How To Increase Your Dollars Per Sale

-- In under 5 Minutes Even If You’re Clueless

What Will You Learn Today: How to make more money on 40% to40% of your sales by doing something that takes under 2 minutes

What’s So Great About That? Small changes swing big doors. Just a few tweaks here and there can cause you to double sales!


Marlon here.

A couple quick updates:

If you’d like to DOUBLE YOUR SALES in 7 weeks, watch my “Double YourSales” super short video here.

Now, I’m going to be reporting on the revenue generated or NOT generated by today’s newsletter in next week’s newsletter. Or that’s the plan, Stan.

What if you could almost INSTANTLY make more money on 30% to 40% of your sales doing almost NOTHING?

Here you go:

They YELLOW box there at the bottom is called the bump. Usually, 30% to40% of people check a bump to buy.

Now, in this case, a lot of my customers have already bought my new product, so it’ll be interesting to see what results we get. Did any of my readers who hadn’t bought it before buy it?

It took me under 2 minutes to set up:

All I did was select the name of the product where it says Bump product name. I had already set the product up in my shopping cart.

Then I set up the access urls:

That was IT!

I can literally do that in under 2 minutes!

Here’s the MAGIC of it.

Last week I offered a special of buy 1 at half off and get 3 free. If you didn’t snag it, it’s too late. Prices are back to normal.

36% of the people checked off the box. That’s VERY common.

You say, “Marlon, it’s chump change, right?”


While just adding bumps or upsells may not seem like a lot of revenue, listen to this…

I have 7 factors.

When you increase each one by 10%, we DOUBLE SALES.

If you’d like to talk to me in a double your sales conversation where:

  1. I see if this method will work for your business
  2. I see if NOW is the time for you to do it, or if you have other priorities.
  3. I explain the overall structure of how we DOUBLE your sales. And how FAST can you do it? Is 7 weeks realistic for YOU?

    Oh, the aim is to do it in 7 weeks. But that depends on YOU and the unique factors of your business, which is why need to chat about it.

    To schedule a consult, go here.

    I have time for roughly 4 consults this week.

    So your transaction size is just ONE of the 7 factors.
Marlon, What Shopping Cart Do I Use?

Technology is always a question, right?

I use Thrivecart because it plays well with Infusionsoft.

But it also integrates with Digital Access Pass, Member Mouse, Amember, Optimize Member, Teachable and Wishlist.

What I love about it is it’s pretty intuitive to use and it’s FAST to set up upsells and bumps! I love that.

But it’s NOT the only cart in the game.

I also use Clickfunnels and they have a great BUMP module and killer order forms / shopping cart pages.

You can get them with an add on for Woocommerce if I recall. Woocommerce is free. And you pay for add ons. Here’s a nice article about adding order bumps to Woocommerce.

There are LOTS of shopping carts that can add order bumps. does it as do many others.

Marlon, What About Upsells?

I didn’t do it this morning as I was pressed for time to get this out.

But another way to make more money is to have upsells. So after the customer orders the main product, they are presented with additional offers.

These are the difference between losing money buying ads and being able to make a profit.

It’s HUGE.

You definitely want a shopping cart that can do it. And if they can do 1 click upsells that’s even better.

Sometimes we get so caught up in chasing after this or that idea, we forget that you can double sales just by making relatively minor adjustments to only 7 factors!

You don’t need a huge overhaul.

Incremental improvement can work wonders.

But Marlon, Do These Bumps
SERVE The Customer?

Or is it too pushy?

Here’s the deal.

You’re NOT shoving stuff off on them they don’t want or need. Your GOALis to help them add on things they need and probably want ANYWAY. But maybe they just didn’t think of.

You should be SERVING your customers and helping them get the results they want. Not shoving crap at them they don’t want or need.

How To Act On Today’s Newsletter

OK. How do you act on today’s newsletter?

  1. If you don’t HAVE a shopping cart, find one that can doMULTIPLE checkbox upsells.

    They’re a game changer.

    I’ve found that you can actually do more than one. I didn’t today due to time. But if I had time, I might have added another one.

    I also think the order bump should CHANGE based on WHAT product they’re adding to their cart. That’s really not a big deal. Each separate product has it’s own bump.

  2. Start out creating 1 or 2 items you can use as bumps

    Simple, logical and easy is good!

  3. Track the success of your bumps and test different ones

    Your shopping cart should track the stats and allow you to improve your bumps.

    Best wishes,


    PS: If you want to double your sales in as fast as 7 weeks, watch this short video.

If you’re an affiliate, the EPC’s are good:

Go here for details.

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