How to Get Approved To Promote The Power Funnel and All The Products In The Deep Funnel


Marlon here.

As you can see, this is one of the deepest funnels, if not the deepest, being offered on the Warriorplus platform -- that offers REAL marketing methods that actually work.

Here Are The Commissions For
The Power Funnel

Get My $2,000 Amazing Formula Reloaded Course FREE

Finally, by selling my products, you can get my $1,000 Amazing Formula Reloaded course for FREE. Just $5,000 in total sales and you get

How To Get Approved As An Affiliate

1. If you're an existing affiliate, register to be an affiliate for the Affiliate Success Letter, or your "front-end" product of choice.

Depending on your stats in Warriorplus as an affiliate, you may be approved. But if you aren't, relax. There are other ways to get approved, as long as your refunds are under 5%. If your refunds are over that, message me on and I'll handle it on a case-by-case basis.

2. Subscribe to the Affiliate Success Letter

If you want to promote, I'll approve you on a provisional basis. Your ongoing approval will depend on your percentage of refunds and chargebacks. You need to have refunds under 5% and chargebacks under 1% and continue on at the $5 / month level after 30 days.

Then go here and check for your llink.

3. Are you an owner of any of my other products?

If so, I take this into heavy consideration when you
request approval here. Be sure to give me your name, the email address you log in with and the products you own.

How To Get Your Affiliate Link

For the Power Funnel, I have multiple products that can be promoted as the lead dog product. Once you're approved, all you do is click the dropdown arrow to see all of them.  You'll find step-by-step instructions here.

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