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Two new bonuses added on 11-3 and they're GOOD ONES!!

NEW Bonus (11-3)  27: The new way to domation products, DOMINATE and have the power to bring in money in amounts others might consider obscene

NEW Bonus 26 (11-3):  How people make up to $1,000 a day launch jacking -- my complete report I personally wrote

Bonus 25:  Either he makes $100 in 24 hours with affiliate marketing or he has to get a horrible buzz cut!

Live training recording
In-Depth Affiliate Domination PDF #2

 (You get the videos with in-depth notes and
time codes for easy reference)

23. He Built A Faceless YouTube Channel ONLY Using Ai Tools

22. 0 To 1,000 Subscribers on Youtube FAST (Free A-Z Course)
posting once per wee

21. He sold blank books on Amazon. Here's the dough he made and how

20. How he made 40+ affiliate blog posts in 1 hour

19. How he got his first $10,000 in affiliate marketing
with no audience

18. This dude built an 85,000 person email list for 
affiliate marketing. And explains HOW he did it.
(Great info if you want to build a list)

17. Literally everything you need to know to get started as
an affiliate.

16. How this marketer manages FIFTEEN multiple  streams
of income. If you want multiple streams, this is an awesome

15. 14-page REPORT I wrote today on how
to double leads and double sales as an affiliate. Then

14. What happens when you combine Pinterest + ChatGPT?  
For this dude, the answer was $2100. Tutorial just added.

13. Easy way he makes $1,000 / mo. with affiliate marketing.
Step-by-step instructions

12. How me made $1023 in a week with an easy method (full tutorial))

11.  She makes $300 a day with  Pinterest affiliate marketing.
Great tutorial. (added at 8:11 pm est 6/2)

10.  Create a website in 60 seconds with AI (added 6/2)

9.  6 hour course on affiliate marketing (added 6/2)

8. How to start affiliate marketing with $0

7.  53-minute affiliate marketing masterclass

6. How he makes $28,000 a month with affiliate marketing (tutorial)


5. 1300 optins a month like clockwork using $5-$10 shout outs

4. How Mike makes up to $35,000 a month as an affiliate (results not typical)

3.  How top affiliates do it...the real secrets

2.  6 ways to find $250 to $2500 affiliate products to promote

1.  How to drive push button sales to your offers


Marlon here.

If you'd like to kick tail end, rake in sales and DOMINATE as an affiliate, then come closer and read what follows...

I want to share with you new secrets of affiliate money-getting. And a plan for DOMINATION like you've never seen.

If you're new to my world, I've been doing this full time since 1997. And, unlike most marketers, have created and sold many evergreen products over years, perhaps more than anyone in my industry.

I bought this a book from this get-rich-quick ad in a magazine in 1978.  It told a story about direct response and this dude named Gary Halbert. 

I got hooked on the dream.  But I was HORRIBLE at selling. I put 30,000 miles on my car trying to sell insurance. And in 6 months only sold ONE insurance policy on a wood frame house my company didn't WANT to cover!

I bought every junky "how to" product from ads you can imagine.  And a lot of "scams."  But eventually, I learned what I was doing.  And started created products.

This is what sales looked like when my first "hit" happened in late 1997, early 1998:

The CRAZY thing is, I had 30,000 affiliates many of whom raked it in.

But here's the deal: TIMES HAVE CHANGED.

Let me explain:


I mean, holy smokes.

We have A.I. now.  Lots of new launches daily.  And the affiliates today are smarter than they were 10 years ago.

That's why NEW SECRETS and NEW METHODS are required.

But There's a TON of Opportunity as an affiliate When You do It the new way -- the 2023 way

  • You'll be one of a very small handfull of affiliates who actually "get it" and apply these new methods
  • People won't "get" what you're doing.  They'll just sit back and be amazed at your newfound results
  • It's not about working harder or longer.  It's about knowing WHAT to do right now, today. And how to do it.
  • You'll stand out and stand apart from other affiliates
  • You'll not only enjoy a great lead flow but also be able to turn those leads into affiliate sales

finally become confident in what you're doing, why you're doing it and the value you bring to others

One of the big obstacles is just feeling like you have value to offer others. And being able to figure out what that is.

When you find your value and know how to offer that value to others, it opens up opportunities everywhere.  Most affiliates struggle with feeling like they don't have value to offer others.  When you turn this around and see the value you offer, it's a real difference maker.


The Affiliate Domination System shows you how to stand out, shine and attract affiliate sales using a simple, doable, practical system.

I recorded a 2 1/2 hour deep dive with a big ticket affiliate and explained the whole system bit-by-bit, so it's easy to understand and apply.

  • Main Benefit #1 - The Affiliate Domination System is designed to solve the problem of no or weak lead flow, low conversions and difficulties selling offers for big profits.
  • Main Benefit #2 - Other products don't address the challenges of the 2023 market...all the noise...the various affiliates...and low lead flow.  But the Affiliate Domination System does.
  • Main Benefit #3 - You'll discover a simple, understandable way to get all the leads you want. You'll see the missing structure in turning those leads into sales.  You'll stand out in the sea of noise.

This Is How Easy It Is To Use The Affiliate Domination System -- No Matter Where You're Starting From

Whether you're new or have a little experience under your belt, the first thing is to go through the video, the transcript and the notes.

Then, all you do is start at step one.  At the end of the video, an action plan that's easy to follow is given.

Rome wasn't built overnight. So all you do is take it one step at a time.

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Like  Reply  10h

When You Implement The Affiliate Domination System, You'll Enjoy These Benefits:

  • Plenty of Leads - You'll have the leads you need to make the sales you want
  • Commmissions from small or big tickets. You can sell small or large tickets.
  • Know the Missing Link - There's a missing link most affiliates have in getting sales. You'll know what that is and how to fix it
  • Dominate Plain and Simple - You'll dominate your chosen topic or field
  • Be the Obvious Choice - You'll be the obvious choice above all others
  • People Will Gravitate To You - Because of the elements you put in place, people will gravitate to you
  • Enjoy consistent and steady affiliate commissions ... Do as little or as much as you want.  You control your income.

The Proof Of The Pudding Is In The Eating

I make 4 figures in affiliate commissions most months.  This is entirely possible when you activate the Affiliate Domination System on your behalf.  If you work the plan, the plan will work for you.

You Get a Very Special Extra Bonuses FREE!

I'm giving you special bonuses to make this offer over the top:

1. 1300 opt ins a month like clockwork using $5-$10 shout outs

2. How Mike makes up to $35,000 a month as an affiliate. And 5 ways to get momentum fast.

3. How top affiliates do it. The truth behind the big numbers.

4. 6 Ways to Find $250 to $2500 Affiliate Products To Promote

5. How to drive push button sales for your affiliate offers

Here's What You Get

As you can see from the chart below, this product is loaded to the gills with value,  NOT TO MENTION the 23+ OTHER bonuses you get.

Main Product - 2 1/2 hour
intensive training

Bonus #1 - 1300 opt ins a month like clockwork using $5-$10 shout outs

Bonus #2 - How Mike makes up to $35,000 a month as an affiliate. And 5 ways to get momentum fast.

Bonus #3 - How top affiliates do it. The truth behind the big numbers.

Bonus #4 - 6 Ways to Find $250 to $2500 Affiliate Products To Promote

Bonus #5 - How to drive push button sales for your affiliate offers










Based on the total values above, you can you can easily see I could sell this system for about $279, or more. Why? Because you could spend so much money and time in buying products and watching videos. However, I won't charge you that price, because I want to give youa break in these inflationary times.

You only need to pay for $300 $192 $100 (see price below) if you act fast. I may totally close this offer down in a few days. So don't delay.

Offer A 100% Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee

Now you can test drive our product for 7 days with NO RISK!

If you think that our product is useless for you, simply contact our support, and will return 100% of your money. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Imagine having your affiliate sales rocking year after year. Go ahead and order now while it's on your mind and you can take advantage immediately.


Best wishes,