How to Overcome The Fear

of Making Mistakes

How to unleash your income now by overcoming the biggest income robber in the world


Marlon here.

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You have a MONEY FLOOD waiting for you.

I don’t know which idea it is that will unleash it. But chances are, you have a money idea right now in your brain that can and will unleash your money flood for you when you unleash it.

My goal today is to help you and encourage you to unleash the ideas in your brain that can bring your MONEY FLOOD to you sooner than you may think.

When your money flood is being held back from you because the ideas are locked up in your brain that can bring your money to you, it all seems so hard, challenging, discouraging and unreal.

It feels like it will never happen. That it’s all a waste of time.

So the very ideas that will UNLEASH your money flood for you never get unlocked because of this negative thinking.

Today, we’re going to reverse that.
We’re going to UNLEASH your MONEY FLOOD today.

Right now, today, you have MONEY FLOOD ideas in your brain but they are locked up where they can’t bring you your money now.

Today, I’m gonna help you UNLOCK your money flood ideas.
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One thing that STOPS a lot of new people and even intermediate and advanced marketers from taking action is the fear of breaking stuff, hurting stuff or making mistakes.

I want to talk about this. Because the MINDSET of MARKETING is very important.

NONE of us likes to make mistakes.
I know I don’t.
Sometimes mistakes cost you money. Sometimes they cost you aggravation. Sometimes they are embarrassing. I’ve made all of them.

So we’re gonna ADDRESS THIS MISTAKE BEAST today.

When you do this, you’re going to UNLEASH new flows of money that might boggle your mind.

Literally, today’s newsletter could be the key that unlocks a FLOOD of money for you.

First of all, a bit of review of the week. We had 2 products in the top 10 during various points of the week and as high as #3 on Warrior+.

This is the snapshot of this morning with sales there for the week. It’s just one of multiple sales channels.

I’m showing you this so you can see REAL WORLD examples from THIS WEEK of getting MONEY FLOOD ideas out of my brain and into action where they BROUGHT ME MY MONEY -- this week.

You can do the same. That’s the purpose of today’s newsletter. I’m also going to give an example of a money flood idea that stayed LOCKED in my brain because I listened to NEGATIVE opinions of others and didn’t UNLEASH my money idea.

Instead, TODAY someone ELSE did. They unleashed MY idea! Therefore, the MONEY FLOOD went to THEM and NOT me!

How many times have you seen someone ELSE get YOUR money flood because they unlocked it from their brain and put it into action?

Over on JVZoo, I have money coming in there also. Here’s what I see this morning at 9:36 a.m. So I’ve already made $64.02 this morning on Zoo.

I also have Infusionsoft and Clickbank income sources. I posted this in the past week on FB:

Thank you to Harlan Kilstein who sent 51 sales in 1 1/2 days. Amazing! When he mails his list, it's a thing of beauty.

Thanks to Roy for sending even more sales as did Barb Ling, Andy Brocklehurst, Jason Fulton and drsejalbhatt

Andy, Barb, Roy and Jason sent large amounts of sales in prior days and they all have tremendous lists and customers who love them dearly.

Earnings per click for affiliate was as high as $3.78 for each click they sent me.

I posted this October 16:

Now, WHY am I showing you this and what does it have with YOU doing the same or better?

Here’s why: Money loves speed.

And if you go fast, you make mistakes. This is especially so if you have a job and only have 20 or so hours a week to do Internet marketing.

If you don’t have 20 hours a week, you need to find my back issue about time. Because you have 168 hours in a week. You only sleep 56. You work 40. You have 2 hours a day for drive time, eating and family. That is 16 hours a week. 56 + 40 + 16 = That’s 142 hours = 26 hours.

Somehow, someway, carve out 20 of those hours for you so that you can get your money flood ideas out of your brain and into action where they can bring you your money now. This may require negotiation with your spouse, hiring a maid or helper each week, a nanny – or something. Carve out the time!

Why You MUST Make Mistakes In Order To Unleash Your Money Flood

Typos. Screwing up. Emails that are messed up. Product delivery links that don’t work. Customers with problems getting your product.

All these things and more will happen. It’s part of moving fast.

The alternative is that you wait until everything is perfect. Time flies by. You look back and realize you haven’t sold a darned a thing.

Now, I’m NOT advocating ignoring details. Not at all. You do the best you possibly can. But even with that, if you are moving FAST, you WILL make mistakes.

Later on, when you have money, you can hire a virtual assistant and stomp out most of those mistakes.

But when you’re starting out, speed and SELLING STUFF to get CASH FLOW trumps being perfect.

Now, there ARE times to be really careful.

If you’re running FB or Google ads, they’ll ban you in a heartbeat if you don’t follow every single cottin’ pickin’ overly wacked out rule they invent!

True story.

Make sure you have your privacy policy, disclaimers, address, phone, company name, support link at the bottom of your landing pages.

You can get a UPS or some address vs. your real one. You can use Google Voice for the phone. But you can’t screw up with FB ads.

That’s probably why I don’t run a lot of FB ads.
The way you MAKE MONEY is you get products out, promoted and SOLD. SOLD is beautiful. SOLD is what unleashes your money flood for you.

To UNLEASHS your money flood, you engage in the ACTIVITIES that lead to your money flood ideas getting OUT of your brain and into ACTION where they can bring you your money now!

If your money flood ideas stay locked up in your brain, they are trapped and cannot bring your money to you.

Here’s the truth:

I think I sold 1⁄2 or $1 million of a product before I bothered to fix the typos. If something is selling gangbusters, don’t touch it.

You may be banging out an email at LUNCH TIME.

Listen, the world won’t melt over if you have a typo or the subject line is less than flawless.

It’s an email.

Get it DONE. An imperfect email SENT trumps a perfect one sitting on your hard drive that isn’t sent.

Same thing with products.

OK it’s not perfect.

Neither is the world.

Get it OUT. Get it DONE.

I have people complain because my newsletter sometimes has typos or I skip on a train of thought.

OK. That’s true. AND I get out a newsletter every week and most of those other people don’t.

Action beats inaction.

Imperfect action beats no action.
I’ve made 1⁄2 a million to a million WITH typos.

I’ll take THAT to someone’s PERFECT sales page that has sold like nothing because they’re STILL perfecting it.

But Marlon, I’m Just a LURKER. Not Ready to Get My Ideas Out of My Brain and Unleash My Money Flood Now

Yes, I realize you may be a lurker.

That’s fine. I’m NOT saying you have to take action. I AM saying if you want to sell stuff and bank MONEY, you need to get a LOT of ACTION much as you possibly can within whatever time frame you have.

Later on, you’ll be able to ELIMINATE things that don’t work and hire assistants to help out.

Your work load can go down.

In the beginning, YOU are THE one only worker bee. And you need to try quite a few things to find a few that work.

Just make sure those things you try out involve SELLING PRODUCTS and SERVICES.

They Spent $13,000 On Coaching And STILL Don’t Have a FUNNEL! They’re Potential MONEY FLOOD Is Still Locked Up Inside Their Brain

I see WACKO stuff all the time.

Today I saw a post from someone in the Clickfunnels FB group who spent $13,000 on coaching and STILL don’t have a funnel!

That’s insane.

You can create your own MONEY FLOOD funnel in ONE HOUR!

1. Create an email capture spage

This is EASY in Thrive Themes, Instabuilder, Clickfunnels or your page builder of choice. You can even do them in html. They work great.

2. Make the thank you page go to an affiliate offer

BOOM! You have a funnel!

Now, if you have your OWN products, then the thank you page is your FIRST offer...probably a $7 offer you created using Offers Into Cash, Fastest Way and Product Dashboard.

Then, offer TWO can be an AFFILIATE offer.


Now you have a funnel with your OWN product.

Next, you create a $27 or $37 batch of templates as OTO 2 and now you have TWO products in your funnel.

You make the NEXT page a $97 affiliate offer. BOOM!
Done. A funnel with 3 offers.

Finally, you’ll create your own $97 product to replace the affiliate offer.


Now you have a FULL FUNNEL.

And you didn’t spend $13,000 on a coaching program with NOTHING to show for it.

People will do ANYTHING to AVOID making mistakes.

THIS is why most people buy coaching. They are terrified of making mistakes. And they want someone to hold their hand so they don’t make them.

There ARE reasons to buy advanced training like THIS. But avoiding mistakes is the wrong one.

I have a LIFE CHANGING book for you to read. The thesis is that you ONLY get results by acting like it’s impossible to fail.

Now, before you run out and do that, you probably should read the book!

On top of that, you want to read Think and Grow Rich daily or weekly and DO chapter 2 and chapter 10.

Marlon, What If I Just Want to Go SLOW And Dip My Toes In The Water?

Yes, I get it.
You may not be ready to invest 10 or 20 hours a week in your business. THAT is why I created Fastest Way for you.

It talks about how you do it in the least possible time with the fastest results.

So if you’re just a toe dipper, I recommend the Fastest Way product.

Momentum Is The KEY To Breaking Through The Noise

Breaking through the noise and getting ATTENTION is the biggest challenge we have today.

Following the theme of Grant Cardone’s 10X Rule book, it takes a lot of activity to get results.

Again, you CAN follow the plan in the Fastest Way. It works. But if you want to take things to the next level, you need to up your activity.

Instead of Saying NO, Say YES STOP Listening So Much To Others

Check this out.

I haven’t sold a product on sales letters and copywriting on Warrior+ because my friends told me it wouldn’t sell.

BUT, look at this:

Someone just got deal of the day with a product on writing sales letters and it was in the top 10.

So STOP listening so much to others who say this or that won’t work. TRY IT yourself.
But with ONE TWIST.

Don’t take 6 months to have the perfect everything. Create a quick and dirty version you can test with.

You can always go back and make it better. I’m NOT advocating shoddy products. I AM advocating doing the best you can and getting products or promotions DONE and OUT.

And I’m advocating DOING the IDEA instead of ASSUMING it won’t work.

Instead of saying NO to ideas because your negative thinking says it won’t work because of this or that, TRY IT. Do it.

That is the ONLY way you learn what does or doesn’t work.

Instead of debating endlessly about will this or that work, just GO TRY IT. Create a TEST and try it out.

Find out for yourself.

The FEAR of making mistakes is one of the BIGGEST INCOME ROBBERS in the world.

And it’s all in your own head.

The ANTIDOTE is the book Wake Up and Live by Dorothy Brande as I mentioned above. In Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill has a great deal to say about it.

Stop Listening To All The “Reasons” In Your Head That It Can’t Be Done

Inside our heads are all these negative voices from the past.

Psychologists tell us we introject voices from other people into your heads. What that means is we hear other people telling us it can’t be done because of THEIR beliefs and THEIR limitations.

Just because a voice or THOUGHT is in your head doesn’t make it reality.

START listening to the positive voices and thoughts that tell you you’ll never KNOW unless and until you DO IT.

So do it in spite of all those voices and thoughts hounding you in your head, keeping your MONEY FLOOD ideas LOCKED UP in your brain. Thinkgs like ...

  • I’m too old
  • I’m too young
  • I don’t have time
  • I’m not qualified
  • I don’t have enough experience
  • I can’t write
  • I can’t sell
  • I can’t talk
  • I have kids
  • Ihaveajob
  • I have a wooden leg
  • I have a disability
  • I can’t type
  • I’m too dumb
  • I’m too smart
  • I’m skeptical
  • I don’t believe it
  • I’m too lazy

Go do it ANYWAY.
This is why I’m such a huge advocate of Think and Grow Rich. I also like Bob Proctor, Les Brown, Anthony Robbins and tons of others.
Find the ones that INSPIRE YOU!
Right now, today, YOU have great potential MONEY FLOOD ideas locked up in your brain that could bring you your money now!

But to GET YOUR MONEY now, you have to UNLOCK those ideas out of your brain and get them into action where they can bring you your money now.

Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich has a chapter on action. One on organized planning. And one on imagination which is how you create your money flood ideas in your brain in the FIRST PLACE!

Best wishes,
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