How To Turn Boring,

Drab Offers Into Hot Sellers
by “Sexifying”

Opportunities are all around when you know how to use this 3-step method includes examples of 2 hot and sexy offers, 1 of which is doing a million a month


Marlon here.

Money is everywhere.

Profits are everywhere.

All you need is my secret formula for turning the drab and boring into gold by “sexifying” it.

In this issue you’ll discover:

  • What the 3 secrets are
  • What “sexifying” is
  • How it works
  • Why it works
  • Two examples, including one doing a million a month
  • How to find new opportunities everywhere

Secret #1: Find out what people want to buy and stop blaming your abilities for any lack of success.
Some people bang their head against the wall trying to sell something. It just seems like it isn’t working.
I know.
I’ve been there.
I remember back when I had a commission sales job selling “retirement programs” (whole life insurance).
I really didn’t know how to pinpoint what it was people wanted. Gosh, I was pretty terrible as a salesperson.
In fact, I may have been the worst salesperson in the history of the world. LOL. Or close to it.
Which only proves you don’t have to be a traditional “sales person” to make it online. Or I’d be screwed.
One time I called on this executive on the top floor office of the highest tower in Dallas, Texas. That would mean he was making a boatload of money. He told me he NEEDED more insurance and instead of asking how much or why, I tried to walk through our “discover” sales pitch to find a need.
Just terrible.
People blame themselves when they don’t succeed at selling something. I used to label myself as a bad salesperson.
Later, I came to realize it’s NOT about YOU. It’s about you finding out what the potential BUYER wants. It’s about THEM.

It’s about having a SYSTEM or process that works.

There are actually ways to do surveys that are extremely accurate in spite of all the people who say surveys don’t work. What they mean is THEIR survey method doesn’t work.

The ability to sell is a skill. It’s learnable. And so is online marketing. It STARTS with finding out what people want to buy, usually by looking at what they’re already buying.

Once you understand how to find out WHAT people actually WANT to buy, NEW OPPORTUNITIES open up all around you.

The world is your oyster.

You see people buying things everywhere. People LOVE to spend money and buy.

All you have to do is give them a compelling reason to spend that money with you. Which brings us to the next secret.

Secret 2: If you aren’t making sales right now, even today, the reason is probably you’re just not making your product or service SEXY enough!

This is a stupid secret.
It really can’t be this simple, can it?

People don’t buy what they need unless they’re really in pain. They buy what they WANT.

So you got to SEXIFY it.

I read this statement last week in a podcast by Russell Brunson, (episode 198 of Marketing In Your Car) who many moons ago used to be my top affiliate.

And I thought it was a FANTASTIC statement.
People like slick packaging. They like attractive graphics.

You’ve got to put some lipstick on the pig...LOL. Paint its toenails. Stick a wig on it.

I’m joking but you know what I’m saying. YOU CAN’T BORE PEOPLE INTO BUYING!

Bored people don’t spend money. Excited people do. And it’s up to you to muck around and experiment until you come up with a way to present your product or service that EXCITES people. And that includes making modifications to the product itself.

There’s a gradient to this.

For example, I have a new WSO I’m preparing for launch. I’ve added several things to it to “sexify” it vs. other WSO’s.

Now, compared to JVZoo offers, it might not be real sexy. But compared to the other offers in the pool of competition on WSO’s, it’ll look sexy.

If you want to go old school here, Michael Porter, the famed Harvard Professor, calls this a “signal” of value. Sometimes SIGNALS of value are more important than actual value.

One time a friend of mine found this incredible deal on a used BMW. It w as CHERRY red. The thing looked HOT. Super clean inside and out. Spotless engine.

But before she forked over her money, her mum ran the vin number. Come to find out, the vehicle had been totaled. Someone bought it and rebuilt it.

The SIGNAL of value didn’t match the SUBSTANCE.

But in the book BLINK, Malcolm Gladwell talks about how our brains make extremely fast snap judgements.

For example, I have a book filled with sales methods used by the top 5% of sales people in the world.

No one knows about these methods. The book is boring as cardboard so no one reads it. It’s like slogging through mud.

But the SUBSTANCE is drop dead amazing.
There are many, many books like. Not just one. They’re all over the place. You could extract the core ideas, add your own. Then create a product with:

  • Sexy packaging
  • Sexy webinar
  • Sexy video sales letter
  • Sexy email capture page
  • Sexy follow up

Secret #3: Create your own opportunities on demand by taking products of substance that are boring and “sexify” them
Here’s an OPPORTUNITY for you: Take products that are non-sexy and boring but have substance. And create your OWN version but add to it, change it, modify the idea and make it SEXY. Sexify it.
I don’t mean copy someone’s product exactly. I mean take the basic concept, idea or functionality and create your own.
But I’ll tell you what. There’s a new launch about every minute. And all those products sit on the shelf after 3 months and don’t make any sales. You can certainly make deals, if you catch my drift.
If the product never sold much originally because it was boring, with a little imagination, you can sexify it with:

  • Slick graphics
  • Slick video sales letter
  • Slick webinar pitch
  • Slick bonuses
  • Slick packaging

You get the gist.

There’s a ton of money to be made that way, don’t you think? Can you see how you could take someone else’s hard work, add “sexy” to it and cash in?

How To Turn Boring, Drab Offers Into Sex, Hot Sellers

You say “Marlon, can you give me an example of SEXIFYING something?

I have several new offers that’ll be coming out that are sexified. But here are two I talked about in my last newsletter:

Look at this page again: look at this page:

Those are both HOT, sexy offers. No doubt about it. I’m not even into biohacking and might order that book. Dang, it’s sexy.

Oh, if you wonder “Does sexy make money?” then consider this. Kailin is the lady behind the freecravingcheatsheet. This is her Facebook in case you’re into losing weight. She’s really great at it and has a tribe.

Anyway, she’s doing a million a month to put it in perspective. She has a 28-minute pitch that has been viewed 9.7 million+ times. Her book is #1 of all Barnes and Noble books. The girl is crushing it.

I assumed her web pages were done by a high-paid designer. But she posted the other day that her husband does them using Clickfunnels.

I don’t know what the numbers are for the biohacking guy but I bet there are fantastic.

You can hardly read that thing and not get excited, even if you never heard of biohacking.


But Marlon, I Could Never Do That

This is why I said earlier. There’s a gradient.

You START where you’re at. You grow one baby step at a time. Or one giant step. However you want to do it. But Rome wasn’t built overnight.

You’ve heard the story about these 2 guys being chased by the lion. One guy turns to the other and says “I don’t have to outrun the lion. I just have to outrun YOU!”

All you have to do is find your own little blue ocean where you outrun everyone else in your little area.

YOU can do it if you do these 4 things:

1. Focus
2. Apply creativity and imagination
3. Up your specialized knowledge so you know what you’re doing 4. Find and use great people and resources

Best wishes, Marlon

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