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ASL #116 - Do You Know Your Traffic Personality?


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How to Find Your Traffic Personality

Today I want to show you how to identify the traffic method that best matches your personality.

On my live streams in my free Facebook group this week (, I covered a formula:

1.  Audience

2.  List

3.  Offers

Now, technically, in marketing, it goes like this:

1.  List

2.  Offer

3.  Creative / copy

But today on social media, building your AUDIENCE needs to be pulled out separately.


And to get people ONTO your list, you need to build an AUDIENCE.

Lest you think that marketing today is so different from times past, I’ll remind you that in carny (carnival) language, step one of being a street performer was to BUILD A TIP.

The tip is the crowd in carny lingo. You’re building a group of folks who can potentially TIP you!

You build a crowd by continuing to hook people with your promise f something weird, valuable, unusual, big or interesting until you've built a crowd.

Maybe all you're promising is to show them something of interest or demonstrate how such and so product works.

Live demonstrations are always popular but be sure it's something that will work without fail!

Now, we don’t call it building a TIP anymore.

We’re all fancy and call it building an audience.

How to Find YOUR Way To Build An Audience

I’ve observed there are different types of marketers.  This list won’t be the ONLY ones. But it will be SOME of the different types.

1.  The NUMBERS Person

If you’re a DETAILED person, if the clothes in your closet are color coded, if your house  is in perfect order, if you love spreadsheets or balancing your checkbook, THEN this is you!

The numbers person is good at….

wait for it….


So they’re perfect for paid advertising.

It’s detailed.

You have to stay on top of the numbers daily, if not throughout the day.

PAID ADVERTISING is something that’s a great match for building your audience.

I have a friend Gauher Chaudhry.  He’s the spreadsheet king of the universe. And incredible at paid ads.  That’s his jam.


If you LOVE meeting new people, attending events or parties, seminars, local meetups, etc, THEN there are several natural paths for you.

a.  Literally network marketing

I guess that’s a bit obvious. But hey, you might excel at it.

b.  Affiliate marketing

You network with all the affiliates, make friends and when your launch time comes, your friends will have your back.

c.  Podcast interviews

You can do these as a personality marketer.  But also as a networker. You network with everyone doing podcasts.  You interview them. They interview you.

You can probably think of more ways to use your talents.  But whatever you do, you want to use your networking ability and make it shine.

d.  Attending events and meeting everyone

You can attend lots of events.  Meet everyone.  Make friends.  Find out who has lists that can email your product.

The networker knows everyone.

With just a phone call, they can get someone to mail their list.

They’re connected as heck.

My friend Jonathan Mizel is like this.  Everytime I talk to him, he’s talked to the most interesting people.

3.  Personality Marketer

You have a big personality.

You excel at speaking at events.

You have a large personality that shines on live streams, podcasts, virtual events and that sort of thing.

You love the spotlight and the stage.

So THIS is your advantage.  Grasp it and use it to your advantage.

Youtube videos are a natural for you.

A lot of Youtubers are personality marketers.

Tanya Aliza has a Youtube channel as does Coach Burt and Goal Digger Girl. They ALL have these awesome, sparkling personalities that shine through.

4.  The Writer | researcher

You can do guest posts.

Do Quora posts.

Write Amazon books.

Write for Medium, Linked In Pulse, Business Insider and many online publications.

5.  The systems person

I know people who are great at doing 1 or 2 things and sticking to them through thick and thin.

And they’re great at setting up systems, tracking the results and making them better.

I think of Miles Beckler.

Now, he is a details type person as he runs paid ads.

But his approach to Youtube was just incredibly systematic. He isn’t really an over the top personality.

Just really consistent with solid videos.

So this is the answer to HOW DO I BUILD AN AUDIENCE.

The answer is to know WHO you are. Be that. And use it to the fullest to build an audience.

Now, maybe you’re NOT any of the above.  But you’re some other category. Or have some other approach or ability.

That’s awesome.

That’s great.


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