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From: Marlon Sanders


The date was December 3, 1998.

That is when I created the first rendition of my formula that I have personally used to sell millions of dollars online.

It's a cookie cutter I repeat over and over. I've done that at least 122 times. 

Now, here's what I'm offering do WITH you and 4 others.

1.  I'll have you answer a questionnaire so I understand what you're selling and your business.

If you don't have a business yet, I will give you activities for the month with a probability of making one or more sales.

And I'll give you clarity about how to START getting sales and income each month.

2.  We'll look at your monthly sales and set a sales target that is a stretch but achievable.

You ALWAYS want to stack wins and successes, not failures.

A lot of people have no METHOD to set sales targets and they don't know how to EVEN OUT income.

Your first goal is to stabilize your income, if you haven't already.

3.  We'll plan out the activities you need to do in order to sustain your existing baseline income this month.

You don't want to mess up your existing income by only focusing on new income.  You have to do internal marketing for your existing income first.

4.  We'll plan out activities you need to cover the difference between your existing sales and your goal sales.

I have a "go to" list of such things in the info product business.

It's a fairly simple thing.  

We look at the difference between your existing sales and desired sales. And we look at possible activities to cover the difference.

Then plug in the activities into your calender.

This isn't rocket science.

But sometimes running a business can be an isolated experience.  Like your spouse doesn't have an interest.

You can't brainstorm with competitiors too much.

Your friends often want to BRAG about their sales and what THEY are doing. But they don't care to actually give you any useful ideas.

In fact, they may feel you should pay them for that. Because they may, in fact, sell their own coaching.  Just as you may.

It's hard to have a sounding board or anyone to help you think through ideas and make a true plan.

You may ONLY need internal marketing of a new offer or offers. Or you may need to start external marketing in motion.  It depends.

If you are NOT in the info product business, I can do this in 1-on-1 consulting, but it won't work in this group format. My consulting is $1,000 an hour but our goal is to generate multiples of that from a consult. Message me here.

Here's why you might want to be one of the 5.

  1. I DO have a method for planning your income

    A lot of times in business, we just run hard and fast and hope to hit our goals.  But that doesn't cut it. It's like going on vacation with no destination or map.

  2. If you're just starting up your info product business, I can't guarantee you big income or any income at all.  

    But what I CAN do is get you to put some sensible activities in place that are a good bet to start getting you sales and income.

  3. You have a sounding board for ideas on how to hit your income goal.

    Based on my experience, I'll say, here are some options that have worked for me. And here's how they work. Or maybe you'll have your own, and I'll give you a thumb's up or add to them.

4. In Psychology my professor won a research from the government to study biofeedback.

What he told me was that ANYTHING you put your attention to probably increases.

The power of group focus is not to be under estimated.

5.  I've been doing this full time for a long time and know a few tricks of the trade that might help you.

As you can see, the web site goes back to 1998. Actually, I believe I had the site there before then, but that may be as far back as archive.org goes.

if you fail to plan, you plan to fail

It took me most of my life to learn how to set goals properly.

I mean, I KNOW that it's basic thing.

But the techniques I've learned and that work go way beyond "smart" goals. That's about as much as you'll learn in virtually all goal setting books.

But I CAN tell you this:  Those books DO work.  There is scientifically valid research which PROVES that just by the act of setting a goal and reviewing it, you are more likely to reach the goal.

"During the late 1960's, University of Toronto Psychologiest Gary Latham and University of Maryland psychologist Edwin Locke, considered the godfathers of modern goal-setting theory...fleshed out an idea we now hold as truth:  the establishment of a goal is one of the easiest ways to increase motivation and enhance performance."  The Art of Impossible by Steven Kotler.  pg. 60

For example, they gave one set of lumberjacks a goal and the other set had no goal. The lumberjacks with a goal gathered far more wood.

But I found out there are many levels beyond that.

The way I see it there are 2 choices in life:

1. You set goals, have a plan and work the plan.

2. You run like heck and pray to God you get where some vague idea tells you you're going.

Back when I was a copywriter, my best client had Franklin D. Rosevelt's olympic-sized swimming pool in his bedroom. (Franklin D. Roosevelt was a famous President in the U.S.). He was rumored to be worth $600 million. He paid his invoices within 10 days. That was good enough for me.

He was an AVID goal setter and self improver.  He was always feeding his mind with positives and "going for it."


Every person's situation is unique. But there are 6 types of money I talk about in Writer's Secret that we'll look at as a few of the possibilities to reach your sales goal

1. Gravy Train Money

This is writing and selling ebooks.

It's simple and fun for me. If it isn't for you, you can choose an alternative. I personally like finding new, interesting ideas that solve problems or help people get results and then writing about them.

But I enjoy researching.  

Maybe the goal is to launch an ebook.

2. Debt Liquidation Money

This is the money you get when you sell upsells that are a bundle of your prior products at a discount. This is money you apply toward debt liquidation.

If you don't effectively use upsells right now, that could be the ticket.

3. Cover all your bills each month money

You do this with a membership site.

You don't HAVE to have a membership site. But it's really useful because you get the recurring billing money coming in every month. And since you have bills coming in every month, it's comforting to know you have income coming in to match the bills you have.

I don't know if a membership site is right for you. It could be.  We'll consider it as an option.

4. Fun money

Fun money is whatever else you do during the month that generates money. Fun money can pay for toys, vacations, fancy cars or whatever you want. Your own imagination is the only limit.

You can create and sell webinars, promote affiliate products, promote other recurring billing membership sites, or create and sell more in-depth training programs.

These are just some of the moneymakers in my bag of tricks we can pull from.

4a. 4-6 week webinars on my new ebooks

This is great because you're still excited about the topic and the people buying from you are also excited about the topic.

I charge $297 to $697 for these. But $199 isn't bad. It's easy money. You hop on a webinar and talk for an hour with a few power point slides. Then answer some questions. It's really a no-brainer. And you can record it and sell the recordings later.

If this is for you, I'll plug you into my resources for doing it.

4b. 90 minute – 2 hour one-time webinars

You can sell these for $50 to $100, or more if you have a really hot topic

5. Future Savings Money

You can pump out a promotion for your webinars to your resellers and get a nice bump in income. You toss this money right into your retirement or savings account.

If you have a proven webinar, this can be awesome.

6. Gusher Money To Buy Cars or Toys With

I'll explain in a minute how you can get lucky and hit a “gusher.” If you do, then that is money over and above all other money. You can't count on hitting a gusher. It's a hit and miss thing. And most of the time you'll miss. But if and when it happens, and it has happened for me more than once, it's a GREAT thing!

I used one “Gusher” in the amount of $25,000 cash windfall to pay off some IRS debt, credit card debt and had money left over for other stuff.

We probably won't look for a gusher unless it's obvious.  I prefer incremental goal accomplishment one step at a time.

how this differs from "coaching"

Most coaching programs are built around THEIR system, NOT yours.

It's a forced choice plan.

Here's what you do whether you like it or not. Now hop on the phone and start hammering out those strategy sessions.

Or whatever the method is.

I'm not doing that.

We just work on what makes sense for you.

Here's How this works

1.  We'll meet as a group of 5 four times.

2.  You're responsible for doing or not doing the activities we mutually discuss and you plan.

If you don't do them, you won't make anything.  If you do them, you have a good shot at hitting your goal.  Or a hecka lot better shot than if you didn't plan.

3.  This is contingent on getting 5 people who want to come on board. I may not do it for less.

We'll hold the calls on Thursday at 1 pm EST, beginning NOVEMBER11

4. Each week you'll report results and we'll modify your plan if needed to reach the goal.

5.  You will need to be accepted into the group.  It has to be right for you. The billing is delayed so I'll have a chance to chit chat with you.

In the event we don't have 5 members who qualify, I may cancel the billing which is set to occur 2 days from now.

Questions you may have:

  1. Do you tell me exactly what to do?

    Answer: No, this is collaboration.  I'll offer options and suggest options that have worked well for me.  You're free to choose or come up with your won.

  2. Is this the SAME as Fast Track?

    Answer: No, it has nothing to do with Fast Track.

  3. Can I do this if I'm just starting out?

    Answer: Yes, I'll help you get started with a solid plan of activities that actually make sense and have a shot at getting you a result.

  4. Am I guaranteed to make money?

    Answer: No. You don't have a guarantee you'll wake up in the morning.  But you might say it's your "best shot" at hitting your goal.

  5. Is this going to make me millions of dollars like doing product launches?

    Answer: No, we'll set a stretch goal that is a reach but achievable.

  6. What's the proof this will work for ME?

    Answer: The only proof you have is your own confidence in yourself and your willingness to take action and log in 1 to 3 hours a day doing the steps. If you aren't willing to do that, it's a no go. Now, you can take my surrogate proof since 1998 as evidence the formula can potentially work for you. But every person has a different set of potentiality and ability.

  7. I'm broke and I ain't got no money. Is this gonna get me money?

    Answer: All marketing and business involves the risk of loss as well as the potential for gain. So this probably isn't for you.

  8. How soon can I break even on this?

    Answer: That depends on whether you do the things we plan.

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