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Marlon here.

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I have 3 basic premises:

  1. Money is a RESULT of supplying a demand

    a. No one makes money until something is sold to someone, somehow
    b. Demand is always changing. You must adjust to changing demand.
    c. Perception is everything

  2. To increase your money you must solve the REAL problem

  3. The path to your next level requires change

Let’s go ahead and dive right in:

  1. Money is the RESULT of supplying a demand

    Markets are a beast.

    The law of supply and demand is not only a real law, it effects every minute and second of your life.

    • Why do sports athletes make $100 million a year when you make what you do?
    • Why do sports franchise OWNERS make multiples of $100 million a year?
    • Why do some products succeed and others fail?
    • Why do CEO’s make more money than employees? Are they corruptor immoral as some suggest?
    • Why is it CRAZY and a WASTE to create a product when theDEMAND hasn’t been FIRST figured out?

Good questions, eh?

It all comes back to supply and demand.

If there is a lot of demand for something and the supply is scarce, the amount people are willing to pay to get that scarce supply rockets.

This is Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 101. And marketing 101.

The reason athletes get paid huge sums of money is supply and demand.Very few people in the world can do what they do. Hundreds of thousands try and only a handful make the cut.

So the supply of people at that SKILL LEVEL is enormously limited. Not only that, the DEMAND is huge.

You have scientists who can cure diseases. And they get paid millions less than sports stars.

As crazy as that sounds, the reality is, Hundreds of thousands of people will pay to attend the sports events and to watch them on TV.

If scientists were in an arena, almost no one would pay.

Granted, the pharmacy companies that MARKET the drugs created by the scientists clean up.

It’s distorted and twisted. But no one ever said supply and demand was FAIR. It simply is.

Sports owners get paid even more because the supply of people who can spend billions to buy a sports team is rather limited. And the sports teams themselves are limited to a very, very small number.

Ditto with CEO’s. The number of people willing to take on the responsibility of a CEO and able to perform the complex tasks of one with skill is extremely limited.

There aren’t many Steve Jobs in the world.

My brother works at a Fortune 100 company. They’ve brought in a number of CEO’s who have all failed to grow earnings. It’s a rare and complex skill.

That brings us back to YOU!

You want to make more money?

It’s simple:

You have to find a way to put yourself in a more favorable supply and demand situation.

And this is where people lose their head.

If someone is out there selling thousands of people a moneymaking system, unless the demand is huge, the supply is going to outstrip the demand.

Does that make sense?

The people making the money aren’t the BUYERS but the SELLERS.

The SELLERS have identified a demand:

“Easy money in a unique, turnkey system that claims no competition.”

They claim there is no competition which usually just isn’t true.

By selling a UNIQUE system, they are putting themselves on the limited supply side of the equation, right?

Like if you have software that does some magical thing and you’ve added unique elements in terms of the software, the training or the marketing, you’ve put yourself on the limited supply side of the equation.

And if you’re selling what the DEMAND exists for (Easy money in a unique, turnkey system that claims no competition) then you have put yourself in a DEMAND situation.

So if you’re following me here, the winners are the SELLERS, not theBUYERS as the SELLERS have managed to position themselves on a limited supply, high demand situation.

You can PREDICT the future. If you see someone pumping out more and more and more individuals who CLONE the skills and knowledge you have, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see the future.

But Marlon, what about real estate agents and nail salons. They make money, right?

Well, the vast majority of real estate agents don’t make money. And the ones who do only sell 1 house a month. Not a great living.

The ones who DO succeed work hard to get some angles that decrease theSUPPLY of the skills and advantages they offer. And they put in place marketing machines to INCREASE demand for their services.

And even at this, the future of the industry is threatened by online services that seek to totally eliminate agents.

Nail salons are in a particular location. If there isn’t a supply of other nail salons close by OR they’ve managed to add enough uniqueness that they tip the supply factor in their favor, they make money.

Nail salons can increase demand and limit supply by offering a superior environment and experience. How relaxing is the environment? Howe ngaging are the employees? How do you feel when you leave? How competently did they perform their tasks?

What About Your Job?

Chances are, you can replaced in 30 days with an ad in the paper or via an online service.

That means the SUPPLY of people who can do what you do is bountiful.That ruins your equation. You’re in a NO POWER situation.

If you want to improve your situation, what’s the answer?

Work off hours, weekends and nights to acquire IN DEMAND, SCARCE skills that you can THEN market to employers.

Earl Nightingale explained this years ago in his recordings.

Demand Is Always Changing

Demand changes.

It isn’t static.

You can be in high demand today.

And tomorrow not be.

Ask athletes and celebrities.

If a sports athlete slows down or loses a step, overnight the supply of people at their same skill level rockets. And the demand for their level of skills drops.

You have to ALWAYS be aware of demand and supply. I don’t care how successful you are right now. Or how much demand there is for what you do.

Always adapt to changing demand, preferences and tastes.

Sometimes it’s simply changing tastes. Just as fashion changes, tastes change.

First, ripped jeans were popular. And the “distressed” look. Stone washed. All that.

Then the big thing was jeans with stuff printed all over them.

After that, the look went to plain blue jeans with nothing on them at all.

I went to Nordstroms yesterday and the look is plain jane jeans BUT with a slight rip or tear here or there, strategically placed.

All of a sudden people have to have THAT look.

And if you have a supply of the old plain jeans with no rips or tears, you’re inventory sits there.

Supply and demand at work.

  1. To increase your money you must solve the REAL problem

    The real problem and challenge and secret is supply and demand.

    In the old days, no one had ebooks.

    So if you produced an ebook on weight loss, OMG. People snapped it up like it was gold.

    Today you have thousands of ebooks on that topic.

    And yes, they sell. For $2 on Amazon.

    There are a few people on Clickbank who hire people who are the best in the world at writing copy for those kinds of products. And they create these unbelievable sales letters. And those ebooks do sell.

    But the supply of copywriters skilled enough to create copy that sells those products in mass is EXTREMELY limited. Thus, they aren’t cheap.

    If you have a job and you haven’t done anything aggressive in the past year to increase the rarity of skills you have, you aren’t thinking, assuming your goal is to keep your job and increase your pay.

    Because others ARE increasing their skills, knowledge and Game. If you aren’t, you’re putting yourself in a position for lower pay.

    Fortunately, only about 5% to 10% do much to increase their skills. So if you do, you’re still putting yourself in a favorable position, especially if you rightly determine what’s in demand and an unmet need

    Marketers deal in unmet needs and wants.

    We learn to identify those things. It’s a science and an art.

    If you are a marketer selling things where the SUPPLY of that “thing” has rocketed, you better be working to differentiate yourself on some attribute that is in demand and in low supply.

    You need BOTH.

    Like you can become the world’s leading expert in something for which there is little demand.

    No Bueno (no good).

    You need high demand and limited, scarce supply of that “thing.”

    Here’s where it gets a little frustrating. I already know what you’re likely saying to yourself right now:

    “Well Marlon, I just can’t think of what the might be.

    ”OK, so THAT is why you have a job that doesn’t pay you jack.

    I didn’t say it was EASY.

    I didn’t even say it was SIMPLE.

    I didn’t say it was FAST.

    I didn’t say ANY of those things.

    I just said “This is the law of gravity and this is how it works.”

    If it were EASY and SIMPLE, then guess what? Everyone would do it.Which would mean WHAT?

    What would that do to supply and demand?

    If everyone does ANYTHING supply rockets and demand plummets. So the fact that it isn’t necessarily EASY or SIMPLE is EXACTLY the reason it works!

    We’ll get to the solution in a minute.

    Right now I just want you to understand ROOT CAUSES.

    The CAUSE of lack of money is too much supply or lack of demand.

    Now, it MARKETING what you do is simple:

    You create situations where you’re in a favorable supply / demand situation.

    And there are 1001 ways to do that. There isn’t just one way. And no it isn’t always cut and dried. No it isn’t always easy. No it isn’t always simple.

    And yes, you can be on top of the world today like a sports player, and find out tomorrow no one wants to pick up your contract.

    But that can happen in a JOB as well as in your own business.

    I have talked to MANY customers on the phone over the past month.

    I empathize with you.

    Some of you already HAVE high paying jobs but you want to replace that income with something you love – online marketing.

    Some of you work 60 hours a week in a factory. That’s really tough. You don’t have a lot of time or energy.

    Some of you are on disability.
The SOLUTION Is The Same

  1. You work at a job and don’t get paid jack

    What do you think the solution is?

    Do whatever it takes to put yourself in a situation where there is less supply for the knowledge and skill you offer.

    It’s not necessarily hard.

    You can START just by marketing your skills HARD and finding the existing demand for them.

    There’s a whole free course on how to do this here.

    I have told you many times marketing can help you with ALL of your life.So there you go. Here’s another video to help you.

    Listen, if you’ve been trying to do online marketing and just can’t “get it”,then just go find a better job. At least then you can afford more quality training or coaching.

  2. You have a high paying job and want to replace the income

    You’re going to need to be skilled and put yourself in a highly favorable supply and demand situation which is what you have right now with your job.

    You have your work cut out for you. But you’re up to the task.

    If this is you, then register for a free consult with me. But keep in mind, I do coaching on the info product biz.

    Or if you want ideas on something outside of the info product business, I charge $1,000 for an hour of consulting. And we can set that up. It’s a lot cheaper than wasting a year or two chasing rabbits down holes.

  3. You’re on disability or a fixed income

    You may be retired. Or have a fixed income.

    You can’t afford coaching and training. So put your time to use and overdose on free webinars, Youtube videos and Udemy.

    You’ve got to get SKILLS and knowledge that allow you to provide products and services in demand with limited supply.
You’ll Notice What My Suggestions
Did NOT Include

I did NOT encourage you to go buy a done for you system.

However, there are several that are kinda last resorts I can give you.

I have recommended this to a few people in rather desperate situations.Either working really long hours or on a fixed income.

It’s a system for getting free leads on Facebook or Linked In and promoting a network marketing company or a business opportunity.

It does work. And is an extremely thorough course.

But for MOST of you, I recommend, you dig in and learn marketing skills.

  1. The path to your next level requires change

    What I notice is this.

    Of all the people I’ve talked to on the phone, almost no one has really and truly applied themselves to learning marketing skills. There’s a couple exceptions. But not many.

    They tried some “done for you” scammy thing for a few weeks or a month.It didn’t pan out (go figure).

    And that’s about it.

a. You have to master the table stakes

    These are the table stakes.

    They don’t win you the game.

    But you can’t play IN the Game to START with without them.

    Ability to create great looking squeeze or email capture pages that are       well designed, attractive and have great headlines.

  • Ability to write engaging sales copy or the money to hire someone who does.
  • Ability to create and record a video sales letter• Ability to create a really well done sales pages
  • Ability to craft effective emails and sequences
  • Ability to create a membership area
  • Ability to record and upload and deliver videos

    These are table stakes.

    Almost no one I’ve talked to has these basic skills.

    I really don’t know what to say about that. I DO teach these things in

    Point and Click Coaching.

    And honestly, if you can’t afford $100 a month for it, I think you are best

    served by reading the part above about getting a better job, follow the

    resources in the 2 links I gave you.

    Get a job where you can at least afford $100 a month for training.

    It makes no sense AT ALL to complain about not being able to afford

    $100a month but do NOTHING about it.

    Now, it might be that you need to FIRST up your skills or knowledge. In

    whatever time you can muster, take some additional training.

    There are so many skills that can be learned online now for dirt cheap.

    It’s really just a matter of willpower.

    Even if you work long hours you can do this.

    I know because my dad did. He worked 12 hours a day delivering milk.

    And STILL took and finished a 3 year correspondence course on electronics.

    It changed his life. And my life.

    It wasn’t easy. It was hard as hades. But it did change his life.

    Everyone is different.

    You might also be best served studying marketing skills and cobbling

    together what you can.

    But if you’ve ALREADY been trying that for several years or more and

    you’ve gotten nowhere, go get a different job.

    Up your income.

    Then take quality training or get quality coaching.

    But don’t just do nothing. Or your life will NEVER ever change.

    YOU are the only one who can make it happen by digging down deep inside.

    Then when you HAVE increased your skill level, you’ve got to have the

    GUTS and CONFIDENCE to get out there and hustle and sell your services.

    You may not be the best in the world.

b. If you’ve learned your lessons well, you’ve put yourself on enough

    in a favorable position on the supply / demand equation that you

    can GET PAID well for what you do.

    And you can keep improving.

    For SOME of you the missing link is confidence to SELL the skills
    you have.

c. Endless buying of stuff with no plan at all won’t get you there

    There’s a new offer every day in your email.

    When I got started I did buy a lot of them. I learned a few things.

    But my life didn’t change until I bought real training that wasn’t cheap.

    That’s just a fact.


    Why did that work?

    Because I learned knowledge and skills which, at the time, were in short

    supply and for which demand existed.

    But you can NEVER remain static.

    Demand and supply is a dynamic thing. That means it changes.

    So you must change too.

d. Have a PLAN

    Your plan is either:

  • Use the links above to go find a dream job or a better job just by marketing yourself better than 95% of others

  • Work hard after hours to OBTAIN new skills and knowledge that will make you more in demand as an employee and either increase your pay at your job or allow you to go get a better one., skillshare, Youtube, Udemy and other sides ALL help you get new skills. This is Earl Nightingale 101. Look him up on Youtube and Kindle.

  • Learn the “table stakes” skills of marketing. And then really dig in and learn how to tip the supply / demand scale massively in your favor.

  • Realize that there is something for nothing. There I said it. You aren’t going to spend $10 and get a $100,000 a year income.

    Financial success depends on the law of supply and demand. And the only REAL answer is identifying the real problem you have – You’re on the WRONG side of the supply / demand equation.

    But the good news is you have total POWER over this. You CAN decide to do whatever it takes in life to put yourself on the right side of that equation.

  • Refuse to listen to the Songs of the Sirens pitches

    I have friends who are the best in the world at webinar pitching, and thus have a rare skill.

They have practiced ONE presentation HUNDREDS of times to the point that the opportunity and offer sound absolutely PERFECT. It’s everything you wanted or dreamed of. They offer 100% support. They have done all the work for you. Everything. And it’s hotter than pancakes or bottled water in the wilderness.

YOU are your own Easter Bunny, Santa Claus and Fairy Godmother.Not someone else.

YOU become the master of your own fate the day you decide to work your tail end off or do whatever it takes to put yourself in a favorable position on the supply / demand scale.

That may not be simple. Probably isn’t.

That may not be easy. Probably isn’t.

But here’s the thing: Once you are THERE, it RAINS MONEY.

The internet lifestyle is NOT a lie. Once you are on the right side ofthe supply / demand equation people practically THROW money at you.

It’s insane.

And at that point you really can work less than you might imagine and make multiples of what you might imagine.


But the path is NARROW. And few take it.

Will you?

Best wishes,


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