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ASL #123 - Hormozi Value Equation


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Hormozi Value Equation

Alex Hormozi wrote a book called $100 Million Offers on Amazon.

He covers TONS of really awesome marketing things in it. It's a must read.

But the 1 thing in ithat he's most famous for is his Value Equation.

(Dream outcome x percieved liklihood of achievement) / (Time delay x effort and sacrifice)

Dream outcome and liklihood of achievement are what they want.

Time delay and effort and sacrifice are what they don't want.


1.  It helps you pick offers you know will likely sell

If an offer helps people get their dream income.  And your audience will feel they can achieve it.

And it minimizes effort and gives a fast result, it's likely going to sell.

Now, obviously it has to be legal.

Obviously it has to actually fulfill those promises, which is a tall roder.

But if the product or service does, it'll likely sell.

2.  It helps you come up with bonus ideas

Let's say you can think of a way or method to SPEED UP results or get a quick result.

Or a way to reduce the effort and sacrifice.

GREAT BONUS or bonuses!

Can you see that?

3.  Easy way to evaluate the sales page of an offer

Does the sales page hit on all 4 ingredients?  Or at least 3 of them? 

If so,that's good!

If not, you might dig a little deeper to make sure the product is selling for others.

The MAIN THING to take away from this issue is simple.  Go buy the Kindle book or the Audible.  Or, in my case, I ordered the hard copy and love it.


And a book you'll read many, many times.


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