Step One:  Request approval

a.  Click the big button below and fill out the short form

b.  On the thank you page, you'll get a link to where you can request approval.

When you request approval, give your name, email you log in with and use the code "EXISTING 47+ CUSTOMER."  In most cases, you'll be approved.  If you're not, contact me here.

Step Two: Insert Your Affiliate Link Into Your 404 Cash Pages

1.  Download this plugin and install

For instructions on how to install the plugin, see the video below.

Do this for every wordpress site you have.

2.  Insert your video link

3.  Enjoy your automatic commissions

Step Three:  Drop An Email To Your List For Immediate Sales and to Get Your Cookies Set

Choose from the suggested emails here

Step Four:  Add This PS to Emails In Your Autoresponder or At The End Of Broadcast Messages

PS:  Want FREE daily marketing live streams to get sales, build your list and autopilot your marketing?  Go here:  AFFILIATE LINK

(NOTE:  The product to add from the drop down list is called FREE DAILY MARKETING LIVE STREAMS.  When they sign up for free, the 60-day cookie is SET. AND they're subscribed to the 29+ product email sequence and live stream notifications.

In the group, I do live streams and warm up the buyers with great info. And offer time limited deals to get action. This results in greater sales for you.  Let me convert your people for you!  And all tracked by W+ so you get credit).

Step Five:  Add an email to your autoresponder every 30 days to reset a new cookie, so your sales can be tracked beyond 30 days.

Warriorplus cookies last 60 days.  But to be safe, add an email in your autoresponder every 30 days.

I recommend you use one of my freebie offers, so you can get the maximum number of cookies set and people in the email sequence.  The OTO is a product, so you still make commissions. 

Or choose a new "front-end" product to promote from the list.

Step Six:  Place a Banner On Your Thank You Page for Marlon's FREE daily live streams

As in step 4, this subscribes them to the 29+ product email sequence AND live stream email notifications.  On the live streams, I make time limited offers to get your folks to buy. If they're on the live streams, chances are they WILL buy. Let me convert your people for you daily!  Everything is tracked by Warriorplus cookies, ip sessisons and secret sauce.