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In my last newsletter, I wrote about the need to always go back to the basics.  I talked about the power of being a PRODUCER and PROMOTER of products.

One of those basics is your own mental attitude, which sounds like something incredibly simple.  Actually, as you'll see from this issue, it's really a topic that has spawned many religions and thousands of books.

Then, another basic is being able to CREATE PRODUCTS, IDEAS and ultimately money. See, your money is already out there.  There's money everywhere around you. There is no shortage of money. The right offer to the right audience at  the right time produces money, sales and profits on demand.

This is really an unusual newsletter.  If you are a person with a closed mind, who is easily offended by any religious idea that varies at all from yours,  it's probably better you just get on with your day.   Having said that, this is NOT an issue about religion. It's an issue about a metaphor that shows you how to create sales and money from scratch by combining ideas.

I've been doing research for a new follow up for the Book of Secrets.  The theme is that we take ideas from EVERYWHERE and apply them to unleashing Internet marketing sales and profits.  I take ideas from EVERYWHERE...all industries....all things.

I don't remember the exact thread.  But somewhere in a Facebook discussion someone mentioned that the book the Dynamic Law of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder practically saved their life and brought them out of  bankruptcy back to prosperity after a nasty divorce.  As I recall 1 or 2 others chimed in to that effect on the thread.

You say, "Marlon, how is that possible?  How can a book about 'positive thinking' really help someone recover from bankruptcy and find their way back to online marketing sales and profits?"

I'll answer and share my thoughts on this via a few stories. Because this RABBIT HOLE gets a lot deeper!

See, Catherine Ponder lived in Austin and started a Unity Church there then moved to MY TOWN!  San Antonio. And she started a Church or ministry here.  For kicks, the other day I drove by the Church I think she started here.  It's small and quaint. But still going and well kept.

I enjoy learning and find things like this quite fascinating. Now, I HESITATE to write about them because anything with any religious tone at ALL causes people's minds to go into autopilot based on whatever their point of view is.  If you are identified with ANY of the religions or people I'll refer to below, PLEASE take this as making a marketing point.  Trust me, I don't claim to have any expertise at all in the history of religions other than reading about it yesterday from a few books I bought.  I have exactly 1 day of training.

But I found an incredibly FASCINATING marketing idea that cause YOU to have ideas and ignite some newfound marketing PROSPERITY, money, sales and profits in your life if you tune in.

Anyway, when you study the history of the thing back in the 1800's there was this dude named Quimby who was a Mesmerist.  You probably heard the term mesmerize before. It came from the guy who he trained under named Franz Anton Mesmer.

mesmerism and marketing

Here's my take on this and how it relates to MARKETING PROFITS.

1.  So Quimby was a follower of Mesmer and had a practice healing people via Mesmerism.  Then, he developed his own theories and started a healing practice centered around them.  One of those was Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science.  She had a student named Emma Hopkins who then taught Ernest Holmes, founder of Church of Religious Science, Emilie Cade and Charles Fillmore, founder of Unity.  I forget her name but the lady who started Divine Science was also a student.

Quimby took a non-spiritual approach and viewed his healings as "mental."  But you know, it was a lot  more BELIEVABLE  if there was more to it than that.  So whether consciously or just by natural  course,  others COMBINED in a spiritual angle.  Different people COMBINED different things.  Some brought in Swordenborg and Theosophy ideas. Spiritualism.   I don't even know all the ideas.  But different people who morphed their own things from the BASIC CORE IDEA or ideas all COMBINED different ideas and angles.  There were all kinds of ideas different people incorporated.

To summarize, this dude Mesmer figured out that IDEAS had the power to heal people.  And his student Quimby developed a healing technique around it and proved it work. Then others either consciously or unconsciously COMBINED that core idea with their OWN experiences, ideas, backgrounds and other systems of thought and came up with THEIR OWN THING!

Without probably knowing it, these people were all putting money in the bank by combining ideas then marketing them.  Almost all of them published numerous books, wrote tons of articles, published their own magazines, gave tons of lectures and speeches, and trained and even "ordained" their own students or practitioners.

Burn this in your brain -- idea combining and promoting = sales, profits and money.  People ask you do what you do for a living, you tell them, "I combine ideas and sell them."

But the IDEA COMBINING for money, prosperity, sales, profits and success is NOT over with!

sales and prosperity

First of all,  there was another dude named Evans I haven't even discussed.  He had his own ideas.  Then, following on the heels of Ernest Holmes, Mary Baker Eddy, and Charles Fillmore were literally THOUSAND of others -- all the way to modern classics and books being sold at the bookstore right now -- SOME of which add their own idea combining -- like THE SECRET and the people in it, or my friend Joe Vitale.  Here's another one...Norman Vincent Peale was friends with Charles Fillmore.  So there you have it all the way to more modern times.

The others basically rehash the same info with hardly any idea combining at all.

In the old days you had Prentice Mulford, Atkinson, Charles Haanel, Wallace Wattles, Florence Shinn and more others right along the same themes.  You had Robert Collier, who was also a famous direct mail guy. And, interestingly enough, you had Napoleon Hill, who basically TOOK back out or REMOVED the religious elements (kind of like a reversion to the original ideas Quimby had) and wrote Think and Grow Rich, which basically says that your ideas or thoughts determine your reality. And he COMBINED that core idea with 16 other ideas like Definiteness of Purpose and Accurate Thinking.

Napoleon Hill didn't invent the ideas he wrote about (although I haven't researched the origin of the Mastermind term and concept).  But his core concept that ideas become reality went back to Quimby and Mesmer.  He just wrote about it in non-religious, non-spiritual terms.  One way you create is by REMOVING an ELEMENT, which is reverse combining.

Now, if you don't mind a SLIGHT religious tint to a very basic truth that a positive mindset causes positive action that results in positive things in your life, I personally like the book Law of Prosperity of Catherine Ponder.  It's a very SIMPLE and basic book that tells you to:

1.  Repeat affirmations

2.  Create a prosperity board of  things  you want

3.  Talk about positives and not negatives

If that's offensive to you, then go read Napoleon Hill or whoever.  It's ALL the SAME freaking idea explained different ways, dressed up in different clothes, clothed in different terms, combined with different ideas to make it appeal to different segments of people. If you want something that couches the ideas in a little more religious terms, you can read Ernest Holmes.  If you want to go modern day, get the Secret.

If you want something with no religious tones at all to it, listen to Jim Rohn or Zig Ziglar.  It's ALL the same thing. The same idea.  Just dressed up, combined, subtracted from.

Basically, it all goes back to Mesmer, the founder of modern day hypnosis.  And you know, man, whether you believe it's all self suggestion or hypnosis or you believe with all your being it's all religious, that's up to you and your belief systems.  I'm  a marketer and NOT here to tell you what to believe.  My customers come from around the world with every kind of belief imaginable.

To bring this back to the ONLINE MARKETING SALES theme, this should all sound familiar.  Mesmer has a student who starts his own deal and then others take the basic idea or a part of it and morph it and start their own thing and so on down the line.

Kind of like how I created Push Button Letters then someone else gets the idea and does their version and so forth down the line.  All the products you see that are software the writes letters are all derivations from my original idea.  But this is how ideas work.  They morph, change, get added to and subtracted from.

Marlon, WHAT is it I take away from today's newsletter that
Makes Sales and Profits For My Online Marketing?

grow sales

1.   Whatever it is for YOU and however you do it, your MINDSET, your attitudes, what's inside of your head IS important and DOES make a difference.

Listen, people really ARE attracted to positive, energetic go-getting people!  You don't have to believe in anything mysterious at all to get that.  And if you go around all down in the mouth, worried to death about money all the time, depressed half the time,  negative as heck, skeptical about everything and low energy all the time -- who REALLY is gonna want to hang out with you, network with  you or promote your products for that matter?

Being high energy, high action, high creativity DOES matter.  It WILL put money in the bank.  Positive, energized people tend to take a lot more ACTION because they have a higher EXPECTATION OF SUCCESS than others do.  If you are low energy, have a low expectation of success, have a low belief in your ability to make things happen, then you won't take a lot of action which GUARANTEES you won't get much in the way of results.

2.  Be a positive self promoter and idea promoter

Whatever you think or say about ANYONE I've mentioned today, almost every one of them was a good promoter.  They wrote books, wrote articles, had students, gave speeches, published magazines. They were on a CRUSADE to share their IDEAS.

How about you?  Are you on a CRUSADE to sell your IDEAS?  See, you do NOT sell products or services.  You sell IDEAS.  Are you a relentless promoter of your ideas  that result int he purchase of your products.

I don't care if you like, hate or can't stand Mary Baker Eddy.  She was POSITIVE in spite of  a great deal of criticism and took massive action. She ORGANIZED like nobody's business.  She wrote, spoke, promoted, had a school to train practitioners and students.  So did most of the others I've mentioned.

To be quite honest, she was a LOT better promoter than Napoleon Hill was.


This is the #1 big take away today.

You say, "Marlon, I don't have product ideas.  I don't have ideas to sell.  I got nothin' of my own."

And that's  the point of today's newsletter.  Ideas come from COMBINING.  If you don't get that, go buy a little booklet on Amazon called a Technique for Producing Ideas.

idea combining4.  Idea combining helps you discover  the next Tipping Point idea

What happens is people KEEP combining ideas until ONE hits the TIPPING POINT.  Like someone did a video software program recently on JV Zoo that sold 10 or 20,000 copies!  They hit the Tipping Point perfectly.  Simon, the JV Manager for Alex Jeffries told me last week in a chat that their SuperList product was the #1 info product seller on JV Zoo of all time (NOT of software but of info products).

That's another Tipping Point that resulted from Idea Combining.

Money is everywhere.

Sales are everywhere.

All you need is traffic and an offer that sells gangbusters.

Where does THAT come from?


I HOPE you get today's newsletter is NOT about religious beliefs. It's NOT about "correct history" because I'm SURE I've inaccurately portrayed more than one detail here. After all, I studied this for exactly one day.  The POINT is to teach and show you how ideas MORPH and change through idea combining.

To wrap up this story, Catherine Ponder met and married a guy in San Antonio many years ago.  After being here a few years they moved to California where I believe she is still alive, lecturing and selling her books, which she describes as a COMBINATION of Unity Thought (Charles Fillmroe) and Ernest Holmes' Church of Religious Science, and probably a few others.

She too is an idea combiner.

Which reminds me of a book I saw this weekend about the  psychological technique called EFT, which I talked about in the past.  Joe Vitale was in a video on it, along with many videos and books on many, many other ideas.

Anyway, the book was called TRY IT ON EVERYTHING!  LOL.

Is that NOT the ultimate -- the big idea is to COMBINE it with everything!  Which reminds me that the other day someone posted a picture on Facebook of BACON  ICE CREAM.  Now there are a few things that should NOT be combined!  I mean, come man. That's disgusting.

I bet someoone, somewhere buys it though.

If you don't KNOW NOW how to GET IDEAS for SALESLETTERS, GET IDEAS for INFO PRODUCTS, GET IDEAS for HEADLINES, GET IDEAS for webinars,. get ideas for things that will make you money, I guess I have to spell it out....

I-D-E-A C-O-M-B-I-N-I-N-G and P-R-O-M-O-T-I-N-G E-Q-U-A-L-S S-A-L-E-S A-N-D P-F-I-T-S

And if you STILL don't GET THAT NOW, then just march over to Amazon and snag The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp which will explain creativity from an entirely different and uniquely powerful angle.  I mean, it's still all the same thing dressed up in different ideas, metaphors and words.  The truth is the truth. It's BASIC.

It's fundamental.

That's why you ALWAYS go back to the basics.

Marlon Sanders

PS:  I would like to end this by saying one more time that this newsletter is NOT about religious beliefs, including my own.  I don't consider myself to be New Thought, in spite of the fact that I think Catherine Ponder's Law of Prosperity book is very positive and remarkable. I mean, I am biased since she lived in San Antonio, and I believe wrote it here or while living in Austin.  Not liking it would be kind of like not liking Norman Vincent Peale!  It's like, come on man!  LOL.

The point is, I have customers from every religious perspective imaginable in countries around the world. Whatever your beliefs or lack thereof, from a marketing perspective what IS important is that you are high energy, positive, and are an action-oriented person.  However you get yourself to that mental, emotional and physical state is a tad beyond my expertise, although for a period of time I did EFT and in my experience it works.  I can also tell you there is a common thread in high achievers. They almost all are highly goal oriented, often picture the things they want, talk about them a lot and some do affirmations or other similar things.

The flip side is  that if you're passive about life, have a negative attitude, often conflict with people, are low energy and prone to NOT take action, you might consider TWEAKING some things as far as your inner world. Because those things do NOT result in the kind of high output required for marketing success.

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The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
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To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

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