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Imagine a ladder where on each rung customers spend 2x to 5x what they did on the run before.  It's called the value ladder...but here's what no one ever tells you...


You get 19 bonuses when you snag it today:

19.  The $40,000 automated sales funnel on Skool
(case study)

18. Full breakdown of $72,000 sales funnel
including traffic

17.  3 autopilot strategies for passive income
using email marketing

16.  How to build an automated sales funnel
on Linked In

15.  Instagram autopilot DM strategy for leads
and sales case study

14.  5 affiliate marketing strategies requiring 0 audience

13. How he went from $0 to $10,000/mo with affiliate marketing

12. Top 5 traffic sources for affiliate marketers

11.  I'm going to reveal what's on my magic piece of digital paper AND explain how it works.  No reason you can't go out and do something similar. It's easy.

10.  12 months actual results selling mid tickets with paid email challenges by the guy who invented the method (video, notes, timecodes) -- This is a  GOLDMINE method

9.  Kam Fatz' 14-day list building challenge with resell rights

8.  This mini webinar method sells $8000 products for him  (new method) (Notes, timecodes, video)

7.  $40,000 online course launch case study -- exact breakdown (Notes, timecodes, video)

6.  Her Instagram million dollar DM method explained (it's free and it works) (Notes and timecodes plus video)

5. The "Back Letter" that sold a $7500 product like wildfire

4.  The amazing 2-page ascension method my friend uses to sell a $750 product.

3.  3 very valuable live streams in the FB group

2.  The dedicated FB group where you can ask questions or brainstorm

1.  The "show-and-tell" video bonus

NOTE:  Case study results are NOT indicative of average results but they ARE real results.  You may do nothing, better or worse depending on what you do.

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5:59 pm
From: Marlon Sanders


Marlon here.

All I did was send out a digital copy of this piece of paper.

$500 sales would come in over and over.

Curious what's on this piece of paper?

I want to show it to you.

But listen, it's just ONE EXAMPLE of how you get people to climb your value ladder.

FIrst you make the FIRST SALE.

And in a second, you'll be able to grab my first sale secrets. But that's the BEGINNING of the fun, not the end.

What hapens AFTER that is magical.

Customers will come back and spend 2x to 5x what they did on their first purchase. And do that multiple times. This is callced the value ladder.

What The Heck Is a Value Ladder
And Why Is It The Key Secret
"Big Dogs" Use to Lord It All Over You?

In other words, a customer buys your initial or “front-end” product.  Now, how do you get them to ascend (meaning go up) your Value Ladder.

If you haven’t heard the term Value Ladder, I don’t know if Dan Kennedy, Russell Brunson or someone else coined the term.

I know Russell made it famous in his Dotcom Secrets book and in Expert Secrets.

The idea is that the customer starts out at the bottom of the ladder. And then they buy products going up in price as they ascend (or climb) the ladder.

For example:

? They start off by buying a book.

? Then they buy a video course.

? Then they buy a 4-week class.

? Then they buy large group coaching for 12 weeks.

? Then they buy a year long coaching program.

That would be an example.

This is something you don’t read much about.  In fact, I can’t think of any really practical explanation of the methods anywhere.

So that’s what I want to lay out in this report.  I don't classify myself as a big dog, although some people have and do.  I helped train a lot of people who are "big dogs" today.

But through the school of hard knocks I learned a thing or two about ascending sales.

Not only that, because I've spoken at a lot of seminars and know a lot of marketers, I'm also "on the inside" and privvy to special information.

I Want To Reveal To You The 18 Greatest Ascension
Methods and Secrets Being Used Right Now, Today, That Turn Small Sales Into Big Ones, Or Recurring Income

Here's an overview of a few of the methods, numbered according to how I've numbered them in the Secrets of Ascension report.

Method #3:  The thing that sells the thing

This is the "go to" for Russell Brunson and Anthony Robbins.  For example, people attend Russell's excellent 2 Comma X training and end up spending $$$ for his coaching program after 3 days.

I'll explain how this is done, so you can create your own "thing that sells the thing."

Method #6: The direct mail piece that sells a very high end coaching program.  Yeah, it's true.  People say it can't be done. But it can.  Would you like to see that direct mail piece that has brought in millions in coaching?  I bet you would.

And guess what?  Uncle Marlon is going to show it to you in all its glory.  Curious?  Wait, there's more.

Secret #6: The greatest example of a "stick upsell" I have EVER SEEN bar none (and it brought in a truckload of money)

This bad boy is a thing of beauty.  And I'm going to show it to you ON VIDEO.  There's no reason in the world you can't whip up your own like this and start using it next week.

Method #5: The TJ Rohleder Method -- This is my personal fav. Anyone can do it, including affiliates.  In fact, NO ONE does this with affiliate products they promote. And it's so incredibly powerful.

Method #7: The greatest piece of lumpy mail I've ever seen that upsells a high-end program.

This is a work of art.

You'll be flabbergasted when you see it. So cool.  And you know what?  You could do something like it too!

Hint:  It involves a paperclip, 2 magnets and a wallet.

Method #17: The Bill Good Method -- I call it this because the famous marketer Bill Good is the ONLY one I've EVER seen do this.  And on the video show-and-tell, I visually show you his ascension method.

Anyone can do this with affiliate products, or their own. And it can be done digitally or via mail.  It matters not.

Method #14:  Invisible Ascension – This one is gorgeous if you don't want anyone, including competitors, knowing HOW you're ascending customers.  It's invisible.  (Again, you could do this with your own or affiliate products if you're a little slick about it).

Method #10: The Dan Kennedy Method -- Dan Kennedy has multiple ways he does this. But the one that stands out to me is the simplest.  And as far as I can see, it's his "GO TO" method.  ANYONE can do this one. Including you.

Here's PROOF This is the ONLY PDF In Existence 
That Reveals the TRUE Methods "Big Dogs"
Use To Ascend Their Customers Into
Small or Large Fortunes

At the time I'm writing this, to my knowledge this is the ONLY PDF in existence revealing how to ascend your customers using these 18 methods.

In fact, if there are any other PDF's AT ALL talking about how to ascend your customers, they don't show up ina Google search for "HOW TO ASCEND CUSTOMERS."

Here's the proof:

Not only that, the ONLY book I could find in Kindle on the topic is  NO LONGER AVAILABLE in Kindle:

What I'm showing you is that everyone tells you to ascend customers up the value ladder. But hardly ANYONE is actually showing you how.  

And the ones who do usually force you to spend an arm and a leg for a high end coaching program.  And they only teach ONE method.

What if you don't like THAT method?  For example, you don't want to have phone calls all day. Or sit at your computer waiting for the next person to DM you so you can try to close them.?



Imagine if every customer you get or every person who buys an affiliate product through your link is worth 16X.

I say 16X because it's well known that a customer's FIRST purchase isn't their LAST purchase.  Using software, you can run scenariors that actually SHOW YOU how much a customer can be worth to you.

And, in fact, this is one of the things I want to show you.  I want to show you how you can plan out IN DETAIL exactly how much every customer will be worth to you on average.

And you plan out different scenariors.  The software is cheap. And I'll show you where to snag it.


Since no one teaches this much, there's a cloud of mystery surrounding it.

All the "big dogs" just Lord their gigantic income screen caps over you. And it's all a mystery to you. And often, even when pay them a small ranson, you STILL are in the dark.

Well, no more.

I'm here to remove the frustration I went through in learning all this.  It'll ALL BE CRYSTAL TO YOU after reading my report.


Give Customer Ascension Secrets just 1 hour.

Here's what I guarantee will happen:  I will show you things you've NEVER seen or heard of before.  Some of them will be eye-popping. I guarantee it.


  • Main Benefit #1 - You will see customer ascension methods you've NEVER seen before. Guaranteed.
  • Main Benefit #2 - This 22-page PDF reveals how the "Big Dogs" get mouth watering customer values.  It won't be a mystery any longer.  You'll know, "Oh, that's Method #6."  It'll be plain as day.
  • Main Benefit #3 - You will get a secret "behind-the-scenes" video where I show you things that can't be shown in the PDF.  This will be eye popping.
  • Main Benefit #4 -- You also get 3 live streams in a dedicated Facebook group where you can ask questions.  And I will SHOW you exactly how to 16X increase the value of your customers, whether you're an affiliate or product owner.
  • Main Benefit #5 -- This works if you sell AFFILIATE products.  Or you have your own.

This Is How Easy It Is To Instantly Benefit From Customer Ascension Methods Revealed -- No Matter Where You're Starting From

Whether you're new or have a little experience under your belt, the first thing is to go through the PDF and the video.

Then, attend the FIRST live stream in the Facebook group. I'll give you 3 steps to picking the BEST METHOD for you.

And to make things even easier, I've added a couple cool bonuses for you with additional methods.  One of which a super affiliate friend of mine named Connie CLEANS UP with. And even a beginner can do it.

Within An Hour Of Going Through "Customer Ascension Secrets Revealed," You'll Enjoy These Benefits:

  • Bonus Method #20 can be done even by newbies - You'll have fa super easy way to ascend customers to your next affiliate sale.  Or your own products if you're a producer.
  • Remove the veil of mystery. You won't have the wool pulled over your eyes any longer about how to ascend your customers.  It'll all be crystal clear for you.
  • Ask questions in the dedicated FB group - There's no need to get suckered into confusing and overly complicated methods.  Just ask your questions in the Facebook group.
  • Identify an ascension method that makes sense to you - It's all so simple it'll blow you away.  You'll see how you've been convinced it's far more complicated than it really is.
  • Add an additional ascension method if you're advanced - Even if you're advanced or super advanced, I dare say there's a method here that you likely haven't seen before.
  • 16X the value of your customers - Imagine the extra profit if every customer is worth 16X more. I'll show you how this is POSSIBLE in the FB group live streams.
  • Get started just by following the 3-steps clarity method ... In the dedicated FB group, in a live stream I'll share with you how to get clear on the method YOU should use.

You Get Very Special Extra Bonuses FREE!

I'm giving you special bonuses to make this offer over the top:

1. The "Show-And-Tell" Video Bonus -- In this awesome video, I show-and-tell some of the greatest customer ascension methods I've ever discovered since 1997.

2. The Dedicated FB Group -- You'll get access to our dedicated FB group where I drop live streams for 3 days and answer questions.  And even after that, as I run across great examples, I plan to drop them in the group.

3. 3 Live Streams With 24/7 Replays -- I'll do 3 live streams in the FB group to deep dive on any of the methods you want more info on.

And you can watch the replay 24/7 in the group.

4. The 2-Page Ascension Method -- In live stream #3, I'll share the 2-page ascension method my friend uses to sell a $750 product.  This is so cool. And you can use it WITHIN AN HOUR.

Here's Everything You're Getting

Here's a recap of everything you're getting when you act immediately and snag Ascension Secrets Revealed immediately.

ONLY PDF Ascension Report Like This In Existence. 20 pgs. 

Bonus #1 - The show-and-tell video containing methods you've NEVER seen before. This is RARE info.

Bonus #2 - The dedicated FB group.   You'll be able to get answers to your questions. One year access.

Bonus #3 - 3 live streams with 24/7 replays

Bonus #4 - The 2-page ascension method

Bonus #6 - How to create your ascension using a new, cutting edge software (live stream 2)










Based on the total values above, you can you can easily see I could sell this system for about $362.00, or more. Why? Because you could spend so much money and time in buying products and watching videos. However, I won't charge you that price, because I want to give you a break in these inflationary times.

You only need to pay for $200 $192 $100 (see price below) if you act fast. I may totally close this offer down in a few days. So don't delay. The price may increase at any time.


100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 7 days with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine having your affiliate sales rocking year after year. Go ahead and order now while it's on your mind and you can take advantage immediately.


Best wishes,


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