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ASL #61 -- Four Steps To Affiliate Sales
{Step-By-Step Instructions}


Marlon here.

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

It's the ONLY weekly newsletter for info product affiliates that givev you:

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This includes my products as well as the products of others.  I hope you promote my products.  But I also want you to succeed at the highest level possisble, so that includes promoting products from JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus or stand alone programs.

By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 i value.  More in a minute.

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Let's talk about how you can promote whatever products you want to promote, including mine.

1.  You need a traffic source

I cover traffic all the time.

a. Quora is a source that's good for affiliates because you don't need connections or anything else to use it.

All you do is answer questions in your niche everyday. And after you've built up your reputation, you can include affiliate links.

b.  Youtube -- This is a game you stick to for at least 6 months, doing lots of videos. And learning how to increase your watch time. And how to use use words in your titles and videos that get searched for.

The ebook Tube Ritual by Brian G. Johnson is a GREAT place to start your learning.  

One very popular method is to post reviews of affiliate products that are launching and offer a bonus or bonuses.  Jono Armstrong's channel is an example of how you do this.

c.  Your own product -- The great thing about having your own product is you can recruit your own affiliates to promote your product for you.

d.  Posting in FB groups

If you have your "lead magnet" on your FB header, then when people check out your profile, some will opt in to your list.  If you post in really large, active FB groups, this can get you significant opt ins.

Do NOT spam.  Just help people out.

You probably need to be posting in 10 groups that are sizeable for this method to work.  I post in the Warriorplus group, for example. And I get a few subscribers from it. But not a lot.

Look for really large, super active groups where your posts will be seen by a lot of people.

And read the M3 book below and apply the methods he talks about.

e.   Facebook timeline posts

The book M3 - Media Marketing Method by Ryan Stewman is the best I've ever seen on how to build up a FB following.

e.  Your own FB group

Some people do really well with these. There are good Udemy courses on how to START a FB group.

What you do NOT want to "bet on" is 1 click software that presumably sends you a flood of buyer traffic.

It's true.

If you have an email list of buyers, and you send an email to your list, you can get a flood of buyers in 1 click.  The click it took to send the email.

But, in general, things that sound too simple and easy ARE.  I'm not saying there isn't an exception to the rule.  But overall, the bread-and-butter things that build your list and commissions aren't a magical piece of software.

They're the tried-and-true things that just work.

However, on occasion has software that allows you to post to multiple social media sites.  Those programs have value.

f.  FB live stream events

This is DIFFERENT from a live stream.  You set it up as a FB event and promote it in advance of the livestream by 1-2 days.

I'll probably cover this in a different newsletter. But if you search "How to set up a live stream FB event"

If you just do a live stream, you probably won't get many viewers. But if you promote it as an event or on your page in advance a few days, you have a better chance of drumming up viewers.

You do NOT need or want to do ALL of the above.  Typically, you're going to do best jusdt picking one and hitting it out of the ballpark before you tackle a second one.

2.  You need a landing page

We've talked about using Commission Gorilla.  It's a wonderful tool.  And a great one to start with.  But you can also just use the page builder of your choice.  We've talked about these in other issues.

The main thing is pick one method and get really good at it.  Commission Gorilla isn't perfect.  It could be made faster and easier to use.

But it's pretty darned good.

3.  Bonuses are optional but useful

Bonuses are a bit time consuming.  But most top affiliates use them as an incentive to buy through their link.

I often email affiliate offers to my list without bonuses.  I've found that you either go all in with bonuses, or you don't.

Your customers will grow to expect bonuses if you use them.  

I've trained my list to buy without bonuses. But on a special offer, I'll use them.

Connie Green is a super affiliate. Connie would offer a free coaching call to everyone who bought the product through her link. And she'd  walk 'em through it  and give her own ideas.

You can use to do this. And all it takes is your time.  Let's say you only have 1-5 people on the training.  You can use the recording as a bonus for future offers.

Your time isn't wasted.

4.  You need to send emails

This is why you build your list.

I KNOW there are 101 offers that say "make affiliate sales with no list."  And you can do it.  For example, you don't need a list to make sales from posting on Quora.  Or doing Youtube videos.

But in the long run, you'll make tons more sales by building your list.

We've talked about how to build your list in other emails.  The #1 thing you obviously need is an autoresponder.  I won't rehash those options here.

But even if you only have 100 or 300 on your list, send 'em offers or content every day.

The money is in the list.

I know I didn't say many things today I didn't say in other issues.  But maybe this helps bring it together for you in the big picture.

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