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It’s an easy way to get sales using STEP 2 of our 3 step formula:

Step 1: Scribble out an exciting, fascinating letter on that legal pad whilst consuming your tea, coffee or beverage of choice, as long as it doesn’t dull the senses.

Make sure your free report has a hot, sexy title.

It needs to do 2 things:

Thing one:  Tell ‘em the benefits – what they’ll get.  Psychologists call this “approach.”

Thing two:  Tell ‘em what they’ll avoid.  Psychologists call this “avoidance.” 

So it’s an approach-avoidance headline.

Some folks in this business call that the HOOK.  And it rolls something like this…

Free Report Reveals How I Make Up To $750 In An Hour
Sitting In Starbucks, Sipping Coffee and Making Chicken Scratches

On My Legal Pad – Without Being a Brainiac, Writer or Rocket Scientist

Step 2: Offer that free report through a channel to folks like to respond to it

I learned a nifty little method for doing this on Facebook that works gangbusters.  I offer it free when people comment.

I’m going to go into DETAIL on it in this report.

I usually get between 50 and 100 people requesting the report.

If it’s not obvious, you can post this on your Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, elsewhere.

But if that’s not enough, you can speak out a book in 1 hour, get it transcribed for free.  Edit it.  Put offers for your free report strategically in the book.  Then upload it to:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple Books
  • Google Play
  • Nook
  • Kobo
  • Eden Books
  • DriveThru
  • Glose
  • Radish
  • Scribd
  • Tolino
  • Vivlio
  • Wattpad
  • And additional platforms

Now you have exposure for your free report.

Of course, you can do Youtube videos, a Facebook group, Facebook and Instagram stories, and more.

If you’re a high roller, you can run ads for your free report.  Youtube ads are smoking hot right now and crushing FB.

You can also do what I focus on which is:

a.  A daily live stream broadcast to Linked In, Facebook pages and groups, Twitter, Youtube and Instagram.

I have a tutorial on HOW to do this in the 20 Minute Seed Marketing / Promotion Machine member’s area.

b.  Text posts with pictures

You can send these out via Metricool which has a free version at the time I’m writing this.

There are various posting services on all the time available for a one-time fee.

I bought Postoplan this way and it’s a fantastic tool. I’ve used it quite a bit.

But lately we’ve moved to using a service called BECAUSE my Filipino virtual assistant can log into it and do all my posting, including Instagram and Pinterest. 

She schedules posts out in advance.

There are a  TON of social posting tools. For example, I bought Promo Republic off of for a one-time fee.  It’s a really excellent tool.

Then there’s Meet Edgar, Hootsuite and a ton of others.

If you want to double down on Twitter / X, then Hypefury is the tool of choice.

Just pick one that works FOR YOU.

Our goal is to use these posts to get OPT INS. The past few weeks we’ve been doing posts to my Youtube videos.

And the Youtube videos promote my free offers in the videos and in the descriptions.

But you can also promote your freebie pages directly.

I have people OPT IN to get the freebie.

Step 3: Send ‘em the free report as a PDF or Google doc

I’m just now learning the wisdom of using a Google doc vs. a PDF because it’s so much easier for people on mobile devices to access.

Which makes me a bit sad cause I grew up on PDF’s.

Here’s what is awesome.

All you do is open your Word doc in Google docs and it sucks it right in and looks like a million bucks.

Of course, if you’re new school, you can type it up on Google docs to start with.  I’m used the 2010 version of Microsoft Word and don’t plan on changing anytime soon.

Why change what’s working?

So in this report, we’re deep diving into STEP TWO of the formula.  See THIS IS YOUR MONEY STEP.

You have to get your report into the hands of BUYERS in order to make money!

Good gosh there are a LOT of complicated methods out there.

And what I mean is, they SOUND GREAT to start off with.

You see the video on how they got a zillion Instagram followers and made a boatload.

You’re all excited.

You watch the video.

It kinda, sorta explains it.

But if you REALLY want to the scoop, it’s $3,000 or whatever.

I have no problems with that.

But I prefer methods that are DISCLOSED.  And then if you want support and brainstorming, deeper dives and so forth, THEN you can buy.

So I like to keep it simple.

To me, you shouldn’t have to join a coaching program to be able to run the model at a base level of success.

So that’s what I want to talk about today.

Back in 1994 or 1995 back when were were marketing on AOL, Prodigy and Compuserve, we’d run ads (usually free).

People would request free info or a free report.

We’d email it to them BY HAND.

That email would usually be the pitch since we didn’t have web pages yet as I recall (errrrr, it’s been a few years, alright?).

That was the marketing method.

Ad > Request > email with offer

Later, autoresponders came along.

So you’d offer a free report.

People would send an email to your autoresponder.

And you’d spit back some emails.  And, if I recall, those emails did link to a web page with the offer.

That was a great method. Loved it.

But the problem was too much spam got sent. To be mean, people would subscribe others to your autoresponder.

That’s when double opt in was born.

And most autoresponders started requiring info to be submitted using a web form.

I won’t go through the entire progression after that.

But TODAY, the SAME basic method works – with modification.

One: You POST

That can be on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tik Tok, Youtube or elsewhere.

Two: The person responds

Three: You give them a link

Four: They opt in

Five: The thank you page is the offer or a sign up for a webinar

Six: You follow up with emails or a webinar

This method works.

It works beautifully.

Now, there are shades and varieties of sophistication.

Some people push out content non-stop because they have a team assisting with it.

This creates some pretty big lead generation or email list building (opt ins).

They push out content everywhere.  Usually the people who do this have a team.

But AT HEART, it’s still the same thing.  Just scaled up.

The first thing is the POST.

I’ll show you a few ways that have worked for me on Facebook.

a.  The bullet point method

Teaser bullet points like this get interest.

b.  Web page headline capture

This one did well. It got a bunch of comments.  And even 2 shares.

Here’s another one that did well:

It needs to be a bit obvious that it's a SALES page. Otherwise people think it's a free report. And this seems to kill conversions.

Normally, I prefer straight lead generation on social media and NOT direct product promos. But on occasion I'll do a direct promo.

c.  The report cover with teasers

That did ok.

This one did well.

d.  Mix in ENGAGEMENT posts

Normally you have 4 engagement or value posts for every one call to action post with an offer:

This QUOTE post did well:

Another engagement post:

Here’s another ENGAGEMENT post:

This one got 87 likes:

Another huge engagement / inspirational post:

People LOVE posts that are INSPIRING. They tend to get big engagement.

Here’s another engagement post:

And one more:

The point is you MIX IN engagement, value and entertaining posts. Then SPRINKLE in call to action posts.

Step 4:  Get a Response

Get People Onto Your List, In Your Group or over to another place like Youtube or your Instagram.

Typically, you’re asking people to:

  • Register for a free webinar
  • Enter their email to get something free
  • Join a FB group

Those are the main ones.

While I do promote offers directly from my FB, it’s not the best practice.

It’s best to get people on a LIST or in a group where you can communicate with them over and over.  That way, you can make more than one offer. 

I usually ask people to drop a line or take some action in order to get the details.

Everything I’ve shown you falls in the category of ATTRACTION MARKETING.

One thing to do is simply be aware of who is REALLY GREAT at it.  Study what THEY do and how they do it.

What types of posts do they make?

What gets people to respond?

How do they get people into their marketing funnel?

What freebie or freebies do they offer?

How do they follow up?

Other Ways To Post and Get a Response

I’ve shown you what I do on Facebook.

I post the same types of things on Instagram.

But you have to change the size and format.

Both Facebook and Instagram have a LOT of different ways to reach people.

  • Stories 
  • Posts 
  • Live streams 
  • Videos And more.

You want to choose ONE PLATFORM as your anchor. You get really good AT IT.

Then you branch out.

Now, here’s an interesting technique.

Youtube is a great platform for bringing in new potential customers. The reason is it works as a search engine.

Instagram is great for NURTURING those people. So one strategy is to bring people in with Youtube videos and then move them over to Instagram where it’s easier to nurture them into a lead.

Step 5:  Make the offer

Once they join your email list, register for your webinar or get I your FB group, you can then be more DIRECT.

You make an OFFER.

There are many thoughts about the best way to do this.

Some go immediately for the high ticket sale.

It’s the high ticket sale or bust.

Others go for a lower dollar sale to scoop off the best prospects, Then they follow up with THOSE to book a consultation for a bigger ticket sale.

That method makes more sense as it’s more efficient.

Still others get people to register for a webinar and then go direct for a $1,000 sale on the webinar.

And you may be selling something entirely different.

You have to modify this to what YOU sell.

But if your product sells for over $2,000, you’ll normally have a video or a webinar and ask them to fill out an application to speak to someone.

The big ticket is sold over the phone.

If you promote AFFILIATE PRODUCTS, you simply lead people INTO your affiliate funnel.  Or the method provided by the affiliate program.

There’s An Art to Facebook Groups

I LIKE this video about running FB groups.

There are a million different concepts, methods and ideas on how to do it. This one is simple:

You create a theme for each day of week. I LOVE this idea because it’s hard to know what to POST in your group.

a. Motivation monday – Publish an inspirational quote

b. Tuesday tip-- quick tip

c. Welcome wed.

Welcome new members

d. Thursday – do a fb live

Offer value not selling

e. Feature Friday

Feature someone in your group or a product you love

Here’s a video that explains this method:

As you know, I always like to credit the sources of where I get content.

She recommends friend requesting every person in your group if you have the available friends. Put them on your see first list.  Here’s a video where she goes in depth on the secret sauce of FB groups.

Her tips on Facebook groups are OUTSTANDING. Her approach is to use the Facebook group to NURTURE them using a very personal approach.

Another great idea she has is to have a weekly or monthly conversion event.  Actually, she has so many good ideas on getting and converting leads, I can’t list them all here.

I honestly recommend you binge watch her channel. I’ll be doing it.  She has some great videos on how to get ENGAGEMENT, which we’ve already talked about, how to qualify and convert leads and much more.

Again, I believe in revealing my sources and turning you on to others. Not keeping them a secret or pretending I “thought up” their content by my lonesome.

Now, you can take this to the next level with SOCIAL MEDIA ON FIRE and REELS FOR LEADS AND SALES.

And if you REALLY want to take your Words Into Cash skills to the NEXT LEVEL, go to

That’s the big dog!