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All you do is swap out the affiliate links with YOUR affiliate link.
Then upload each email to your autoresponder.  If you don't have one, here's an all-in-one service that includes a big bang for the buck.

Here's a sample email capture page you can model to get subscsribers.  

Click each email below to download the text file.

Email 1: The death and rebirth of popups

Email 2: The new popup secret that letse you spread  your popups to dozens, hundres or thousands of sites for free

Email 3: What "Push Lists" are and how to start a new kind of list

Email 4:  How to easily avoid the top 10 popup mistakes?

Email 5:  How to get your first popup up and running asap without spending an arm and a leg

OPTIONAL:  The ecourse gives away the Popup Cash Discovery 21-page report that does an in-depth job of selling Exit Bux.  If you'd like to rebrand it with your Warriorplus affiliate link so it's hard coded, it gives you an extra way to get your "cookie" tracking set. 

Plus, you can pass around the report on Facebook and other places. Here's why you might want to rebrand the report with your affiliate link.

Popup CASH


The New Popup Cash Discovery


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