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How to Create Beastly Type 
Perpetual Income You Can't Kill, Stop
Or Crush

You Won't Find Anyone Else Anywhere
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Like This But  Show You In Incredible Detail
Exactly How They've Done It And Are Doing It Again


Marlon here.

Beastly income.

Income you can't kill.

Income you can't stop.

Income that just keeps on keeping on.

That's what we're talking about today.

If you read more of this page than the lazy people do, you're going to see a video pop up.

You'll want to watch that video.  It'll only be there for 90 minutes.  I can't tell you what it's about. You'll need to watch it.

Can You Really Create Beastly Income?

This is a great question.

Honestly, it's a fair question.

What I can tell you are two things:

1.  Building a beast-type sales machine where the income won't quit,  stop, get beat down, get cut off, get whacked, maciated or shut down is work.

I won't sugar coat it.

Anyone, in my opinion, who uses the methods I teach can create income.  If they follow  a simple formula.  It's just not that hard.

But creating  Beast-Type income you can't kills, whack, shut off, stop or dwindle to drizzle is a whole different...well....beast.

2.  Not many people have created this type of income

Most people create income that requires a great amount of work.  If they stop, the income stops.

I'm NOT saying you can ever eliminate work.  Either you gotta do it or someone else does.

But when you get incredibly  hardy, robust income flowing in, you have t he dough to hire brains.

3.   The key is stacking income then spinning that income into perpetual income.  And then you put an automatic front-end sales engine on it that is the thing that makes it almost unstopppable.

This is a 2-part recipe.

You can't have part A and expect it to work.

Part B is the automatic front-end sales engine.

Most people will tell you that this is impossible.

It can't be done.

They'll say all kinds of crap that isn't true.


Because they themseslves have never built a Beast-Type sales machine before and don't know how.

4.  This is no ordinary, everyday "sales machine" you can buy for $10.

There are scads of those.  Go buy some if you want.  I learn tips and tricks from them.  

But they have nothing to do in common with Beast-Type Sales Machines. Think of these as a sub-specialty or category under regular, run-of-the-mill sales machines you can buy for a few bucks.

Maybe they work.

Maybe they don't.

Probably not.  No disrespect.

5.  There are several things that differentiate Beast Type Sales Machines from regular, normal, everyday ones.

a.  The level  of income generated

Beast income is just more by nature and design.

b.  The persistence of the income

Think of a grass that is deliberately constructed to thrive in summers where you have water rationing and it's dryer than a bone.  But the grass is hardy and made to survive and thrive.  

It's robust under those conditions.

Other grass only survives sin the best conditions.  This grass is built to do well under the worst conditions.

THAT is a beast-type sales machine.

c.  The automatic front-end engine that runs the thing

You need an automatic engine on the front end.  That is part B.  But part B won't work unless you build part A right.

Part A is built out of what I call Infoprofits income Stacking.

This is my speciality.

It's what I personally have done full time since 1997.  I'm one of the best in the world at it. And the best at teaching it, as no one else teaches it.

There are people who teach "funnel stacking."

That's NOT the same thing.  It's a very different "beast."  God bless Russell Brunson.  Great guy.  Great ideas.  But this is NOT that.

But it's NOT just about Income Stacking.  Maybe you think you got that one all figured out.  If you do and are doing it, more power to you.

Go for it.

It'll only make your Part B better.

But here's the thing:

It's NOT just about Infoprofits Income Stacking.

It's about spinning that into perpetual income.

And then you add in part B which is the non stop income you can't kill, that won't die, that can't be shut off almost  if you try.

That is a whole different thing and different level.

But for THAT to work, you need part A.

There is no Part B without Part A.

6.  Rome Wasn't Built Overnight

You can spin up the Part A's and have income coming in from them overnight or in 2, 3 or 4 days.

I'm tellling you what 's possible. What I and many others have done.  I'm NOT saying it's average.  I have no proof it's realistic for you personally, although honestly, in my heart of hearts, I believe it is if you're willing to do the work.

I teach exactly, precisely how to whip up a product in 3 hours, and have it slide right into the sales page like a glove so the whole thing is easy to create.

And how to use a cookie-cutter sales page that just works.

This is like Income Stacking 101.

These are duck's soup.

If they create anything less than $15,000, you just throw them away.

They should do at least $15,000.  Again, tha'ts my experience and opinion.  I don't have some kind of customer-wide survey to prove anyone and anyone can do it.

Pretty much, if you're an entrepreneur, you're a person who believes you defied the odds the day you were a zygote by beating out 10,000 other sperm.

So you aren't real concerned about "the odds" or what others do. First of all, most of them don't read more than a book a year, can't stick to a project longer than 10 days, and want money without work.

If you've read this far, you aren't likely THAT person.  You would have quite before you scrolled 20% and got the video.

You got 60 minutes to watch that video.

Have you watched it yet?

I'm warning you.  lolz. Watch that bad boy and you'll be glad you did.

Make It Rain Money

My goal of a Beast Sales Machine isn't some drizzle income.

I want it where you don't bother to put socks on.  You just shove money in your shoe instead.

You're tell your spouse "Could you PLEASE put a bunch of this cash in garbage bagss or something and get it off the floor.

It's annoying the heck out of me just walking all over it.

You realize you better deposit that check for $5,000 you ggot laying around before it expires.

THAT's what a real, true, HIGHLY functioning, purring-like-a-cat Beast Sales Machine does for you.  Yeah, I'm exaggerating, but really, that's how the thing is constructed.

Have you watched that video that popped up yet?


You need to watch that bad boy.

The clock is ticking.

7.  Here are a few of the secrets:

a.  Be prolific

It's fun.  If you don't love it, go to a psychiatrist and tell them something needs fixing. Have them shrink your head or something.

Be prolific.


b.  Don't stop

You don't have to "work" to produce income.  But you gotta do it or someone else does.  Always feed your machine. Always have it purring.

Don't take the foot  off the gas.

c.  Know how you win the game

If you don't know how you win, you won't win.

You need to know HOW you win.

And it needs to  be simple and implementable.

And you need to implement that plan like a beast until you win.

You don't know how to win?

I do.

Did you watch that video yet/

Best wishes,


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