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If you're an existing "green dot" affiliate with a rating of 60+ or above, you'll likely be auto approved. If not, contact me here. FOR CUSTOMERS who are not 60+ rated affiliates currently:

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW If you are a paid Fast Track member, then follow the instructions here.

When you request approval, give your name, email you sign in with, and say "paid Fast Track member." (This does not apply to $1 trials.) If you have been a member longer than 30 days, I'll likely approve you.

CLICK THE BUTTON BELOW If you have purchased a $47 or above product from me (non-refunded) over 30 days ago, then follow the instructions here

When you request approval, be sure to give your name, email you sign in with and say "existing customer."

If you don't fall in either of the above categories, then I recommend a purchase $47 or above, such as the Four Step System. It's a great product to promote.