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Top 10 Newbie Mistakes

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Avoid Buying stuff you don’t need. save money and time. get going today!
And Avoid Mistakes I personally made


Marlon here.

And avoid the mistakes I personally made

If you’re new to my list, on many or most Saturdays I do a freebie PDF for customers as a reward for being on my list and receiving my offers through the week and buying them.

I added this video this week:

That’s the recording of the 1 hour and 53-minute quickstart training I held. It’s not quite 2 hours. But it’s TOTALLY jamp-packed with great info. And I answered a ton of questions.

There is NO PITCH for those of you who wonder. Actually, I should apologize for that because there’s so much to learn about how to get people to buy from listening to and watching others do it.

Quick heads up: Connie Green has come out with a new training on how to position yourself as an expert and an authority. Connie is really aces at this. She’s a friend and just a wonderful marketer.

Newbie Mistake #1: Getting stuck in the paralysis of analysis

This is always a tough one when you’re starting out BECAUSE you feel like you don’t know enough. And you want to avoid mistakes.

So by avoiding making mistakes, you make the biggest mistake! Getting caught up in passivity and inaction.

I recommend a 50/50 balance.

Spend 50% of whatever available time you have learning. And the other 50% doing. Some would say 80 20. But when you’re starting out, you probably need the 50%.

Learn and DO. Then you know what you need to LEARN more about. It’s easy to get caught up in.

One time I had a GREAT product idea I was doing with a friend. But I talked myself out of it for no reason at all and never finished it.

Here is the unfinished ad:

Here’s another project I ran only one time and then gave up on after working 6 months on it:

Newbie Mistake #2: Thinking the TOOLS are more important than the BRAIN!

A friend of mine just messaged me that he made $6,000 with a post on Facebook. And the graphic for it was created with a very basic graphics program.

I told him it goes to show you that the BRAIN beats the TOOLS.

Tools make things faster and easier. But they aren’t the big thing. The BIG thing is YOUR BRAIN!

What you understand about your potential buyers. What they buy. Why they buy. What their unmet needs are.

That’s WHY my friend just made $6,000 from one post. He knows how to write a darned good offer. And he understands the needs and wants of his audience.

Video cameras and green screens are nice.

But there are many Youtube people who shoot awesome videos with their phone. I saw a series of really great videos by Ted Mcgrath and wondered what video camera he used.

Come to find out, it was an iPhone! lol.

Newbie Mistake #3: Getting buffaloed by bright and shiny objects

There’s nothing wrong with the next hot, new thing.

But keep in mind that what makes you the most money is YOU creating and marketing bright and shiny objects. Or hooking up with someone who has created one and marketing it for them on a 50/50 percentage of profits split, or whatever you work out.

I understand that it’s hard when you don’t know what is or isn’t a bright and shiny object.

If you own the Fastest Way, then watch the Quickstart Training because I show you a very easy plan to follow that almost CAN’T not make money. lol.

It’s a simple, easy method virtually ANYONE can follow. This transitions naturally to....

Over my career, I’ve wasted a lot of time chasing the latest, greatest thing. Some of that is necessary to be an expert in the field.

But it’s often a waste of time.

What makes money is finding out what people want to buy and creating a great offer for it. Which, by the way, IS what bright and shiny object sellers are doing.


Not that you shouldn’t buy.

But don’t buy to the exclusion of selling.

Your FOCUS has to be at LEAST 50% on the SELLING and MARKETING. You make money by selling stuff.

That is SO non-sexy, it blows right by people. They waste all their productive hours looking for a method that doesn’t involve selling anything.

There are a few ways to more or less do it (like cost per action). But, in general, it’s a waste of time.

You make money by selling stuff. That FORMULA has worked as long as money or forms of exchange have existed.

Why muck with a formula that has worked for thousands of years?

What’s PRODUCTIVE is to get really, really good at figuring out what people want to buy and giving them reasons to buy it from you. Get really good at finding unmet needs or wants that people will pay to meet.

Newbie Mistake #4: Getting discouraged by trying stuff that doesn’t work

It’s easy to get discouraged fast.

What I’ve discovered is that the things you do that don’t work are essential to learning what DOES work.

The SECRET is to learn what doesn’t work as fast as you can. The way you do that is by testing FAST and SMALL.

Instead of working forever on some complex or big project, test it small and simple.

For example, write the sales page. Stick a buy button on it. Offer a “3- hour” version of the product. See if anyone buys or not.

I even read about a guy that has a buy button and sends them to a page where they can opt in to be notified when the product launches. He counts the number of clicks on the order button. If hardly anyone clicks, he doesn’t create the product.

The U.S. has laws against “dry testing.” But I believe that referred only to actually taking money and then refunding it if enough orders weren’t obtained. With this method, people just opt in.

Actually, you can even just do a 2-page free report on the topic. Offer it on an email capture page. If you can’t even get people to enter an email to get it for free, you can assume selling it will be a challenge.

The point is, LEARN FAST.

You’ll often learn more from what doesn’t work than what does work.

Newbie Mistake #5: Only trying a method for 10 days and then quitting on it.

I’ve noticed this in my training programs.

People have about a 10-day window of action. If they don’t see results after 10 days, most people stop.

So it’s ideal to keep your motivation up by doing a small project that gets you results. Or realize that you have to stick with it for 60 or 90 days, not just 10.

Newbie Mistake #6: Selling a product that has no “back end.”

The “back end” is the repeat business. It’s what comes after the initial purchase.

I see newbies work on selling something that is a one-shot sale and doesn’t have any natural “back end.”

The REASON this is a mistake is that you usually only break even on the initial sale. Even if you make a profit, it’s small.

The MONEY is in the repeat business.
If you have a one-shot sale, it’s a problem.

When you look at an idea or product to sell, the FIRST thing you should ask is “what’s the back end?”

So when I was younger, I bought this business opportunity from a full-page magazine ad.

The idea was you’d run ads and sell a little booklet on how to buy cars dirt cheap at auctions.

The problem is that the booklet was the ONLY thing you could sell to these buyers. There wasn’t any other logical “back end.” So it was a one-shot sale.


I could never understand why I was only breaking even!

Newbie Mistake #7: Failing to build a relationship with your customers

Today the churn and burn marketing method is popular. Sell ‘em something. Then email them 8 times a day and suck out all the cash as fast as you can.

Some experienced marketers do that.

It’s not a way to stay in business long term. You’re better off building relationships with your customers.

There ARE a few email methods where people email more frequently and build a relationship. I don’t see a lot of people pull it off successfully, but there are a few.

Newbie Mistake #8: Looking for push button solutions where you don’t have to understand anything

We ALL would like a button to push that causes the computer to spit out money.

And you know what?
It DOES truly exist!
It’s the SEND BUTTON on your email program.

a. Build a lists
b. Find affiliate offers
c. Send emails for them

That’s as good as it gets.

But beyond that, the people who succeed beyond 6 months or a year acquire marketing knowledge and learn what they are doing.

Understand, I created Push Button Letters. And that spawned a whole generation of sales letter writing software.

So I’m NOT anti-push button. But I AM anti “not learning.”

When you’re new, you want someone else to figure it all out, create everything for you and just hand you something that will make money hand over fist.

Marketing is the most exciting thing in the world.

It’s the most valuable skill in the world you can have. A person good at marketing and sales can pretty much go anywhere and make money at the drop of a dime.

All they need is leads or a way to get leads and something to sell. That’s about it. A LEAD is a prospective buyer.

There’s nothing wrong with push button programs and tools. But make them a MINOR part of your purchases and learning curve.

Spend 80% of your time and money LEARNING MARKETING and SALES.

The return lasts a lifetime.

Newbie Mistake #9: NOT learning how to write sales copy and putting it in the “boring” category or things I “should” learn when I get around to it

I know one guy who somehow hires out his copy. And he makes money. But even he writes his own emails.

Most everyone else I know writes their own sales letters, webinars or video sales letters, or they have the ABILITY to do it if they need to.

I do know high-volume marketers who use copywriters. But when they started out, they did it themselves.

In my advanced Amazing Formula Reloaded training, I have my most in- depth information on writing sales copy.

Virtually every highly successful person I know in the business can create their own sales pitches, letters, video sales letters, webinars or presentations.

Newbie Mistake #10: Seeking the grand slam vs. single hits

When you have skill and knowledge under your belt, it’s a good idea to seek a grand slam as part of your overall product marketing.

But when you’re starting out, hit a LOT of singles.

Celebrate SMALLER victories! Your first $1. Your first $100. Your first $1,000. Your first $10,000.

Get in the game.
Go to bat with a product or service. Promote it the best way you know how.

Even if it barely sells, you’ll THEN know what you DO need to learn more about. You fill in those gaps. And you go back to bat.

That wraps up the newbie marketing mistakes. I hope they help you avoid a few of the mistakes I made on my journey.

As a quickie reminder, my friend Barb has a nifty cheat sheet on making sales in November and December.

Here’s Barb’s 2017 Holiday Marketing Cheat Sheet.
Here’s her guide on how to make digital products for free:
One thing Barb has done to help out is TEAM UP with Dennis Becker.

If you don’t have OTO’s or have limited time, why not find another beginning marketer like yourself and TEAM UP? You can encourage each other and also share the workload.

My Fast Start System is a good INTRODUCTION to my marketing system. It’s not everything you need to know. But it’s a good start.

Best wishes,
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