paper

I sell these reports DIRT CHEAP (they're worth 10X more) as my way of letting you sample my secrets for less than the cost you'd pay for BLANK PAPER.  That's right.  You get these secrets for LESS than I pay for BLANK legal pads to write my notes on.

These are the pads I write all my notes on, including parts of the letter you're reading right now. As you can see, I pay more for my BLANK paper than you'll be paying for my newest info profits secrets.

Oh, this is not to mention the $50 blank hard bound notebooks I buy to write my BEST ideas in.

Those are the notebooks I write all my BEST ideas in. I own many of them.  They're $48 for BLANK PAPER.  I'm asking you to pay a fraction of what you'd pay for the blank paper I write my best secrets on.

I mean, you can't buy BLANK LEGAL PADS for less than what you'll pay for my secrets today. Why am I doing this?  Because I know when you sample my premium secrets, you'll instantly see the sheer profit power of the secrets I'm laying on you.

And you'll want to join my weekly or monthly newsletter or my weekly trainings.  For example, this weekend I produced a 40-page massive brain dump about video.  My customers can jump the learning curve and skip a massive amount of trial and error.

And I gave them formulas to profit FAST.  This is why I'm willing to share these secrets for less than the cost of blank paper on legal pads.

If you don't believe in paying the price for secrets, it's ok. My customers who do will steamroll over you, and you'll be left having no idea what just happened.  What happened is they had all the secrets and advantages and you didn't.  

Or you can be the one holding all the right cards.

100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

money back

30 day Guarantee

Risk free

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing report, you can get a full refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with our friendly support team at getyoursupport.com and we'll get you a refund without problems.  All I ask is that you use getyoursupport.com and do NOT email, as we don't monitor email.