Frequently asked questions

Have you really sold 70,000+ products?

On the PROOF video #3 you can see video inside of my accounts.

What is the "singles and doubles" philosophy Fast Track Marketer's Club?

We prefer to hit singles and doubles vs. going for broke on grand slams.  It's my observation that selling and delivering big tickets isn't an appropriate model for a lot of folks.  What we do is stack income streams like layers of a cake.  $100 a month here.  $500 a month there.  $1,000 a month over here.  And yes, you'll get your share of doubles and triples. And you'll likely get a few grand slams along the way.

What do you mean by an income stream?
A product is useless if it doesn't bring in income.  An offer page that sells plus a regular stream of traffic to that page equals an income stream.  It may be a little or a lot.  But every income stream that is consistent counts.

How often does Fast Track Marketer's Club meet?

We have a Wed. night mentoring session that is recorded.  We also have accountability "work study" meetings when 5 or more people commit to working on a Tuesday night. Currently, we also have a work / study group on UK hours.

Are the calls recorded?


What topics are covered in the mentoring calls?

We cover the info profits income stream of the month, then the sales copy template, then the traffic source4 and finally q & a and critiques.

What is the Facebook Community about?
This is our central hub for interacting and announcements.  It's our lifeblood.

What are the PDF Dispatches you put out the first of every month?

Each month we roll out a new income stream which consists of a product, sales tamples sand traffic source.  Each month I write this all up in a PDF called a Dispatch that goes out to members. The 4 mentoring calls for the month are based on the PDF.

Try out Fast Track Marketer's Club for only $1 f or a 14-day trial.  If your aren't blow away within 90-minutes with the first PDF Dispatch and video, let me know and I'll cancel your 14-day trial and refund your $1. That is how confident I am.

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