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3-Step Method To Get Buyers FAST
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Marlon here.

In today's issue, I show you how to get buyers fast -- without spending any money.


Yes.  It's true. If you've tried getting customers on Facebook or Instagram before and found it was only crickets, then this is tshe issue for you.

There are several crucial twists you MUST add to make this  form of promotion work.  By the way, this works for your OWN products or for affiliate products, even network marketing.

This is the Affiliate Success Letter, and its goal is to help you make sales and commissions as an affiliate promoting products from others.

This includes my products as well as the products of others.  I hope you promote my products.  But I also want you to succeed at the highest level possisble, so that includes promoting products from JVZoo, Clickbank, Warriorplus or stand alone programs.

By being my affiliate, you not only get commissions that increase the more you sell, you also get FREE products from me that go up to $2,000 i value.  More in a minute.

I use my own version of this method with my newsletter and  it's amazing how well it works.  You'll see it in action in my FB group ever week.

What's Unique and Different About The Formula Today?

You probably know people who mostly post promos on their Facebook timelilne.

You know, it's an  ad for the product and a request to comment below if you want more info.

That's OK once in a blue moon. But it gets old and loses your audience.

I know.

I've been guilty of this because I didn't know the better way I'll be sharing with you today.

Your Facebook foks will be HAPPY to go through your posts. They'll even binge watch them.

And you can generate FAST sales from it.

Here's The Simple 3-Step Formula

1. Build your audience

If you have almost no one in your Facebook friends that's a legitimate prospect for what you sell, the FIRST thing you have to do is add people who are prospects.

You go to Facebook groups where your audience hangs out and you add 10 friends a day.

BUT when you add these NEW friends, put them on a  SEPARATE list so you can AVOID posting to friends.  All your personal friends should go on  a lists called personal friends.

Personal friends do NOT get your business posts.

Once you click add to another list, you can add to a list or create a new list.  This way, you do NOT bug your friends and family with business posts.  One of my coaching members had some friends who were horribly negative about business and would post the worst comments when he expressed anything positive about recruiting clients.

This is how you prevent that.

2.  Do live stream videos on very specific problem-solving or results-getting topics, NOT generic ones

Here's one of the things that make me different and this  newsletter different.  Many other teachers of the craft never talk about other coaches or who they learned things from, or other courses.

They want to keep a ll the money "in house."

I constantly share my sources, resources, books, people I learn from and so forth, even if they are direrctly competitive in offering coaching or products.  Why?  Because my #1 thought is "Will this benefit my customers?"

So today, I'm going to turn you onto the SINGLE BEST social media and Facebook ads person for the type of things we do and are.  She teaches organic marketing on a FREE budget and Facebook ads for $5 a day, scaling up from there.

A LOT of Facebook ads teachers really don't have strategies for people on a small budget or people who do entwork marketing or affiliate marketing or "make money online."

She does.

You may not know this about me but I'm a student of many, just as you are.  I spend a lot of time and money on learning methods from other teachers of the craft. Why?  Because I want to turn my customers onto the best that is affordable.

So this particular teacher is named Larel Portie.  And she is just FANTASTIC at organic social media posts and low-budget Facebook ads.

Here daily live stream posts are the best I have EVER seen at a proactive way to get business. By proactive I mean she's NOT posting a link and hoping someone goes to it.

I'll show you examples of her posts in a second.

We are going to make one TWEAK to what she does.  She normally has people drop a comment to get a freebie.  Then she private messages them and chit chats.  If the person has interest and is qualified she gets them on a phone call and sells a bigger ticket.

Well, for you as an affiliate, especially if you're new, that's a bit of a high skill level.  I don't even know how to do that effectively yet, although I'm learning.

Here's what I personally do that works GANGBUSTERS.

Well, it's the third step so let me give you that:

3.  Offer a checklist, cheat sheet or other freebie on a topic related to the live stream.

Ask people to drop a comment if they want it.   

What I do is respond to each person with a unique comment and give the url.

You do NOT want to copy and paste the same response or the Facebook robots will crush your post's exposure.

This is what I do many Saturdays with my MMM  and it works gangbusters, even though it's counterintuitive.

Since the link is right there on 40 other comments, you'd think people would just see that and not comment.  However, that isn't the case.

They comment!

In response, do NOT drop a JVZoo or Warriorplus link.  Facebook won't let you do that.

Instead, your link needs to go to a blog post, wix page or Google doc.  Laurel always uses a Google doc for her cheat sheets.  Here's her cheat sheet on how  to write copy for your  Facebook Lives.

This is so freaking brilliant I can't even tell you. I binge watched her videos all the way back to Jan. of 2018!  And others will do the SAME with you.

Now, your Good Buddy Marlon is sharing this with you so you can go binge watch some of the most value-packed live streams you've ever seen! Go through her timeline here, working backwards from Feb. 4.  She spent most of February promoting an offer.  

When she promotes an offer, she doesn't do the cheat sheets. But going back to February 4 and before, you'll see the cheat sheet thing in action.

Also, for a long time she did live streams daily.  Now that she has a big audience built up, it's a bit more sporadic.  Seems like every 2-3 days. For a year or over she did them daily to build up her audience.

Every one of her live streams offers some sort of a cheat sheet, which is rather remarkable. But she does them up in Google docs and they aren't too long.  Her philosophy is to keep it simple and actionable.

If you deliver something too long, people won't read it.

The other thing is you do NOT want these live streams to be general, non-actionable or motivational.  These posts are specific to a result or solving a problem.

There's also a format to them:

Preview > Proof > Preview > content  > cta's

a. Peview is the hook or promise of what they'll learn.

b. Proof is a statement of any results you've gotten or clients have gotten using it.

c. The preview again reiterates what they're about to learn.

d. Then you present the content and mix in (e.) call to actions to get your cheat sheet or freebie.

Here's where you can see a bunch of her videos:

I'm showing you these so you can get a feel for types of SPECIFIC, problem-solving topics she does:

And here's some more:

Now, each video that is posted on her timeline has a text description with it that mentions the cheat sheet that matches that video.

Obviously, she'll use the same cheat sheet on multiple videos.

What I want to point out is that she has great content.   You can't go in there with total fluff and expect people to want to listen unless you're a great storyteller.

In Milcers newsletters, I teach how to research topics so you HAVE great content if you don't already. But let me say this, in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is King.  

And you can just teach the same things you are using yourself and getting results with.  You are your own best case study.

Fast Track is my advanced group.  We do weekly live trainings and dig a lot deeper into how you stack income with info products.  Milcers is a monthly newsletter  whgere I go much, much deeper. If you like these newsletters, you'll freak out over Milcers.

What Type of Cheat Sheets Do You Give  Away?

Here's some examples Laurel is using:

  • ENTIRE Instagram Marketing Starter Kit. Link
  • Cheat sheet on a strategy to keep your pipeline full of leads Link
  • 1 1/2 hour replay of zoom call on how to build your audience and generate cheap strategy session calls - Link
  • Facebook objectives and KPI's cheat sheet - Link

    Here are a few other freebies she offered.  No links on these but they're in ther timeline:

  • Step-by-step training on placing your first ad
  • Checklist of actions to future proof your facebook ads
  • Video walkthrough of $5/day FB ad strategy
  • 4 post strategy for posting on Facebook
  • Free 7-day organic marketing sprint

How You Can Use This Method To Get A Crazy Conversion Rate For  Affiliate Success Letter and Build Up Your Recurring Billing

You can promote Affiliate Success Letter and other affiliate products using this method.  If you don't have your own product, promote an affiliate product.

For example, if you were promoting the Affiliate Success Letter, you'd do live streams about topics of interest to affiliates.

I give you a video below on how to come up with 15 content post ideas in 5 minutes. 

Here's the crux of the method:

Here's Laurel's video on how to plan 15 pieces of content in less than 5 minutes.

Here's an explanation of how to create power content.

Here'a video on planning out the 4 kinds of posts to do.

Here's the exact posting formula.  You'll need to watch this one on Facebook.

Here's EXACTLY what to do every day to implement this plan.

You just learned an incredibly effective posting strategy for almost nothing.  What you're paying for this newsletter is a pittance compared to the value.

If You Just Got Value Greatly Exceeding
What You're Paying For Affiliate Success Newsletter,
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Yes Marlon, I grasnt you permission to use my testimonial and photo below worldwide, in perpetuity without compensation.

What was your experience with our product like?

4.  Embed Your Affiliate Link or Links INTO The Cheat Sheet

You might wonder how you get your affiliate links out there.

Well, you put your affiliate link or links in the cheat sheet you're offering to people.  You can include more than 1 link but don't overdo it.

Keep your cheat sheets focused and actionable. Help people get a specific result.

My advice would be to study how Laurel does her cheat sheets.   She uses Google docs. No need to reinvent the wheel.

Alright, I've been writing on this all day so this sabout wraps it up this week.

Have a profitable week.


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