What If There Were A Marketing System That Never Fails?

What Will You Learn Today: The 3 steps of a Marketing System thatnever fails and key points on each one.

What’s So Great About That? If you’re not succeeding, you can readover the 3 steps and figure out where to go from there.


Marlon here.

A couple quick updates:

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Produce Promote – I’ve made multiple posts in the FB group including recordings and other resources. I posted a link to a PDF book on lead generation that is out of this world great.

No one likes failure.

Many years ago W. Clement Stone wrote a book called the Success System that Never Fails. GREAT book about how he built a multi-billion dollar insurance agency with his mum from scratch.

But what if there were a MARKETING SYSTEM that never fails?

Sounds crazy, right?

Sounds like I’m a “hope pusher”?

Well, let’s drill down.

It’s so EASY to screw up the things that make a MASSIVE difference because they are so simple.

Here’s the formula:

How to figure out what people WANT to buy -- and sell it to 'em

There's a simple 3-step formula that has made me a lot of bank over the years:

  1. Target people who spend money
    Don't target broke people. It's so EASY to screw up on this one.
  2. Find out what they're buying over and over
  3. Offer it to them with a twist

Step one: Target people who SPEND money

Target people who already want, need and can afford what you’re selling and can make a decision to get it. But most importantly, target an audience that is ALREADY buying.

A lot of people have IDEAS of what THEY want to sell. What THEY are passionate about.

That’s great.

But you need to drill down and do your research to find out WHO, if anyone, is selling THAT already.

Being a trailblazer is a bad idea.

Most people don’t know how to do this research. So I developed a series of exercises you systematically go through in order to find out what people want to buy that has as close a match as possible to what you want to sell.

If you’re in sales, and we all are whether we know it or not, this is your lead generation and qualification.

You can’t sell to people who are don’t wanters.

They just don’t want what you have.

  • Are you in Facebook groups that your target audience is in? If not, you haven’t nailed your target audience.
  • Are you networking and making new friends in the that market with people who have lists and sell to that audience?
  • Do you speak their LANGUAGE?
2. Find out what they’re buying over and over

Go to blogs and sales pages that offer them products. Make sure you approve cookies. You want to start seeing that ads that target them in your newsfeed so you can know what others are selling them.

Buy products in that niche or market so you can get on the email lists.

3. Offer it to them with a BBD

Now you make an offer.

This is where all your creativity and ingenuity comes in.

This is where your copywriting training or sales skills kick in.

But if you don’t know WHO is buying nor WHAT they are buying, you have no basis for creating your pitch.


You don’t need to figure it out.

But you DO need a BBD – a BIGGER, BETTER DEAL.

I have very specific methods I teach for this.

But if you all you do is make a BBD, you’ll do great.

Once you’ve reached this point, you can add on levels of sophistication.

You can get others to refer buyers to you for a commission.

You can run Facebook and Instagram ads.

You can blow up content marketing.

You can create a highly attractive “front-end” offer to attract those buyers into your world.

Here’s Why This Marketing
Formula Never Fails

You target people who are already in the HABIT of buying and find out what they’re buying.

You find out where they hang out and hang out there.

You click to the websites and blogs and get on the lists.

You see what’s being sold to them.

This does NOT need to take months or even weeks. If you hunker down, you can do most of this in a week or two or three.

Now you know WHO is buying and WHAT they are buying and what sales pitches they are responding to.

You create your own BBD pitch based on what they are ALREADY responding to in terms of sales pages, webinars or videos.

You create “front door” offers to bring them in your front door and you get the word out about those using referral marketing, ads or content marketing.

You promote your “front door” offers hard.

If you’ve try this and you’re NOT making sales, you KNOW you’re missing on 1 of the 3 steps.

What you can do is just talking to people 1 on 1 or on a small webinar or phone calls to gather info and hear their objections.

They probably have an objection you’ve overlooked to your BBD.

P – The above formula is the PLAN

D – You DO the formula

C – You CHECK to see if you are getting leads and sales. If not, you check to see WHY. Where are you missing it? You do research with customers to find hidden objections.

A – Adjust. You ADJUST your sales formula and go back to the 3 steps again.

You just keep looping back through it.

If you can’t figure it out, then you bring in a “mechanic” to diagnose what you’re missing.

Where To Go From Here?

  1. If you want to learn more about the above formula, I recommend this.It’s under $100 and will get your feet wet and up your knowledge. If you’re just lurking or checking things out or investigating, that is what I recommend.
  2. If you want to get more in depth training, I recommend this. Or, if you’re not sure that’s for you, drop me a message in my Facebook group.
  3. If you already have products and services selling but want to take it up a notch, post a note to me here.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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