$50 Gift Card Giveaway (January 1 - January 8)
Which Report Wins? Vote Now, Enter to win

The question is simple: Which report do you like best?  Vote now to be entered to win a $50 gift card towards Marlon's product catalog, featuring products that help you start and profit from the info profits business.

This week features 2 reports.

Report one is the beginner's guide to creating and selling info products.It's perfect for anyone Report One is for those thinking about starting an online business.  Or getting started in the info profits business.

Report two is how to make your first buck online.  It's perfect for the guy or gal who hasn't made any sales online yet but is ready to rock and roll.

Would you like your chance to win $50 towards any product in the Marlon Sanders product catalog AND the report with the most votes?  Vote now to help me decide which report people like best.  

Vote Now & Enter To Win -- You enter using the entry form that's embedded on this page and appears just below this paragraph.  If for some reason you don't see it, visit the page from your desktop or laptop computer.  Or try another browser like Chrome.  It may not be visible on all mobile devices.  The complete rules and entry info are on the entry form.  It's important to note this isn't a comment contest.  That is, if you leave a comment below on this page, it's not an official entry method.  The only required entry method is to vote on the poll to help me decide which report people like best.  One person will get the $50 gift e-card and the winning report.  You can enter once.  Or you can use other entry methods to get multiple entries and increase your chances of winning. Kindly read the terms and conditions on the giveaway page before entering.  I wish I could run this contest in all countries but legally, it's too challenging.  So this contest is only open to residents of the U.S. not including Rhode Island, and Canada, not including Quebec. Residents of Canada just complete a skill to receive the gift.

I'd love to hear  from you so you can comment below.

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