The 3 Gigantic Problems of CoachingPortals and Membership Sites SolvedWith New Gamification Breakthrough

What Will You Learn Today: The 3 problems of coaching and membership sites that are pretty much a nightmare to deal with and the Gamification solution spelled out

What’s So Great About That? Coaching portals and membership sites rock because they even out your cash flow with regular, monthly income. But they’re pretty much a big problem unless you can solve the 3 big kahunas in today’s newsletter

Hello, Marlon here. There are three HUGE problems with coaching portals and membership sites that are solved by a ginormous word called“gamification” which I’ll define, explain and illustrate shortly. Before I get into that, two quick things:

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Now, The Big 3 Coaching Portal and Membership
Site Nightmares and How To Solve Them

Let me explain the problem as truthfully and realistically as I can.

  • Retention
  • Chargebacks and refunds
  • Student success or involvement.

Before I get to the solution, and I DO have one honey of a solution for you, let me explain why these are such a big freaking deal and you should give a rip

  1. Retention

    The average person in the Internet marketing niche stays in membership or coaching sites an average of 2.7 to 3.5 months, which is absolutely horrible. Just terrible. For one thing, how can your coaching student or member benefit if they only stay a few months and don’t really dive into what you have for them?The only way they’re really and truly going to benefit greatly is by sticking with it and to it.

    And yet, you can become pretty RICH off those horrible numbers.

    Drop 1,200 people onto recurring billing at $100 a month like a friend of mine had AND that’s $120,000 a month ONLY from the recurring billing, not to mention all the add-on sales, which for him took him up to $200,000 a month.

    But here’s the thing:
    If people STUCK for 6.5 months INSTEAD of 3.5, then you’d only need 500 people on recurring billing to hit roughly the same numbers. And your coaching students or members will benefit far more from being in your program 6 ½ months vs 3 ½.

    Gosh, even a MONTH extra is a pretty big freaking deal.

    Let’s say you only got 100 on your coaching portal or membership site.

    That’s 100 x $100 or $10,000 a month relatively passive RECURRING money. Now, if each member sticks 3.5 months then you make gross $350per member. But if they stick 4.5 months, that’s $450.

    100 x 450 = $45,000
    100 x 350 = $35,000

    We’re talking a DIFFERENCE of $10,000. And that’s if you only squeeze one more month of “stick rate” or “retention” to use a big 3-syllable fancied word.

  2. Chargebacks and refunds

    These are the ACHILLES hill of an otherwise almost perfect plan.

    Here’s what I mean:
    If your chargebacks go over 1%, BOOM! Your merchant account will lower the boom and at first just hold money back.

    Then after they’ve bled you dry holding back money you may never see again, they ZAP your account and terminate you. If you’re not lucky, they stick your assets on the terminated merchant list and you CANNOT get a merchant account withANYONE else.

    Now, why prey tell, would people chargeback instead of just asking for a refund?

    There’s probably a long list of reasons.

    But the more important question is how do you PREVENT this nightmare?

    Because my friend built up his $200,000 a month machine that was rapidly building towards $1,000,000 a month and then the boom hit.


    He got hammered for hold back fees then terminated. And then you have to get an OVERSEAS merchant account that practically extorts high fees from you for processing.

    It’s a slippery slope to hades.

    But it doesn’t stop there!

    Not only are chargebacks an issue but refunds are.

    If your refunds go over 10%, you can be in the EXACT same freaking boat, just for giving people their money back, which is really not any skin off the back of the merchant providers.

    But that’s how the ball rolls in this game.

    Refunds and chargebacks can take your $100,000 or $200,000 a month virtually passive income and sink it into the abyss where even the devil won’t tread.

    You do NOT want to go there.

    I’m NOT exaggerating either. It may sound like I’m painting some false, excessively dreary picture. But whole entire industries exist to attempt to stop chargebacks and refunds.

    Chargify, Chargeback Hero and Chargebacks 911 are just 3 of them.

    The thing is, the BEST way is to NOT NEED those services to begin with, as they rack up their own fees also. And some run$500+ a month base charge.

  3. Student Success or Involvement

    For all the slander and liable aimed at “gurus,” the word just means teacher. And, in my personal experience, MOST albeit not all gurus or teachers WANT their students to succeed, if for no other reason than they REALLY need the testimonials.

    And who really wants or needs BAD word of mouth?

    So contrary to what all the negative people in groups say, most actually DO care.

    And some like myself have lost sleep more than one night over it.And spent a large amount of time and money investing in book sand training on how to make students succeed.

    Fact is, I bought another book on that topic just 3 days ago.

    So yeah, people care. They care a lot in many cases.

    The fly in the ointment is that it’s harder than steel to get most students to do anything.

    To do assignments.

    To participate in groups.

    To show up on group calls.It’s freaking HARD.You have maybe 10% who participate.

    Then government agencies wonder how come only 10% of students succeed.

    Well, cause the others don’t do crap. That’s why. Now, if you’re reading this and you’re a student, it’s not really your fault. We live in a hyper speed, microwave society.

    In fact, the microwave is way too darned slow.

    And what I’ve found out is, it’s NOT just in OUR industry or industries.

    NOT just make money online.NOT just online learning.After reading many books on the topic and having a Master’s degree in educational psychology, I can tell you this holds true across all industries.

    Even teachers themselves are plagued by the same thing.

    When schools implement teacher training, what percent of teachers ever implement jack from it?

    If you guessed 10%, you would be spot on. And for you negative Nancy’s who doubt that stat (forgive me if you’re a positive Nancy...I don’t mean to stereotype), just one out of many books that echo that stat based on much research is
    Results: The Key to Continuous School Improvement” by Mike Schmoker.

In that book he cited 3 things as the solution:

  1. Having data on progress – that means being able to SEE actual, tangible results fast.
  2. Support group – Having a group that supports you.
  3. Goals

By the way, if you have loads of time on your hands to read and don’t mind spending up to $90 a book, here’s a few more to read: Systems For Change In Literacy and Education by Lyons and Pinnel
Training Within Industry by Donald A. Dinero
Learning Paths by Jim Williams and Steve Rosenbaum
Building Expertise: Cognitive Methods for Training and Performance Improvement by Ruth Colvin Clark
Efficiency in Learning: Evidence-Based Guidelines To Manage Cognitive Load

Those are some of the better books I have in my library on the topic.

New Gamification Solution That Solves The Above 3Problems, Or Goes a Long Ways Towards It

OK. The solution I’ve stumbled across is called Gamification.

Google says:

the application of typical elements of game playing (e.g., point scoring, competition with others, rules of play) to other areas of activity, typically as an online marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service."gamification is exciting because it promises to make the hard stuff in life fun"

Wikipedia says:

Gamification is the application of game-design elements and game principles in non-game contexts.[1][2] Gamification commonly employs game design elements[1][3][4][5][6] to improve user engagement,[7][8][9] organizational productivity,[10] flow,[11][12] learning,[13][14] crowdsourcing,[15] employee recruitment and evaluation, ease of use, usefulness of systems,[12][16][17] physical exercise,[18] traffic violations,[19] voter apathy,[20] and more. A collection of research on gamification shows that a majority of studies on gamification find it has positive effects on individuals.[4]

There are links to all kinds of references and stuff in Wikipedia if you want to cram a whole bunch of info into your brain that probably won’t make you money.Here’s the application to you that you can implement FAST with my amazing DONE FOR YOU method.

Now, in a minute, I’m a gonna show you MY OWN personal, real life GAMIFICATION site that is a doozy. But first, let’s look deeper into what this big word means:

  • Data on progress = points

    The first killer feature of Gamification is points.

    When people do stuff like complete assignments or participate in a group or log in, they EARN POINTS.

    And best of all, those points are DISPLAYED for others to see!

    Not only that, you can have a LEADERBOARD to bring in an element of competition.

On my site, I have a popup that gives them points when they login and pops up.

  • Goals

    Being on the leaderboard gives people a goal to work towards. But more than that, you earn BADGES!And these badges are displayed on their pages in their coaching portal or membership area.

These badges can be custom made easily. And they look HOT!

That’s an example of one of mine. Here’s another: These

So now they have POINTS as a goal and also BADGES! And the first response is “WHO CARES?” And the answer is THEY DO!And let me tell you why they care.Because when they earn certain badges, they unlock additional content or resources! That’s why.So there is a payoff. How cool is that?

  • Support Group

    Not only do they earn points and badges and get points for turning in ASSIGNMENTS which incentivizes them to do stuff and gives INSTANT GRATIFICATION, but they have support baked right in with groups.

    And when they participate in the groups, they earn points!

    These are all 3 things that Mike Schmoker said were needed.

    Now, you DO need a good number of members for the support group to kick in. But you can also add members to a Facebook group as a plan B.

    My current goal is to get 40 people in my coaching system so we can get some activity in the forum or forums.

But Marlon, How Does This Reduce
Chargebacks and Refunds?

Here's how:

  1. People WANT to STAY for the COMMUNITY!

    People love to interact.
    They love the points.
    They love the badges.
    They love the rewards.

  2. You can SEE who is logging in and who isn’t. And whois interacting and who isn’t.

    This is CRITICAL.

    If someone isn’t logging in or benefitting from the site, you CANCEL their billing before it happens!

    Or you at minimum reach out to them.

  3. Automation via emails is also baked right in

    You can automatically email people when they interact which increases interaction and satisfaction.

  4. If someone is earning no points, this is a gigantic red flag that a refund could be headed your way.

    That’s why it’s best to give a TRIAL that is very low cost.So at worst, you cancel them before the REAL billing hits in 14 to30 days, however long your trial is.

  5. If someone tries to chargeback and they DID interact, you have PROOF to fight the chargeback.

    Boom! Your case is pretty much air tight. You can tell them to take their stupid chargeback and….

Marlon, What Does All This Look Like Real World?

Here’s a few screen caps.

This is the week-by-week content page:

Here’s what course modules look like:

Here’s what Week 1 looks like:

OK, so you can SEE that a Gamified site like this REALLY solves a
ton of issues that STOP students from learning and being successful.
Now, a few things you should know:

  1. You need to get a critical mass of students and you better save time and energy for marketing

    It’s not duck’s soup getting people to sign up even for a $1 trial.Right now, I currently have 16 or so signed up.

    It’s a lot slower going than I anticipated, especially since I’m giving students a bunch of free bonuses just to check it out.

    You just need to be mentally prepared to put your best efforts into marketing. If you spend all your energy and time creating your coaching area and don’t have anything left for marketing, you’ll just be pissing away your time.

    I guess it’s an issue of delayed gratification. Coaching provides results but not instant results.

    That’s why you normally give people INSTANT bonuses for taking a trial, so they get instant gratification.

    The thing is, you want to make it EASY for your students to cancel. Do NOT make it hard or you could end up in legal issues.

    I put my program on Clickbank and all they need is their email and zip code or postal code to cancel.

  2. The software is definitely a learning curve

    Prepare to dig in some and really learn it.

    Just this morning I found someone took my fill in the blanks quiz but it said they failed the quiz! You CAN’T fail! It’s open ended questions!

    A lot of little details like that you have to figure out.

    Attention and energy has to go into making it a good experience for students best as you are able.

  3. Choosing which software to buy is CONFUSING at best

    There are a ton of choices. And none of them are as easy and simple as you’d prefer.

  4. Setting up the software and site is CHALLENGING

    Trying to figure out which software to buy, what themes to use and so forth is a pretty MAJOR effort.

    When you first install the software (a Wordpress plugin), it will likely look AWFUL.

    Pretty TERRIBLE.

    That alone is enough to discourage you if you aren’t prepared for it.

    What you need is a theme.

  5. The theme you choose is a pretty big freaking deal

    You BUY your theme separate from the software. And there are a lot of choices.

    I probably spent a week just researching themes and stewing over which one to buy.

  6. After you install your theme, getting everything to work is gonna be a bit of a pain

    It’s not exactly a fun experience.

    You’ll be hitting up support desks multiple times. And I had to paste in some special code.

    I still have one or two snags to figure out…like the problem with the quiz today.

Would You Like Me To Just Tell You How To Do It
Without You Having Bang Your Ahead Against The
Wall Figuring Stuff Out?

  1. Which learning program / WordPress plugin I chose and why
  2. Which theme I chose and why
  3. All the numerous gotchas you need to know about with this theme to avoid endless headaches
  4. What your options are if you don’t want the theme I bought
  5. What plugins I’m using (and it’s quite a few) and why
  6. How to make everything go as smoothly as possible
  7. Hosting requirements and recommendations
  8. Speeding up your site
  9. How do you password protect it? What are the options?

Now, I’m NOT going to pretend I have every single detail figured out. I don’t.

I’m STILL on the learning curve.

What I CAN tell you is Internet marketers are RUSHING to set up Gamified sites…but only the early adopters.

As an EARLY adopter, you can have an advantage ahead of the crowds to follow in a year, or whenever it hits the Tipping Point at which time everyone will have to have a Gamified site.

If you ARE interested in me taking the time to put together videos on the above laying it all out, I’ll do it IF I have enough customers commit.

Honestly, I need at least 10 customers who want this and are willing to pay $100 for it.

That’s $1,000 for my time to create it. I don’t know but I imagine it’ll take a day of my time to organize everything, shoot a video, edit it, set it up, etc. The actual length of the video or videos would be maybe an hour.

Possibly more. I don’t know how long it’ll take to thoroughly explain stuff. Whatever it takes is what it takes. I don’t know everything but I’ll teach you everything I know and have learned in putting together MY coaching site.

I can tell you it’ll save you at LEAST 3 weeks of your time and numerous support tickets, each of which likely takes a day or twoto get answered and slows you down immensely.

In terms of costs to set it up, the learning management software, theme and plugins to duplicate my exact setup will run you $400to $500. I have to sit down and tally everything up exactly.

If that sounds like all the money in the world to you, then honestly, man, you need to be IN Point and Click Coaching so I can teach you how to create and sell info products.

This IS the wave of the future, and if you got some kind of business already going, this is a definite add-on that can be huge.

Here’s the deal.

I’ll take my time to produce this if I get 10 people pre-order it.The terms are $1 now and $97 on May 7. Click here to pre-order Gamification Secrets for $1 now and $97 on May 7.

I’ll produce a video going over everything. And we’ll hold a coaching call, probably on a Wed night to answer any questions you got.

If we don’t get 10 people, I’ll cancel your order and send you something worth a buck at least.

One other possibility:

For $500, I’ll duplicate my site on your server. You still have to get the licenses to the software and plugins and have WordPress installed, although I can do that for you if you have CPanel.

If you want to go that route and just have me set it up for you, then post to and tell me when you’re wanting to get it set up.

Best wishes,