How to Create Exciting Promotions 
That Get Response

Want to Create Your Own Exciting Internet Marketing Promotions That Bring Home The Profits?  In Today's Newsletter, I Share 3 BIG Keys That Will Make an Immediate Difference

Profitable and Successful Internet marketing promotions -- How do you  create them?  How do you get ideas?   How do you get response?

What happens when you start, build or run an Internet marketing business is people get so caught up in their need to "validate" Internet marketing and prove to themselves or others that "it works," they miss out on the FUNDAMENTALS that make it work.

Notice that the word FUNdamentals has the word FUN in it.

To me, the really GREAT part of starting, running or building an Internet  marketing business is CREATING ideas, products and promotions.  It's where your ENERGY comes from.  Let's, then, look at how to create EXCITING promotions that get RESPONSE!

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One:  The most important part of successful INTERNET MARKETING PROMOTIONS is finding your big idea.

When I learned copywriting back in 1989 or so, the main emphasis was on the headline and the offer.

The headline is your ad for the ad.  It's what gets people to read more.  The offer is what people get for their money -- the product components, the price, the payment terms, the guarantee, the bonuses.

But as ideas about getting RESPONSE progressed and evolved, we realized that the IDEA is more important than anything!  Some ideas EXCITE people.  Some bore them.  The newsletter I'm writing right now has an idea:  There are certain elements that allow you to create exciting promotions that get response.

This is the FUN part of starting, growing and expanding your Internet marketing business -- You get to come up with ideas, try them out and see if they fly or not!

Some will.  Some won't.

Where do you GET ideas for your Internet marketing promotions?

The first thing to know how you know you have a good idea.

I like the idea that both Michael Masterson in Ready, Fire, Aim and T.J. Rohleder in his many books talks about -- you know a potentially great promotion when it MAKES YOU EXCITED!

See, if you aren't excited about it, how the heck are you going to make your potential buyers excited about it?  This does NOT mean you want to sell them what you would buy.  You are not your customers.  But typically, a great promotional idea gets you excited and you can inject that excitement and enthusiasm into your promotion.

Just to show you that I practice what I preach, here's a PROMO I came up with for AFFILIATES.  It's a PDF I created for affiliates.

Affiliate Newsletter

As you can see from the graphic, which is the header from the PDF, my IDEA is called P.S.S. cash.  It's how my AFFILIATES can get totally and completely PASSIVE INCOME from one of my products by doing virtually NOTHING. 

You can EASILY do your OWN graphics like this, including the pencil drawn photo if you have basic skills.  Doing little things like this is a piece of cake once you know how. And it's fun!

I have a SECOND BIG IDEA in it called EXIT BUCKS where I take web pages you have that don't have an exit and I turn them into CASH for you!  This is my BIG IDEA.  And, as you can see, I'm EXCITED about it!   

Always, always, always document your learning curves?  Did I say that ANYTIME you learn something NEW that you will re-use to DOCUMENT it?  I show how to do this in Level One in the TRACKS section. A track is a sequence you run on.  If you are Level One'r and haven't reviewed the new, revised modules, I urge you to do so.

a.  As you know from Book of Secrets, I like to look for ideas in other industries and fields.

You need an element of FRESH or NEW.  Since people aren't aware of what goes on in other arenas, you can often find a fresh idea there.

b.  Look for the IDEA SEQUENCE and the next link in the chain

Here's how it works:

Idea one > Idea two > Idea three > Idea four

As you can see this is a sequence of ideas.  Look for the next idea and link in the chain.

Products and promotions both tend to go through successive stages of development.  One guy or gal creates a plugin for Wordpress that creates 1 very basic squeeze page.  The next promotion offers a plugin that does 5 basic squeeze pages.  The next promotion offers a plugin that does 1 FANCY  squeeze page.  The next promotion offers a plugin that does 5 FANCY squeeze pages.

If you follow that sequence, you can easily PREDICT THE FUTURE.  Before long, you'll have a plugin that does 50 squeeze pages from simple to super duper fancy and everything in between.  Then beyond that, it goes from squeeze pages to all types of pages.

Pretty soon, you have a plugin that does everything including privacy and legal pages that look like Leonardo daVinci designed them!

c.  Look at what worked for you or others in the past

If you have successful past promotions, take these and improve on them or recycle them.  If you don't, then look at what has worked for others.

I have notebooks of my past emails and promotions to customers and affiliates.  I have swipe files on my computer of my best past promotions.  Just to pull one random example out of my hat, I know that Nov and Dec of 2005 weren't that great because we didn't have any BONUS offers to customers.  But then in early 2006 we crushed it with a $697 bonus offer on Marketing Dashboard with an html email.  We rode that horse in January and February and then again in May 2006 where we had $11,000 in sales for that product ALONE using the SAME bonus promotion we used in Jan. and Feb.

I know that the subject line:  Watch This Video historically has gotten a superior response.

If you don't have any history, you can start with the ideas in my emails in the Million Dollar Swipe File you should have gotten as a bonus for Fast Start System. Those emails are a STARTING point, not an end point.

I have certain types of promotions that have done well for us over the years.  Just to name a few:  Alist promotions, Friday postcards, Spoelstra offers, 5-minute wow promotions.  You'll come up with your own list.  But when you're starting out, since you don't have a list, you borrow from others.

 Two:  Sell The IDEA Before You Sell The Product

You want to know the secret to GET HIGHER RESPONSE to your Internet marketing promotions?  Simple. Sell the idea before you sell the product.

You might recall my promotion for Book of Secrets where I told the whole story behind Magic the Gathering in building the value of the latest implementation video you got when you bought.  I was selling an IDEA in the video.  That was the PURPOSE of the video -- to sell the IDEA that one way to GET IDEAS is from other industries, which is the whole point of Book of Secrets.

fun marketing promotions

There's a sales book written years back called Concept Selling that makes this point.  More recently, my friend Daegan Smith has done a brilliant job of teaching this.  The single best example I've ever seen of it is how Ben Feldman became the greatest life insurance sales person in the world by selling simple ideas.  Again, reference the info about him in Book of Secrets, if you own that product.

If people buy INTO the idea, then they buy your product.  The ideas I sell are simple.

Some of my ideas include:

*  Build your business on an evergreen model
*  The money is in the list
*  You are your own Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Fairy Godmother.
*   Those who learn to fish sell to those who don't
*   Business opportunities make the seller rich but probably not the buyer.
*  When you struggle to get response to your promotions, it's because you're screwing up on a basic
*  Do 12-product surveys
*  Use the Scruffy close
*  Use a 12-step formula in writing your sales letters and promotions
*  Learn to do the basics of graphics
*  All successful Internet marketing promotions boil down to sequences

Those are just a few of the ideas I "sell" here in my newsletter and in my products.

Three:  Wrap Your Internet Marketing Promotions In An Exciting "Package"

I talked in #1 that YOU need to be EXCITED about your ideas and promotions.

The next thing is to create an EXCITING PACKAGE around those ideas.

This can include your product packaging and also the promotion itself.  You'll notice that a lot of blockbuster products that sell like crazy have a DIFFERENT or UNUSUAL ANGLE to the promotion.  Either they did something offbeat or unusual in the video, the sales letter design or the product packaging, design or delivery.

This is one of the FUN PARTS.  You get to CREATE and come up with something you find exciting that also excites others.

For example, if you've been around awhile, you know the attention Andre Chaperon puts into his Internet marketing illustrations.  Brilliant stuff.

Our original design for Action Grid was unique.  Our series of S. Mouse promotions and Push Button Letters "elephant" promotions had that SIZZLE element to them.

Here's one example:

successful internet marketing promotion examples

This was a whole SEQUENCE.  Here's another one in the sequence:

internet marketing promotions

We had more in the series but I'll show you one more.  Can you see how you can put FUN in your FUNdamental PROMOTIONS?

profitable internet marketing promotionThe same IDEA applies to your products.

Nothing wrong with putting a little creativity and FUN into them.  My Dashboard line was VERY ORIGINAL when we came out with it.  The point here is NOT how great I am. The point is simply for YOU to put some fun and excitement into your ideas, your products and your promotions.

Here is the FORMULA:

Excitement + Riffs on Successful Ideas = Response!

Does that make sense?

You want to BASE it on what has worked in the past for you or others. You ADD TO or change or improve in some way an idea PROVEN to work over and over. Then you package it in a bit more EXCITING way.

It doesn't need to be a HUGE difference. Oftentimes, it's just small details that make a difference to buyers.  Sometimes even the simplest of ideas are the most successful and profitable.

Marlon Sanders

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