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ASL #132 - Must Have 3 Elements of Getting Response


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Must Have 3 Elements of Response

Bill Glazer in his Outrageous Advertising book talks about 3 elements every ad has to have.

Every email or affiliate promotion you do needs these 3 elements:

1.  A headline

Your headline is your big promise.  Or it hits on a pain point you know the prospect has.

It breaks through the noise.

In an email, your headline is your subject line. And the first sentence of the email.

For an affiliate offer, I use part of the headline from the sales page.  So it's easy.

2.  The offer

You're either promising GAIN or avoiding LOSS.

If they get whatever the offer is, they'll GAIN something or avoid LOSING something (like bonuses or a discount).

3.  The deadline

This is the one most people forget.

The deadline.

If you want RESPONSE, you need a deadline.

Give this formula a shot.

Whether it's a social media post, live stream, video or email, when you make the offer, include those 3 elements.

Get attewntion by making a big promise or by hitting on a pain point.

Then explain how the offer brings the gains or keeps them from losing out.

And then give a deadline.

It's incredible how many offers don't have deadlines.

Try these 3 elements and you'll fall in love with the extra response.

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