How To Connect The Dots To The Income You Deserve

How To Get from Where You are
Today To The Income You
Desire and Deserve

“Marlon, I’ve bought ebooks, courses and trainings but it’s not working and I need cash fast. how do I get from not working to working now?”


Marlon here.

In this report, we’ll talk about how to connect the dots to the income you desire.

First, I promised you an update on my experiments with the newsletter the past few weeks.

This PAST week I sold the issue for $2.

We sold a modest amount.

And did 3x the amount with the free issue and the checkbox bump the week before.

I’m considering doing 1 free issue a month and the others paid. We’ll see. I want to increase the perceived usefulness and benefits of my reports and newsletters to you. And I want to make sure I’m doing things for you no one else does.

OK, let’s jump into today’s training….

  1. Because it’s a round figure, we’re going to assume for the purposes of this report, you want an income of $10,000 a month.

    You may be a big thinker and want a lot more.

    You may have little confidence that you can do it and want a lot less because you fell it’s “practical”.

    You have to set a target, though.

    Whatever target you set for YOU is fine to start with, although I encourage you to THINK BIGGER.

    Here’s why.

    If you have a goal of an income that doesn’t really EXCITE you, just how much effort and energy do you honestly think you’re going to put into getting it?

    You feel it should be EASY or not that hard to do. So you aren’t willing to invest much in knowledge or training.

    You feel it’s not a lot of money so you don’t need to put in that much effort.

    “All I want is something simple, easy and repetitive that I can do in 20minutes a day.”

    If that’s what you think, your THINK (in the words of Grant Cardone) is WAY the heck too small.

    You’ll never accomplish that and I’ll tell you why.

    It’s probably easier to make $10,000 a month than it is a small, piddly income in 20 minutes a day.

    I don’t care what all the sales pitches say.

  2. Let’s run the numbers

    $10,000 / $97 = 103

    So you can have 103 people pay you $97 a month.

    Or build a marketing machine that sells 103 products for $97 a month.Honestly, that’s not very many sales. And it’s a very modest marketing machine.

    You need 5,000 visitors with 2% buying from you. Or 2,000 opt ins with10% buying from you.

    You could also sell 3 coaching programs at $3500.

    Or 2 at $5,000.

    If 1 out of 5 people on phone calls decides to make a positive decision for and investment in their skills and future, then you only need 10conversations.

    A few will cancel so let’s call it 13.

  3. Now you work backwards from WHAT you need to reach your income goal TO the knowledge and skills you need.

    Let’s take the model of getting 5,000 visitors and selling 2%.

    You need the knowledge of how to get 5,000 visitors for free.

    And the knowledge of how to sell 2%.

    To get 102 people who pay $97 a month, I can tell you some real numbers.

    These are actual numbers my friend Lee McIntyre had when he really focused hard on building a continuity program:

    He offered a free trial that converted at 7%

    60% of new members stayed to billing 1

    On average stay for 3.5 months

    1000 prospects = 70 $1 trial customers

    70 trial customers = 40 paying customers

    3.5 billing months = $339 per paying customer

    42 customer = $14,238

    1000 visitors = $14,238

    $14.24 per click before upsells and backs end

    In other words, every 1,000 visitors turned into $14,238 before upsells andt he back end.

    Do you see how that works?

    Now to add some reality to this, 7% on that trial in some niches probably won’t be too hard. In fields like Internet marketing, it’s a big challenge and you have to work hard to achieve that.

    You can also do big ticket coaching.

    You need 5 conversations to find 1 person who is a fit and who will make a positive decision to invest in their future vs. staying stuck where they are at.

    Then you can run the numbers on what you need to get 5 conversations.

  4. But Marlon, I’ve run my numbers and they don’t pan out

    Here’s the fly in the ointment.

    Pretty much, at the outset nothing works.

    If you need instant results, then honestly, you might need another mentor. I’m not the “instant results” guy.

    Most people need results in 10 days or they get discouraged and quit. That’s a big problem.

    There aren’t many skills in life you can learn in 10 days and have success with.

    Small successes, YES.

    Like I can have you experience a successful opt-in page in 10 days.

    Or write a pretty decent sales page for a $7 product.

    Or get some members to a Facebook group.

    So small wins.

    But those aren’t money in the bank.

    A. The numbers DO pan out
    B. They almost never pan out fast or immediately
    C. You CAN experience small wins along the way
    D. Stack up enough small wins and you WILL come to a big win sooner or later.
    Of course, if you have a mentor or a guide, you buy SPEED.
    You can get there faster with less trial and error.
    But it’s still not guaranteed.
    Not overnight.
    And still requires a learning curve.
    That brings us to this:

  5. A successful result is the gradual accumulation of small wins and victories

    I’ll tell you a story.

    I knew someone who REALLY sucked at meeting women.

    For example, he said that when he walked down the sidewalk, when attractive women passed, they’d look the other way.

    Or if he smiled at them, they wouldn’t smile back.

    Then he read that dressing nice could make a big difference. So he bought an ebook on how to dress nicer. He got some nicer clothes and shoes. And spruced himself up.

    He started walking with more confidence.

    Within a couple days, he could walk down the sidewalk and he noticed the heads didn’t turn anymore and he made eye contact.

    When he smiled, he’d get smiles back.

    Women would stand in his proximity at the bookstore instead of moving away!

    This is all true.

    So he had a SMALL WIN by improving his dress.

    He still didn’t have “dates.” But he had a small win.

    The next small win was he needed to be able to get women he found attractive to actually carry on a conversation with him. Because he’d get so nervous, he could barely breathe or carry on a conversation.

    And he’d be brushed off, usually rudely. Like he’d say hi and the person would just turn their head the other way and not even respond.

    He bought a few more training programs.

    He learned what to do NEXT.

    So he did this challenge where he just randomly said hello and carried on a brief conversation with 50 women using a really stupid story about how he heard Elvis dyed his hair.

    Low and behold, a few responded!

    For him, that was a HUGE win.

    Well anyway, the point is, he went after SMALL WINS.

    He obtained a $5,000 program by the world’s leading experts and took things to even a higher level.

    He paid a coach to go out “in the field” and help him out.

    Actually, the coach sucked. But it gave him confidence he could do it.

    Pretty soon, he knew he could walk in any room, any place, any time, pick out the most attractive woman and know that 80% of the time he could approach her, carry on a conversation and get a phone number.

    And those small wins eventually added up to where he was talking to and getting phone numbers from Playboy models, NBA cheerleaders and other women who he never imagined in his wildest dreams would even talk to him.

    SMALL WINS led to bigger wins.

    He was able to help guys out who were shy.

    He’d tell them, go get some spiffy clothes. Smile. Go say hi to 50 people.Low and behold, it worked!

    Guys would overcome shyness almost like magic.

    Small wins.

    The problem in Internet marketing is, people want the BIG WIN all at once.Or this is what I observe.

    And believe me, there are plenty of webinars, videos and everything else under the sun that promise overnight results.

    And you know what, sometimes that happens.

    Like the example above.

    The $5,000 program DID get very fast results….BECAUSE he had laid the foundation with the OTHER programs.

  6. How to Pile Up Small Wins

    So the way forward is to pile up small wins.

    The challenge is that bills are due today.

    You are sick of your job today.

    And honestly, what we’re talking about is delayed gratification. A coach or mentor CAN make things go faster, speed things up.

    They can tell you to buy some new duds, nice shoes, fix your hair, put on a smile and go say hi to 50 people.

    And magically, it works if they do the work.

    But it’s still small wins. They don’t get a new girlfriend overnight.

    But if you don’t want to pay for help, then you need to grind it out a little bits lower. Nothing wrong with that.

    It’s a faster way vs. the slower way.

    What I’ve observed though is people are barely willing to spend $20 to increase their skills. Or in today’s market, the product has to promise the world.

    For example, yesterday I gave away a free newsletter to 200 people. And for about half the time my “bump” was for a video I did where I broke downEugene Schwartz’ 7 stages of a sale.

    His Breakthrough Advertising book currently sells for over $200 onAmazon. That’s how iconic it is.

    I’ve owned the book for 20 years and read it at least 5 times if not more.

    I’ve probably spent 40 to 80 hours reading and studying the book.

    I’ve used many of the techniques in it over and over.

    So I offered my presentation on his 7 steps to a sale for $47 as a bump to the free newsletter.

    1 person bought.


    So as a test I lowered the price to $27. We had 1 buy at that price but not much improvement. So I swapped out the OTO at that point as I wasn’t willing to continue selling information it took me 20 years to learn and dozens and dozens of hours for $27.

    Small wins.

    So one of the methods I taught in that class was his way of overcoming objections.

    I’d actually call that a HUGE win, not a small win.

    Now, I only had about 5 sentences to sell the book in. And I think most people don’t know who Eugene Schwartz is. So I get it.
Why The Way Forward Is Small Wins

Could I hope on Zoom with you and say, “Put up a squeeze page for xyz. You have 10 minutes.”

Could you do that and have it not look like dog’s breath? And have a decent headline on it and offer? I’m not talking in theory.

I mean, could you actually do it?

For the people in my Point and Click Coaching who are learning their lessons well, and some are, they CAN do that.

If you can’t do that, you aren’t focusing on small wins.

If I said, you have 60 minutes. “Write me a sales letter and create a sales page for a $10 product.”

Could you do it? Not in theory. But real world, could you do it?

The FIRST time you do it, you won’t do it in an hour.

You need to do it multiple times.

Let’s say I said, “OK here’s the front end product. Plan out 3 OTO’s. You have 15 minutes.”

Could you do it?

People in my Point and Click Coaching who are learning their lessons well can. We spent whole training sessions on OTO 1, OTO 2, and OTO 3.

If you can’t do that, you aren’t focusing on small wins.

If I said, “Here’s a product. Write a headline for it that isn’t dog’s breath.You have 10 minutes.”

Could you do it?

Are you sure you could write a pretty good headline?

Small wins.

That’s what I focus on in Point and Click Coaching is small wins. Really, hardly any other programs do this as they’re all selling FISH.

I’ll explain what selling fish means in a minute.

No one really wants to teach you marketing as it honestly is much more lucrative to sell a fish program. The problem is, in the vast majority of cases, you just piss your money away when you buy fish programs.

It’s what people crave worse than crack. And it’s about as good for them.I’ll explain why shortly…

I’ve Tried It All and Nothing
is Working For Me

What they mean is, “I’ve bought a bunch of ‘fish’ programs and none of them are working for me.” You’ll see the flaw in that by the end of this report.

Now, a lot of people ARE making money online.

So you obviously haven’t tried it all. Because you haven’t tried whatever it is THEY are doing, unless the universe is in a conspiracy against you. Which it isn’t.

Quite the contrary.

“But I’m tired of trying things. I just want something that works fast because I don’t have the energy or time to try anything else.”

Well, it does help when someone else who has been there and done that can point you along the right path and around the obstacles.

Like a tour guide.

But if you’re unwilling to pay for a tour guide, you’ve got to figure it out yourself.

What I see is that people who say “It isn’t working,” they don’t have small wins.

Their skill level is very, very low.

And their knowledge is typically very basic.

But not always.

Some people have Tai Lopez course, this course, that course.

But see the problem is, they expect the COURSE to work.

Like it’s some magic pill.

I need results NOW.
I don’t have the time to learn marketing.

Yes, I get it.

Your bills are in the now.

Your crappy job is in the now.

Your impending event like retirement is in the now.

I can’t change the law of gravity.

I can’t change the laws of economics.

“Has ANYONE Made Money With This Yet?” Syndrome

Stop looking for the magic cure and realize WHERE the magic is

So today I stopped in the Facebook group of a friend.

Someone posted, “Has anyone made money with XYZ product yet?”

And that right there explains a LOT of the problem.

They bought a product looking for the silver bullet, the magic pill (which is what you should sell, by the way).

The better question would have been “Has anyone fully and completely implemented the method?”

That would have drawn crickets. lol.

See, the answer is not a magic method or silver bullet.

Here’s Exactly What a
“Business Opportunity” Is

One, it contains a product to sell

Two, it contains the pitch or sales materials or website or video to sell it.

Three, it contains a Marketing System to get traffic and people you can sell it to using the done for you sales materials.

When I say it’s a “FISH” product, that is what I means. People CRAVE opportunities that provide those 3 things. So they are very high demand.

But in the U.S. there are also a ton of laws concerning the selling of them

The closest thing I have is my Dashboard Coaching where I 1-on-1 coach you through creating your own Dashboard and creating a sales page for it and launching it. But I don’t give you a product to sell.

The ONLY Magic Bullet There Is
The One TRUE Magic Bullet

So there are laws of economics.

They determine how much money you’ll make.

These laws say that:

  1. The usefulness of what you offer
  2. The RARITY of what you offer
    Determine what you get paid, assuming you apply the laws of marketing also.

    But if you are getting paid relatively small amounts of money, the usefulness of your services, your knowledge and your skills is low.

    Or it’s COMMONPLACE and not nearly rare enough
What I do that very few other
people in the world do is this:

  1. I specialize in the creation and marketing of info products and how to build an info products empire or mini-empire.
  2. While I stay up on all the latest technology and incorporate it, I focus mostly on the evergreen things that will work for you 20 years from now.
  3. I help you fill in the GAPS in your knowledge and skill and get faster quick wins.
  4. I help you pile up and parlay small wins into bigger and bigger wins.
  5. And I help you cross breed your knowledge, ability and wins with the laws of economics so you move closer and closer to a position of high usefulness and high rarity.This IS the magic income bullet.
  6. I’m one of the very few people who teach you to fish instead of just selling you a fish that will be spoiled 6 months from now.
  7. I teach a hybrid of old school marketing combined with new school.There are very, very few people who know and understand old school marketing like I do. And are able to combine the brilliance of it with the latest, greatest things.
  8. Unlike most coaches, I’ve read around 4,000 books and invested huge sums in my own personal education. So when you see my prices are $50 or$80 for an ebook vs. $10 by someone else, the REASON is they have 20books and have invested $100 in their knowledge.

So for $10 you’re getting their $100 of knowledge. Is that a bargain? You tell me.

When you buy from me, what you’re really buying is 3 rooms of bookshelves floor to ceiling and thousands and thousands of hours to read and digest them, not to mention huge amounts of other courses and training. I distill down all that knowledge for you, so you don’t need to go buy the books and build bookshelves and spend half your life reading them.That’s what you get for $50 or $100 or $3500 or $8000 of coaching or for$100 a month trainings.

Or you can go buy knowledge from someone who owns 20 books or 100books if that, and has spent almost nothing on educating themselves about marketing. But by golly, they hired a fancy graphic designer and a killer copywriter for their sales page.

Instead of investing in knowledge they invested in a designer and a copywriter. So sorry about the product. You wish the person who wrote the sales page wrote the product.

The Big Lie

The big lie is this:

“Yes Marlon, I know this is true. But I need MONEY NOW! SO I’m a gonna buy this turnkey thing that gonna make money rain on my head.

It’s all done for me.

Johnny guru done figured it out.

And AFTER I have bookoos bucks rolling in, THEN I’ll invest in your training or do what you’re saying.

But I need MONEY NOW!!!”

It’s the big lie.

The ONLY reason Johnny Guru succeeds is he has a high usefulness and rarity by selling you a Fish method.

I can guarantee you he’s a master of all the marketing knowledge and skills that result in success. And THOSE are what actually CAUSE success.

How To Define The Knowledge
and Skills You Need


I’ve said ALL this for one reason.

You know how much money you need to make.

You have an idea of the path to get there.

What are the KNOWLEDGE and the SKILLS you need to bridge from where you ARE right now to where you need to be to get the income you want?

My Point and Click Coaching can help you learn those skills and get the knowledge. It’s a lot faster than buying random junk that promises the world and delivers a thimble full.

But the FASTEST way to speed your progress and the most certain way to get an accumulation of small wins is to get PERSONAL coaching.

If you want to talk to me about the GAPS in your knowledge and skill and how I can put you on the FASTEST TRACK possible, then go here.

But Marlon, I Just Don’t Have The Money

And why is that?

It’s because your USEFULENESS score is low.

And your RARITY of service and value is just as poor.

Until you fix those, nothing is changing.

Now, if all you can afford is $10 things, that’s fine. No problem. But make sure you buying real things and getting small wins and not just buying smoke and mirrors.

Make sure you’re actually increasing your MARKETING knowledge and skills and filling in the gaps you have.

Because an awful lot of it is smoke and mirrors designed by marketers who are masters of their craft and really great at selling people the magic bullets they crave to buy worse than they crave air.


#the unspokentruth


Best wishes,


Every issue I publish The Road Not Taken. Do you get why I do that?

Because you have a choice of buying a fish or learning to fish.

Of being a person of power and marketing acumen able to roll your own business opportunity on demand..

Of being your own Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Fairy Godmother.

It’s also because the road less taken is one of continually increasing your usefulness and rarity, thus increasing what people will pay you.

By the way, I learned this from a Kindle book on the 4 Laws of Economics.

Which road are you traveling down?

Are you seeking magic bullets like a whore seeks crack?

Have you defined the gaps in your marketing knowledge and skills that you must fill to reach the income you want?

Are you consistently and weekly doing things to raise your usefulness and increase the perceive rarity of what you sell to others?

Is anyone supporting you weekly in staying on track and doing this? That’s what I do in Point Click Coaching. Is that not worth $100 a month to you?Is it not worth $100 a month to fill in your gaps of skill and knowledge?