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Millions of tests prove every 1 minute 15 seonds = SALE



Marlon here.

If you've got 1 minute and15 seconds, according the results of millions of tests, you can make a sale.

Yeah, I know.  

That sounds almost unbelievable.  But it's absolutely true.  And you can test it youself quite easy.

This is NOT sending an email to your list.  It's NOT anything you're probably thinking of.  This is a breakthrough method some have paid big money to discover.

This is ONLY for starters.

See, I discovered a whole new revolutionary approach to making sales.

And it goes way back to what the purpose of marketing is.  See, the purpose of marketing is to build and execute CAMPAIGNS. 

Notice I didn't say "funnels," "ads," email blasts or anything else like that.

1. You can run a profitable Campaign without a funnel

One of my first Campaigns was simply a letter for a $247 collection of hypnosis tapes.  That's all it was.

2.  You don't need a webinar, "sales letter" or video sales letter

One of my friends right now is putting together a Campaign for a $3,000 product that will be sold using a Google doc and no funnel.

Right now, people are selling millions of dollars just using Google docs.  And they're not even sales letters, as much as that's heresy to me.

3.  You can run a profitable Campaign without emails

For example, there are people in the business-to-business world using a simple automated marketing system of 1-page letters that crush it.   No emails needed.

And I have a friend who makes all his sales using text!  He barely uses email.

You can run a profitable Campaign 


  • How I made pure passive sales (my results aren't typical of average results)
  • How to create a Daddy Long Legs Funnel that spits out $166 per buyer.
  • Weird 10-minute mental shift brings in $11,590.88 starting two days later. Try this 10-minute mental shift and see what happens. Again, my results aren't typical nor average.
  • How to name and claim almost any income you want using my "income layering" strategy.
  • This much in one day doesn't seem fair --  The secret of 1-day profits
  • The Holy Grail of sales and marketing which could change your life forever
  • How my odd 23-page letter created a multi-million dollar yearly event of epic proportion (behind-the-scenes reveal).
  • How to crush it with info product sales -- 10-step cheat sheet.

These results are not typical. Your results WILL vary.

I have NEW INFORMATION and ideas for you. Things you can do to get your money that you haven't heard of. Even my customers haven't heard, read or seen some of these things. Even those expensive coaching programs haven't told people about these secret places and sources that can finally give you your money.

I know you may have tried and failed. I know you may be discouraged. I know you may have read many eBooks. That's why I am doing this. So you can find the money you have been seeking and that has been seeking you.

There are no guarantees. In life and business, some people make it. Some don't. If that weren't true, everyone would be rich. If you don't want to take the risk, don't play the game.

you also get 12 full-blown 90-minute "deep dive" seminars

  • How to combine your offer, pitch and promo, so you your sales machine purrs like clockwork.
  • 5 ways to get traffic the Marlon Sanders way.  To make automated sales, you need eyeballs on your offers. This is how you do it.
  • Want to know how to set up your sales funnel?  I break it down for a full 90 minutes in this deep dive.
  • Linked In is hot. But how do you use it without spamming?
  • The real secrets of marketing with free traffic on Facebook. This is how it's really done.  And NO ONE one this training had even heard about it. This flat out works if you work it.
  • How to build your list using the new breed of popup.  Most people have never even heard about these automated response getters.
  • How to write copy for Facebook ads.  Facebook ads are great. But you need the right copy to bring in the responses.

These results are not typical. Your results WILL vary.

When you become a trial member before the deadline, you'll receive the entire list-building course above that's offered in my catalog for $495.

But you get it FREE when you take the Inner Circle for a test drive for only $1 for 7 days.

Act now while you have this information in front of you. Don't delay or this special offer could be gone.

The Inner Circle is all about how you blow up your business in 12 months using marketing methods that make sense.

While you can cancel at any time, and there's no obligation to continue, you'll want to because that's just how good this profit-making info is.


Please understand. I am not God. I cannot guarantee you'll make money. I don't make any claims that you WILL get or make money. But I think you'll be shocked at all the ways people are getting their money online. What they're doing to get their bills paid, to get the cash they need to do other things.



There are 3 main things we focus on:

1.  How to build different types of lists

     Whether we're talking email, sms (text messaging),

     retargeting, chatbots, mail -- we build different lists that

     let us communicate with our customers.

2.  How to create sales copy and offers that get people

     to respond, or buy

     We discuss webinars, video sales letters, web sites, sales

     pages and messaging.

3.  How to automate as much marketing and selling

     as possible

     The beauty of today's technology is so many things can

     be automated, either by technology or outsourcing.

     You've got to know where to look for the profits. Where

     to find the profits. How to get them. How to make them

     happen FOR YOU. It's one thing for it to happen to

     others. But quite another for it to happen for you.

I want to show you where your money is or may be. Point

you right to your profits. Every day I want to be your 

money guide and take you right to your money.

This offer could be withdrawn at any time. And when the countdown expires, it'll be gone. So don't delay. Act now.

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