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Marlon here.

Later in this issue, I’ve added a quickie update on the results of last week’s experiment of putting my newsletter for free on Warrior+ the second time. It’s rather surprising...

I’ll also be revealing my NEXT experiment... Now, here’s a shocking fact....
Money opportunities are all around you.Everywhere.


Yet, most people never see them or cash in. Millionaire’s do. But the reason isn’t what most people think. see....


No research study has ever shown they’re more intelligent. We all know incredibly intelligent people who don’t have 10 bucks for a pizza.

They don’t work harder.

ON the surface, that sounds crazy. Ridiculous. And no one would say they don’t get “work done.” The difference is, they have people to do it for them. We all have 168 hours in a week. They can’t w ork anymore hours than you can.

Hard work isn’t the secret.

If that were true, construction workers and brick layers would all be rich. Building bridges and buildings in 100+ degree heat or 0 degree temperature is no walk in the park.

Yet, how many rich construction workers and brick layers do you know? Or teachers, taxi cab drivers, sales people, and even online marketers. Working harder isn’t the key that millionaires have.

I mean, you work hard for a living, right? So it’s not the key.

$1,000,000 divided by 365 days in a year is $2,739.72 per day. Divide that by 12 hours (if someone was working really hard) and that would still be $228.31 per hour. And that’s only $1 million, which isnt’ that much. Let’s take the princely sum of $5 million a year. That would be $13,698..63 per day and $1,141.55 per HOUR, if you worked 12 hours a day.

Do you know anyone who makes that much per hour for 12 hours a day, every day and every week? And that’s just $5 million. What about $10 or $15 million?

It’s easy to see hard work, or more hours isn’t the answer.

What Then Makes Millionaires Different From Others?

The answer will SHOCK YOU you.
Just by knowing this, you’re going to have a huge head start over others.

I can best explain that by sharing the story a few millionaires I met, including the super rich. I was LUCKY and FORTUNATE to meet them and discover this secret.

See, I started out this whole journey by reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. One of my mentors worth %600 million told me more millionaires attributed their wealth to that book than any other next to the Bible.

Anyway, as the book instructed, I wrote out my goals and wrote them really big where I had to look at them every day! I figured if looked at them every day, maybe they’d seep into my subconscious mind or something.

But I had a problem.

See, when I graduated from college in 1982 I showed up for job placement and the little old lady at career placement said it was a shame I didn’t get a different degree because no companies were interviewing for MY degree.

But there were some books in the lobby. I should go look through those.

The economy was in the pits. I mean, no one was hiring. And certainly they weren’t hiring a guy with no experience.

My dad kicked me out of the house he got so disgusted. It broke my mum’s heart because I moved to the big city where I had a friend. I still feel bad for my mum as I didn’t have the money to make it home very often after that for a long time.

I feel awful about that doday. But that’s how life is sometimes.

Out of desperation I took some sales jobs, telemarketing, timeshare, insurance sales, dating services, home food delivery. It’s a long list.

The problem was, I knew NOTHING about marketing or sales. I wouldn’t have recognized a marketing system if it ran over me. And I had all the sales skills of a pet rock.

I put 30,000 miles on my car trying to sell life insurance and in 6 months only sold one HOMEOWNERS insurance policy on a tiny, old, wooden house my company didn’t want to cover.

I was all excited and couldn’t understand why my manager didn’t share my enthusiasm.

It got pretty brutal. I was fired from a sales job. Got kicked out of houses trying to sell. Got fired again because my “up” complained to t he BBB. LOL.

So I was no born natural. It was more like a born UN-Natural!

But I kept seeing these ads for ways people made all this money FAST! I ordered bunches of them.

$5 here.
$10 or $20 there.
I learned a little bit from some of them. But nothing worked. Not at all.

They all had gimmicks or some secret, never fully explained or disclosed. I’d get so excited when I bought one because I thought it could be the key. Oh geez.

And still, I kept ordering over and over.

I actually struck a bit of “paydirt” on one of them. I was running ads all over the place and selling these books.

I had a little cookie cutter going for that “first sale.”

The problem was it was a “oneshot” sale. And I had NO understanding of how you use a marketing system to parlay one-shot sale into a highly profitable business.

I was clueless.

My Life Changed FAST When I Made This One Change

One day I ran across the craziest sales pitch in the world that was so long it took an hour or longer to go through it.

The guy was practically a marketing magician.

I mean, he made money for everything from flower shops to dentists and chiropractors to autoshops and gyms – and everything else under the sun.

All I knew was the guy was a “marketing consultant” and got paid craploads for it.

It sure sounded good to me.

Now, it wasn’t cheap.

It was $5,000. But over time, I’d probably spent more than that on nickel and dime stuff, plus books and courses, just hoping and praying I’/d find an answer. I even bought one of those get rich in real estate courses for $500 which was a lot for me at the time.

Anyway, through a sheer stroke of luck, I got hooked up with the CEO of the company and he gave me $5,000 to $20,000 courses for doing telemarketing for him for free.


Wow, my mind was blown.

I didn’t realize it but what I was doing was learning a MARKETING and SALES system with acronyms like Marginal network of a customer, USP, host/parasite, and many other buzzwords.

I SAW for the first time why I got the crap beat out of me in sales.

I SAW HOW you could create profitable businesses with no advertising or marketing budget or a small one.

I saw WHY my feeble attempts at “sales pitches” failed horribly.

I didn’t know it at the time, but this was my TICKET out of the 600 square foot apartment I was living in with furniture given to me.

This was my TICKET out of the piece of junk car I ad that smoked like a bomb.

This was my TICKET out of the pain and agony I had from buying gimmick after gimmick and secret after secret and getting nowhere.

This was my TICKET to gong from not being able to sell my way out of a wet paper bag to being able to SELL wet paper bags to others for a good profit! (Although I wouldn’t actually do that because it violates a law of marketing).

Through Fate and Good Fortune, the Tide Turned. I Got A Job As a Copywriter For a Guru

Through a series of events that were remarkable in themselves, I got a job as a copywriter for a “GURU” BECAUSE of the newfound knowledge and skills I had from investing in myself.

If I never bought that training, I don’t know where I’d be today or what I’d been doing.

I bet on myself by investing in myself, so fate smiled on me.

This company had a “cookie cutter” system that caused the phone to ring 60 times a day with free leads. And it had one cookie cutter pitch that made a $600 sale over and over.

That was the whole company in a nutshell.

At this job, I was taken under the wing of their hired gun consultant who was trained by one of the most famous copywriters of all time.

This company also worked closely with Gary Halbert and other gurus of the day. I got access to some of their products for free and even got introduced to some.

The tide was turning...

It was at this job that I read one of the books they were selling on copywriting.

It has a FORMULA for writing copy and making sales that blew my mind.

This ONE FORMULA showed me a crucial mistake I was making in my copy.

And that one TWIST literally caused my results to explode.

Marlon Meets A Multi-Multi-Multi Millionaire and What I Learned From Him

Along the way doors started opening.

I wrote for a guy who had taken 3 companies public $600 million. Interestingly enough, he’s the one who had HIS life changed from Think and Grow Rich also.

It’s impossible to know how much of my fast-budding success stemmed from Think and Grow Rich but I know my client attributed ALL his wealth to starting from that book and the power of the Mastermind it taught.

I can’t go into detail here but I learned the SECRET and CAUSE of his success beyond Napoleon Hill was a MARKETING SYSTEM he discovered and developed.

I’d never seen anyone else teach or understand this.
And other than those who worked with him personally, still haven’t.

His SECRET was his marketing and sales system that brought in money in huge chunks. He took this SYSTEM and repeated it 3 times with 3 companies he took public.

It was a “cookie cutter” for extremely higher deals that only needed to be repeated 3 times. But under the “hood” of the cookie cutter system as a powerful system for getting free leads without advertising in abundance and then a whole cookie cutter system for getting them to buy.

So again, his secret was a cookie cutter Marketing and Sales system composed of two branches:

Branch #1: Marketing – The bringing in of an abundance of free leads Branch #2 – Sales – A cookie cutter system for making sales over and over

I was blessed and fortune to Mastermind with incredible, amazing people who became millionaires by age 21.

One guy had been on Oprah 72 times!

We got to hang out a lot and talk on the phone. Incredible guy.

His first million by age 21 was a SIMPLE marketing system with 1 method to get buyers and make sales and one book that sold for $300 all day long because of his system.

His next millions came from a different Marketing System he put together. This one he repeated over and over multiple times like a cookie cutter, just as my $600 million client did.

Another millionaire friend also did it by age 21 but he did it via digital products and books on the fast-growing web.

When it rains, it pours...

I met the legendary E. Joseph Cossman who brought Ant Farms and many other items to America. I got to hang out and swap stories with Ted Nicholas, Dan Poynter and so many others.

The legendary Corey Rudl was a personal friend.

What I Learned About The Secret of Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires

The big secret I learned was this....

It wasn’t that the people I met were smarter, harder working, more intelligent or any of the other clichés that people say about “rich people.”

The REAL differences were one thing and one thing alone:

They had a “Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales Machine” that hummed for them day and night spitting out money often in huge chunks.

Typically, they were only marginally involved in the actual operation of their “Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales Machine.” Others did all the “grunt work.”

Their job was assembling it and making sure all the pieces were in place to keep humming. And then they did ONLY the parts they enjoyed and excelled at.

Not necessarily because they had to. Just because they wanted to. People are happier when they’re engaged in pursuits that help others and use their own abilities at the highest levels.

One of the things I found out went 100% against what you always here about “rich people.” You always hear they walk all over people and all that. This is usually said by people who don’t know any or few rich people.

In real world, they are incredibly generous and, in fact, this plays a role in their marketing and sales system due to reciprocity.

I found out they donate a good deal of time and money to charitable causes and are often very giving and caring people.

The ones you hear about that are “bad people” are outliers.

Finally, I Created My Own Cookie Cutter Marketing And Sales System and Dubbed It “The Amazing Formula”

After synthesizing and boiling down all the lessons I learned from all these people I met, the training I got by investing in myself and my own experience, what came out on the other end was my very own Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System.

I dubbed it The Amazing Formula.

It’s the one thing responsible for me having sold millions of dollars, hob knobbing with the rich and famous, enjoying travel, making money while I sleep and much more.

It’s NOT that I’m so great. It’s the FORMULA and SYSTEM I was able to develop as a result of the places I went and legends I was fortunate to meet, not to mention the good fortune of an incredible mentor.

If we stand tall, it’s because we stand on the shoulders of giants.

Now, over time, it has grown, changed, morphed and adapted to changes in the marketplace.

But the essence or core is still the same. What I put together was TWO-FOLD...

Here Are The ONLY Need TWO Things You Need

It’s not exactly the “big puzzle” everyone paints it out to be.

  1. You need a COOKIE CUTTER MARKETING SYSTEM that brings you new customers in abundance, preferably on autopilot day and night.

    You must be able to repeat this same system over and over for different offers, products, services or businesses.

    The Cookie Cutter Marketing System I developed has 6-steps to it. You just do those 6 steps over and over.

    Some of the richest people just do Cookie Cutters over and over and over like Richard Branson. He has this cookie cutter method of bringing in businesses under his umbrella brand and making them profitable.

    He just does that one thing over and over. Last I read, he had done that Cookie Cutter 600 times.

    It can be extremely costly and time consuming to figure out a Cookie Cutter the first time. In all, it took me 10 years to figure out and develop mind.

    But once you get it, it’s a thing of beauty.

    I mentioned earlier my multi-millionaire friend who was on Oprah 72+ times.

    He had a Cookie Cutter not only for getting on Oprah but for actually making HUGE amounts of sales every single time he was on.

    I found out that y9u can even apply a Cookie Cutter Marketing System at a small level and do well.

    I found a guy selling vacuum cleaners that had a way of finding new customers where on average 8 out of 10 would buy his $2,000 vacuum.

    He just did that one system over and over, and won all kinds of national contests and things.

  2. You need a COOKIE CUTTER SALES SYSTEM that allows you to make sales on a repeat basis over and over, predictably.

    Remember when I told you the guru I was a copywriter for sold this product on copywriting with a formula in it that was a breakthrough for me?

    Well, that formula was 16+ steps.

    I felt it was too long and complicated. What I did was combine it with my own experience and other things I had learned, extracted some steps, added others and ended up with a 12-STEP SALES FORMULA.

    When I developed that 12-step formula, it started working gangbusters. That’s what I actually taught at 120 seminars around the world.

    Since then, I’ve changed, modified, morphed, updated and enhanced different aspects of the original formula. My understanding and knowledge has grown.

    But the core formula still actually works.
    This has to go beyond the “ONE SHOT” sale.
    I told you earlier how I learned this hard lesson.

    You can generate TONS of new leads. But if you can’t MAKE SALES, you have NOTHING.

    I see this all the time on Facebook in groups about marketing (which are usually like the blind leading the blind).

    People complain about getting tons of leads but not being able to make any sales.

    The problem is epidemic.

Why Failure Or Lack of Success Isn’t About YOU -- And What It DOES Mean

I see people who are still at the beginning of the understanding curve post in Facebook groups ....


I’m so freaking broke I can’t afford to spit. I’ve bought all these things and haven’t made money. Someone help me PLEASE!

You may have seen or read those. And you may have posted that or thought about posting it once or twice.

It sure can be disappointing, frustrating and even depressing. I remember creating sales pitch after pitch and running ads and different things.

And NONE of them worked or barely produced a trickle. I felt like it was ME and I must just SUCK at selling.

Now having gone to the other side, what I found out is it was NEVER about me.

Those people who are struggling for money or too broke to spit or who can’t get anyone to buy anything have just TWO CAUSES:

1. They don’t have Cookie Cutter Marketing System that brings them an abundance of people who are likely to buy.

2. They don’t have a Cookie Cutter Sales System for getting those people to spend money with them over and over, predictably.

It’s a lot different when you realize the REASON you lack money is you do NOT have a Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System.

And when you also realize that things aren’t likely to BE ANY DIFFERENT until you get one!

Buying little trinket ideas and supposed miracles or systems or fast cash things is fun.

It’s like a great hobby.

I buy them. I enjoy them. I also buy magic tricks at my local magic shop as a hobby. I enjoy watching the dvd’s and going “OMG, that’s’ how it’s done!”

But I’ll also tell you my own personal breakthrough didn’t happen until I was willing to invest in myself. And until I was able to put together myCookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System.

I’m LIVING PROOF you can LEARN these steps.

If you DO the steps the RIGHT WAY, you also will make sales.

My client who was worth $600 million was also living proof of this.

When he started in sales, he couldn’t make ANY sales at all. And he had a strong fear of rejection and cold call reluctance that made matters worse.

But his COOKI CUTTER MARKETING SYSTEM solved this and allowed him to make offers ONLY to people warm or hot to buy.

His Marketing and Sales System took him from not being able to sell at all to selling a billion dollars during his lifetime.

Interestingly enough, one reason I live in San Antonio, TX is it’s a hop, skip and a jump from Hunt, TX where he lived.

The POINT is, it’s NOT about you.

The funny thing is, you SELDOM see people desperate to build out their Marketing and Sales knowledge. You see them desperate for money and some magical system that will bring in $10,000+ in the next X days.

If you have been like that, hopefully now you see the light and realize the way OUT is to have a Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System that works for you on your behalf bringing in an abundance of potential buyers and getting them to spend money with you.

And that it’s not likely you’ll assemble this overnight. We all want FAST results. Which is why I sell my System. But there’s still a process of learning and doing it before you HAVE the results.

Pressing on....

Here’s What I Discovered About The Supposed “Cookie Cutter” Marketing Systems That Are Pitched To You Everyday

I mean no disrespect to other marketers.
I just believe in telling it like it is and calling a spade a spade.1. They usually aren’t fully disclosed

I’m always investing in my own learning and education because you learn or die. You grow or die. You adapt to changes or you die. Plus, I just flat out love learning new things.

So I just bought one that sells for roughly $600.

It’s just that unlike the “pitch” for it, it’s not FULLY DISCLOSED.

Did you ever hear of the comedy movie “The Full Monty?” LOL.

Well, they are anything BUT the Full Monty.

What you get is a bunch of training but they don’t disclose their true, real EXACT, specific system for whatever it is.

Their goal is to make you pay a bazillion dollars for their super high ticket coaching whatever.

2. They lack one crucial piece

They hold back one crucial piece.

And again, if you want that one piece, you have to join the super high ticket something or the other.

It’s sound marketing. But sucks as a customer trying to get YOUR breakthrough.

3. They are either a marketing machine OR a sales machine, but not both

Some are designed to get you an abundance of “leads” or potential buyers. Others are designed to SELL those leads or customers. But they aren’t both.

4. They are based on technology or a bubble that won’t last for long

People LOVE buying into the hottest thig. The problem with that is it doesn’t last long.

One example is Facebook software.

Someone came out with this truly ingenious software that could scrape user id’s out of Facebook pages and groups,, so you could run extremely targeted ads.

It worked gangbusters....

.... UNTIL Facebook BANNED it.

I knew this would happen. I see it over and over and over and over.

Some of these people have their sales pitch honed to a science. But a little common sense goes a long ways.

5. The guru can do it but has unconscious competence and struggles to teach the real secret sauce

I’ve found that a lot of teachers of online marketing fall into this category.

I mean, they’re incredible people. Very likeable and charismatic. And my gosh can they sell.
In contrast to me, the BORN UN-NATURAL!

The ONLY advantage of being a born un-natural is when I DID assemble my sales system, I understood every nook and cranny, how it worked, why it worked and how to teach it to others.

I’m always learning and enhancing and modifying. But what I do that’s different is I can boil things down to their ESSENCE. I SIMPLIFY things so they are actionable and understandable.

6. They are based on trading time for dollars methods

A lot of methods require a LOT of your own personal time on the phone selling people or non-stop webinars or putting up a zillion Facebook ad campaigns daily.

They have you doing the GRUNT WORK. I teach the “no grunt work” system based on how I’ve done things since 1997.

7. They are “done-for-you” systems that don’t teach you jack about creating your own Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System.

I’ll tell you the truth: These are the most popular sellers hands down. Customers love to buy them because they are the absolute easiest with the least work involved.

Everything is already done for you. You just supposedly turn it on and huge amounts of money flow in.

Except that is seldom how it works in the real world. And sometimes the system does work but breaks when too many people jump in on the action.

At the end of the day, you’re left with pages, websites or stuff that has NO VALUE at all.

And you learned precious little about HOW to actually build or assemble your own Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System.

In other words, people who do this often or usually end up pissing away all their money and having little or nothing to show for it.

So as much as people beg me just to “sell them the fish” instead of teaching how to fish, I sacrifice the extra sales I could get by doing so. And I do what should be done and needs to be done.

In the end, I can sleep at night because I know I did the right thing.

What Are the OBSTACLES Keeping YOU From Reaching Your Own Personal Promised Land

Moses led his tribe across the RED SEA of obstacles to the Promised Land of milk and honey.

What stands between YOU and your Promised Land? Is it lack of credibility?
Is it lack of traffic?
Is it not knowing what to do or how to do it?

Is it the lack of step-by-step guidance?
Is it not having a product to sell?
Is it getting your leads to buy?
Is it technology or the fear of technology?

The good news is that technology is no longer the obstacle it used to be. The latest round of software programs have made it EASY to do the tech part and very affordable.

One of my friends calls these “click-click” solutions. You just click a few buttons and boom! You get what used to take days or hours. With no tech nightmares or hassles.

All those OTHER things are SYMPTOMS that you lack a Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales system. THAT is why you have those symptoms which means that....

..... The SOLUTION to all of those issues is a Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System that solves those problems for you.

Once You Can Assemble A Cookie Cutter Marketing And Sales Machine, Opportunity Is Everywhere – Even In Front Of Your Nose

Here’s the interesting thing:

There’s NO LACK of opportunity.

Opportunity is everywhere.

If you’re breathing, it’s everywhere. It’s all around you.

People have needs.

They have wants.

They’re buying stuff all time, non stop.

Often, they’re spending a LOT of money.

The SECRET is to have a Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales Machine that DIVERTS some of that money into YOUR OWN pockets.

Once you know how to do that and can do it with ease because you’ve done it a few times, boom!

You’re going to see opportunities everywhere. People are spending money all the time. All you do is fire up your Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales Machine and divert people into it.

You can do this with every kind of product and service imaginable because the CORE is your Cutter Cutter and knowing how to assemble and operate one.

The Quick and Dirty Version Of My 6-Part Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales Machine

I don’t have time here to really paint out the whole picture.

But here are a few AHA’s for you:

1. You MUST have people coming into your Cookie Cutter constantly who are “in heat” to BUY and spend money.

One time I spent 6 months writing a manual on how to avoid TV repair ripoff.

You know what’s wrong with that product?

Like who in the heck wakes up EXCITED about buying something on how to avoid TV repair ripoff!


After you have found THAT piece, then...

2. You need a GREASED CHUTE that slides people right through your Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System.

One time I did lead generation for a swimming pool company. Their system was very simple.

They had these demo swimming pools set up in various malls around the city. My job at my mall was to chat people up, find out if they were interested and get their info to mail them a catalog.

The phone team then followed up and set appointments.

Every day I got 7 to 17 leads in 4 hours.

This supplied a non-stop flow of potential buyers to the sales team.

A lot of people have a feast or famine system. That sucks. You run out of potential new customers and the whole system breaks down.

3. Part 3 is a SALES MESSAGE that gets people to BUY.

I have a 12-step sales formula. It’s been morphed and modified a LOT since the original Amazing Formula ebook exposed it.

The WHOLE SECRET here is building what I call dollars for dimes. If people don’t perceive they’re getting $1 of value for every dime they spend, they won’t buy.

This is NOT about your product.
It’s about knowing how to create the PERCEPTION.

This explains why crappy products sometimes sell gangbusters and the greatest products in the world don’t sell well.

It’s a matter of PERCEPTION.

Most people have very little understanding of sales or how to build value and create the perception of value.

This HAS to be part of your sales system.

Part 4 is the TRAFFIC or eyeballs on the OFFER.

If people don’t SEE your offer or sales message, they can’t buy it.

Remember the vacuum cleaner guy I talked about earlier who sells a vacuum cleaner for $2,000+ to 8 out of 10 people he meets with?

That’s an incredible ratio.

The reason it works is he has a Marketing System for getting introduced to others on a very favorable basis. It’s a simple system.

Often, the greatest systems ARE simple. That way, you can actually implement the darned things.

I hate systems that are too complicated with too many steps and hard to implement without the impressive-sounding machine break down.

Simple if beautiful.

One of my quirks is I love uncovering little Marketing Systems that are what I call “BOUTIQUE.”

They are little specialty systems no one knows about.

For example, one of my favorites was the little 5-letter sequence that allowed this guy named Ben to sell more insurance than anyone in the world a bunch of years in a row.

Or another sales guy who sold every kind of thing you can imagine from cars to industrial equipment by setting up a bird dogs system. He had it down to a science like no one I’ve ever seen.

I’m the only one I know who teaches these little BOUTIQUE Marketing Systems because of my vast research over 10 years in my quest to discover my Cookie Cutter System.

It cost be $200,000 or more to do so. And 10+ years of my life. I started on the quest in 1976 and didn’t actually build my Cookie Cutter System until 1996-1997.

I sacrificed a great deal in that time. I bought deodorant with all pennies. Survived on hamburgers, fries and cokes. I scrimped every way I could for money.

Just like it was yesterday, I remember clear as a bell running ads or putting in action different marketing systems...and waiting and waiting and waiting.

And like a date that gets stood up, nothing ever showed up.

I guess my mission in life is helping people not have to go through what I did to be able to build my Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System.

Part 5 – The magic of automated follow up and making overnight cash

I love this part. It’s my favorite.

I have emails that go out all the time.

They bring me sales while I sleep.

So credibility is a problem for you?

What if you had a system that fetched and brought back testimonials for you – automatically?

You don’t have products to sell?

What if your autoresopnder fetched and brought back sales for you -- automatically?

The cool thing is once you get it up and running, you can know that every person you stick into that little machine will come out the other end on average spending $77, or whatever it is for you.

Then you KNOW how to make the money you want.
You just need to stick X people into the machine every day or week.

Last year each person in my autoresponder machine spit out $166 on average. But traditionally, it has been $77.


This allows you to PREDICT your income X days in advance based on hwo many people you’re feeding into the machine.

Part 6 – The Money Is In The Back End

In the old days I said “the money is in the list” which is absolutely true.

But it’s your follow up money, your recurring billing, your repeat business, your bigger ticket sales that make you your real money.

You don’t even have to have what others call “high tickets.”

Most of my career I’ve just used Mid and Low tickets. They are less stressful to create, easier to sell on auto pilot and have less legal risks.

That doesn’t mean big tickets aren’t useful. You just have to know how to do them right to make them easy.

Still, I’ve always really liked mid and low tickets on autopilot.

Why I Sell My Own Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System

It’s a fair question:

If you’re such a stud, why don’t you just give it away or let me pay you out of profits?

First of all, on the pay out of profits part, the reason is because people don’t implement. That’s why.

If you implement, you’re in the minority. I believe one of the Marketing Laws of the Universe is the law of exchange. There is no free lunch or something for nothing.

Now, why do I sell it?

There are competitors of mine who make this argument: “You should buy from us because real Internet marketers sell in niches other than Internet marketing.”

Those people are running big teams (some have as many as 100 or 150 employees). They pull you into coaching programs that are $25,000 on up to $100,000 or more.

I don’t do that.

First of all, selling in Internet marketing is more competitive than almost all other niches. If you can sell here, you can sell about anywhere. So it IS a niche.

Second, I have customers in all kinds of niches.

Third, when I was a copywriter, I wrote for people in other kinds of markets.

Basically, all these people are doing is trying to EXCLUDE other marketers using a technique called “setting the criteria.” It’s a method I teach.

Now, why do I choose to SELL what I know?

It took me 10+ years to learn this stuff. I went through more pain and agony than I’ve even had time to tell you about.

I spend probably several hundred thousand dollars learning what I know. And I have ongoing investments in my own education, servers, software and other things – all to be able to bring you the best info I can.

My motivation is cut through the crap and keep you from going through the hades I did.

That’s why I do this.

It causes me pain and agony to see other people selling air and having even my own customers falling over themselves to buy a “FISH” offer where they’re giving you a fish but not teaching you TO fish.

I know these customers are just throwing huge wads of money in their toilet and flushing it, thinking they’ve pulled a fast one and got around needing to get the real knowledge of how to assemble a Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales Machine themselves.

Where To Go From Here If You’re Finally Serious About Getting a Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System Of Your Own

By now, you realize a few things:
1. Millionaires aren’t better, smarter or harder working than you.

They have a Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System, whereas others don’t.

2. The lack of money, being broke, being stone broke or simply having a struggling business or not creating all the abundance you can is caused by not having or having an anemic Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System

3. Inexpensive products and gimmicks are fun.

I enjoy buying them. If I learn 1 thing I didn’t know, I’m very happy. That’s all I expect from them.

4. Many, if not most, of the Marketing and Sales Systems that are sold that are presumably “cookie cutters” aren’t.

They are incomplete on purpose and designed specifically to pull you into super high ticket programs, where you may or may not EVER get the system you hoped for.

5. My own Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System was originally calledThe Amazing Formula.

Since then, I’ve made numerous changes, morphs, modifications and improvements as I’m always investing in my own knowledge and skills as a way of life.

You either move forward or you die. So I chooses to invest in myself constantly and move forward.

6. While my original ebook called The Amazing Formula was awesome, it doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of my entire Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System. It’s a full-blown training SYSTEM with support and the ability to get personal answers.

7. The current FULL Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System contains both my 6-step Marketing System for getting an abundance of new potential buyers as well as the 12-step formula to get them to buy, all updated to what works in 2018 and beyond.

8. This system sells for $1,997 at http:://

You get 3 things:

1. Modules covering my whole system A to Z. Everything you need to know in one place.

2. Community – I have a Facebook group and periodically post new content or updates in there. You can also ask questions there.

3. Personal support – You’re also able to message me on the support desk with individual concerns or questions.

This is ONLY for you if you’re serious. I’ve broken it down into trainings that are 30 minutes or less, so it can fit any time budget. But you have to be serious about going through the modules or it’s just not a fit for you. This is serious stuff with the best of my knowledge.

Custom Bonuses Available To Help YOU Overcome Your Biggest Obstacle or Obstacles

If you’re serious about investing in yourself, I have several bonuses available this week. Just post a note to me here, and I’ll tell you what they are. And mention CODE WORD MMM.

I can’t post them here because this week I’m CUSTOMIZING these based on your own personal obstacles or barriers. What’s stopping or holding you back.

I don’t normally do this. But I’m doing it as was one of my infamous experiments this week.

10. If you’re on a budget and want a more affordable system, my Cash Like Clockwork System contains a newly minted manual that covers the whole system and a collection of some of my best products at a huge savings at

If you already own the Cash Like Clockwork System and are ready to go to even a level beyond that in understanding and knowledge, you may qualify for a discount on my full-blown Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales Systemand additional bonuses this week.

Contact me here for details.

And mention MMM.

Marlon, What If I’m Too Broke To Spit?

I understand if you’re broke, dead broke, got no money or whatever the case may be.

1. Understand that the CAUSE it not having a humming Marketing and Sales Machine.

Either you’ve never had one or the one you have broke down or you need to create a NEW one.

2. Understand that the WAY OUT and the SOLUTION is to assemble your own Cookie Cutter Marketing and Sales System.s

I have a lot of individual products to help you with specific topics like product creation or getting off to a fast start as a newbie.

And just by reading these newsletters, you can certainly implement enough to get money coming in that can be a game changer for you.

I have several super inexpensive products I designed on purpose to help lift up those who are in that situation. is one of them. would be the other.

I always list a bunch of my inexpensive stuff (relatively speaking) at the end of my newsletters.

Best wishes, Marlon

PS #1: Here’s an UPDATE on my experiment last week putting my newsletter for free on Warrior+ with several OTO’s or upsells.

I had 1 complaint from a long-term customer who I value. Bless her heart. She just really hated it.

Now, the first time I did it, we had $1,500 in OTO sales.

Last week, it was pretty lame. My first OTO or upsell was for my report on creating planners for the new year. I sold it last year. It’s a pretty cool thing but sales of it were tepid. That is, for whatever reason not a lot of people bought it.

Next, Warrior+ seems to have changed HOW you put OTO’s or upsells up and it’s quite a bit more time consuming or seemed so.

Last week, It took me from 9:30 to 4 pm to get it all set up so I could mail it to you.

This past week I invested in Thrivecart which *I think* will make it a lot faster. But I have to try it out.

I wanted to have that done today but didn’t.

It’ll be my next experiment – free newsletter with 1 or 2 OTOs using Thrivecart.

I also want to try using it on Facebook ads.

Best wishes,