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Would You Talk Marketing For 2 Hours With a $211 Million Man If You Only Had To Pay Under $100 If You Got 10X The Value?

"The Architect of the Original $211 Million Empower Network Is Gonna Hung Out With Us  OnTuesday. He talked all things marketing, how he generated 5 million leads, how he built his first 6 figure business from just 50-100 leads a day, the Perpetual Funnel, how to build your own automated leads system -- and MUCH more!

This was an amazing, mind-blowing event
that lasted almost 3 hours!

Here's the video we recorded before the event:

From: Marlon Sanders
RE: Hanging Out With The $211 Million Man
Training EXCLUSIVE For My Folks


Marlon here.

David Wood revealed and demonstrated his incredible Perpetual Funnel Method that made him $50 a minute for 8 years and brought in 5 million leads.

This is the FIRST event David has done for anyone else since deciding to come back in the public arena after taking 4 years off!

And wow, did he ever deliver the bombshells.

David Wood blows my mind everytime I talk to him like I know he'll blow yours. And this event was no exception.

For example, the other day we were chatting.  He said, "You know, it's easy to go from $10,000 a monthy to $30,000 -- in ONE month!"

I was like, REALLY?  In ONE month?

He says, "Oh yeah dude.  Here's all you do."

Then he says, and the next month you just do this, and you're at $60,000. Then he went on to describe in 2 minutes how to go from $60k/month to $100k a month.

And then how to go on from there.

And wow, it was so SIMPLE!  I was thinking, "Man, MY FOLKS" need to hear this.  No. They MUST hear this!"

So I GRILLED him about it live on the call where you can hear it!  This is really fascinating stuff on how to very quickly scale up.

Not Only That, He Breaks Things Down For Total Beginners On What To Do To Hit That $10,000 a Month (potentially) to Start With

But let me be VERY CLEAR here.  Neither David nor I are guaranteeing income, not even a penny.  That's against the law.  All David can legally do is show you what he's personally done.

And what friends have done.

Having said that, good gosh.  When he talked about how EVERYTHING he does involves recurring billing, my ears REALLY popped up.

For example, he showed just how easy it is to build up recurring billing.  I'm certain this opened a lot of eyes.


The Whole Secret Lies In Understanding The Perpetual Funnel

It's fascinating.

David discovered this thing he calls the Perpetual Funnel.

It's perpetual because it happens mostly automatically.

I've never heard anyone explain this the way David does.

I personally paid $500 (as I recall) for his training on the Perpetual Funnel WAY BACK before he started Empower Network.

And people raved about THAT product!  He's discovered so much since then.

And he went all out and blew our minds on the training with stuff you've never heard before. I know, I hadn't.



Big Reason #1:  David revealed exactly how he used the Perpetual Funnel to build a $50/minute income for 8 years.

It's not often you get the chance to look behind the curtain and see the Wizard pulling the levers.  Yet, that's exactly what David will do.

Even if you do 1/2 or 1/4 of what he did, it's nothing to sneeze at.  It's the strategy, method and way of thinking that'll blow you away.

And make your eyes light up with new possibilities.

I can virtually guarantee your eyes will light up. And you'll see exciting new possibilities you didn't before.

Things you can go out and implement starting immediately.  I'm NOT talking pie in the sky bye and bye. I'm talking right now.

Reason #2: The Perpetual Funnel is David's secret strategy that got him 50-150 leads a day, when he was starting out as a relative beginner. 

See, when David first started out, he was promoting Numis, which was a networking marketing program.

In short, order, he was able to ramp up to 50 to 100 leads per day.  And spin those leads into a six figure income.

I specifically asked David to share with you HOW he spun those leads into 6 figures.  Because I think a lot of people wanted to know how to do that.

No matter what business you're in, think of what 50 automated leads a day could do for you.

I remind you, I can't guarantee what you personally will do. But I know David will be revealing his secret sauce to you, what he does and how.

Big Reason #3: The Perpetual Funnel takes on a life of it's own.  And can bring in leads even when you aren't working.

Normally, tripling sales in under a week is an outrageous, unheard of, virtually impossible claim.

But I'm here to tell you that based on my experience and that of others Daegan trained (for $10,000) this  is 100% legit and works.  And I'm 100% convinced it's doable by virtually anyone without any freakish skills.

I can't promise it'll work for every campaign.  But what's shocking is how many it WILL work for.

Reason #3: If you were in Empower Network before, you'll get updates on what David is up to now

If were were a fan of David and the Empower Network, then you'll love getting updates on his new vision.  And what he's up to now.

It's really cool. And you'll love it.


The Secrets of the Perpetual Funnel Virtually No One Knows

  • The secret to getting leads without paying any money out of pocket.
  • Why it's called the Perpetual Funnel
  • How in the heck do you get the traffic?
  • Case Study:  Bookoos bucks from one Perpetual Funnel -- actually shown and revealed

How David Made $50 a Minute For 8 Years

  • How to launch your first Perpetual Funnel lickety split
  • How to get other people to spend money to get you leads 
  • David's effortless upsell system (On his latest funnel, he had an average cart value of a whopping $100 -- before even doing any testing
  • The secret of getting more money without more work
  • How to build a tribe of people who buy from you over and over

The Unusual Method David Used To Get 350,000 Leads At a Pop Over and Over -- Imagine If You Do Just 5% or 10% of That (And The Best Part Is, He Didn't Have To Do The Work!)

  • The really unusual method David used to get 350,000 leads at a pop over and over -- without doing it himself. (As a beginner, David would tell you to shoot for 50 to 150 leads a day. Then use this method to reacdh the next level)
  • Imagine having OTHER PEOPLE create the content for you (Let them be a content-generating machine for you)
  • Discover the 72 hour rule and why David says it has everything to do with how many sales you make and how fast.
  • You'll also find out David's unusal secrets for getting people to buy.  You have NEVER heard anyone like him.  His insights are rare and unusual.  You'll have newfound insight and fire to make those sales in ANY economy.
  • The crazy secret that brought him FIVE MILLION leads total (but I'm not promising you'll do that.)
  • 438 new leads and 134 buyers from one Facebook post two weeks ago

Perpetual Funnel Secrets You Can Use Immediately

  • Get leaders in the industry promoting you (Just a few can turn everything around for you)
  • What to do tomorrow morning to begin using the Perpetual Funnel
  • Leverage other people's leads to drive sales to you
  • David's secrets of turning EVERYTHING into recurring billing
  • How to get leads and sales the easiest way when you're starting out
  • How to SCALE UP to big league income (potentially)

Here's What It's NOT

  • This is NOT get-rich-quick. Getting rich takes work, effort and organization
  • This is NOT "sit-on-the-sofa" and make sales. Get off the sofa. That's how you make sales, unless you're writing or editing your sales messages!
  • This is NOT a replacement for proactive marketing like picking up the phone, content marketing or placing ads. The key is start turning things in perpetual leads and sales.  Not one-hit wonders.
  • While the case studies cover specific dollar amounts, they're not indicative of average results.  You may do more or less, depending on many factors.

Important Legal Stuff

1.  I didn't examine all of David's personal records from his business.  He has proof of most of it on his website. But knowing how big Empower Network was, I have no doubt about his numbers.

2.  There is no guarantee you'll earn money.  You are paying for marketing training. Not a magical being who in 2 hours rains money down on your head without any effort.

You're probably wondering, "Marlon, if I DO love David's Perpetual Funnel training, how much do I pay?" So I built a "cost eraser" for you.

Get My Event Free!

I wanted this to be a 100% no-questions-about-it-win. So I'm giving you my cost eraser bonus -- You get 90% commissions on a $47 product I created this year called The Secret Knowledge. This product always sells for me. People love it. And it appeals to almost everyone.

Just 2 sales and you've made paid for the event. This is my cost ERASER for you.

30 Days Email Consultation

When you go ahead and let the charge run through the day AFTER the event (you can cancel before then), you'll qualify for 30 days of email consultations. Just post your questions directly related to the Invisible Funnel training at, and I'll answer them. 

This why, if you have one of those nagging questions that stops you from getting started, you can get it taken care of.


When you go through the training AND all the other goodies in the member's area, if you don't feel you got 10x the value, and you're the sole judge of that, let me know here, and I'll give you another product that sells for 2X the price of this one.

Invite your spouse and kids at no additional cost

Maybe your spouse, son or daughter could use Invisible Funnel Trainingn. You're welcome to have them view the live stream with you. Yes, the event WILL BE RECORDED.

Get access right now
To the recorded event -- and all the other goodies in the member's area

  •  Yes! I want to get this awesome, amazing event.
  • I understand it's $97.50 -- for the recoreded event and all the other goodies
  • I will get 90% commissions on Marlon's Secret Knowlege product, so I can pay for the event with only 2 sales
  • You agree to abide by the simple terms in the agreement you check when you sign up.  

This offer is a one-time event and won't likely be repeated.

Best wishes,


P.S. This Saturday I'm writing a special report on this and you'll get access to it also.  It'll be a slam banger.

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