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One Sheet Persuasion System

You get approved for the offer here:

Subject:  Could this 1 sheet convince anyone to do anything in 10 minutes?

All you do is take this new Persuasion Power Sheet.

You fill in the blanks.

In 10 minutes or less you have a powerful, practical
plan to persuade anyone to do anything.

How can this be?
Go here to see the 1 page sheet and see why I found this so fascinating:


Push Button Letters

Subject:  Your Sales Letter


Now this really is cool!

It's software that lets you fill-in-the-blanks, click
a button and poof! You have an instant sales letter
for your product or service.

You get a sales letter nicely formatted on a web
page with a fully customized design when you're 

You can check it out at:

Best wishes,
Your Name


P.S. If you have any questions, feel free to call
or email me and I'll do my best to answer them.

How to Create High Profit Products

Ask to be approved here

Subject:  $100 product on sale for $6.95 (price
increases each sale) 



Before I get to the $100 product sale, first ask yourself this:

Can you imagine selling $28,000 after only 3 hours of  goofing around?

Well, as crazy as that sounds, Marlon Sanders just released a new 
guide that shows how he did just that.

-- It's not cpa, although you can combine it with that
-- It's not putting videos on Youtube, although you can combine it with that
-- It's not buying clicks and flipping them.
-- It's not "fly-by-night" --  Many of the little projects Marlon did ina  few hours or days brought in money for years.

Prior versions of this guide sold for $100. But
this new version is on a dime sale starting at $9.95.

I doubt he'll offer it this cheap again. You better
grab it now.



PS:  This is on a dime sale.  So you better hurry on
over there and snag it now.

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