An Open Letter From Marlon About

How to Get More Attention For Your Products
 and Sell Them With Less Effort

March 2, 2024
From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Your invite to Tuesday's training


Marlon here.

I'm writing you a letter today.

I hope it feels like we're on Zoom, and I'm just chatting with you about this.  I want to share my thoughts. And hope the sincerity of it comes through.

This letter is about you, your products and services you sell, or the products you sell as an affiliate.

It's about how you can sell more with less effort. And get people to instantly see the value of your offer.  Or as close to instantly as possible.

On Tuesday, March 5, I'm holding a live training event about what I call "High Concept" products.

You can prepay and save 20 bucks. Or you can attend on a try before you buy basis. It's up to you.

First of all, why under God's green earth am I doing a seminar about a term you're probably not all that familiar with?  

"High Concept Products"

You may or may not know or believe this. But I don't just pull products out of my wazoo and shove them at you as some do.  I carefully consider what I create in order to actually help you build your sales and business.

And this is one of those ideas...

The term comes from the movie industry.  Movies are either high concept or low concept.  High concept movies are super easy to explain. And they appeal to a wider audience.

They're typically what we call "front end" products.

Low concept products would require more explanation. And be more intricate.  You'd typically see these on the "back end".

So we want to dive deeper into this idea of how do you create products that people WANT right off the bat?

A few I've created are:

* The Amazing Formula that sells products like crazy
* Push Button Letters
* Gimme My Money Now
* Traffic Dashboard
* Design Dashboard

Do I need to go on and on and on?  

* Strange Ritual
* Ockham'z Razor
* Promo Dashboard
* How to create your own products in 2 hours
* You can see more in my kitchen sink.

And frankly, I can go on and on. I've created what?  A hundred products. Maybe more. Whose counting?  Surely I have that ONE THING I can share with you about creating high demand products that will make you a hundred bucks 5 or 10 times.

I mean, if ALL you got out of this was a checklist you could use each time to make sure you're creating a high concept product, you'd think that over the next 1-3 years that might be kinda valuable to you.

Maybe really valuable.

If you say to people, "My product is X and does Y" and people respond, "Heck, yeah I need that!"  Then you gotta believe it translates into increased sales, don't you?

And if you're able to do that not once but over and over on each product you create or promote, it adds up, doesn't it?

So you spend $100 or less and have a reasonable to great shot at getting back your money and maybe 5x or 10x. I'm being conservative here for legal reasons.

I mean, I'm supposed to only say something typical of average results. Unfortunately, I don't have any control over whether or not you apply a darned thing you learn. If you do, I believe the methods are pretty darned potent.  But I can't say outright, you'll be able to do this or make that. No can do.

I know some of you don't want to buy unless a big pile of money is put on the table.  Today, in this somewhat stringent legal environment I can't do that.  If you see me load up sales pages with more disclaimers than Carter has liver pills, that's why.

"Make money" is one of those areas that's under the spotlight.  So if you sell "make money" stuff be sure to watch your income claims, use proper disclaimers, etc.  

You're supposed to talk about the number of sales you've made but not the actual money. Stuff like that.

I believe you'll get some actionable, easy-to-use ideas from the high concept idea.  

Heck, even I didn't tell you anything about it you didn't know. But just made you a lot more aware of it and motivated you to use the idea, wouldn't that be worth quite a bit?

And remember, you can do this with affiliate products and offers too.  How?

One super cool way is to actually do a little mini webinar about the product leading with a HIGH CONCEPT angle. See, the creators of the product may not have done that.  But you might see the perfect angle.

You write that bad boy up in a little letter like this one. Or you do a little webby on it. And BANG!  Now you're making affiliate sales.

But, we're NOT just talking about high concept products.

One thing you all expressed interest in is pricing.  How do you price your products?

There are actual, real PRICING strategies.

There's the both and strategy. High low.  Front end-back end.  Market penetration.  Skim marketing.

I actually did a video for you with slides and everything where I explain these different pricing approaches.  You get instant access to it when you prepay today.

I've actually got a lot more in the training and member's area I'm developing. You can read all about it on the sales page.

But don't go order yet, I have another NEW FREE BONUS for you.

It's an "OLD SCHOOL" book about the methods used by prominent sales people to meet price competition and keep your customers buying from you.

In short, it's about how to sell quality products and get customers to SEE the value and be willing to pay for them.

If you spent 6 months researching all the old-school books like I did (I sold my research for $5,000 to a famous marketer) then you'd know about this little gem.

But if you haven't done that, you might want me to just give you the download link.  It's not copyrighted so you can download it, reprint it. Do whatever you want.

Here are some of the things it covers:

I— What Quality Means to a Sales person
II —The Basis of all Quality Sales
III —Laying a Sound Foundation
IV —Making the Buyer Want Quality
V —How to Create a Quality Atmosphere
VI —Getting Your Price
VII —Making a Big Price Seem Small
VIII —Price Objections as Talking Points
IX —Beating the Price Cutter at His Own Game
X —Closing a Quality Sale
XI —Keeping the Old Customer Sold on Quality

It's a pretty freaking cool book. I printed it out.

Knowledge is power. So when you register today, I'll tell you the exact page to go to in order to download this masterpiece for free.

Next, can I ask you a personal question?

Are you finding that reading this letter is a little bit more engaging than reading a typical sales page?

Do you maybe sense a little more that I really do care about you and your sales?  I actually know so many of my customers by name.  I think about them when I create products.  You're quite possibly one of them.

That's the POWER of personal letters.

Now, today people have forgotten how to write letters.  Or use them at all.  Emails have become a cesspool of junk, instead of personal letters like you'd write to a friend.

Well, in the old days, they excelled at writing letters because they really DID mail them!

And I found a nifty little book that's an easy read about how to write letters that get people to buy.

It's not over the top.  Just about right.  It'll be a joy to read.  And could very well change the way you communicate to your customers and potential customers.

The last time it was checked out from the library is May of 2007, even though it was written in 1911.  That means it's public domain.

When you register today, I'll use my "knowledge is power" theme and give you the link to download this little gem.

Here are the chapters:

CHAPTER I. Fundamental Principles of the page. Sales Letter - 7
CHAPTER II. Handling the Live Prospect - 29
CHAPTER III. The Personal Application - 53
CHAPTER IV. Enclosures and Postage - 71
CHAPTER V. The Follow-up File - 85
CHAPTER VI. Paragraphs and Punctuation - 91
CHAPTER VII. Collection Letters and Persistency -105
CHAPTER VIII Miscellaneous sample letters

Here's a bit from the introduction:

On May 15th, 191 1, Mr. Hugh Chalmers wrote me: " There is no question but what there is need in this country for a book on successful Sales Letters or successful Business Letters." 

The material for this book is taken directly from my files, and hence reports actualities. It is not merely a retrospective of theories.

I have been paid a price for each letter in this book, and have only (in most cases) substituted fictitious firm names so that my clients will not be flooded with inquiries.

The originals of any and all of these letters are on file at my office. The aggregate fees for the work here reproduced total many many times the selling price of the book.

If I've done a good sales job on you, you can get instant access now right here.

Finally, I've curated some cool, useful videos for you.  I hope you see the value in curation. Because of my background, I'm able to sort the wheat from the chaff. And turn you onto some useful videos you probably wouldn't otherwise run across.

Like I say, "Knowledge is power."

So here are the bonus curated items I've added so far:New Bonus: How she turned 1 ebook into 6 figures starting with only a 500 person list New Bonus: These 5 digital producs can be created in 24 hrs. with A.I. New Bonus: This one PDF made her $700+ a day (result not typical)New Bonus: How to sell digital products without an audienceNew Bonus: 17 hour ebook selling challenge. Live sales and profits revealNote:  Case studies are not indicative of average results.  Your results will vary.

Please remember what I said about income claims.  I mean, honestly, I don't think that people believe THEY will zoom out and make a gazillion dollars in an hour just because some dude in a Youtube video or ebook said he did it.

But basically, that's how the law interprets things.  I don't even think I thought that when I bought my first "get rich quick" product. I was just curious how the dude made $70,000 in 3 days.  But I had NO belief I was therefore going to go out and quickly and easily do the same.

But I'm ranting.

Anyway, those are some cool curated resources for you. And will save you a boatload of time in searching around. Why not take advantage of the time I've invested.

I'll probably take my Sunday whilst laying around and find a couple super cool things for your about HIGH CONCEPT. It's a darned useful idea.  

Finally, let's talk about cost and return

So the price is $77 if you prepay. I'll probably be raising that some every X sales.

And the try before you buy price is $99.

That's basically 1 to 3 sales of your own product. Or maybe a few more of an affiliate product.

And I'm giving you 90% profit on Marketing Salvation when you pay for the event. So if you refer just a couple friends who will benefit greatly from the product, you can break even.

That's a cost eraser.

I read one time that the only objection people really have is "Will it work for me?"

I never thought about that much when I bought stuff. Maybe on occasion.  I thought more about "Am I willing to DO the work to get the result?"

That's what it boils down to.

Some are. Some aren't.  No judgement.

I'm NOT in any way saying I'm going to make you rich overnight nor boatloads of money with almost no work.

Hopefully, we're all adults here and at least intellectually no that won't fly.

But I'll be darned if I won't show you some things that can make you quite a few more sales over time.

If you believe that too, I invite you to prepay now.

If you don't believe it, no problem. Just come on the try before you buy basis. Attend. And at the end I'll tell you how to cancel if you don't want to be billed.

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