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ASL #129 - How to Pull In Your Prospects


Marlon here.

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How To Pull In Your Prospects

Affiliate marketing is simple.

But you DO have to get a few methods down pat.

You PROJECT your message to your audience.  This can be your story. A discovery you made. Something you're excited about.

If people are listening and responding, you're probably doing it right.

The next thing you do is offer them a FREEBIE to them onto your email list.

I've seen all kinds of freebies.

One guy DOMINATED a market by offering a whole COURSE that was slickly produced and solved a real need for training in the market.

But others like Tanya Aliza do simple cheat sheets, checklists and blueprints and rock it out.

There is no hard and fast rule.

I had a friend once who built a big business giving away his book for free as a digital copy. Worked gangbusters for him.

He ran Google ads on highly targeted keywords to give away his book. Then he followed up with highly effective emails.

The common denominator is a FREEBIE that people WANT.

Right now, I have a freebie that is a flop. People don't WANT it.  So I have to swap it out with one they DO want!

You often don't know upfront.

You just have to try it out and see if people want it.

Announce it on Facebook that you have such and so free. And let you know if they want it.

If it's crickets AND your target audience is on your FB, then it's not good!

Go to the next one.

Not every idea is a good one.

But you can look at the hot topics in the market to get ideas.  What problems and pains are people struggling with?  What threads get the most views in niche groups?

Then all you do is whip up your freebie.

You can write it. Or do a video.  Whatever works for you.

And create a page that asks for their email in exchange for the freeie.

You can see mine at

Then, put your affiliate offer as the thank you page (going through your affiliate link).

That way, you can make money.


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