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ASL #73 -- How to Create Consistent Affiliate Sales


Marlon here.

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Today I want to talk about how to create CONSISTENT AFFILIATE SALES.

You need to be relentless.

Why?  Because if you aren’t you’ll be lost in the noise.

The day you stop projecting your ideas to the market is the day your new blood, new potential customers, stops coming in.

SHEER VOLUME counts but is balanced by quality.

You can be a SNIPER and be extremely targeted about your communications and projections.

Or you can fire a SHOTGUN and reach a larger market, getting responses from those who ARE in the market.

Or any combination thereof.

You’ll find many people who advocate the sniper approach – “Don’t waste money reaching people who aren’t likely to buy” is the battle cry.

And some companies have extremely good (and sophisticated) database marketing methods to do this.

For example, in elections, thanks to the data in Facebook, politicians were able to target VERY SPECIFICALLY the people likely to vote for them.

In the U.S. this caused a great deal of turmoil, mostly by the losing party, who wasn’t savvy enough to pull it off.

So they complained to high heaven about the tactic that was, in part, responsible for them losing an election.

Some marketers use Google, Facebook or Youtube ads with great precision.  They are lethal with their targeting and response. They know exactly the avatar or type of person they want to reach.

Other people are volume projectors or marketers.

They go for the BIG VOLUME.

Grant Cardone is the poster boy for this method.  He bangs out his message in massive volumes through his Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other channels.

He does 3 or 4 shows a week on Youtube, including one with his wife Elena to attract women, one called Young Hustlers to attract the young crowd, one to attracts real estate investors and one to attract sales people.

He’s a busy man but has a big team behind him.

Every Thursday you can bank that he’s doing Cardone Zone.  Every Monday you can bet he’s doing his investing show.

It’s routine.


Like clockwork.

I popped over to Grant’s Twitter feed. 

He has 158,000 tweets!

And true to form, he has a video he posted just 11 hours ago:

Then you have his Instagram with 6,513 posts.  You’d think that as successful as he is now, and without most people knowing his name, he’d just run ads and call it a day.

Heck no.

He pushes out content like clockwork.  Of course, he has a team behind him that makes this easy. I believe he has a full time video person who follows him around everywhere to get video for posts.

To me, the challenge with social media is getting a following and rising above the noise.

If you’re pumping out content and no one is watching, that’s not a good deal.  Just a bunch of content doesn’t guarantee viewers, although it helps.

So each channel like Facebook, Insta, Youtube, Twitter has its own technology or rules to get exposure.

There’s no lack of knowledge on HOW to do it.  There’s Kindle and Udemy to start with.

You have a LOT of businesses fueled primarily by Youtube organic, meaning a Youtube channel where people create content for it.

The bar here is rising in terms of quality.

You’ll see people who haven’t upped the quality of their videos with decreasing view counts.

But that’s not true across the board.  It’s the general trend.

You have others who specialize in Pinterest or Facebook groups.

But the word RELENTLESS comes to mind.

And they’re getting their MESSAGE to the MARKET every single day, relentlessly.

This FUELS their email list in most cases.

Whatever your affiliate marketing method or methods are, you need to do them like clockwork each day or week.

Make it a habit or routine.

Do the same thing each time.  That way, it gets faster and easier the more you do it.

The SECRET of consistent affiliate sales is to have a routine method of bringing in new prospective buyers and sales.

For example, Jono Armstrong does a new affiliate product review daily and posts it on Youtube like clockwork.

Others do the same, although it may only be a few times a week.

Some people run a FB group and post to it regularly or run a FB live for their group every week on X day and Y time.

Maybe you're a Pinterest marketer.  You need a standard posting method for Pinterest.

Or Instagram.

Get in a routine.

Create a checklist.

Make it a standard set of activities each week.

THIS is how you create consistent income.

Consistent marketing.

Marketing = income.


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