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ASL #60 -- How to Get Your Links and Promote
{Step-By-Step Instructions}


Marlon here.

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Let's talk about how you get your link and promote.

On affiliate platforms like and, you request approval to promote as an affiliate.

The vendor may or may not approve you to promote as an affiliate.

It's simple to request approval.  I'll show you what it's like on Warriorplus and JVZoo is similar.

Step 1:  Click the request button

The arrow points to a button that says REQUEST.  You click that to request approve.

2.  Request approval

You have another button to click:

3.  Type your request to promote in the box and click Request Offer

The vendor gets to choose who they do  or don't approve.

Most vendors look at a thing called earnings per click.  They want the stats for their offer tos how a high EPC or earnings per click so that affiliates want to promote.  Let's say you know you can usually send 100 clicks to an offer.

Do you want to make $1.20 for every click you send to an offer?  Or do you want to make $3?

You'll choose $3, right?

However, if a new affiiate who doesn't know yet how to send "converting" traffic or clicks sends a bunch of clicks to the offer that don't result in any sales, their EPC drops.  This means affiliates will stop promoting the offer.

So one approach is to show the vendor you won't delete their epc's.  Explain that you've done or will be doing a review video for the product.  If you've already done one, upload it to Youtube where they can see it.

After you develop a track record of sales, vendors will send you invites for launches that include access to the product, without even asking.

Review pages and review videos work well because only the people likely to buy click from the review page or review video to the vendor's page.

As you probably know, I've had good success using Commission Gorilla.  I've covered that software in other issues.

But imagine how impressed a vendor will be if you show them a nicelyd one Commission Gorilla page for their offer with a review video and several bonuses.

You can use PLR for bonuses when you're starting out. I've covered that topic in other newsletters also.  But it's no big deal to throw up a few points on a mindmap and record a short video based on the mindmap.

Let's say you have 3 branches on your mindmap and talk 3-5 minutes about each.

You chop the video into 3 parts, 1 for each branch of the mindmap.

That gives you 3 bonuses to offer.

3 bonuses will look GREAT on Commission Gorilla if you do a little ebook cover for each in Canva or any software that does ebook covers.

There are 1,001 tutorials on Youtube on how to do this.

I know one successful super affiliate who will shoot 3-5 bonuses in one video with just a title separating each bonus.  He doesn't even chop up the video.  He just gives them the one video. But each bonus is listed separately.

I prefer chopping up the bonus videos and putting on the download page, but it's up to you.

You can use Wix, Google Docs or even Dropbox to deliver the bonuses.  Just stick all 3 bonus videos on a Google Doc page.  Or put them as unlisted videos on Youtube and link directly to the videos.

I cover HOW to promote your offers in other newsletters.

But here's an inexpensive ebook by Brian G. Johnson that will be a big help to you if you want to promote on Youtube.

If you don't want to do videos, then answering Quora questions is a great way to start. I talk about that in other issues.  And there are plenty of Youtube videos on the topic.

There IS one other way to get GUARANTEED LINK APPROVAL.  You can simply promote products on Clickbank. No approval is required to promote those products.

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