offer closed buyers will get 12 months of follow ups


You won't find anyone else anywhere showing you how to create true BEASTLY income like this....but I'll show you in incredible detail and exactly how I did it

extended to 7/14. final chance

Bonus 43: (July 12) Insanely good hour video on the psychology of selling big tickets by yours truly. (Worth more than the entire product.  This is REALLY good stuff)

Bonus 43: (July 12) Outrageously easy way to get new customers

Bonus 42: (July 12) Watch this to get your first five customers

Bonus 41: (July 10) How to potentially close 30% of your audience on webinars from the webinar KING!

Bonus 40: (July 10) 11 sales commandments that made $1/4 billion in sales (results obviously not

Bonus 39: (July 10) How my $100 million friend changed his life for $6.88 (and nothing stops you from using his secret)

Bonus 38: (July 5) 22 Secrets of Selling Info Products by an old friend who has created quite a name for himself. This is pure gold.  The dude is a STUD!

Bonus 37: (July 5) Overcoming launch struggles: The 2024 launch rehab plan

Bonus 36: (July 5) Favorite hack for growing your email list

Bonus 35: (July 5) 3 ways to double your launch

Bonus 34: (July 4) Everything is "down stream" from lead generation.  43-minute video that will get you fired up.

Bonus 33: (July 4) The other day I watched a video that is a huge eye opener. It's why most people in this business think they're working a lot but might as well be watching Netflix. It's about the ONLY 4 things that move your business forward. One of the most impactful videos you'll ever watch.  You'll never ever- ever-ever say you don't have time again.

Bonus 32: (July 4) Perhaps the best, most useful video I've made on how to get product ideas with a high probability of selling (Worth $97 by itself...I almost hate to give it away at this price.  I BELIEVE in this video and use the methods in it non stop)

Bonus 31: (July 1) If you don't have an audience to sell to, do this

Bonus 30: (July 1) New twist on retargeting that actually gets NEW customers

Bonus 29: (July 1) How to use interns to grow your business

Bonus 28: (July 1) How to use 4 "must have" Marketing Oil Wells to potentially double leads and sales (This one is more advanced)

Bonus 27: (June 29) He generated 112,000 leads using these 8 methods

Bonus 26: (June 29) How to grow a potentially huge audience and became a little bit famous in your niche

Bonus 25: (June 29) He raised $250,000 using a waitlist

Bonus 24: (June 29) Personal branding masterclass

Bonus 23: (June 29) From $0 to $100k -- How to potentially start a business super fast (results not typical or average)

Bonus 22: (June 29) How to use the Capstone pitch to sell more products and services with greater ease and success

Bonus 21: (June 29) Four golden ways to get more clients

Bonus 20: (June 29) How to get thousands of leads from "warm" social media -- potentially.

Bonus 19: (June 28) Automated webinar, live webinar, vsl? Which should you use and why?

Bonus 18: (June 28) How to make your course evergreen

Bonus 17: (June 28) Get your first sales funnel done this week

Bonus 16: (June 28) 2-hour deep dive training on how to make $10k a month as a writer (dollar amount not average or typical) 

Bonus 15: (June 28) 8 hour level up training

Bonus 14: (June 28) How to choose your target market

Bonus 13: (June 27) 54 minute crash course in how to sell more $5k, $15k or even $50 offers (potentially)

Bonus 12: (June 27) The fastest way to potentially double sales right now (This is super powerful)

Bonus 11: (June 27) How to double sales with your next product launch -- potentially. A step-by-step plan.

Bonus 10: (June 27) How to double your sales closes (or even webinar closes or vsl's) with "loss aversion" messaging

Bonus 9: How to find your own personal "money spot" where the sales and money freely flows (Full video training)

Bonus 8: How to build value for what you
sell, so people gladly pay you for it

Bonus 7: Hitlist Marketing: How to tap into huge chunks of customer lists fast and free

Bonus 6: Weird 10-minute mental shift brings in $11,590.88 starting in 2 days potentially. Results not typical or average.

Bonus 5: Others pay $100+ a month for this. You'll pay $0.  It's an app that dings every time you get a visitor. Know instantly if emails, social media posts and affiliate promos are working.

Bonus 4: How I sold 1,042 products in only 31 days with my product dollars method (results NOT average nor typical)

Bonus 3: 12 month of implementation follow up emails

Bonus 2:  A practical, doable plan for building a full or part time income with online marketing

Bonus 1  How to create "candy stick" little front-end products in your sleep (metaphor)

Module One: The Beastly Income 58-page PDF

Module Two:  How to break through a plateau the simple way

Module Three:  The money is in the list. 10 ways to build it, use it and profit from it.

Module Four:  How to use my bucket siphon method to siphon your potential buyers into buckets so you offer them exactly what they want to buy.


Marlon here.

Beastly income.

Income you virtually can't kill.

Income you can't stop.

Income that just keeps on keeping on.

That's what we're talking about today.

Can You Really Create Beastly Income?

1. Building a beast-type sales machine where the income won't quit, stop, get beat down, get cut off, get whacked, emaciated or shut down is work.

I won't sugar coat it.

Anyone, in my opinion, who uses the methods I teach can create income. If they follow a simple formula. It's just not that hard.

But creating Beast-Type income you can't kills, whack, shut off, stop or dwindle to drizzle is a whole different...well....beast.

2. Not many people have created this type of income

Most people create income that requires a great amount of work. If they stop, the income stop.

But when you get incredibly hardy, robust income flowing in, you have the dough to hire brains.

4. This is no ordinary, everyday "sales machine" you can buy for $10.

There are scads of those. Go buy some if you want. I learn tips and tricks from them.  

But they have nothing to do in common with Beast-Type Sales Machines. Think of these as a sub-specialty or category under regular, run-of-the-mill sales machines you can buy for a few bucks.

Maybe they work.

Maybe they don't.

Probably not. No disrespect.

5. There are several things that differentiate Beast Type Sales Machines from regular, normal, everyday ones.

a. The level of income generated

Beast income is just more by nature and design.

b. The persistence of the income

Think of a grass that is deliberately constructed to thrive in summers where you have water rationing and it's dryer than a bone. But the grass is hardy and made to survive and thrive.

It's robust under those conditions.

Other grass only survives sin the best conditions. This 

grass is built to do well under the worst conditions.

THAT is a beast-type sales machine.

I'm telling you what 's possible. What I and many others have done.

I'm NOT saying it's average. I have no proof it's realistic for you personally, although honestly, in my heart of hearts, I believe it is if you're willing to do the work.

But by way of complying with the law, I have to tell you it's not indicative of average results nor typical.  

Pretty much, if you're an entrepreneur, you're a person who believes you defied the odds the day you were a zygote by beating out 10,000 other sperm.

So you aren't real concerned about "the odds" or what others do. First of all, most of them don't read more than a book a year, can't stick to a project longer than 10 days, and want money without work.

I teach exactly, precisely how to whip up a product in 3 hours, and have it slide right into the sales page like a glove so the whole thing is easy to create.

And how to use a cookie-cutter sales page that just works.

This is like Income Stacking 101.

These are duck's soup.

 Again, that's my experience and opinion. I don't have some kind of customer-wide survey to prove anyone and anyone can do it.

Make It Rain Money

My goal of a Beast Sales Machine isn't some drizzle income.

I want it where you don't bother to put socks on. You just shove money in your shoe instead.

You're tell your spouse "Could you PLEASE put a bunch of this cash in garbage bags or something and get it off the floor."

It's annoying the heck out of me just walking all over it.

You realize you better deposit that check for $5,000 you got laying around before it expires.

THAT's what a real, true, HIGHLY functioning, purring-like-a-cat Beast Sales Machine does for you. Yeah, I'm exaggerating, but really, that's how the thing is constructed.

And it's a fact.  I've left more than one $5,000 check laying around and not bothered to deposit it until the deadline.


You don't have to "work" to produce income. But you gotta do it or someone else does. Always feed your machine. Always have it purring.

Don't take the foot off the gas.

Know how you win the game.  That's what this is about.

If you don't know how you win, you won't win.

You need to know HOW you win.

And it needs to be simple and implementable.

And you need to implement that plan like a beast until you win.

You don't know how to win?

I do.

Are you ready to learn?

There's a TON of Opportunity When You do Things the new "Beastly" way -- the 2024 way

  • You'll be one of a very small handful of marketers who actually "get it" and apply these new methods
  • People won't "get" what you're doing.  They'll just sit back and be amazed at your newfound results
  • It's not about working harder or longer.  It's about knowing WHAT to do right now, today. And how to do it.
  • You'll have a roadmap or a blueprint. You know where you're going and how you'll get there.
  • I doubt your competition will ever figure out how to do this. Or have the strength and fortitude to set it up.

Finally become confident in ASSEMBLING YOUR WHOLE bEAST SALES MACHINE and turning it on

This will help you by seeing the BIG PICTURE.

When you see how all the puzzle pieces snap together to form a super powerful, potent picture, that SHOULD make the light bulbs go on.

So you can SEE down the road.

You have a roadmap or a blueprint.

You KNOW where you’re ending up and why and how you get there.

When you get there you know what your advantage is.


The Beastly Income Sales Machine shows you how to create income that won't quit, stop, get beat down, get cut off, get whacked, emaciated or shut down.

I wrote a mind-expanding deep dive explained the whole system bit-by-bit, so it's easy to understand and apply.

Then I did a full video training to explain every detail and nuance of it.

  • Main Benefit #1 - The Beastly Income Sales Machine is designed to create income so strong that you practically can't kill it.  NO ONE else is helping you build a Beast-Type Sales Machine you virtually can't kill or shut off.
  • Main Benefit #2 - I’m here to keep you on track.To focus you.To remind you. And to bring new ways of winning, new income streams and sources and ideas to the table.
  • Main Benefit #3 - This is real world, real talk.  I'm not here to blow smoke and say this is all hunky dory easy peasy.  It's not.  But neither is anything else worth doing.  As I've stated before, what I'm taking about isn't typical nor average.  Pretty much, if you're an entrepreneur, you're a person who believes you defied the odds the day you were a zygote by beating out 10,000 other sperm. So you aren't real concerned about "the odds" or what others do.

This Is How You Build Virtually Non-Stop Income That You Can't Kill

I lay out the plan step-by-step.

Rome wasn't built overnight. So all you do is take it one step at a time.

Here’s what I want to emphasize.

Depending on whether you love what you do or not, it’s effort, energy or work to set up all the components of the Beast Sales Machine.

There's no way to sugar coat it.  

The BEAUTY is this:

Man, once you get it set up and the money coming in AND you build in some automated engine components, you have a machine that starts to HUM!

Money starts to flow in without you having to do a lot.

It's gorgeous. Just gorgeous.

I don't speak from theory on this. I speak from a huge amount of practical experience of "doing it."

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Like  Reply  10h

Here's What a Real, True, HIGHLY Functioning, Purring-Like-A-Cat, Beast Sales Machine Does For You:

  • The level of income generated - Beast type sales income is just more by nature and design
  • The persistence of the income. Think of a grass that is deliberately constructed to thrive in summers where you have water rationing and it's dryer than a bone. But the grass is hardy and made to survive and thrive. It's robust under those conditions. Other grass only survives sin the best conditions. This grass is built to do well under the worst conditions. THAT is a beast-type sales machine. 
  • Spins up virtually non-stop income - Obviously, no income is totally indestructible.  That's common sense.  But like the grass built to do well under the worst conditions, this thing is robust and HARD to kill.
  • Multiple streams of income - This embodies multiple streams of income.
  • Includes recurring income - Recurring income helps you be "robust" and make it through dry spells like August in summer in August
  • Not a one trick pony ... Some people bet their income on a one trick pony.  Like they sell only this or that. Only high tickets. Only low tickets.  Or they only use Facebook. The problem is, what happens if the one trick pony gets tired and takes the summer off?  You're screwed. That's why we don't rely on a one trick pony.

The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating

I've been doing this full time since 1997.  One income stream I set up in 2001 still brings me 3 to 4 figures a month. I've sold 70,000+ products online, most for over 450.  This is entirely possible when you activate the Beastly Income Sales Machine on your behalf.  If you work the plan, the plan will work for you.

The Complete Beastly Income Package

Here's what you get:


Marlon's Beastly Income Sales
Machine PDF

Instead of taking 20 years of your life and reading 4,000+ books to discover the secrets and 25 years testing them out, why not just jump the curve and get the secrets from this intense 59-page PDF?


How to Break Through a Plateau

The simplest way I know to go to higher levels of income without confusion or even breaking a sweat


The Money Is In The List
10 Ways to Build It, Use it, Profit From It

If you want to make Beast Income, you need to be able to get people to buy from you. And you need a list.

You find people in the habit of buying stuff. You get them on a list. You give them reasons to buy from you. It's not complicated.

The thing that separates this report is that it's a deep dive into actually DOING it.  It doesn't just gloss over the details.


How to Use My Bucket Method To Siphon Your Potential Buyers Into Buckets So You Offer Them Exactly What They Want To Buy

Best of all, it’s easy to automate this, so you make more sales without having to work harder at all  -- once you set this up.

I give you specifics, examples and the mechanics of setting it up.

Based on the total values above, you can you can easily see I could sell this system for about $279, or more. Why? Because you could spend so much money and time in buying products and watching videos.

However, I won't charge you that price, because I want to give you a break in these inflationary times.You only need to pay for $300 $192 $100 (see price below) if you act fast. I may totally close this offer down in a few days. So don't delay.

You Get a Very Special Extra Bonuses FREE!

I'm giving you special bonuses to make this offer over the top.  These are all supplemental reports I reference in the Beastly Income Report. It's just assumed you have this knowledge:


How to create "candy stick" little front-end products in your sleep (That's a metaphor...not literally)

You should be able to create these like you eat a candy stick. Effortless and sweet!  That's why I call them "candy stick products.


 A practical, "doable" plan for building a full or part time income with online marketing


 12 months of implementation follow up emails to make sure you're implementing what you learned.


How I sold 1,042 products in only 31 days with my Product Dollars method.  

My result isn't typical or indicative of average results.  But it is possible. I do this full time. Your results will vary.

money back guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 7 days with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. 

This is a 7-day guarantee and applies to option 1 and 2. Option 3 is backed my substitution guarantee. If you aren't happy for any reason, I'll substitute another product of equal or greater value.

Get Beastly Income Today!

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine having your affiliate sales rocking year after year. Go ahead and order now while it's on your mind and you can take advantage immediately.


Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders
"The King of Step-by-Step Marketing"