Mind Blowing Hack To Get More Leads That Got 650,000 Followers For a Gray-Haired 70-Year Old*... a Million Dollar Income For a Mum of 2*...and 5-6 Figures In 9 Months For a Newbie Beginner  -- Views, Opt Ins and Sales Galore!

* (Results aren't typical or average)


Marlon here.

PAY ATTENTION. This is important.

Stop getting leads and opt ins the way you did 2 years ago...

The problem today is it's hecka lot harder to generate leads than a few years ago.

Yet, there's a group of people "in-the-know" getting the results I just explained.

The reason is that the bar has raised.  Look at Youtube.  The pro Youtubers are over the top with their production values and how slick their presentations are. 

It's mind bloggling.

Look at the lead magnets today. People are selling $27 courses to get new customers that in the old days would have sold for $500.

So it's no wonder if you're not getting the leads you need.

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FACT: Facebook does NOT allow you to use automation on your profile or in groups anymore.  That means more MANUAL work and labor for you.

FACT: multiple social networks PENALIZE calls to action. They cut your organic distribution (the number of people who see your post) drastically.

Basically, they are FORCING you to pay through the nose for their ads, where you compete with people selling $10,000 and $25,000 coaching programs and services.  And these people drive up the cost of clicks to the moon and back.

In this letter, I'm going SHOW YOU A SOLUTION to this problem.  

Imagine having a place to generate leads that LOVES YOU and welcomes your automation and calls to action with open arms.

And doesn't require to be a pro at video and create long masterpieces just to get traffic!  Now, don't get me wrong, I love Youtube.  Which is why I got really excited when I discovered what I'm about to share with you because it's better in a lot of ways for fast lead generation, and especially for beginners or people who aren't full time in the business.

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Secret #1: Today, LEADS or OPT INS are the KEY to your income

I say this because conversions once you get leads are STILL good, if you use my 7X System.  And pretty good without it.

As you can see, longer term, I've converted 5% with a visitor value of #$1.32.  Not so great.

But more recently, due to the 7X system, I'm converting at 11% to 15%.

The POINT is:  Conversions are NOT the problem.  At least, not on LOW TICKETS.  

The problem is LEAD FLOW.

You just got to get the eyeballs on your offers. Does that make sense?

I'm converting leads to sales BETTER THAN I ever have.

People THINK their leads aren't converting due to the competition.

Competition and conversions are NOT the problem, at least not on low ticket sales.

Like me, you've probably read the Alex Hormozi book called $100 Million Leads or you've heard of it. Here's what Alex says in the book:

"Having lots of leads makes it hard to be poor" -- Alex Hormozi

"All else being equal...when you double your leads, you double your business"  -- Alex Hormozi

Now, knowing that you can double your income if you only double your engaged leads, you're probably wondering, "Marlon, how is the best way for me to GET these leads?"

Secret #2: The ideal lead generation and sales platform has these features

You have a choice in platforms.

TikTok, Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, Snapchat, Tumbler, Instagram, Rumble, X and more.

But not all platforms are created equal for lead generation.

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Here's a list of criteria for the ideal lead generation platform.

a.  Free to generate leads

They don't FORCE you to pay or boost posts in order to generate leads.  Facebook has clamped down organic distribution (that is, showing your post to people for free) that it's hardly worth posting.

The only time I get leads is when I offer a freebie and have people comment. But I have to manually respond to each person and change up what I'm saying each time.  This requires my time and is sNOT hands free.

 While the Facebook page allows automation, it gives you crap for free organic exposure.

They want to force you to buy ads, plain and simple.

b.  Hands free using reply automation

If people request my free report or information on my offer, I want to be able to send that out IMMEDIATELY 24/7 using automation. I do NOT want to have to spend my time replying individually to each person.

Don't you want it to be hands free?  So even when you're sleeping, working or doing whatever people are immediately responded to with your email capture page, your lead magnet or the URL for your offer?

Don't you want them to be asked questions to qualify them for your offer -- automatically?

Of course you do. And I do too.

But most platforms don't allow you to do this.  Not X. Not TikTok. Not Facebook. And so on.

c. Low barrier to entry and standards

The challenge with Youtube is you need to have 4 or 5 cuts on your video in the first 30 seconds to a minute to get retention. Not the end of the world.  

But especially for the ideal lead generation platform, it's a pretty high bar.

Now, I use Youtube. No doubt.  Love using it. But I'm also full time and do this for a living.  It's a good long-term strategy though. And that's why I teach it.  Success there builds OVER TIME.

d.  Fast ramp up

Youtube and other platforms are often not fast to ramp up.

You may need a year to make the algo happy before it loosens the reigns of traffic.

Don't you think it's ideal if the platform does NOT judge your posts based on past activity or number of friends?  But just lets your post perform based on the views, comments, likes and shares it gets?

Thus, with no friends, you could theoretically get a million views on your first post.

e.  Allows you to use either text or video or both

Some platform are heavily weighted towards video like TikTok.  Others heavily favor text like Linked In.

But the ideal platform doesn't care.  It gives you opportunity both ways.

f.  Quick feedback - Test hooks at the speed of light

Let's say you get an idea. The ideal platform lets you test out that idea within 5 or 10 minutes.  You want to test a potential subject line or text for an email?  No problem.  10 minutes later your test is launched and you can visually see results flowing in.

h. All ages on the platform

Here are a few facts:

  • Over 2 billion monthly active users globally.
  • Over 500 million daily active users.
  • It's one of the most visited website in the world.
  • 48.2% of all users are female, while 51.8% are male

And as for ages, here you go. Stats for the U.S.

  • 25-34 years old: 28.3%
  • 35-44 years old: 19.5%
  • Over age 65: 5.8%
  • Which means whatever age you want to reach, there are millions of them on the platform, even over age 65

i.  Minimum time required

You can literally do it in 8 minutes a day or less and I demonstrate this in the product.

Ideally, I would say 16 to 30 minutes a day or an hour MAX.

Now that you have clarity of what the characteristics or elements might be of an ideal platform for lead generation that's beginner or newbie friendly, the next question is "That's all great Marlon, but will it work for me, how much will it cost me and is it a lot to learn?"

Secret #3: Will it work for you?  That's the acid test

The platform I've done a DEEP DIVE on meets ALL of the above criteria. And I've dug deep to provide you simple, to-the-point training on it so you can succeed as fast as possible.

And that's beginning with getting a post up in 8 minutes or less.

So you don't have to search anymore.  It's obviously not a new platform but the WAY you use it to promote affiliate offers, your own offers, to get seen and heard and to get responses to your posts probably IS NEW.

And the good news is, it's designed with small Creators and affiliates in mind...

If you want to go the video route, you'll need a phone with a camera or a laptop or computer with a webcam.

But if you want to go the written route, you need a laptop or computer, a keyboard and a brain.

Then you need at minimum 8 minutes a day.

The faster you want to go and grow, the more time you might want to spend up to an hour a day. Unless you're an over-achiever, I doubt you'll need to spend any longer than that.

My advice would be to spend 16 to 30 minutes a day if you can.  But like a say, you can get by with 8 minutes a day. And I show that in the product.

If you have that, you're pretty much good to go.

While they aren't indicative of average results, there's a 70-year-old man with 650,000 followers, a mother of two doing 7 figures, according to her reports and videos, and a beginner 9 months in doing 5 or 6 figures (I'm not privy to her financial numbers but this is what she's said).

I see a LOT of people succeeding on the platform.

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To summarize:1. I started out by talking about the problems social media platforms have that make it difficult for affiliates and/or product owners or Creators to get leads for their products.

2. We talked about how leads are the LIFEBLOOD of your business.  And if you want to double your money, just double your leads.

3. We talked about the characteristics of the ideal platform for lead generation.  And what those might be.

4. I explained that I had found a platform that meets all the criteria

5.  I've created deep dive training for you on the EXACT METHOD for using this platform as an affiliate or product owner or creator.

I explain what to do, how to do it, why to do it, how to succeed. And how to troubleshoot, saving you endless hours of running around in circles researching rabbit holes.