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ASL #120 - How to Create Content That Gets You Traffic


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How to Create Content That Gets You Traffic

So you need traffic.

One of the ways to get that traffic is to publish content in generous amounts.

We looked at that last issue.

But HOW do you create the content?  Where do you get it from?

1.  Hang out in FB groups and look at what people complain about

Those complaints are problems begging for a solution. Now read through the threads where people solve the problem. Take notes. Read through multiple threads in several groups.  You now have the fodder to create your own short video or post.

Your video (or article) is easy to create. The format is problem > agitate > solve. That's the old, fundamental copywriting formula.

Talk about the problem briefly.  Talk about why the prroblem sucks. Then present the solution as an overview.

2.  Read Kindle Books

This is a grea way to get problem-solving info.

As you read books on the topic, you'll see the author present a problem, talk about how the problem hurts or sucks. Then they'll present a solution.

Take good notes on multiple books on the topic. Then use the solutions that are in common on all the books.

3.  Watch Youtube Videos

I know this sounds ridiculous. But  on any given topic, people aren't going to watch more than a few videos.

In a day or two of intensely watching videos, you can have a ton of ideas for videos.  And know more than most people on that topic.

4.  Search Google

I know this sounds crazy. But research shows the vast majority of people never search beyond page one of Google.

Spend a day or two searching, and you'll have a ton of ideas for content.

One way to make the content your own is to ADD your own EXAMPLES and ILLUSTRATIONS.

Put YOU into the content.

That makes it YOURS.

If you present an idea you got from 1 specific person. And no one else presents that idea, then credit that person.

I love to credit people for their content anyway.  On TikTok you can easily do this in the description.

"Shout out to xyz person for giving me this idea originally"

NEVER steal someone's ARTICULATION of an idea. Use your OWN words.  Your OWN examples. Your OWN stories to illustrate it.

Now that you have CONTENT for traffic, create and distribute the content.  Include a call to action to your freebie opt in page. BOOM! You now have opt ins.

And you can follow up by email.

Next up we'll look at how to DISTRIBUTE the content.

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