7 Steps To Build a Full

or Semi-Automated Web Business

How I created and lived the 30-60 minute workday, complete with show and tell

Hello, Marlon here.

How would you like to run a whole business in 30 to 60 minutes a day with sales of $300,000 to $650,000 a year or up to $65,000 a month?

Well, I did that for 12 years and today I’ll show and tell you how.

In my last newsletter, I revealed the method of “Front Door” offers for building your list and making money.

Last week I held the Offers Into Cash and $166 Customer Value inside trainings. I said there would be no replays offered. But so many buyers were unable to attend live, I’m planning on having an encore presentation.

It’s not a replay. It’s an encore meaning it will only be available at an assigned time.

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Step One: Get a sale, then repeat it 50,000 times

On the live training, I showed actual PROOF of over 60,000 sales...and that was leaving out as many as 40,000 sales due to some order taking systems and data no longer being available.

Most people never get a sale. Because they never actually implement the Offers Into Cash System or, on a broader scale, what I call The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy.

So let’s just address the people who take action.

What so many people do is make a sale or some sales. Then they get excited about someone else’s model, webinar or software, and they try that.

Then they get excited about something else and try that.

That’s why I’m inviting you to express interest in what I call ONE MODEL COACHING.

It’s COACHING simply to help you STICK to ONE MODEL. If I get 100 people interested in One Model Coaching, I’ll offer it at a price of $40-$50 a month.

Click here to express your interest...there’s no obligation. I just need to know if this would serve you. Understand that if I offered it free, no one would take it serious. And there’s also no motivation for me to expend my resources to do it.

Step 2: Create Your Cookie Cutter Methods

I boiled my system down to “cookie cutter” processes or procedures, otherwise known as steps. Do this, then that, then the other. Another name for this is a SYSTEM.

This is what I teach in my products.

Simple, fundamental steps that you take and repeat over and over. Like I said, I’ve generated over 60,000 sales online this way.

Virtually everything in my business that’s important has been documented into steps the way Michael Gerber teaches in the Emyth book.

I used cookie cutter methods to create products, write emails. motivate affiliates, launch products and everything else.

Here’s a sample documented process we use:

Step 3: Find the talent to run your systems for you.

Your system is a step-by-step process that gets a result everytime.

But you need BRAINS and BRAWN.

Brawn means someone to do the grunt work.

But you also need BRAINS because it’s NOT all grunt work. Creativity and imagination are required to do videos or write emails.

Either YOU have to do this or someone ELSE has to do it. Michael Gerber says if your business can’t run without you, you don’t have a business, you have a self-employed JOB.

And he’s right.

Here’s the rub: I already know what most people are thinking when they read this:

But Marlon, I don’t want to hire anyone.

You don’t have to hire an “employee.” You can use contract labor, preferably in another country so YOUR country won’t automatically count t he person as an employee and charge you for back payroll taxes.

If you hire in your own country, do it through a freelance service, so their status is 100% clear to taxing authorities.

Now, as to the EXPENSE, the choice is SIMPLE: You can work yourself like a dog, or you can hire help. Normally, if you have your marketing systems running like a well-oiled machine, your talent is going to MAKE you money not COST you money.

Why? Because money loves speed, in the words of my friend Joe Vitale.

Remember, you aren’t hiring UNTIL you have the sales to cover it in spades.

Step 4: Manage your numbers

Know what your most important numbers are and make sure they keep going up.

If they don’t, you need to IMMEDIATELY diagnose the problem and put a new plan in place. Here’s one of the actual charts / graphs we used before. We’ve used different types of charts.

This lets you see if your sales are trending up or down.

IF they are down for 4 or 5 weeks in a rows, you have to do something to counteract it. This should actually be turned into a PROCEDURE in and of itself.

You have a weekly meeting where you look at your stats and decide what to do, even if the meeting is just with yourself.

The creation of the stats is a step-by-step procedure itself.

Step 5: Reinforce positive flows and troubleshoot stops

With the above chart, you can see which affiliates stop promoting and contact them to find out what’s going on. Maybe there is a misunderstanding.

But the MOST important thing is to REWARD performers. You ALWAYS reinforce positive FLOWS. Always.

Step 6: Have a daily discussion with your talent that lays out the tasks for the day

This takes 30 minutes and is the bulk of your work for the day. Your talent does everything else.

Step 7: Inspect what you expect using checklists

If you’re not a detail person like me, you’ll tend to skip this step. It’s a huge mistake.

You’ve got to PAY ATTENTION to your own business. You just can’t assume stuff is being done correctly. It isn’t. Bank on it.

Decay happens without energy expended. It’s your job to make SURE systems are implemented.

Starbucks has a checklist of systems to MONITOR them daily....the checklist is detailed and each item must be checked off as done.

At MINIMUM you have a weekly and monthly checklist.

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Best wishes,

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