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6 Ways To Get Higher Sales Using 2-Step Marketing


Marlon here.

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

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Today we're going to talk about 2-step marketing.

In the old days you ran classified or display ads in magazines asking people to send in for free details or a free newsletter, sample or something like that.

Then, you would send back your sales letter 3 or 4 times a few weeks apart.

Obviously, things are much faster today with email. Thank goodness.

But the key principle applies:  You take the larger audience or group of people and get those who are interested to raise their hands.

Then you direct your pitch, message or offer to them.

I saw Robert Allen speak once. He had everyone raise their hands who were interested in his offer. He had them stand up. Then he took them to a separate room or a separate part of the room and did his full close.

Same principle.

With your affiliate offers, you can do the same thing.

1.  You can send people direct to the offer.

The thing is, your email program will let you re-email everyone who either opened or clicked the email.

Most programs let you tag the email openers separately from the clickers so you can email the openers minus the clickers with a different message than the clickers.

The openers never saw the offer.

The clickers did but didn't buy.

For the openers, you could offer a coupon for a small discount.  Or talk about a new benefit or angle to get the click.

To the clickers, you could emphasize the deadline to get your bonuses or the bonuses from the vendor. Or talk about a price increase the vendor has coming. Or when the launch ends.

The main idea is to come with a new angle, new information or new approach.

2.  You can retarget clickers with ads

The people who click and go to your review page can be retargeted with ads on Facebook or Youtube, if you have enough profit margin in the affiliate offer to make it worthwhile.

3.  You can post a new follow up to a Facebook thread about the topic.

Let's say you made a post and asked people to respond if they want details.  Because they responded to the thread, if you make a new posts on that thread, they'll likely see it in their notifications and possibly in their newsfeed.

4.  You can pre-plan a series of follow ups

If the stakes are high enough, meaning the prizes are big enough or the commissions are juicy, you can have a series of 2, 3 or 4 follow up videos you make in advance, knowing you'll send them to all clickers.

Now, typically you won't know who bought and who didn't.  So the best you can do is send the follow up videos to clickers.

Ryan Deiss advocates a greed, logic, fear sequence.  One email is all about greed or what they get. The bonuses. The benefits and so forth.

The next email is all the logical reasons they should buy.

The last email is fear of loss or missing out if they don't buy now.

You could plan that as emails only, blog posts or videos.

I'll also say that most people don't do this.  They'e buys or lazy or both.  So most people will just re-send their email to non-openers or non-clickers.

They'll usually send the same exact email.

Sometimes they'll change the subject line. That's about it.

A few will write different emails.

5.  Spend 1 email on each bonus

Let's say you have 3 bonuses.

Email 1 can talk about all 3 bonuses.

Email 2 can talk about bonus #1 in more depth and why they need it and will benefit from it.

Email 3 can talk about bonus #2.

Email 4 can talk about bonus #3.

It depends how responsive your list is to the offer whether it's worth the trouble or not.

Normally, if you have bonuses, it pays to send multiple emails.

6.  Stack on new bonuses

You can stack on new bonuses with each email.

This is very powerful.

These are the best ways i know to incorportate the timeless concepts of 2-step marketing into your affiliate promotions.

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