Are You Looking For A Way To Create Info Products
That Sell Right Out The Gate, Have “Back Ends ”
That Predictably Make Profits, and Get Virtually Unbeatable
Sales Advantages That Make You Feel Like Superman or Superwoman?

Only on this page until the time expires, the price is discounted from $497 to $298.00.


If you want to create your own info products, but don’t want to be slowed down by courses that are really only a come-on for a coaching program, leave crucial and critical parts out or waste your time on basic info you already know, then read every word of this letter twice…

Because it IS what you’re been searching for.

In this letter, I’ll be explaining:

You’ve no doubt seen and quite possibly bought one or more programs, courses and trainings. Perhaps you’ve gotten many of them. And you’re smart to do so, as training cuts your learning curve by massive amounts.
So congratulations to you if you’re a learner.

And that leads you to learning this idea – the ONE thing all these courses, trainings, formulas, methods, instant fixes, plugins, and miracle income cures all have in common is this:

While they disagree in what they SAY, they are in total agreement in what they DO. And I’ve always felt actions speak louder than words.

And here is the ONE action they all take over and over again:

They are ALL products being sold and promoted heavily by the OWNERS! That’s the ONE commonality. There’s probably not ANY other thing they all agree on! Everyone says their method, their traffic source, their plugin, their whatever is the best.

But the ONE thing they all agree on when you look at the actions they take is they all SELL PRODUCTS and that’s how THEY make THEIR money.
And the insight is that instead of envying them, they savvy person follows their footsteps and does the same thing!

You see, they’re smart!

They’re trading PRODUCTS for dollars instead of their time BECAUSE they know this one fact: You only have so many hours in a day. You can only work so much. It’s much more fun and enjoyable to have money coming in when you’re NOT working!

That’ll be even more clear to you the more you read this letter. At some point, it’ll all become crystal clear.

In a few hours, I’ll be sound asleep. I’ll have money hit my Paypal account while I’m sleeping. In the early days of your business, that will be extremely exciting for you. After awhile, it’ll be “old hat” and just assumed.

I hardly even notice now. It’s just something I expect to happen and consider routine. And I predict it will become so for you also…but more on that in a minute.

How would you like to have that happen?

Which brings me to BIG BENEFITS for you I have to share in the rest of this letter…

Just for giving me the benefit of the doubt and reading the rest of this letter, I want to give YOU
an immediate payoff.

Here’s What I Want To Give You On A Silver
Platter With a Spiffy Red Bow Attached

Major Benefit #1

My method for creating very
PREDICTABLE INCOME that I see almost no one teaching.

It’s no secret I’m a fan of consistent, predictable income. I don’t like huge, massive “all-at-once” money because it can cause your business to burst at the seams, create customer complaints, and get your Paypal or merchant account shut down.

Instead, how would you like to create steady, predictable income that just keeps coming in?

Imagine knowing in advance what your income will likely be. I have a Master’s degree in psychology. And I learned that the acid test in science is “predictive validity.” Can it PREDICT?

There are certain “processes” you need in place that are no longer in vogue. Without these processes in place, your business tends to be “feast-or-famine.” But WITH these processes solidly in place, you stabilize your business.

You CAN do it. Absolutely. But you must put these processes into place. Rock solid. Without this, you worry if your bills will be met. You can’t have any confidence in making purchases.

You have a gnawing feeling in the pit of your stomach. If you were to go all the way back to the start of my Internet business in 1996 and look month-by-month at my income, you’d see this predictability at work, day af ter day, week after week, year after year. Yet, the chances you have these processes solidly in place and fully functioning like a well-oiled machine are slim to none.


Simply because they aren’t being taught anymore. Anyone can put these processes in place in their business. It’s simply a matter of knowing and doing. I have a whole Module (module 4) that covers automating, scaling and creating these predicable profits. Yet, there are NO predictable profits without the ability to get people to buy at will and on demand.

Major Benefit #2

Stick these 5 elements in your products and sales letters, video sales letters and webinars, and you’ll KNOW with virtual certainty that the product WILL sell. This is something I teach others don't.

It is backed by a huge amount of research. The other day I went to JV Zoo and pulled up the all-time best-selling sales letters.

I examined each of these letters closely and guess what I found? Virtually every one of the all-time best-selling products in the history of JV Zoo (and that’s over $100 million in sales) used ALL 5 of these elements.And I also found that less successful sales letters often omitted one or more.

Imagine knowing with virtual certainty that your bright, shiny, new info product will sell. Imagine being able to look at a sales page and know whether or not it’s likely to sell well.

Most people can’t do this. Why? Because they don’t have the understanding of the “deep factors” that CAUSE sales letters to work.People see effects. Results. Dollars and number of sales. But few people are able to see BEHIND those effects all the way down to the level of CAUSE.

What CAUSES the sales? What CAUSES people to buy? Theories are a dime a dozen. And with all due respect, there are as many theories as Carter has liver pills. That’s a LOT of theories. But the level of CAUSES is not theory. It is backed by an enormous amount of research in many product categories. The difference is in the data.

When you understand and use the CAUSES, then you can make a PREDICTION that if you add these 5 elements to your sales letter, video sales letter or webinar, it will sell. And not only that, it will beat other sales tools that do NOT use them when you conduct split tests where ½ the people see one version and ½ see another.

The proof is in the pudding. Not only do I personally have millions in online sales to back this up, but you can examine for yourself the top all-time JV Zoo sales letters and compare them to losers.

And you too will come to see beyond effects to the CAUSE of sales.

In Module 2, I cover these 5 elements that will give you CONTROL over sales and let you see the CAUSE behind why some products sell and others don’t. Of course, nothing is 100%. Let me be very clear about that.

But more than anything I’ve discovered since 1996, after selling millions of dollars online, and researching thousands of books in my personal library spanning 3 rooms, and knowing and networking with the elite players in our industry, these 5 elements identify the CAUSE behind info products that catch on and sell.

Imagine being able to look over a sales video, letter or webinar and be able to say with total and absolute CONFIDENCE that it needs X and Z to increase sales, or to sell at all.

Imagine how that would make you feel. And what it would do to your personal reputation and power.

Major Benefit #3

The most in-depth understanding of the sales sequences that make up virtually all sales letters, video sales letters and webinars today – giving you a huge edge in being able to assemble, break down, deconstruct and reconstruct virtually any sales process.

I’ll tell you an interesting story.

In 2001 or thereabouts, I created a software program called Push Button Letters that codified the original 12-step formula I created for crafting sales letters. This was the first 12-step formula taught. The next 12-step formula that was published came 3+ years later.

The proof is in my 1997 video where I taught this formula at one of the very first Internet marketing seminars (now considered legendary) in Boulder, Colorado.

These seminars were attended by folks like Corey Rudl, Yanik Silver, Jeff Walker and many others who have gone on to fame and fortune. Interestingly enough, sincethat original formula was hard-coded into my software, dozens of other copycat software programs came out. (I’m not bitter about that...it’s the way the world works.)

But the ODD thing is, precious little creative thinking has been done concerning sales letter formulas. People can make minor changes or variations to the core formula I innovated. But they don’t REALLY understand at a gut level the PSYCHOLOGY that goes BEHIND the steps.

And ultimately, this doesn’t work. See, each product you will create and sell using my Fail Safe Training (what you’ll be purchasing at the end of this letter) is a unique problem. No one canned formula is 100% sufficient to solve that problem at that time.

To EXCEL at turning your leads and “op-ins” into buyers, you need to take things to a whole new level of insight, understanding and ability.

THAT is what you’ll accomplish in Module 2 on Making Sales. In this module, not only will you discover the 5 elements that CAUSE sales, you’ll get turned onto the Psychology of sales sequences at a whole new level others don’t have.

This gives you an almost unbeatable advantage in constructing sales letters, webinars, video sales letters, ads and even telephone pitches.I know competition is a concern.

If fact, today we have what I call “hyper-competition.” However, once you know these 5 elements, it’s child’s play to look at the sales letters in a niche, topic or product line and see if they’ve covered all these bases thoroughly or missed a few.

If they missed a few, that’s a “go signal” for you. It took me years and years of study and experimentation, dozens and dozens of online sales letters and millions in sales to hone and refine my understanding of these psychological sequences.

And yet, with my crisp articulation where I boil these down to their essence, you’ll get a lifetime of education in this module. Others can make minor changes to sales sequences. But they don’t understand the actual sequence and psychology at a GUT level.

They can’t tear them apart and put them back together again. Yet, using my Modular Understanding method, I break these sequences into chunks you can move and assemble in the order optimal for what you’re selling.

That gives you power and control over your sales process. It’s the thing that can take you from creating sales letters, webinars or videos that don’t sell or are mediocre to crafting real winners.

Not only that, once you understand SEQUENCES, then you can take virtually ANY sales letter, ANY sales video, ANY webinar –and rip it apart to see the guts, the insides, and what makes it sell or NOT sell, as the case may be.

If need be, you can operate on sales letters, webinars or videos to “fix ‘em up” and make ‘em sell.

Major Benefit #4

Discover the inside secrets of recruiting affiliates and getting them to promote that gave me a 30,000 person sales force for my products.

One time out of curiosity I grabbed all the numbers I could find from our stats program Web Trends Live. Turns out that as measured by 24 hour cookies, 1 out of every 102 people in the world who surfed the web with an English browser had been to one of my websites.

The point is, I know affiliates.

In fact, Mike Filsaime and others would tell you I was the first person they saw to use an affiliate contest, an idea I modeled after how Mary Kay motivated her vast empire of sales ladies and men. Instead of trying to teach you everything I know about getting affiliates to promote, I zero right in on what it takes right now, today. Things have changed.

When the Warrior Forum and then JV Zoo opened things up for affiliates, and front-end prices on the initial sale dropped to $7 to $10, everything changed. When you’re starting out, you don’t know anyone. You don’t have affiliates on board. How do you GET them on board?

Major Benefit #5

Back End Sales Sequences that bring in the big dollars, funding the freedom, lifestyle and independence you keep hearing about

I’ve done things in my career you “aren’t supposed to do.” For example, I sold $150,000 of a $997 training from a sales letter ALONE! You aren’t supposed to be able to do that. It’s CRITICAL you have the power and ability to sell big tickets.

Why? Because you can’t live by the “front-end” alone. The front end is what we as marketers call the first purchase from a customer. The “back end” is all the sales that come after that. In other words, the follow up sales. The back end is the thing that pays the bills. The back end is the thing that puts your kids in college. The back end is the thing that funds college educations.

Here’s the thing:

Selling your back end products is DIFFERENT from selling the front end. Why? Because very simply the price is higher. You have to build more value. And you use an elongated sales psychology sequence.

Once you “get it” and understand it, it’s pretty simple. But trying to figure it out on your own could take years. Or you could copy what someone else does and have “hit-and-miss” success because you don’t understand what you’re doing or why. That all changes when I walk you through big ticket sales psychology.

Without this, you have an anemic business BECAUSE you’re trying to survive on the “front-end” initial sales AFTER paying out 50% to affiliates (or more). If you do that, you’re going to have skinny kids, rabbits and dogs!

You need more. Much more. That’s where “the big ticket” comes in.

Imagine checking your Paypal account and seeing $1500 here and $997 there. Or even higher! (I’ve personally sold up to $2500 using sales letters alone). Not many people understand HOW to do this. They just copy what they see others do. Even less are willing to teach it to others WITHOUT forcing them to enroll in a $10,000 to $70,000 coaching program.

That’s why in the Fail Safe System, you get the value you might would get in a far, far more expensive program at a 90% discount!

Major Benefit #6

You get one system spelled out in detail from beginning to end, including traffic (visitors), getting leads, making sales, the back end, automating and scaling. You don’t suffer from “hodge podge” disease that can be very frustrating! How can you escape this?

What if you don’t want to play the JV launch game? How can you STILL get affiliates to promote? What are the best “tricks-of-the-trade” I can give you without loading you down with tons of information that would stop action? “But Marlon, what about paid traffic?”

I DO talk about paid traffic on Facebook. However, when you can get it, you’ll want to use affiliate and JV traffic.

The reason is simple:

The difference is between warm and cold. When you get visitors to your sales letter who don’t know you and haven’t heard of you, this is called “cold traffic.” It’s hard to convert without a super-hyped sales pitch or a slow “warming up” process, usually involving a sequence of emails over time.

In contrast, affiliates and joint venture partners ALREADY have a relationship with the folks on their email list. This WARMS them up. It means it’s a LOT easier to get those sales coming in the door. And, I might add, the skill level it takes to get sales is lower. You need to be really good to turn “cold traffic” into sales.

What a lot of people do is buy this method here and another one over there. Then they try to piece them all together. Nothing wrong with it.

But it isn’t the way to get the FASTEST, swiftest results. Because what applies to one system may not work or fit exactly in another. Yet, it’s VERY challenging to find one whole system – FULL MONTY REVEALED!

Why? Because people hold back “the good stuff” for their high-end coaching programs. They leave out one or more CRITICAL elements.

Like they teach you traffic but leave out making sales. Or they teach you conversions but leave out the “back end.”

The list goes on and on. I’m guessing you know exactly what I’m talking about and have spent your money on many programs that are really a disguised come-on for a coaching program. Nothing wrong with that. I’m not criticizing. I’m just pointing out that the Fail Safe System is one whole, complete system without critical parts left out.

I really LOVE the feeling of satisfaction I get when I can see and feel the WHOLE big picture. I personally find it far easier to chunk down to details than I do to work from details to a big picture.

Once you REALLY have the “Big Picture” and can see at a gut level how it all fits together, then it’s as though everything starts falling into place…because there’s somewhere for it to go.

Otherwise, it’s just a big confusion because nothing knows where to fall! There’s no place to put what you learn. So it just wanders around in your head and bumps into other data and information you got from other places.

I call it “hodge podge” disease! And you don’t want that. The bottom line is, when you see the big picture and have your major pieces in place, you can take ACTION confidently. And that’s half the results right there. Just feeling confident in what you’re doing and taking action. You do THAT and you’re ahead of about 90% of the crowd.

Now that you understand the key benefits, let’s go into the modules and what you’re actually going to learn.

How to Make The Transition From
Consumer To Producer and Marketer

So far you’ve seen that while the Fail Safe System covers some of the crucial basics for beginners, it goes way BEYOND that to unique processes and mental shifts that give you a big advantage.
It puts the power and control in your hands.

It gives you levers to pull that make things happen. It gives you big pictures with all the puzzle pieces put together for you, so you don’t have to struggle forever trying to make sense of it all.

I’ve literally taken my accumulated knowledge since 1996 and before and smushed it all together into video capsules you can consume and get instant understanding from. This is NOT a mere video course or training. You can buy those for 10 bucks (and get what you pay for). This is a transfer of my compressed and distilled KNOWLEDGE since 1996, directly transferred from my brain to yours.

I’m talking knowledge that created millions in sales and cost me at untold sums to learn. If you’d like to get those knowledge capsules handed to you on a silver platter, then things are about to get even more exciting.

Because I’m going to break down each module in your training course you’ll be getting at the end of this letter.

This is the very knowledge designed to take you from where you are this very minute and give you the power to have money come in while you sleep. Or play with your kids. Or vacation with your spouse. Or just hang out at Starbucks.

Rick De Lima

"I've learned so much from you,
that I've shaved years off my learning curve!"

Marlon, you always seem to be a few giant steps ahead of everyone else. It's uncanny. Your intuitive Internet marketing products and superb affiliate program make you the leader of the pack. I've learned so much from you, that I've shaved years off my learning curve.

You're an inspiration to marketers everywhere."

Hoe Bing Lo,

"Marlon's easy to follow programs are packed to the brim with solid,
non-fluffy, hard hitting information"

Marlon is an absolute genius! He flawlessly combines knowledge and motivation to give you an unbeatable package that will literally make you an online superstar!

I've spent over $6,000 dollars on websites alone and they are not profitable to say the least...

I didn't know I was getting short changed in so many ways, that is until Marlon came along.

Marlon's easy to follow programs are packed to the brim with solid, non-fluffy, hard hitting information. And he has tied in the crux of human psychology into everything that he had done.

With Marlon, motivation is not a problem, skill is not a problem, the only problem you will have is learning the hard way if you don't go Marlon's way!

The message is simple, if you want SUCCESS NOW then you need Marlon.  If you want SUCCESS EASIER! Then you need Marlon."

Blair Hornbuckle
Rochester, NY

"Marlon Sanders does a great job minimizing the hype"

He puts it right out there in plain, simple English. He makes it clear that the biggest obstacle to making serious money is the fact that most of us will take NO action. But if you take action on the program he lays out, you will make serious money. But if you sit at home, wondering if this thing is any good, you'll be missing out on a solid formula that has absolutely been proven successful."

Here Are Some More
Benefits You'll Get ...

 Module 1: Getting Leads

How to Inject a Steady Flow of High Probability Potential Buyers Into your Marketing Sequences - Without The Overwhelm, Confusion and Misinformation Widely Touted - And giving You The Real "Stuff" That Works.

  • Freebie template for speed
  • Squeeze page template for 40%+ opt ins
  • Newsfeed ads that get clicked
  • Getting affiliates to send you leads / sales
  • Map for JV traffic
  • Avoiding the minefields

Module 2: Making Sales

My favorite module where I share with you my private secrets, processes and discoveries for taking potential buyers (or leads as well call ‘em in the biz) and turn them into sales and cash you can pay your bills with or fund your dreams, your hopes and your vacations.

  • Find the hot products
  • The 3-step sequence
  • 5-step map
  • The new sales formula sequence
  • VSL's, webinars, letter sequencing
  • Avoiding the minefields

Module 3: Big Ticket Sales

Big Ticket Sales that bring home the money, give you a cushion, pay off your bills and give you the Internet lifestyle you’ve heard about

  • Map for fast back end products
  • Membership site profits, sequence, hits and misses
  • Template for software creation
  • Webinar sequence for back ends
  • Avoiding the minefields

Module 4: Automating and Scale

AUTOMATE AND SCALE for the ultimate predictability and control over your income, your business, and your future.

  • What you can and can't automate
  • How to not get stolen from or hung out to dry
  • Newsfeed ads that get clicked
  • Getting affiliates to send you leads / sales
  • Map for JV traffic
  • Business growth template

Let's Take a Closer Look...

Module 1: Getting Leads

As you know, one of the big benefits you’ll get is my 5 Elements System and Marketing Sequences that turn leads into sales and cash in your Paypal or bank account.
What’s really cool about Module One is you’ll find yourself wanting to use this for all kinds of things, not just money getting!

When you have tools that work, a light will go on, and you’ll see how you can use them to help out your Church, group, organization or even your dentist, doctor or chiropractor.

The sky really is the limit on the value you can create for others. The tools, systems and methods are put squarely in your hands that let you create value at will for others – BECAUSE you have the right tools and the understanding of how precisely to use them.

Instead of being a mere “monkey-see, monkey-do” copycat, you’ll know the why behind every what and how. That puts you in the driver’s seat. Module One gets off to a bang by show you how to simply, easily and quickly design pages that get 40 people out of 100 (or more) to enter their email address and click subscribe, so they are on your email list.

Right off the bat, I save you 5 years of your life chasing models and systems that don’t build email lists. From day one you’re going to be building your email list. And that is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

See, what most people never tell you is these lists have incredible staying power. It’s true SOME people unsubscribe. But it’s equally as true that 10 years LATER people will STILL be on your list, open your emails and buy.

FACT: I have a list of 13.784+ people I built many years ago that STILL brings in a very healthy rate of clicks and sales. If memory serves me correct, I built that list around 2001, and the open rate is STILL around 2%, although I’ve done virtually nothing to send content or nurture the list.

This Module takes you on your first transition from consumer and buyer to LIST OWNER. And once you truly get a taste of that, you’ll never go back to the world the way it was before.

Your viewpoint, your understanding of marketing, changes forever when you have a list and those sales begin pouring in as you sleep.

You’ll discover how to find your “sweet spot” at the intersection passion, ability and market, proven back end models, how to start with the back end, 6 traffic models to choose from, a big insight into getting visitors and traffic, and the acid test for your freebie that MOST freebies don’t pass.

Then I go on to share a specific method of testing out different “opt-in freebies” to make things go 10x faster and easier. And I give you 4 specific recommendations for your freebie.

These are methods that can for you no matter what the niche you’re in. But I don’t stop there. I go on to talk about Facebook, Youtube, wso’s, affiliate marketing and joint venture secrets.

In short, all your critical bases are covered.

Here is a screen cap:

What About Getting Traffic,
Visitors and Leads?

Of course, I don’t just TELL you to build a list.

I fully cover the magical elixir of your list which is getting the high probability responders and buyers ONTO your email list in my 10-part knowledge transfer concerning affiliate programs.

It’s as though you’ll plug directly into my brain and download the EXACT data you need to know without all the fluff and overwhelm. Just exactly what you need to know.

Here is where you’ll get my info on retargeting, 2-level programs, JV Zoo, early email strategy, and a little tactic I employed to get thousands of affiliates to jump on board over the years. There’s no reason it can’t or won’t get results for you also.

I even give you the simplest method virtually no one does for adding new affiliates almost daily. You get a treasure trove of my simple yet proven tactics for your affiliate army.

This is where I pull back the curtains and show you the levers that cause affiliates right now today to click send and zap out YOUR email for YOUR product to THEIR list.

Make no mistake. This is the one action that brings you in virtually instant sales, often by the hundreds, or even thousands.

Anyone can talk about getting affiliates to promote. And a lot of people have done it for a year or two or three.. But what I give you is lessons learned from having thousands and thousands of affiliates promote since 1997 to the tune of literally millions in online sales.

This is something you won’t get from someone just in the business a few years.

Not only that, I make a distinction between affiliates and joint ventures and teach you in separate videos both sides of that equation. These are lessons that could have taken you many years to learn.

But you’ll get them in an intense “data transfer” from my brain to yours.

“But Marlon, What
About The Pitfalls?”

We’re all concerned when starting out about making those enthusiasm-crushing mistakes, right? Don’t worry or fret. I’ve got your bases covered for you here also. There are 7 minefields to avoid with multiple points made on each one.

Knowing in advance what NOT to do can be just as valuable or more valuable than knowing what TO do.

For each of the 4 “knowledge transfer” Modules, I cover the “must know” pitfalls for that Module.

Just one of these could save you untold pain and heartache. Or make your life flow simpler and easier, just the way I like it.

While you can learn from painful experiences, I’d just as soon learn from pleasant ones. And I imagine you would also. Because of this, I’ve included a pitfalls Module for you, to make it all CRYSTAL CLEAR.

Each of those checkboxes goes to a video covering that topic. Each video looks like this. This is a SAMPLE image and doesn’t play (until you purchase).

Module 2: Making Sales

I love this Module.

Literally, it has been a lifetime in the making. Anyone can take a topic and make it complex. It can take a lifetime to eliminate the fluff and stuff that doesn’t matter to get to the 20% core that delivers the real results.


That’s what I deliver to you in Module Two on a silver platter. Transferred directly from my brain to yours. Ten years from now, it wouldn’t surprise me to find you STILL drawing strength, wisdom and lessons from what you learn in this Module. That isn’t unusual at all with my products.

I know this as a fact from my support desk. People who bought my products 10 years ago and longer come back to me for logins when they have a computer crash and lose their login. After Module One, you’ll have the knowledge and tools you need to deposit folks who got a good chance of spending money with you smack dab into your marketing sequence.

The job of the Marketing Sequence is to take them from where they are right now, sharpen their desires, defuse objections and build value far in excess of the money you’ll be requesting, just as I’m doing for you, right here, right now.

Even as you can see it’s working on you, even so the magic will be fully and completely revealed to you, so you will have an incredible advantage when you put together your own sales letters, sales videos, webinars or sales presentations.

This is such an EXCITING Module because it’s an ability you can use ALL your life. You’re ALWAYS seeking responses from others in life, whether it’s in getting a job interview for a son or daughter, or promoting a product or idea, or selling the concept your Church, group or organization stands for.

Looking behind this to Cause-Effect is what we do in this Module. I expose a lifetime of learning in the chunks and elements that make up the structure of persuasion. Here’s a screen shot from inside the member’s area of what you get in Module Two:

A Marketing Sequence
Is Like a Puzzle

The whole key to this Module and the results you get is the Marketing Sequence.

See, what a vast amount of learning and experimentation taught me is that persuasion is the result of steps in a sequence or order. When you take the right steps in the right sequence, the odds a person takes the action you desire are in your favor.

And that’s what it’s all about. Putting the odds in your favor.

I compare it to making a cup of coffee or tea. If you put the coffee or tea in cold water, you aren’t going to get a very tasty result BECAUSE the actions you took were out of order. But when you stick the water in the coffee pot, put the coffee in the filter and the filter in the receptacle, add the pot and click brew, MAGIC HAPPENS!

Even so, in marketing there are sequences I’ve discovered that when followed result in predictable results. Without these sequences, you’re taking a stab in the dark at getting sales. WITH these sequences on your side, well, the results can be quite EXHILERATING! There’s nothing quite like the feeling of putting your words on the Internet and having money pour in faster than you can count it.

With your permission here in a bit, I’ll initiate the speedy transfer of knowledge and data from my brain to yours. Again, this isn’t about videos. Those are free on Youtube. This is about a transfer of very rare, very specific knowledge in the right amounts that creates predictable results when used in the right order and sequence.
This is a precision transfer of knowledge and sequences.

Once I’ve downloaded this data from my brain to yours, you’ll have this incredible feeling of power as you’re able to construct, deconstruct, reconstruct and build from scratch Marketing Sequences that result in people taking whatever action you want, including reaching in their purse or wallet, pulling out a credit card, typing it in and clicking buy, just as I predict you’ll be doing here before long.

I mean, think about it. Who wouldn’t want that power? That ability? That thrill? Some people think creating sales letters, videos or webinars is somehow hard or something they can’t grasp, understand or do.
Maybe they think it’s the domain of “someone else.” Or they aren’t “good at selling.”

What they don’t realize is they can throw most of the junk they think of or have learned about “selling” out the window. We’re talking about something here completely different.

We’re talking about using specific psychological sequences and chunks proven to get responses.

Since I have a Master’s degree in psychology, I look at things from the psychological perspective and what’s going on inside the mind.

When you really “get” and understand that, it’s largely like “child’s play.” I’ve even heard it called “duck’s soup” before, whatever THAT is!

BEFORE I figured out how the pieces of the puzzle fit together, I can’t possibly tell you how frustrating it was. I wanted it so bad. And I’d work my tail end off writing a sales letter.

I’d test it out. And it’d bring in as many sales as a dead duck has quacks. Dead ducks don’t quack. That’s the thing. And dead sales letters don’t bring in sales. But after learning to assemble the right pieces and chunks in the right order, BOOM!

Things changed almost overnight. I’ll never forget.
I wrote a sales letter for a self improvement / NLP training. I launched that sales letter and money started coming in!

What a thrill. Then I wrote a letter offering hypnosis tapes to bowlers. That one brought in money also. I loved that. It seemed like a huge victory to me.

For the first time in my life, my letters starting bringing back sales. What a total and complete THRILL. Later on, I was literally running ads in 72 cities and having orders come in day and night. Then when the Internet took off, holy smokes. Sales kept growing, expanding and building almost daily.

That’s when your momentum carries you to places even you may not have conceived of. Napoleon Hill said that what you can conceive and believe, you can achieve.

But what he didn’t say is that there’s a whole ‘nother level where you achieve things you didn’t even conceive of originally. Your momentum just carried you there!

I got hooked on it. And still am to this day. And you will be also once the power is in your hands. And in this Module, I transfer that power from my hands to yours.

This Is Where You Get The 5 Elements
The All-Time JV Zoo Sellers Use In Their Letters

To top off this Module, you’re getting an awesome piece of knowledge, ability and power. This is where I transfer the knowledge of the “5 Elements” I spoke of earlier. With this knowledge, you have the ability to look at a sales letter, video or webinar and predict how well it’ll sell!

And you can troubleshoot one that isn’t working. Imagine being able to look someone square dead in the eye and say with total confidence, “This will sell more if you add X right here.”

And if they do, it can, does and will! The power, control and influence that could give you goes beyond words or description. Only you can imagine what that power might mean to you.

Once you master this Module, you’ll practically be a sales engineer, able to reconstruct, deconstruct, build from scratch and change entire sales processes, sequences and systems.

Module 2 is where you’ll find out the 3-step checklist for your sales process that has a great deal of research behind it in terms of validity. I give you actual examples and insights from my own business and sales letters. This stacks on top of the 5 Elements.

You’ll feel unbeatable with the 3-step checklist and 5 elements under your belt. With that knowledge transferred with speed from my brain to yours, I then go on to give you the key data on creating hot products that will sell.

A big sticking point many people have is where and how to get ideas they know will sell. And here this Module shines because I give you my 8-step process for coming up with hot product ideas.

After these 8 steps, I dare say you won’t be stuck any longer. In fact, your brain will quite possibly be ON FIRE with a torrent of high-profit ideas begging to be created immediately!

Any one of these ideas is a real goldmine. For example, just in technique one alone is a super simple method TJ Rohleder has used to produce huge winner after winner for 20+ years.

Each of these methods is solid gold and ones I’ve used since 1997 to produce my arsenal of best-selling products.

And believe it or not, Module Two still isn’t finished. Nope, it’s just then ready to kick it into high gear with my complete presentation on Core Sales Psychology, expected utility, cognitive imbalances, when to use sales letters vs. webinars or video sales letters, key webinar differences, webinar sequences, the high concept pitch, the VSL pitch sequence and the speech pitch.

Without fluff or needless information, I give you a direct download from my brain to yours of the key information you need to get banging results.

To top it all off, you get my “bread-and-butter” marketing sequence, my “escape from pain” template, my “key elements” template. You’ll get all the key chunks you can “mix ‘n match” to create your own perfect marketing sequence.

Module 3: Big Ticket Sales

I start you off here with my “Map” for back end products.
This is a specific PROCESS I’ve developed to help you avoid detours, minefields and mistakes and get you where you’re going the FASTEST with the least effort.

This is where the FUN is because it’s where the REAL money is! You’ll quickly fall in love with “the back end” and it wouldn’t surprise me if, once you get the hang of it, your mind doesn’t light on fire with different possibilities.

I give you a MAP, so you don’t wander all over the place. I literally give you the map from point A of no big ticket sales to point B of Big Ticket Sales.

This is where I show you how to create info products even if you don’t consider yourself an expert. Of course, once you know the product will sell when you produce it and you know WHY people will buy it and the ADVANTAGE the product has vs. the alternatives, you can produce your product with renewed confidence. Lack of confidence is the main reason people get stuck.

And what I do is give you the tools, templates, systems and mindset you need to REVERSE that and put confidence to work in your favor.

Once you know your product is likely to sell, it’s just a matter of “doing it”” and getting it done. That’s a pretty easy, painless process with modern tools and software.

Then, I continue on to membership sites based on my experience of having 500 people a month paying $67. It’s really sweet when you have automatic money coming in every month.

And there’s no reason you can’t do it when you have Modules One and Two purring along like a well-oiled machine!

This is also the Module where I explain how I created software programs that bring me in sales and cash literally 10 years later and longer!

Create it once and get paid almost forever. NOTHING is hotter right now than software. It’s selling great guns on JV Zoo and the Warrior Forum. I’ll share with you my key lessons that allowed me to get a share of the pie, and are designed specifically to help you do the same!

My software programs have sold thousands of copies around the world. Here in this Module is where I share with you just how easy and simple it really can be. And explain to you how I personally did it.

I wrap up the Big Ticket Sales Module with an explanation of the key pitfalls and minefields to avoid.

My friend Jeremy has crushed it with software. And it’s the ideal addition to add perceived value to ANY big ticket offer. Best of all, you might think or assume you have to spend an arm and a leg to get software created.

But actually, with the right plan and knowledge, you can spend as little as $100 to $500 and get something that could literally bring back thousand sands and thousands for years to come.

Imagine the look on your relatives faces when they ask you with that skeptical look how your Internet business is coming along and you spit back, “Great! My newest software has really taken off!” That’ll shut ‘em up real fast! Imagine you, a software developer! Who would’ve ever thunk it? LOL

Which brings us to the last module before you have the chance to hop on board and explore a whole new world, and a whole new way of being.

It’s in THIS Module that I cover the audio and video information you need to know to look and sound like a pro. Things like what microphone to use, how to record audio and video, software options, what about green screens, masking, lighting and how to do those fancy intros – all the little things that make a pro look like a pro.

And that’s just the start. Because you’ll get my 7-part MAP for creating FAST back end products followed up with my 9-part transference of key knowledge about the back end.
You’ll learn about doors number 1, 2 and 3. The 3 keys. 4 sequences. Spinning off many angles. Profit splits. Repair/Improve/New trilogy. Hand raisers and selling back ends.

Not only that, you get a brain dump from mine head to yours on membership areas where you can deliver your products in a password protected area. What are the software programs? What are the options? What do I recommend and why?

Then, of course, there’s a 5-part video on software. How I found programmers, outlined products, made improvements and the language I used and why.
There are 7 important tips and 5 steps to starting out.

To cap it all off, you’ll get a direct knowledge transfer of the 7 back-end minefields to avoid, so you don’t make the same mistakes I have over the years.

Any one of these mistakes could cost you a small fortune many times in excess of the extremely fair price of this knowledge transfer information.

Here’s a screen cap of Module 3 from inside the member’s area you’ll soon have access to when you accept my invitation:

Module 4: Automate and Scale

All the other Modules flow naturally into THIS end result – the ability and power to design, build and control a predictable and scalable income for you, your business and your future.

For me personally, predictability and control sum it up.
I wanted to be able to PREDICT and CONTROL my income. And not be DEPENDENT on others for the same.

Your own thoughts, your ability, your knowledge determine your income.

And here in this Module, you arrive at the pinnacle of success – predictability and control.

Of course, for fun I’ve thrown in the automation BECAUSE to have control and predictability, you NEED the automation.

I don’t have space here to adequately explain that. Just take my word on it for right now. It’ll all be crystal to you as you dig into the training and begin downloading the information from my brain to yours.

A whole new world of understanding, of possibility, of predictability can open up before your eyes.
I start you off with a discussion of what you can and can’t automate, although that is subject to change as technology changes. New amazing things become possible almost daily.

It only gets better and better. Next, I protect your rear (and your assets) by explaining a few things very important to keep you from being stolen from. A few appropriate cautions are in order here, although they aren’t a big concern or focus.

Then I fly into high gear as we explore how to increase your income virtually automatically.

This is where things can get really exciting when you see what’s possible and HOW real world you can do it in YOUR business.

Then we keep growing and expanding we I talk about how to get bigger chunks of income.

Then top if off with my growth income template.
I made a special study of the methods of growing a business, ordering every single book on Amazon I could find on the topic and spending hours and hours wading through them.

To duplicate my research, you’d need to order hundreds of books, spend thousands of dollars and invest at least a year reading, studying, deciphering, extracting essences and assembling your knowledge into something that makes sense.

What you get here is the distillation of what I learned from that and my own personal experience. It’s very important to keep your focus on expanding and growing because the old saying really is true: “If you aren’t growing, you’re dying.”
This is the Module that adds the element of PREDICTABILITY to your business and your cash flow.

It’s the “worry remover” and could save you endless sleepless nights.

Just the other day, I shared one of the key distinctions in this Module with one of my friends who was going through a rough patch in his business.

Immediately, it was as though the waters parted and he saw a clear path to return to his former prosperity and profitability.

It’s in this Module where you’ll get my discuss of 1 click upsells, telephone continuity, $1 trials, the done 4 u sequence, my V x M formula for increasing your income, how to get bigger chunks fo income, and key data about business growth.

You’ll explore 4 ways to increase your income, systems, must know info about hiring, managing and outsourcing, 3 procedures, 6 routines, 5 key points on competitive advantages, 7 points on creativity and 6 ways to know you have a problem with your talent.

This is the distillation of all my experience hiring, managing upscaling, downscaling, building, growing and expanding since 1997. It’s all yours in this tight, focused download of information direct from me to you.

Just avoiding one problem can save you many gray hairs and sleepless nights. Or doing things the right way can make you many times the modest investment in the Fail Safe System.

Here’s a screen cap from the member’s area for Module 4:

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