Bill Payment Eraser Method



Marlon here.

Bills come at you fast.

       Health insurance -- $750 – BOOM!

       Electricity - $200 or $300 – BOOM!

       House Payment - $1500 to $3000,
       or more – BOOM!

       Car Payment - $400 to $750 – BANG!

       Car Insurance - $80 or more – BOOM!

       Cell phone bill - $125 or more – BOOM!

       Cable and Internet - $300 -- BOOM!

And obviously, there’s more. That’s not even everything.

If you have a business, you have bills that swoop in for your business.Boom. Bang. Pow. Ouch!

But in this letter, I want to share with you my discovery about how to make them ALL GO AWAY.

The Big Breakthrough Insight For Erasing Those Nasty Bills

Here’s the deal.

Normally, Internet marketers will say stuff like “You just need recurring billing.”

And I myself have said that before.

Been there. Done that.

But there is a HUGE PROBLEM WITH RECURRING BILLING that no one explains nor tells you about.

They sell you their “recurring whatever software instant easy no brainer income system” but don’t tell you THIS:

Even in the unlikely event their instant recurring income whatchucallit system works, the money does NOT, I repeat does NOT, come in when your BILLS COME IN.

For example, like Clockwork, my bill for roughly $800 for insurance comes in on the SAME DAY every month.

So let’s say I set a $100 a month recurring billing program in place. I’ve had multiple of these.

But the way the recurring billing works is it comes in when they SIGN UP, NOT WHEN YOUR FREAKING BILLS ARE DUE!

So let’s say you have a bill for $800 on the 17th.

The $800 of recurring billing trickled in over the month. But it got spent on food, gas, emergencies and gosh knows what.

So when the $800 hits your recurring billing money you DESIGNATED for the bill went south.

This is a big freaking problem. Not only that, you only have ONE recurring billing program.

My solution to this which you’ll hear about in a moment is called ONE DAY BILLING.

But wait, THERE’s the fly in the ointment...


That’s the problem.

You got a program. But people stop paying. AND that program is paying for ALL your bills.

This creates the TOO MANY PROBLEM.

At some point it feels like you’re treading water. There are too many bills coming in and too many people cancelling.


We’re back to square one.

Erasing our bills with recurring income isn’t quite as easy as it sounds like on the surface.

My solution to this is called Micro Campaigns

But Wait, There’s a THIRD PROBLEM

You come up with your BBEI – Bright Bill Erasing Idea.

You set it in motion.

That is, you send the bill to the herd as Dan Kennedy would say.

Or more specifically, if you have a list, you send the email to them.

Or you post in a Facebook group you started.

Or you run retargeting ads for the offer.

Or you blast it out on social media like Pinterest, Linked In, Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook and soon, perhaps Clubhouse.

The PROBLEM is this: Only X% of your herd or followers are interest in THAT offer and THAT angle.

Or maybe ALL you got is your Facebook. So you blast out some status updates. You get X interested.

But that’s ALL you got.

You’re a victim of a shallow well to pull water from.

See, only a certain percentage of people may be interested in THAT offer.

Others might be interested in ANOTHER offer. But for THAT one, that’s all you got.

My solution to this I’ll explain to you in a moment is called MICRO RECURRING.

Problem Four: The lack of ability to generate big sales, or the tiny list syndrome

To add insult to injury, we aren’t done yet: You have a tiny list. Or maybe no list at all.

Or you have a small Facebook group.

Or you can make a relatively small amount of sales.

For example, with the right offer, you could sell 5 or 6 people at $100 a month but NOT 30 or 50.

All these people teaching recurring billing make it sound like a walk in the park to slam 100 or 200 people into recurring billing..

But you simply don’t have the following or the audience to do that.

My solution to this is called: The Viral List Solution

Problem Five: You have no offers to sell at all

You say “Marlon, this all sounds well and good but what will I sell people? I got NOTHING.”

My solution to this is called BORROWING BILL PAYERS.

Here’s The BIG Problem All Of The Above 5 Problems Cause - The Treading Water Syndrome

The bills keep pouring in relentlessly.

Every day you wake up, go to your mailbox and there’s another one. This one is for that doctor visit when you had the mysterious symptom.

They took blood work. That was $350.

The doctor sat down when they talked to you. So that made the visit $300, not $100 (This is true, I kid you not).

They took an ultra sound or Xray so that’s another $450. Anyway, you got a bill.

So you keep working at your job to pay your bills. Or hustling in your business.

And you can’t seem to get ahead.

You’re just TREADING WATER. It’s the treading water syndrome. And you keep having to take on clients.

Or do this, that or the other to pay bills.

So you NEVER get to the bigger picture projects that COULD get you out of the treading water syndrome.

But you simply don’t have TIME to get around to them.

Perhaps you get tired.

You feel burned out.

You can’t afford to take time off.

Grant Cardone tells you to push harder. But you’re pushing as hard as you can.

Out of desperation you buy offer after offer hoping that THIS one is as easy and simple as it sounds like.

This passive income thing. That automated thing. Surely they are the answer. But they aren’t.

Or maybe it’s not THAT bad for you.

Maybe it’s just this gnawing realization that you’re spending too much time paying the bills and not enough time focusing on your opportunities.

Or possibly bills aren’t the problem at all for you.

Maybe you just want to GROW INCOME but are stuck doing it.

An Interesting Insight From A Guy Who Lost 160 Pounds That Has Everything To Do With Making Money

So I read a lot. That’s not secret.

I need to lose about 10 or 15 pounds. And so far I’ve lost TWO. So I thought I’d read this ebook on Kindle called Calories In Calories Out by Aaron Knipp.

He weighed over 300 pounds and thought in weight loss in increments of 50 lbs. So if he ate an extra taco or fudged on this or that, it didn’t seem significant because the goal was 50 lbs.

He didn’t start losing UNTIL he lowered his increment to 10 lbs and focused DAILY on the numbers that would allow him to hit the 10 10 lbs.

To maintain my current weight I consume 2,537 calories a day.

To lose 1 lb a week, I need to drop 500 calories a day.
That’s NOT a lot of calories. A peanut butter jelly sandwich kills that.

See, it’s the SMALLER increments that make all the difference in the world. What I’m saying is, the path to growth isn’t BIGGER, it’s SMALLER.

In going SMALL, you grow BIGGER. Why?

Because when you don’t have to expend energy and attention on bills, you can focus on the things that produce the BIGGER PAYDAYS.

Those are typically NEW REVENUE SOURCES.

Practically everything you buy about Internet marketing teaches you how to optimize existing stuff. It’s 1,001 things you can do that barely move the needle.

If you want to move the needle, you need a NEW revenue source. And that takes some time and attention putting the marketing campaign together to FUEL it.

By removing bills as an issue and knowing they are AUTOMATICALLY PAID EACH MONTH on the EXACT day they need to be paid by your income source, you can then focus on the stuff you potentially GET RICH from – new revenue sources!


The tables are turned.

And now you’re now longer treading water. You feel like KING of the jungle

Announcing The Bill Payment Eraser Method

This is the ONLY system in existence I’m aware of that solves all 3 BIG PROBLEMS with getting your bills paid each month automatically without worry – and frees up your time to focus on the 1 thing that has the power to make you GET RICH – New Revenue Sources!

Here’s how the Bill Payment Eraser Method solves all 3 of the above problems.

NOTE: This can work for you even if you don’t have a list, or you have one you can raise from the dead

I know that’s a concern. I’ll explain that in just a moment. I have added the most powerful turbo charger to this method I’ve found and tested.

Of course, it works FASTER if you do have a following, Facebook group, good activity on your profile, Twitter followers or an old email list you can raise from the dead.

Problem 1: The Recurring Billing Trickles In

– NOT When Your Bills Are Due

This sucks.

As in the example above, let’s say your bill is due on the 17th. but your recurring billing trickled in all month and got spent.

Now you’re under pressure again to raise funds.

Problem 1 Solution: One Day Billing

I’ve discovered a way to have ALL your billing done on the SAME DAY of the month!

This is a BIG breakthrough. Now, instead of the money trickling in, BAM! The money HITS when the bill is DUE. The money is there.

No stress.

No worry.

The imcome is there to pay it automatically. How beautiful is that.

Imagine what it would be like if you knew every major bill had the money coming into your account the day the bill is due!

How incredible would that feel? How would that change things for you?

Problem 2: People Stop Paying

This is a hard blow.

You worked hard to have people in your recurring billing program. You’ve got great value and great relationships.

Then you check your support ticket and BAM!

They want to CANCEL after all you’ve done for them.

It hurts.

Now you realize your bills won’t be covered. And you have to try to hustle again to find someone else.

Problem Two Solution: Micro Campaigns

Using the Micro Campaign you have a little mini system in place to REPLENISH people who drop out.

You can even institute what we call “the waiting list.” This is an extremely powerful method.

It’s also a stress eraser.

Unlike big campaigns attempting to bring in 50 or 100 people a month, a micro campaign’s only goal is to bring a replacement for the 1 or 2 anticipated cancellations a month.

It’s a lot easier campaign to put together, even if you have a small following.

I mean, it’s only 1 or 2 people.

Problem Three: Only a small number of people are interested in your Bright Bill Erasing Idea or BBEI.

If you only got xx or xxx paying you $50 or $100 a month (or whatever the number is), your bills would be paid.

The only problem is, you can’t get XX or XXX people.

Or if you can, they don’t stick. So 3 months or 6 months later, you’re back where you started.

The bills hit you BOOM, BOOM, BOOM.

And you’re standing there with empty pockets.

Problem Three Solution: Micro Recurring

Instead of tackling all your bills with one giant continuity program, we’re going to set up little mini programs for different bills.

Your $600 / month bill has a little different mini program to pay it from your $800 a month bill.

And let’s say something breaks or poops out.

You’re caught off guard. So you buy it on credit.

They payment is $100 a month.

So you set up a $200 a month micro recurring and you pay it off WAY early because you prevent the interest from compounding on you.

Problem Four: The lack of ability to generate big sales,
or the tiny list syndrome

You have a tiny list.

And you just can’t generate 30 or 50 sales times $100 a month. It’s just not happening.

The Solution: The Viral List Solution

This is the idea.
You don’t have to have a big list.

You just need to know how to take the talents you have, the people you have, and MULTIPLY them using a viral solution.

Here’s an example.

I promoted this on Saturday. I already have 590 VIRAL EVENTS of people SHARING my offer and message in different ways.

This is only 1 of multiple viral solutions I’m testing and using in my own business.

In some, I’m giving away only a report or something like that. In this one, I’m giving away a $50 gift certificate. If you don’t have your own products, it could be towards a PLR product or, by agreement, someone else’s product.

Problem Five: You have no offers to sell at all

You say, “Marlon, this all sounds well and good. But I got no bill erasers to sell.

What do I do?
That’s’ where my final solution comes into play.

Solution Five: Borrowing Bill Payers

What you do is BORROW bill payers from other people. There are people who will rent or allow you to borrow THEIR bill payers.

This way, even if you’re starting at the bottom of the barrel, you have something to build on.

Here’s The Ultimate Bill Payment Eraser System

To help you take advantage of the Ultimate Bill Payment Eraser Method, I’ve put together an awesome, life-changing training for you that is the only one like it in existence on this planet or, as far as I know, any other.

This is the ONLY system that will solve all 5 of the above problems.


  • How to have your money come in on the exact day before your bill is due -- like clockwork -- every month
  • How to process charges without ANY credit card fees (this is a littleknown method)
  • The 90% continuity retention secret I borrowed from the fundraising industry (something that even the highest level "gurus" don't know. But you will. And you'll profit from it.
  • How to big secret to erasing virtually any bill you want.
  • How to build your foundation before you go for the "big payday" type projects that really do have the power to make people rich.
  • Why trying to match the income of those  overnight success stories leaves you frustrated and hurts more than helps you. 
  • Why having an exact amount of money come in on an exact day is such a revelation -- and how to do it easy peasy -- without getting zapped for big fees.
  • How to free your life one bill at a time

MODULE 2: Micro Campaigns

  • How to create a little mini system to replenish people who drop out -- automatically
  • How to institute a "waiting list" so you got people lined up -- and why you may want to do this
  • Why it's so less stressful to automatically replace 1 or 2 people a month vs. 50 or 100
  • How to create your micro campaigns if you have a tiny list -- or without a list at all
  • The no stress secret to making your micro campaign work consistently

MODULE 3: Micro Recurring

  • Why only a small percentage of your audience may be interested in a campaign -- and how to fix it
  • If you have a small audience or tiny list, this is how you get those bills page.  You'll only here this here.
  • How to lay out all your chunky bills and put the Eraser to work on each one
  • Why this is the exact opposite of what most people teach. And why it makes total sense.
  • How and where to get your micro recurring ideas that are easy peasy to implement
  • How to price your micro recurring
  • Why small is the way to big

MODULE 4: The Viral List Solution

  • This is what you do if you're starting without much of an audience. 
  • The secret sauce that powers the viral list solution
  • Where to get a viral list "leaderboard" to amp your traffic -- and get people competing to send you buyers (you've probably never seen this one before)
  • How to get started with "seed stock"

MODULE 5: Borrowing Bill Payers

  • "Marlon, I have no offers to sell.  What do I do?" The answer?  Borrow bill payers!
  • Where and how to borrow bill payers
  • What makes a good bill payer?
  • How to roll your own bill payers -- even if they aren't available to others in the secret sites
  • How do I get started with my first borrowed bill payer?

How Much Is This System Gonna Cost Me?

The real question here is what will this cost you if you DON'T get it?

How much money have you wasted by NOT being focused? How many rabbits have you chased? How much have you spent on things that did NOT contribute to your overall objective?

What will it cost you in LOST profits over the next 12 months if you don't really focus and zero in 100% on the single best opportunity and system?

How much does the stress and strain of not having a system to pay your bills using marketing income cost you?

On the flip side, what COULD you make in your estimation if you zero in on simple, doable opportunities, actionize and profitize? In other words, if you really have your act together how much do you have at stake?


The methods I've developed are my own. I've not seen anyone else teach these. They're proprietary right out of my own experience in managing my own business.

I've tried a number of things over the years and this is the ONE method that really makes your next moneymaker so doable, it's hard to screw it up.

The difference is, everyone else teaches you to have one giant honking project that will make everything all good.  Or they teach ONE recurring income source.

Chances are, you've TRIED to do "THAT" and failed. That's because you need a base of income, so you CAN focus on the "big payday" methods.

One of my friends said, "Marlon, XYZ person is talking to me about making $25,000 a month and here you are talking about erasing a $250 or $500 bill!

Then I explained to him what I just explained to you.  By having a base of income that covers the big, chunky bills, you then buy yourself the time and freedom to focus on your big moneymakers that have the potential to make you rich.

Here's What You Get

I thought about doing this as a webinar series. But on Webinars, I don't have a chance to hit pause and collect my thoughts. So I feel in some ways by sitting down at my leisure when my brain is fresh, I can create a better quality product anyway, and you pay less for it.

So I'm creating this as interactive videos:

  1. Before each session, I'll send an outline and ask you in relationship to the topic what your questions or issues are.

  2. I'll send you a full length, in-depth video ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, each week. It just depends on how much time I need to thoroughly cover that topic without beating a dead horse.

  3. If anything is unclear from video, you'll have the opportunity to email me questions and in the next video I'll clarify anything that needs more data. That way your questions won't go unanswered.

  4. The videos will be posted in a download area and you will be able to save them to your hard drive, so you can watch them offline.

  5. I will also provide you with an mp3 of the sessions, so you can listen to that on your phone.

  6. Just so you know, I do NOT plan on getting the sessions transcribed. So I want to be clear on what you get and what you don't get.

Here's The Bottom Line As Far As The Benefits Vs. The Cost

If you've been on my list long you know I charge $1,000 an hour for consulting and actually do consult for that. If you want to buy a consult, just post to and we'll arrange payment.

What you get here are roughly 4 hours of my time, or arguably $4,000 of my time. Plus, you gain focus and the ability to sort out noise and zero in on your biggest bills that drive you batty. But let's say you instead went out and read 10 books on side hustles or paying your bills.

You wouldn't learn anything specific to what you're trying to accomplish. You'd still be working on a model that doesn't relate to the specific bills you have. And you'd fork over around $30 each per book for a total of $300.

Now, you get all four sessions on video with the ability to ask questions. You get my bill payment concepts and method, you discover the power of Micro Campaigns, One Day Billing, Viral List Solutions, Micro Recurring and my best thoughts on how to borrow "Bill Payers" if you don't have your own yet, or struggle to create one.

Plus, you can try it out for two weeks at no risk...

The Ultimate Proof Is Your OWN Experience So Here's How You Can Try My System On A Love It Or I'll Replace It Guarantee

Go through the first 2 weeks.

Take my system for a spin. Try it out. If after ONLY the first 2 weeks you don't feel you're already 100% more clear and focused on exactly how to liquidate your bills using small marketing projects ...and 100% more confident and able to get money coming in on the SAME DAY your bills are due, then I'll REPLACE your product with another of equal price.

I'll swap out another product that DOES meet your needs of similar value and add that to your account. And I'll give you another BONUS product on top of that worth $50.

At WORST you come out a $50 product ahead.   This is a replacement guarantee

This is "virtually" risk free. You do risk several hours of your time to go through the first two modules. But other than the opportunity cost of your time, you have no risk in this.

In the unlikely event you aren't happy, all you do is go to and post a ticket. That's all there is to it. No big hassle or something. But don't worry about that. You will NOT be wanting to swap out the product, once you see how easy it is to get those bills paid.



You missed out!

  • 75% commissions on this product from sale 1
  • A complete video walk through of the cheat sheet I use when I write my sales pages.  I've NEVER given this away before to anyone.  Make your sales pages SELL with my secret and super powerful cheat sheet.
  • A jaw-dropping 45-page dossier on my viral traffic discoveries, with in-depth analysis and examples from my OWN business recently
  • This alone COULD give you enough money to pay for your course

Yes Marlon! I want to try your system out for the first two weeks RISK FREE!

I understand that I get:

  • Full length, in-depth videos ranging from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, each week.
  • The opportunity to email me questions and in the next video you clarify anything that needs more data. That way my questions won't go unanswered.
  • Videos posted in a download area that I can save to my hard-drive and watch offline.
  • Mp3's of the sessions, so I can listen to them on my phone.
  • I get your Micro Campaign concepts and method, you discover the power of One Day Billing, Viral List Building, Micro Recurring Systems and your best thoughts on how to borrow "bill payers".
  • Your love it or you'll replace it guarantee that states If after ONLY the first 2 weeks you don't feel you're already 100% more clear and focused on exactly how to liquidate your bills using small marketing projects, then I'll swap out the product for another one of similar value that better meets your needs, and I'll give you an extra $50 bonus product to boot.  This is a replacement guarantee, not a moneyback guarantee.
  • Best wishes,
  • Marlon Sanders